My Best Friend Simon

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 10

When I got home I phoned Tim but he had family stuff on for the rest of the day. In the end I just did what teenagers did best. I sulked in my room for the rest of the day reading my book and listening to music.

I was massively into The Stone Roses after having discovered them very recently. As I Wanna Be Adored blared out my cheap little Hi Fi I fantasised about me and Simon getting together properly. Kissing each other all over. Me letting him take me again and again. I had my second wank of the day thinking about how Simon's dick would feel in me. Was that something that would ever happen?

In all of the excitement of last night I'd almost forgotten that Simon still did have a girlfriend. Maybe from his perspective we were both drunk and things got out of hand. After all what fourteen year old would turn down an offer to get their dick sucked even if they weren't gay? I was unsure really. I desperately needed to talk to Simon and for him to open up to me.

In the end though the phone stayed silent and Simon didn't call. I was a bit disappointed but I knew I'd see him the next day on the way to school. We only had three days left before the Christmas holidays started. It would most likely be three days of free lessons games and limited school work including the school disco on the Monday. Simon would be there with Jane so it wasn't like we could do anything and in any case I was firmly in the closet in public.

Still, I was keen to talk to Simon about everything so I knew where I stood. It would be hard to see him with her at the disco holding her hand and kissing her like I wanted him to kiss me. However I had to be realistic and just deal with it.

I overslept on Monday morning. There had been a brief power cut in the night and my radio clock alarm had reset. My Mum knocked on the door to tell me it was 7.30 already.

"Oh and Simon is off sick today, his Mum just phoned me," She said. The timing seemed suspicious and he seemed ok yesterday morning but it was the cold and flu season. I walked to school on my own which very rarely happened now that we were back being best friends again. It felt a bit strange to be honest. I liked having Simon to talk to about the upcoming day and it always put me in a good mood. However at least it was just that he was off sick rather than before when we'd had our big falling out.

"No Simon today? Probably hiding from Jane," Andrea said when she saw me in the corridor before registration.

"Why would he be hiding?" I asked in confusion. If he was hiding from anyone it was probably me and I was fairly sure no one else knew what we'd been up to!

"Didn't you know? They split up last night! The night before the christmas disco! From what she said it was mutual, not sure who suggested it but they both agreed it had been tough with everything else going on and how they got together. So they are no more!" She said smiling broadly.

"She told you? You've made up?" I asked in surprise,

"Yes well like you said to me life is too short and anyway now they've split up they can be as miserable as we are!" She was clearly very pleased about the whole thing. I was pleased too, was Simon just clearing the way for us? Or was he just even more confused? I knew I'd have to handle it carefully at school so I just kept my head down.

I phoned him that evening but when his Mum went to get him she said he was asleep in bed. She said she'd get him to phone me back if he woke up. The next day he also didn't come in but it didn't really matter. The school heating bust with the cold mid morning and we got sent home with tomorrow being cancelled as well. An extra day and a half of holiday and I like everyone else was absolutely buzzing about it!

On my way home I decided to divert via Simon's house to see how he was. There was no rush for me to get home. His brother would still be at school as his primary school would no doubt still be open. His parents would be at work so Simon might be bored and want some company. Although I guess he might be asleep if he was sick.

I knocked on the door and got no reply although I saw his bedroom curtains twitch when I stepped back to look up. I knocked again, and then again. I decided to give up. I started to walk away when the door opened and Simon"s face appeared.

"Fuck it's freezing out. Why aren't you at school?" He asked.

"Cancelled, heating blew up so now on holiday! Why aren't you at school?" I replied with a question of my own.

"It's too cold to chat on the doorstep, come in," Simon said, then widened the opening for me to walk past him. He was dressed in a T shirt and boxers and the house was cosy and warm.

I walked in, took my coat and shoes off before smiling at Simon.

"You're a sight for sore eyes. I've missed you. Are you feeling better?" I asked.

He looked a bit bashful and guilty, "Er, sort of. Let's go upstairs," He said and I followed him up to his room.

He climbed back into bed and I sat on the chair by his desk, spinning it around to look at him.

"So....what's going on Si? I hear you've split up with Jane. You've not been at school for two days. You never phoned me back on Sunday or yesterday. Is everything ok?" As I asked him this I wasn't sure if I wanted to know the answer but he looked a bit haggard and was obviously not 100%

"Yeah it was mutual. Seems silly really, all that hurt and heartache for everyone for just a couple of months of fun. But when I suggested it she said she'd also thought that too. So there you are, back to being's more than that. I'm.........i'm just so fucking confused. I've barely slept the last couple of nights thinking about....about what we did and....what you said," He looked tortured as he said this and I walked over and sat on his bed, taking his hand and holding it.

"I'm sorry if I confused you Si. But it was what I wanted and it seemed you did too. It seemed perfect. Did it not for you?"

"I...don't know. It felt so right at the time but it's wrong. We're boys," He said simply.

"You can't control who you fall in love with or who you lust after. So we're boys. What of it? If we love each other then that's all that matters. I'm pretty sure I'm gay or at least Bi, well I know I'm gay for you anyway! It's not wrong to follow your heart!" I replied.

I wasn't having all this bollocks he was saying about it being wrong. Even if for a long while I had thought it was. However now I'd told Simon how I felt everything had changed and I felt more comfortable with it all. So I was in love with a boy? I certainly wasn't the only boy in the world in love with another one.

"But Jamie what will people say? Our parents? Our friends? You hear the jokes people make about gay people. Our lives would be a nightmare," He said sadly.

"When did you start to care about what other people think? But you're the golden boy, everyone loves you. It would be fine. If we had each other our lives would never be a nightmare! Anyway it's not like we'd have to tell anyone we're boyfriends. If that's what you want us to be. Is it?" I asked hopefully.

"I just don't know Jamie. I'm so fucking confused. I did enjoy it.... a lot. However I was really drunk and since then I've felt so guilty. I don't know if it's what I want or not. Maybe it was just my hormones. Or the cider. Maybe it was just lust," He still looked tortured as he told me this.

"Ok....I hear you. Well we have the house to ourselves. How about we do it again. Find out if it still feels right? At least by trying then hopefully it'll help you process whether it is what you want or not?" I felt a bit bad as I threw this out there. I was manipulating him to do it again because I really wanted to. However there was a method to my madness and maybe it would help him decide if he really wanted it.

Simon looked at me, I could tell he also wanted to but something was holding him back.

"I can tell there's something else, what's on your mind?" I asked, squeezing his hand.

"What.....if......what if we do this and then it all goes wrong and I lose you again? You're the most important person to me in the world. What If we risk it all and end up breaking up? If we end up falling out then my heart would break. I don't think I could take it again," He said, opening up to me as tears slowly ran down his cheeks.

I started to get tearful as well, "Nothing can even split us apart. I love you. As my best friend as well as I hope my boyfriend but whatever happens we'll always have each other. Do we not jump into the possible paradise below because our legs might break when we land?" I asked.

He giggled, "Fucking hell, that is the worst metaphor ever. I don't want my fucking legs to break but maybe you're right. Just take it slow," he said sitting up so he was close to me. I leaned forward and gently kissed him. He threw his arms around me and kissed me back. As we kissed I slipped my hand down into his boxers and felt his soft dick, hardening it up.

"Is that your idea of taking it slow?" He asked with a giggle pulling back from the kiss.

"Hey if I had my way you'd be balls deep in my arse by now!" I said with a giggle.

He looked at me intently, "That is definitely not taking it slow! I'm not ready for that just yet but....get those clothes off anyway," He said, pulling his t shirt and boxers off to release his hard dick. I practically ripped my clothes off before climbing into bed with him naked We then snogged passionately as our hard dicks rubbed up against each other. We dry humped each other aside from a bit of slippery precum before Simon pulled back again.

"I'm almost there and I think you are. I want to.......I think I want to suck you anyway and I want you to suck me. However being honest I've not had a shower so I should probably get clean first," He said with a shy smile.

"Well why don't we share one Si? My dick could do with a good soaping too."

We got into the family bathroom and under the shower head. We soaped ourselves up with his shower gel (Lynx Oriental like his deodorant), as I previously said it hides all smells! We gently washed each other's backs. I ran a soapy finger up and down his crack which caused him to shudder and groan, before he did the same to me. We then washed our dicks well before kissing under the warm running water.

"I'm so fucking horny," He said as he turned the shower off. He dried me then him off before pulling me back to the bedroom by the hand.

We were both clean and dry (ish) as we entered Simon's bedroom. He dropped my hand and went and closed the door behind him then looked at me nervously.

"What happens now?" He asked me, standing there naked and clearly shaking slightly with nerves.

I was also nervous but knew I had to take the lead. "You said you wanted to suck me and I definitely want to suck you again," I said moving close to him and taking his hand.

"I know it's just.......I've never done it before, what happens if I mess it up?" he asked looking like a lost little boy.

"You won't mess it up, but it's your first time. Don't worry you'll get better with practice as will I! When I sucked your dick that was obviously my first time doing it. Did it feel bad for you as a result?" I asked with a wink knowing how much he'd enjoyed it.

He smiled shyly, "Good point," He said and then he moved forward to kiss me. We kissed and kissed, losing ourselves in the moment before we broke apart and got on the bed.

I started to move my head down towards his hard dick but he stopped me.

"Wait Jamie...I want to do you first. Just in case....I might feel I don't want to after I cum. I know at the moment I really want this so let me make you feel good," He said smiling nervously. I smiled back and kissed him before he moved lower down. He kissed my nipples first of all. He then sucked them gently, before biting one softly which caused me to jump slightly.

"Don't do that to my dick!" I said with a giggle then moaned as he flicked his tongue across my nipple before he worked his way down to my hard dripping dick. He continued lower and flicked his tongue across my balls. He then ran his finger under them, then across my taint and up to my hole which he ran the tip of around gently. I moaned loudly as his mouth then engulfed my dick. I gasped. It felt so good. Warm and wet with intense feelings. He sucked it gently as he used his tongue across the top of my dick as he went up and down on my shaft.

I can safely say I'd never felt anything like it. It was so much better than being wanked off! It made it all that much better that it was being done by the boy I loved. The boy I grew up with. The boy who was like a part of me.

"I'm...getting close....better," I gasped as I felt my orgasm approaching. This only spurred Simon on even more. He sucked me until I almost screamed in pleasure as I had the most intense orgasm of my life and came in his mouth. He stayed on my dick as it twitched a few times pushing more cum out of my balls into his mouth until it got too sensitive and he pulled off.

"Ok?" He asked with a shy smile.

"Amazing! The most amazing thing ever. I love you so much!" I replied pulling him down for a cum filled kiss.

"I bet you say that to all the boys that suck your dick!"

I grinned at him, "Only one and the only one I ever want or need. Now it's my turn,". I took his dick in my mouth and he lasted only a minute or so before he came. I didn't care and i was just happy to be able to taste his delicious boy juice again!

"Shit. I was so horny from sucking you I barely lasted anytime at all." He complained afterwards.

I kissed him and grabbed his arse cheeks pulling him close. "Well we've still got a bit of time before your brother gets home. Let's go for round two in a minute," I suggested with a grin.

"Mmmm good plan. So...........I don't care if it is wrong, this is what I want. You. To be your boyfriend. I love you and I want you to be mine forever. No way am I ready to come out or go public with you but I know you're what I want. This has just confirmed it for me. And.....I'm not that worried about taking it slow anymore," He said grinning back.

"Hmm well Christmas is coming. Maybe that's a good time to take the next step and go all the way. It is the time of giving and receiving after all!" I replied with a wink.

"Bloody hell, that IS moving fast, hmm maybe, let me think about it. Now....I once saw in a jazz mag a girl and boy doing a 69, I reckon it should work for two boys as well, let's give that a go!". The boy I loved who wanted to take it slow was suddenly moving forward fast!

Well fair to say it was well worth giving a 69 a go and it became our favoured way of doing it in the next few days. We did it every single moment we could. I was so happy and so in love, nothing could spoil it, nothing could go wrong, could it?

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