My Best Friend Simon

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 5

"So...any luck?" Simon asked me on our walk to school one Thursday morning a few days later. It was now November and I'd be turning 12 a week on Saturday with Simon a couple of days after. At times it felt like our lives were speeding by! It was a cold chilly morning, we could see our breaths as we talked and walked.

"Any luck with what?" I asked, feeling slightly confused.

"Last night you fool! It was wanking Wednesday! Nothing from me although I had a good go for ten minutes!" Simon said with a giggle.

"Oh that., shit I forgot. Oh well I'll try next Wednesday," I said mentally making a note not to forget.

"You could always pop in the bushes and try and bash one out now!" He said pointing at the bushes that lined the trees in the park.

"Fuck off, that would be ridiculous!" I said giggling. We continued our walk and then that evening I did try wanking, nothing happened though. Oh well it was only a matter of time. We actually had a lesson on puberty the next day where we watched a video that explained most things although I have to say nowhere near as well as Tom explained it to me! But everyone was now fully aware of what was going to happen and what was coming down the line for us. Those of us who hadn't already started anyway.

Given our slightly impoverished state I didn't usually have birthday parties. I just shared them with Simon which was fine given our birthdays were only a couple of days apart. This time we had a party at Simon's house with most of our class invited. There were the usual party games, drinks, presents that would probably be recycled by parents and given as presents at other kids birthday parties.

Most of the guests had gone and it was just me, Simon, Rob, Tim, Pete and Jeff. Neither Pete or Jeff were in our form and I wasn't in any of their classes. I knew Pete pretty well as he was mates with Simon and we hung out sometimes. Jeff though I didn't know him very well at all. However his Mum worked with Simon's Mum so it was one of those situations where he was invited due to familial ties. Simon didn't particularly like him from what he said. He was a bit of a big mouth. Simon said he was a bit of a bully and just generally an arse.

We were playing a game of Risk which Rob won much to everyone's disappointment.

"What shall we play now?" Simon asked.

"Monopoly?" I suggested hopefully.

"Nah it's fucking boring, I've got a game we can play,"Jeff said with a grin.

"Not one of your stupid guessing games?" Asked Simon, clearly having had some experience with this.

Jeff grinned, "Nah, it's more fun. It's a game called "Who's got the biggest lads?"

"Who's got the biggest lads? What do mean by "lads"?" Tim asked in confusion.

"Fucks sake, it's "Who has got the biggest.?" The Lads was just you guys. I could have said who's got the biggest boys, or whatever. God you lot are dense sometimes,"Jeff said, not particularly nicely.

"Yeah ok I get that but who had the biggest what?!" I was still confused as asked Jeff the question.

"Jesus fucking Christ, are you all little naive innocent mummies boys? Ok I'll spell it out. We all get them out, measure them and the winner is the biggest," He said smirking at us.

"Well that doesn't sound a fun game to play,"Simon said firmly.

"Why? Worried you'll lose with your little maggot dick?" Jeff asked with a laugh.

Simon blushed. I glanced at him and we both grimaced. We knew it was unlikely we'd win this game.

"It just sounds a bit gay," Tim said, also clearly uneasy about playing.

"Fair enough if you're all too scared to show off your pin dicks. I guess that makes me the winner!" Jeff stood up and did a victory lap around the bedroom.

"Not so fast" said Pete standing up. "I'll play. If it stops you winning anyway,". He said. I could tell he didn't like Jeff and I could see Jeff didn't like him either.

Suddenly this had definitely got a bit interesting. Jeff shrugged, "it doesn't work if it's just me versus you. It's not exactly who's got the biggest dick in this room then is it."

"Fair enough, I guess you'd know you'd lose." Pete said, smirking and throwing Jeff's words back at him.

"Clearly I wouldn't. Ok how about a compromise, EVERYONE gets their dicks out even if they don't want to play. We measure them and then the winner is the one out of me and you who has the biggest." Jeff said, upping the stakes slightly. I could tell neither me, Tim, Simon or Rob looked pretty unenthusiastic about this. Luckily Pete was also clearly good at upping the stakes.

"Ok, but the winner gets his dick sucked by the loser." He said smirking still, obviously trying to goad.

"What?! No fucking way! That's so gay!" Jeff protested.

"Chicken shit, I guess you'd know I'd win! Oh well, I guess that makes me the winner!" Pete did the victory dance around the room. I was liking him more and more, it was fun watching Jeff get wound up.

"No it doesn't work like that!" Jeff said, clearly annoyed.

"What was that pin dick? You said you didn't want to play? That makes me the winner!" Pete goaded Jeff.

Things had gone crazy fast, one minute we were playing a game of a Risk, next minute two boys were risking it all against each other. The thing is, I began to think it would happen, we were a group of mostly 12 year old boys (Tim and Rob were still 11 but the rest of us weren't)). Ego and pride meant that no one would want to back down out of Jeff and Pete. Now it was all about setting the parameters, I think they both knew the other one was backing off.

"That sounds fair enough I think, so Pete is the winner of who's got the biggest." Simon smiled as he made his contribution to fanning the first, tossing more fuel onto the already close to out of control situation.

"Fuck off. Fine. Let's play. Everyone gets their dick out. The loser out of me and Pete, so basically Pete, sucks the other boys dick. But not in front of everyone else, and it stays a secret between us in the room. Swear on your mum's lives." Jeff said, looking pretty worried.

"How about a compromise to soften the blow for the loser, the loser gets wanked off by the winner after they've sucked them? Then that makes both of us complicit in this so it helps make sure the other doesn't tell." . As Pete made this concession I smiled to myself, he'd played this well. Whatever happened he was getting off but he made sure that Jeff would be an equal partner in this and also probably wouldn't hate him.

"Ok." Jeff replied simply. I wasn't sure if he thought he'd been out manoeuvred or not as I didn't know if he thought he really would win. I also realised that the four of us who didn't want to play had suddenly been manipulated into it as well. At this stage I wasn't really sure who was playing who!

Simon got a ruler and to make a bit of drama about it he got each of us to pull out pants down one at a time. I went first...1 1/2 inches as expected, as were Simon, Tim and Rob. All of us prepubescent and hairless, I was a bit embarrassed about it but I got over it. I'd grow soon. That was the funny thing about all this, maybe Jeff and Pete would be bigger and "win" but it's not like they'd actually done anything to do that. They'd just happened to have a body growing slightly quicker than us!

"Ok Jeff, you next." Simon said, ratcheting up the tension. We all watched as Jeff unbuttoned his jeans, then pulled them down to show off a pair of boxers which he pulled down, showing off his floppy dick. Simon held the ruler next to it, "2 inches" he said. Jeff asked for a remeasure, I went over and confirmed it was 2 inches. Well maybe slightly over but Jeff was an arse so I wasn't cutting him any slack.

The tension was palpable, mainly for Jeff and Pete as Pete pulled his trousers and pants down. It wasn't like he was 16 or anything so any difference in size was likely to be pretty small. As was the case here, my instinct at first glance told me he'd probably just won. I think the look on Jeff's face showed he thought that too.

Simon was grinning pretty broadly when he measured it, "somewhere between 2 and 2 1/4 inches so Pete is the winner!" He proclaimed. Everyone smiled aside from Jeff.

"Er well I was only joking," He pleaded desperately.

"No you weren't. However if you want to back down from a promise then that's your choice although you'll forever have that hanging over you. You know our code of honour," Simon was totally overplaying it but he was right up to a point. Any bets and agreements made between us were sacrosanct. You make it then you pay up even if it goes against you. Admittedly no one had ever gone as high stakes as this although I'm not sure that it wouldn't in future!

Jeff sighed resignedly, "yeah you're right, let's go to the bathroom. You need to scrub it clean for me first Pete,"Jeff was blushing bright red with humiliation and embarrassment while Pete had a big grin on his face. They left the room and we giggled as soon as they did.

"Well I was NOT expecting that!" Tim said voicing all our thoughts. We chatted about the whole thing before Simon said we should be nice when they came back.

"I know Jeff is a dick but he's going to be pretty humiliated, let's not make it worse for him."

It was typical of Simon to be nice and do this sort of thing. I think it was one reason everyone liked him. He tried to do the right thing and not do wrong by anyone.

I guess it was ten or maybe fifteen minutes later than Jeff and Pete came back in, both looking a bit flushed and both smiling which surprised me.

"How was it?" Asked Rob, despite Simon saying not to mention it.

"Not as bad as I thought and Pete's hand helped make up for it. We're all good," He said with a smile at Pete.

"Jeff really impressed me going through with it. We all make bets and deals sometimes we regret afterwards. It takes balls to see it through. Anyway his dick is bigger than you hairless idiots!" Pete grinned at us to show he wasn't being totally serious but it clearly made Jeff feel better.

That night me and Simon had a sleepover at his and talked about it all. We were pretty shocked what had happened and surprised Jeff seemed to be ok with it all.

"Fair play to Jeff, he might be a bit of a dick but he did go through with it," Simon said to me as he lay in his bed, me on the floor in a sleeping bag.

"Yeah, and had to suck a bit of a dick as well!" I replied with a giggle.

"I'm still surprised though. It's all very gay but I guess a deal is a deal," Simon make a theatrical gesture when he mentioned the word "gay". I guess he thought it was funny but I thought it was a bit bad taste. After all Jeff was just keeping the deal he'd sort of been tricked into.

As my Mum always drummed into me, there's nothing wrong with being gay or bi or whatever. You are who you are. In the deep recesses of my mind I did begin to wonder if I might be gay or bi. I couldn't deny that looking at dicks was something I liked but I suppose as I hadn't yet started puberty it was a bit hard to tell what really turned me on. I wanted to move the subject on anyway.

"One day some girl will suck our dicks and we'll know what it feels like!" I said wistfully.

"Yeah, although Pete clearly enjoyed being sucked by a boy, I guess one mouth feels as good as another, doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl!"Simon replied giggling slightly. I had a flashback to the recent past when Steven Oldacre had talked about making me suck his dick. It repelled me at the time but the thought of sucking someone now made my dick hard. I was confused about everything as always. I guess it didn't mean anything. Maybe just the excitement of the day I guess. We talked for a bit longer but we were both knackered and fell asleep quickly.

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