My Best Friend Simon

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 4

I got home from the tour and raced up to my bedroom, almost as soon as I got back in the house. I wanted to try and wank myself off to see if I could cum yet. However just like it was on football tour..... nothing happened. I guess it would at some point soon hopefully.

A couple of weeks later I was at a sleepover at Simon's. We were hanging out at bedtime in his room with his younger brother Dean. Not quite sure how but Simon turned the subject onto dicks and started to tell us about what happened to him a week or so ago. Well I say he told us, he was clearly bullshitting but I let him finish without interrupting.

"So I've got my dick out as it's twitching for some reason. Then it goes hard and stuff comes out the end of it. I hear Mum coming up the stairs with my clean washing but it's still just gushing out of my dick. I'm trying to stop it but I can't, it's like a hose going off! Then just before she comes in it stops and I tuck it in my pants like nothing has happened," Simon said with a grin.

This was clearly a load of bollocks as assuming Simon's dick worked like everyone else's it didn't just spurt out for ages like a hose or tap. I couldn't really reveal how I knew though so stayed quiet. Up to now and that chat with Tom I was innocent and naive about sex and the workings of the human body and Simon knew that. He had once told me that if you got an erection when having sex with a girl you died. At the time this had really scared me as I did get the odd erection and surely I'd get one with a girl? It was only once I learned about it properly that I realised how silly that all sounded!

As well as me thinking it was bullshit, Simon's brother clearly did too "I don't believe you." Dean said.

"It's true, you're just jealous,"Simon protested.

"Prove it," Dean said.

"Don't be ridiculous, I'm not going to get it out and cover the two of you and the room with my spunk. You filthy perv wanting to see it as well! Anyway go to bed, me and Jamie are off to sleep now," He said.

Dean grumbled but did as he was told leaving me and Simon in his room. He got into bed and I crawled into my sleeping bag. His Mum came and said good night and turned the light off.

"Si....why did you tell that story to me and Dean?" I asked when it was dark in the room and just the two of us.

"Because it's what happened!" He protested.

"It doesn't work like that, it doesn't gush out like water from a hose."

"Oh are you suddenly Mr Experienced? How do YOU know?" As Simon asked me this I realised I'd overplayed my hand slightly.I didn't like to lie to him. We usually told each other everything but I had a promise to Tom I had to keep.

"Er, well on football tour I was in a room with some boys and one of the older ones flopped his dick out and um....he er wanked it in front of us until his cum came out. It was a bit gross watching him to be honest but I guess it was educational," I said lying easily to him despite my concerns.

"Wow. Really? Is that what happens on those football tours?!" Simon asked me with a slight giggle.

"No! Not usually! I guess he wanted to show off" I replied hoping that was the end of the matter. I didn't want him to quiz me too much about what had gone on in case my lie was revealed.

"Yeah probably. Like Danny spending ages in the shower after PE showing his off.. mind you I guess I would if I was that big. anyway....have you know?" Simon asked slightly nervously.

"Have I what?" I replied all innocent although I suspected I knew what he meant,

"Wanked your dick?". This time Simon cut straight to the chase. I blushed in the darkness and was silent while I thought of a reply. As was often the way as the slightly more confident one of the two of us Simon answered his own question.

"I've tried a few times Jamie but nothing happens," I breathed a sigh of relief as he told me this and I replied telling him the same.

"Well sounds like we're both useless wankers!" Simon said after I'd said nothing happened for me either. We both had a laughing fit at that, once we got our breath back I made a suggestion.

"Well it'll happen eventually I guess. Apparently first you get a dry cum for a bit then you start shooting cum out when your balls get bigger. I guess we still have to practice until it happens!". Simon gave a slight snort at that then came up with a suggestion of his own.

"Yeah, why don't we do it each Wednesday night in our beds. It can be Wanking Wednesday! And once one of us gets the feeling for the first time he can tell the other one,"Simon suggested.

"I guess so although you are a bit of a perv suggesting it!" I said with a giggle.

"ME a perv! I'm not the one who got a stiffie as soon as he saw me naked in the changing rooms after swimming at school that second week!" Simon replied, also giggling. My giggling stopped and I blushed bright red. He'd never mentioned it and I sort of hoped he'd forgotten about it. I kept quiet and almost felt like tears might come. Fuck, I was obviously still really stressed about it.

"Hey Jamie, I was only joking. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It was nice to see your hard dick. I've never seen one apart from my own! Boys pop them all the time, it's an effort not to pop them in the shower at school. I think the only thing stopping it is the realisation of the horror that would await if it actually happened!". As Simon told me this I relaxed slightly, I wasn't the only one it seemed.

"Anyway telling each other about wanking our dicks isn't pervy. If I'd suggested whoever shoots cum first out of the two of us gets their dick sucked by the other, now THAT would be pervy!" Simon said with a giggle.

"Is that a serious suggestion?!" I squeaked in shock.

"Keep your knickers on I said that would be pervy, but you know if it was me and you wanted to suck it I guess I wouldn't say no! Anyway don't stress about getting hard when you see dicks, all boys do. It's natural to stare and compare. Most of the boys are like us but Danny and some of the others, including Lester's big black dick are hard not to look at, after all they're so much bigger than we are." Simon sounded slightly wistful at that, clearly wanting to start growing soon.

At that moment his Mum knocked on the door and told us to go to sleep so we went quiet, whispered "good night" to each other and fell asleep..

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