My Best Friend Simon

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 8

It took me ages to finally fall asleep that Saturday evening. At least I could sleep in on Sunday morning. Or so I thought.

It was still fairly early on Sunday morning and I was fast asleep. Well I was until my Mum called upstairs that Simon was here and was coming up to see me. As I had been asleep until a minute before I was still in bed in my pyjama bottoms when he came into my room without knocking. This didn't bode well.

"Why did you tell my Mum everything? I'm in shit loads of trouble thanks to you!" He said clearly annoyed.

"Well you wouldn't call me back even though I left messages. Is it true?" I asked.

"Is what true?" He replied, trying to pretend he didn't know what was going on. As he'd only just complained I'd told his Mum everything this clearly didn't wash with me,

"You and Jane. Andrea phoned me and told me she'd seen you together."

He sighed, "I'm sorry Jamie. I didn't mean it to happen or for it to end up like this. I definitely didn't want you finding out from Andrea. I guess I should have told you this week. We didn't plan on this obviously. We just saw each other a lot on holiday and we really clicked. So yeah I dunno it just sort of happened. I knew she was going to break up with you but not how she did. She feels really bad about that. I do too. She wanted to hurt you badly as she thought it would help you cope when we got together. "

"That's fucking crazy, she's nuts!" I said angrily. It made no sense at all. So she humiliated me in front of the school to ease the pain of her stealing my best friend? Crazy. Although it was slightly strange that I felt the stealing of my best friend was more important than losing my girlfriend! Clearly Simon didn't though.

"Erm, don't talk about her like that. Look I'm really sorry how it's all turned out. I didn't want you to be hurt like this. it doesn't have to change things between us does it?" He asked hopefully.

"No of course not! Why the fuck would it change things? After all you only betrayed me, who cares about that!? It's not like you've stolen my girlfriend is it?! Oh it fucking is isn't it. You've helped humiliate me in front of the whole fucking school and you haven't even had the fucking balls to tell me what was going on until you got caught by your girlfriend. Who you also didn't have the balls to dump until she caught you. So you stole my girlfriend without telling me. Why would things change?" I asked sarcastically.

This got his hackles up, "Don't play the martyr Jamie. It wasn't like you really liked her that much anyway. She said you barely spoke to her and seemed disinterested really. Like you were distant friends rather than boyfriend and girlfriend."

This really fucking pissed me off. I had been an attentive boyfriend and she was rewriting history to suit her fucking narrative.

"That is complete and utter bollocks. I love her! This is just the rantings of a crazy psycho bitch trying to justify what she's done to me and to help you feel better about stealing her," I said, my anger rising.

"I said don't talk about her like that! Show show fucking respect to my girlfriend. Anyway you've only got yourself to blame. I've come here to make peace and you're acting like a spoiled little shit. And you told my mum so I'm now in the shit with her and my dad. Great friend you are. I'm off, fuck you!" He said and stormed out slamming my bedroom door leaving me lying there shocked and angry. How was any of this my fault?!

So began the great fall out between us. We ignored each other only ever acknowledging each other's existence through intermediaries. It didn't help that Simon was so popular. It meant a lot of people gave him slack and felt it was sort of all ok what he did. A few mutual friends said I needed to move on and that Simon didn't really mean to hurt me. I was still fucking pissed off though and there was no way i was moving on any time soon.

I hung out with Andrea a lot as unsurprisingly she wasn't talking to Jane either. In general it was just a really really unhappy time for me and I was incredibly miserable. It was the worst time of my life. I'd often cry myself to sleep at night, feeling so lonely and depressed. I'd lost my girlfriend and my best friend. My life had been ripped apart. Without Simon as a friend it felt like part of me was missing.

I don't really like to think about what I went through as the weeks of misery went on. My whole life was upended. My schoolwork was suffering. I wasn't eating properly. I lost some weight and looked a bit unkempt a lot of time. Despite being a teenage boy with hormones rushing through my veins I was barely even wanking. I was just so depressed that I felt listless. I missed Jane but most of all I missed Simon. We had been so close and I realised without him I couldn't quite function normally.

In the height of the misery there was one Sunday morning when I had a really fucking strange and vivid dream that probably summed up my confused mental state. In it I was lying in bed when the bedroom door opened and Simon and Jane stood there.

"We're both really sorry," Jane said.

"We've made a terrible mistake. Jane and I are going to split up and Jane will be your girlfriend again," Simon said.

"Yes and I can't wait Jamie. I'll fall in love with you all over again. Things will go back to normal and how they should be. On one condition though," Jane said. In the dream I was silent with no agency as they did all the talking.

"Jamie. You need to suck my dick. That will make it all ok," Simon said, pulling his pants down. His dick was bigger in the dream than I imagined it was in real life and for some reason I got on my knees and started sucking it. I was loving it and Jane made encouraging noises. "Go on Jamie, suck that dick. Drink his balls dry,"

"Oh yeah Jamie, that's amazing. Remember to swallow every drop. It's good for you!"Simon said. He then held my head and face fucked me before flooding my mouth with cum. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and it was still gushing out of there, like he'd said many years before. He painted me with it until it stopped and then hardened again.

"Now bend over and let me fuck you," He said.

It was at that moment I then woke up and realised I'd had a wet dream. The front of my pyjamas were soaking as were my sheets. Fuck. I hadn't had one before. I guess I wanked so much up to now that it had taken care of it. In between all of the realisation of that was that I'd cum thinking about sucking Simon's dick. After that dream it was like a dam had broken. I was back to wanking a lot and always thinking about boys. I would wank thinking about sucking Simon"s dick. I'm embarrassed to say I also wanked to me fucking him really roughly so it hurt him. Although I didn't really know how to do that anyway but the idea appealed and helped me have some pretty leg trembling orgasms.

Suddenly I was wanking all the time. The burst of serotonin gave me a brief respite from my misery! I'd heard Simon was very miserable too. It was clear we were both miserable and both in a bit of a downward spiral. Finally both our Mums decided things had gone on for too long and they had decided enough was enough.

It was a couple of days before my birthday and I think that was the catalyst. It was a Saturday and without telling me my Mum invited Simon and his Mum over. Our Mums basically read us the riot act. Telling us it was stupid to fall out over such a trivial thing as a girl. (It didn't seem very trivial to me!). In any case, they sent us up to my room to talk it out and we weren't to come downstairs until we'd made peace.

"I'm not expecting things to go back to how they were straight away but to fall out over a girl is silly. You two are best friends, now go and talk this out," My Mum said, both of us looking chastened and annoyed.

So that's what we did. We went upstairs and reluctantly sat on my bed. We were sitting there next to each other in silence initially.

Eventually I broke the ice as it seemed Simon wouldn't.

"I'm sorry what I said about Jane. It was wrong. I was angry and upset. You both really hurt me. But worst of all was losing my best friend. I miss you and I need you back," I said taking his hand gently in mine. I dunno why I did that, but holding it made me feel better. I still had residual anger but I really wanted this over. I wanted us to be friends again despite what he'd done to me.

Simon then poured his heart out to me. He said that he was upset how things had turned out. That he never wanted to hurt me. That he missed me too. That he wanted us to be best friends again,

"If you really want me to I'll dump Jane," He said squeezing my hand.

"It's nice you offered but no. I don't want you to do that for me," I said smiling. It meant a lot that he'd offered though. It showed me that I was more important to him than Jane was. Maybe that's what a lot of this was actually about for me?

We looked at each other. We were suddenly smiling and happy for the first time in a while. I'm not sure how it happened or who moved first but as we stared at each other suddenly we moved close to each other then our lips locked together briefly. We both sprang back as if we'd been electrocuted.

"Sorry I dunno what happened there!" I said blushing.

"Me neither! Guess it was just the emotion of it all. Let's pretend it never happened. Mates again?" He asked.

"Best mates, always," I replied smiling back. Then that was it. As quickly as the break up had happened we were back to normal. Well ish. It was still awkward for me when we were with Jane but we'd sort of made up too. Andrea and Jane were still not talking though. Andrea was a bit pissed off I'd made up with Simon but she knew how miserable I'd been so cut me some slack.

We both celebrated our 14th birthdays together and things started to get back to normal. One thing I couldn't forget though was that kiss. Brief but amazing. If only it had continued, if only we'd done more. But I knew that wasn't going to happen, I might like boys but I was sure Simon didn't. He had a girlfriend after all. One he'd stolen from me admittedly but I tried not to think like that anyway!

Still a boy could dream and although I felt guilty about it Simon was the subject of a lot of my wank fantasies. I'd replay the dream where I sucked him off. I'd think about feeling his bum as I pulled him close with my hands roaming around his body and my finger touching his hole. I would sometimes finger my hole as I wanked on my back with my legs in the air, putting it in to try and pretend that it was Simon's dick.

Fuck, my sexual confusion was in overdrive. I didn't want to face the truth but it was hard not to. I lusted after my best friend. I couldn't really lie, in no way was I totally straight. I just had to live with it, being gay or bi wasn't on my agenda but I knew it was dicks that turned me on. That knowledge though was something I was definitely going to keep to myself. There were certain things as a 14 year old growing up in those days that were just much better kept to yourself!

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