My Best Friend Simon

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 9

The 16th December 1989.

A day I'd always remember. A month or so after our birthdays but that wasn't really relevant. It was the day of Tim's birthday party.

It was a snowy cold day. The party was at Tim's house in the late afternoon and it was to go on into the evening. As we walked over together the snow fell gently on us making it very atmospheric. It felt very Christmassy and I half expected Father Christmas and some reindeers to appear. I might not believe in all that anymore but it felt so magical walking in the snow that it put everyone in a good mood.

The party was the usual mix of messing around, games and then watching a crappy movie on Tim's VHS. It was strictly boys only so there was no Jane for me to fight for Simon's attention with! Although there were quite a few of us and as it was Tim's birthday it was only right that he was the centre of attention! As with all parties it was great fun and there was lots of giggling and laughter. The house had that distinctive smell of teenage boys. A slighly mustiness from all our sweaty bits covered up with the aggressive smell of Lynx Oriental deodorant!

I was going to be staying the night at Simon's and we'd been invited to stay at Tim's later than everyone else. So after everyone else had gone it was just the three of us. Tim's parents were out for the evening and his older brother was in charge. He was a nice guy and probably slightly stupidly had let us have a few cans of cider between us. The conversation between us got more raucous and outrageous as we drank more before Tim's brother decided he'd had enough and sent us both home!

By the time me and Simon left we were definitely both a bit merry and unsteady. It seemed that I was drunker than Simon was although he was pretty tipsy as well. He had to help me walk home to his house by putting his arm around me which I liked. I enjoyed the closeness and his body warmth. It stirred things inside me that I also liked even if I kept all that to myself. We managed to get into his house and upstairs to his room without being busted by his parents for being drunk. We sat on his bed giggling. I was still unsteady and fell over trying to take my trousers off to get ready for bed.

"Fucking hell you are smashed!" Simon said with a giggle. He helped me up and I wobbled around as I got my trousers off. I was really hot, partly from the alcohol and also the heating blaring out. Simon's room was at the top of the house and it was usually the warmest place in the house. Simon was also hot and went to open the window to let some cool air in. As he did that I took my shirt off and stood there in my pants before thinking fuck it and taking them off too.

"Jesus Christ," Simon said, turning round to see me naked.

"What?" I asked, slurring slightly.

"You're naked. Oh well, it is not like I haven't seen you naked many times. Looks like you've grown a bit down there," he said with a wink. He started to strip off too, standing there in his pants and messing around with his bed. The booze was making me brave and a bit cheeky.

"Hey, get them off too. It's only fair as I'm naked!" I said with a grin pointing at his boxers.

"You were the one who decided to strip off, why should I?" He asked before then shrugging and saying he'd do it to keep me happy.

"You've also grown a bit" I said with a wink as he showed off his 3 inch dick surrounded by dirty blond hair. He was about the same size as me. His balls hung low below his dick and his foreskin covered everything apart from the tip of his dick which poked out. I guess it was no surprise we were still the same size dick wise. After all we'd started having orgasms at pretty much the same time so it made sense we were still at similar stages of development.

We stood there completely naked in front of each. Despite my inebriated state I could definitely sense an air of tension in the room. We'd been naked in front of each other loads of times but not for a while and not just the two of us in his bedroom.

"Yeah, I guess we're pretty much the same size," Simon said with a grin.

"I guess we could measure to check?" I suggested innocently. I just wanted to touch it for some reason and hoped I would get to measure it for him.

"Oh are you suggesting we play who's got the biggest?" Simon asked, winking, I blushed slightly.

"No! Although I guess we could, what was the prize last time?" I asked fully knowing the answer. It was a zero sum game for me. If we played it and I won I'd get a blow job, if I lost I'd get to suck Simon's dick with no comeback!

"I think it was the winner who gets to suck the loser's dick. I don't think either of us want to do that though so we could just measure anyway for fun," He said shattering my dreams. My brain was fogged up with booze and my hormones were kicking in. The desire I felt for my best friend coupled with the cider made me reckless.

"I don't mind. I'd suck your dick anyway even if I won," I said then realised what I'd said. It was too late to take it back. Simon was quiet. He looked at me with an unreadable expression before a smile then broke his face.

"Fuck you are really drunk! I guess you're winding me up as usual,you cheeky bastard!" He said. He'd given me the opening though. I could backtrack and laugh it off. Say it was just a silly joke and we could move on. But I didn't want to. At this point I didn't care about the consequences. Yes I was drunk but all it was doing was removing my inhibitions and making me braver about doing what I wanted to do.

I moved close to him, so our dicks were almost touching. I looked into his blue eyes, he looked back. Something passed between us and I decided to just go with my heart however reckless this was. I leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

"I'm serious. Yes I'm drunk but I want this. I've wanted this for a while," I said then pulled back. I threw my arms around him and kissed him on the lips. At first he just stood there like a doll as I pushed my lips against his. My dick touched his and I suddenly realised what I was doing. I was kissing my best friend but he wasn't kissing me back.

But then...a revelation. I felt Simon's arms wrap around my back and he definitely kissed me back. I opened my mouth and he slipped his tongue in as I did the same to him. I could feel his hard dick touching my leg as I was rock hard as well. We kissed for what felt like an age before I pulled back slightly and pushed him on to the bed. I knew what I wanted. He lay there spreadeagled as I lay on top of him kissing him before I made my way down to his hard dripping dick. The subject of my dreams. The subject of my wank fantasies and here I was finally getting what I wanted.

I didn't care if it was a bit unclean. I took it in my hand and peeled back the foreskin, flicking my tongue over his slit. It was actually clean and I realised Simon must have given it a wash after his last piss. I licked all around the head before I slipped it between my lips. Simon moaned and writhed as I bobbed up and down. I'm not sure my technique was the best. I was drunk and inexperienced after all but it seemed to be working from the appreciative noises!

I kept up my work on his dick, sucking away with gusto. Then his breathing got shallow and he writhed even more before his dick went warm. It felt even harder in my mouth as it pulsed and a shot of cum hit the back of my throat. This was followed by another couple of smaller ones. The noise Simon made as that happened showed he must have enjoyed it! I stayed on his dick as a bit more cum came out that I greedily swallowed, before I pulled off and made my way back up to his face. "Wow" he said smiling before he kissed me. We rolled around slightly and stopped kissing, holding each other close.

Suddenly I was exhausted and I think he was too as the next thing I knew was that it was early morning. It was dark out and I could see it was 5.30 from the radio clock alarm. Simon was snoring gently. I needed a piss desperately so padded quietly to use the family bathroom that Simon shared use of with his brother. His parents had a big en suite so sensibly left the boys to have their own bathroom.

I had a piss, then washed my dick clean just in case. It reminded me to ask Simon if he always did that or if he was planning on getting sucked that night! I walked quietly back to the bedroom and went back in. I closed the door gently which caused Simon to stir slightly.

"What time is it?" He asked half asleep.

I told him too early as I climbed back into bed. He made a "mmmm" sound and cuddled up to me before falling back asleep. I lay there listening to his breathing, feeling the happiest I'd felt for a long time before I too fell back asleep.

I woke and I was alone in Simon's bed. He came in a couple of minutes later with a towel around him clearly having just showered. He dropped his towel and that cleared the sleep from my head. His soft dick was pointing in my direction. I wanted it. I wanted him there and then but to my disappointment he reached for a pair of boxers and pulled them on before getting dressed.

He must have seen my disappointment but all he said was, "I'll be back in a few minutes."

I lay in bed with my dick hard from the thought of what I'd wanted to do. I hadn't taken care of it the night before and I felt I couldn't really do it in Simon's bed.

Simon came back in with a glass of something which he passed to me, "Here you go, Alka seltzer for your hangover!" He said with a smile handing me a glass.

"Thanks but Er I don't have a hangover. I wasn't THAT drunk!" I protested, ignoring the offered liquid.This was true. I felt fine, great in fact.

"Maybe but you're probably a bit dehydrated anyway," he said handing it me again,

I took it to keep him happy, "Not really, I had a nice tasty drink at bedtime," I said with a wink and a smile.

Simon blushed and changed the subject, "So, what shall we do today? Could see what Tim is up to?" He asked.

" could get those clothes off and get back into bed with me! That might be nice," I replied hopefully.

"I'm dressed now Jamie and everyone is up. Let's go and have some breakfast," He said firmly. He clearly didn't want to chat about it more and shut down any thought of further fun. I threw my legs out of bed, showing him my hard dick before grabbing a towel and saying I'd have a quick shower.

I was quick but I did squeeze a quick wank in as well in the shower. No way would I be able to handle the day ahead if I hadn't got off! Once I got dried and dressed I went downstairs where Simon was eating some toast and his Mum was making me some.

"How was last night Boys? You were home quite late, your Dad and I were already in bed," she asked.

"It was ok..." Simon said.

"Well I really enjoyed it, it was a really memorable night," I contributed to the conversation. I was beginning to get a bit confused and maybe slightly miffed that Simon was acting strange. I guess he didn't want his Mum knowing what had been going on but he could at least have said it was fun!

"What's your plan for the day boys? I'm going Christmas shopping in Sutton and maybe Birmingham. I'm sure you won't want to come with me but you're both very welcome too!" Simon's Mum asked smiling at us both, she knew we loathed shopping.

"Actually Mum I actually do need to do some shopping so I'll come along. I'm sure you won't want to though will you Jamie?" Simon asked me, not in a nasty way but in a "you don't want to come and I don't want you to come" sort of way.

"I thought we were going to see Tim? No that's fine, you go shopping. I'll probably go and hang out Tim on my own or something," I replied, trying not to show I was hurt. Why was he being like this? Last night we'd kissed. I'd sucked his dick. I'd swallowed his cum. We'd fallen asleep cuddled up and now he was acting like nothing had happened.

After breakfast I helped tidy up. We had a bit of time before they went shopping and we hung out in his room as I packed up my bag. Simon made small talk before I decided I had enough.

"So we're not going to talk about last night then?" I asked putting him on the spot.

"What about it?" He replied, playing dumb,

"The fact we kissed, a lot! And I sucked your dick. I swallowed your cum. I had an amazing time. I thought that was it, that we'd be boyfriends but this morning you've been really weird with me," I said laying it all out there.

Simon was quiet and I could see him blushing bright red. "I Er,..I dunno. We were drunk,"He replied simply.

"Only drunk enough to make me brave enough to do what I've wanted to for ages. You clearly enjoyed it. I love you. Not only are you my best friend but I want you to be my boyfriend. I want to suck your dick again. I want you to suck mine. I want...I want you to fuck me with your beautiful dick. I want to sleep with you every night, kissing and holding each other all night long. That's what I want. What do you want?"

" think......I......don't know. I need some time to think. That's why I'm going shopping. I need to....process what happened," Simon said looking at me slightly sadly, or was it slightly fearfully. I was gutted by his reply but at the same time I guess it was a big thing, I'd give him the time.

"Ok. But we need to talk at some point soon. I'm here for you whenever," I said moving close to him and stroking his cheek with my hand. I so wanted to kiss him again and to slip my hand down into his pants but I knew that was a bad idea.

"I'll call you later," He said as I headed out the room. I walked home thinking dark thoughts. For the first time in a while I'd faced exactly who I was and what I wanted, and I'd had it! But now it felt like it was slipping away.

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