My Best Friend Simon

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 6

What had happened in the room that evening was a topic of conversation for a few weeks between us but it soon faded as life took over. School was hard at times. It was a big step up from primary school and I seemed to drown in homework. The weeks passed. Christmas came and went. It was a cold Thursday morning in late February when Simon knocked on my door for our walk to school. He was quite excited, and I soon found out why.

"So last night...when I tried wanking Wednesday last night, it worked! I had a dry orgasm!" He said clearly beside himself with glee.

"Wow, how was it?" I asked,

"Oh my god it felt amazing!" He said beaming at me.

"Yeah it really does, doesn't it!" I giggled at his shocked expression as I said this.

"You as well!What?!When?!" Simon spluttered.

"Last night as well,"I told him, smiling. It was a white lie. I'd actually done it at the weekend and had my first one then. I had been banging them out all week since but I wanted Simon to feel we had discovered it at the same time. I'd been trying every Wednesday in bed but on the Saturday before I'd had a shower. I'd gone to my room and felt a slight stirring in my balls. It was hard to describe the feeling. Maybe like a dull ache or an itch that needed scratching. My dick had hardened and I'd gently pulled the foreskin back and forth before speeding up like Tom had shown me. Then for the first time I started to feel something. At first a bit of a twitch, a sensation that started deep inside, I could feel it in my feet. It spread across my body and I pretty much saw stars as it overwhelmed me and I had my first orgasm, riding a wave of ecstasy that was unparalleled. Since then I'd been doing it multiple times a day and I was definitely hooked!

"Well it was amazing and I can't wait to get home and do it again. I'm really pleased you discovered it as well," Simon slapped me on the back as he told me this and we both grinned at each other. Whatever puberty and life threw at me I knew I'd always have Simon and he'd have me.

I started shooting a small bit of cum a couple of months later and my balls had definitely dropped. My dick had grown ever so slightly and I had the ghost of a wispy pubic hair or two. I wasn't top of the class in my puberty development but I was certainly in the top half from what I could see in the showers. Unfortunately my dick was even more reactive than before so I couldn't really trust it to be out in public. I'd hastily get changed after swimming and shower with my games top and boxers on. Usually just shoving my legs under the water to get the worst of the mud off.

I also had to really face the thing that I'd been trying to suppress. Yes I liked girls and occasionally when wanking I'd think of touching their tits. However really most of all I wanked off thinking of boys and their dicks. Running my hands all over their bodies. Taking their dicks in my mouth and sucking them until I was rewarded with a taste of cum. I always felt really guilty after I came and I really wanted not to be like this. I thought I could rewire my brain if I just worked hard at it. A month or so after I started my second year of secondary school with turning 13 fast approaching an opportunity to try and focus just on girls presented itself.

It was lunchtime on a chilly mid October weekday, I was eating lunch in the classroom. Simon wasn't with me for a change, he'd disappeared off at the end of the lesson. He came back in as I was finishing off beaming like I hadn't seen him for a while. He was clearly very very happy!

"I've got a girlfriend!" He announced proudly to me.

"What? When?! Who?!" I asked, my voice raising up an octave or three.

"Andrea," he replied with a smile. Andrea was in a different class to us but we were in the same top set for Maths and English. She was nice enough but I was a bit miffed. Simon had never mentioned anything about her to me!

"You didn't tell me you fancied her!" I said slightly accusingly.

"Well I was a bit scared to say anything. Anyway Jane told me at break time that Andrea really liked me and wanted me to ask her out so I did," I noticed Simon was still shaking slightly and realised it had obviously been a big thing to ask her out. I softened my tone and was happy for him.

"Well good for you Si, we can still hang out can't we?" I asked in concern.

"Fucking hell Jamie. Me and Andrea are going out, we're not fucking married or anything. Yeah of course, it doesn't change anything, you'll just have to put up with girls hanging around as well as me," he said with a grin.

I sighed in relief and said I was pleased for him. I started to hang out with Simon, Andrea and Andrea's best friend Jane. Jane was nice and we got on well, she had long dark hair and seemed to find me funny. It was only a week or so after they got together that Simon took me aside at the start of lunchtime.

"So....Andrea told me that if you ask Jane out she'll say yes," he told me with a wink. Fear suddenly flooded my body. I had to ask her out? But she liked me, why was it down to me? My hands shook with nerves but Simon took charge, walking me through the school to where Jane and Andrea we're talking together.

"Er.....Jane...Willyougooutwithme," I spluttered out quickly.

"Oh hi Jamie, what did you say?" Jane asked innocently, clearly not going to make this easy for me.

"Will you go out with me?" I asked a bit slower this time, I was blushing bright red and hoped Simon hadn't set me up particularly as a bit of a crowd of classmates was gathering.

"Yes of course," She said with a soft smile and I sighed with relief. Then that was it, I had a girlfriend!

We got on well together and Jane took the lead on things. I had my first kiss behind the PE hall one lunchtime, snogging Jane as Simon also snogged Andrea. We went to the school disco together, slow dancing to the last song as we kissed. She bought me a nice birthday present. She seemed to really like me and I was smitten, full of puppy love. I thought about her all the time and was pleased that my wank fantasies started to involve Jane and boys were a distant memory. It's hard to explain to someone who hasn't been in love at 13 years old how powerful it is. The emotions and hormones are sweeping through your body and the highs (and lows) are pretty intense.

The school year was my favourite one ever. The simple fact of having a girlfriend made everything better. I wasn't naive enough to think I was going to get laid anytime soon. I wasn't even allowed to touch Jane's breasts and she was certainly not going to touch me down there but it was great fun. There's not much to say really about my second year of school. I was happy and comfortable in myself. I was growing up, getting taller, my dick and balls slowly getting bigger and I was growing a fuzz of hair above my dick. Life felt great. There was no pressure of exams. I was near the top of the class in all my subjects. I felt like things couldn't get any better than it was.

Sometimes in the great journey of Life things happen when you least expect them. I was riding the spokes of the wheel of life up and up, but inconstancy is the essence of the wheel, the essence of life. I'd risen up and now I was about to fall pretty heavily.

It was the first day of my third year of school and unbeknownst to me things were about to head downhill fast. I was walking to school with Simon who seemed a bit nervous for some reason. I'd not seen him the last two weeks of the holiday as he'd been overseas in France on holiday. He was telling me all about his holiday before he threw me a slight curveball.

"Oh I bumped into Jane on holiday," He said as we walked across the park.

"Really? She didn't mention it!" I replied in surprise. "Although I haven't spoken to her since she got back so I guess that's no surprise!"

"Yeah, she said you hadn't spoken much over the holidays,"Simon said to my surprise.

"Really?! I called her most days, girls eh!" I gave an exasperated snort as I said that. I did think I better have a polite word with Jane, spreading rumours that I wasn't attentive wasn't nice!

As we entered the school gates Jane was there with Andrea who looked pretty pissed off I thought. I smiled at Jane who walked up to me and loudly said.

"You're a wanker. I don't fancy you anymore, you're dumped,"She turned her heel and walked away, leaving me humiliated in front of a lot of other pupils,. Lots of laughter reverberated around at my plight and I wanted the ground to swallow me up. I was devastated. I was barely holding it together. How could she do this to me? I loved her. I was a good boyfriend! And to dump me in front of the whole bloody school. Fuck.

Simon escorted me out of the laughs and pushed me into the school.

"Did you know about this?!" I asked accusingly, irrationally angry at him even thought I knew it wasn't his fault.

"I'm sorry that happened Jamie. We need to get to class, everyone will have forgotten about it soon, " He said hurriedly, rushing off ahead of me. If only that was the case. I was definitely the figure of fun for days and it didn't help that I had classes with Jane. Andrea was sympathetic to me and said she didn't know what Jane was thinking.

However, things were about to get much worse....

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