My Best Friend Simon

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 3

I got out of the shower and went back to my room to get changed and dry. The Oldacres came in and Steven smirked at me, dropping his towel to show off that slightly chunky 3 inch dick. He grabbed his balls, "these babies are busy working up a tasty load for you to drink later, don't worry, you'll like it. It'll make your little dick grow. " he said. "In fact do you want a go on it now?" He asked.

Luckily I was almost dressed so I just ignored him and I went and sat in the cafeteria on my own, worried and a bit scared. I didn't want to be beaten up and I certainly didn't want to put any pissy dick in my mouth, even if he had made a big deal about washing it.

If some of the other under 12s team were there I'd have some allies but as it was just me, Billy, Pete and Andy I was out of luck. Particularly as it seemed Andy knew what was going on even if he didn't exactly look comfortable with it. My other option was that I could tell an adult about it all and ask for help but being a grass was out of the question. That was one thing you didn't do on football tour, whatever happened you didn't grass anyone up to an adult. That left me with no real option I could think of and I started to feel pretty miserable as I sat there on my own chewing things over.

"You ok Jamie?" Tom asked, sitting down next to me. I hadn't noticed him coming over and I blushed slightly that he was paying me any attention. I was surprised that he even knew who I was. He was the golden boy at our school. He was naturally gifted at sport and good looking. He was going out with what everyone said was the most attractive girl in his year at our school. He was 14 years old and just over two years older than me. He was a world away from me but I guess as his Dad ran the finances for the football club and did all the admin he took an interest in some of us younger players. He'd always been nice to me and I relaxed slightly knowing he was there.

I knew I should probably keep quiet about what Steven had said but then again Tom wasn't an adult so technically I wouldn't be grassing anyone up. That was my slightly skewed logic. So I decided to talk to Tom, particularly as Steven was in the under 14s with him.

"Ummmm not really, to be honest I'm a bit worried about later. I'm sharing a room with the Oldacres and Mark Bryant and Steven told me that after lights out they were going to put their dicks in my mouth and beat me up if I didn't let them. Is putting your dick in a mouth even a thing? I'm really worried they'll beat me up if I don't do it," I said, the words flooding out in my rising panic.

Tom was silent then sighed, clenching his fists tightly.

"Steve is such a fucking bully. In answer to your question, yes it is a thing. However it's not something you make someone do. They should have to want to. And you're too young anyway. Don't worry, I'll get this stopped," Tom said firmly.

"I don't want them to think I've grassed on them though!" I protested.

Tom smiled slightly, "Would you rather they think you grassed on them or would you rather suck their dicks?" He asked.

I said the former and he nodded. "It's all well and good not grassing on people but when they're bullying you and forcing you you aren't helping yourself or anyone else by keeping quiet. I have an idea, hold on." Tom said then waved over to his friend Jon who came and sat down with us.

"Steve Oldacre is being an arsehole again, bullying and threatening to make Jamie here give him and his brother a blow job.. I'm going to speak to my Dad and get him moved into my room, I'm sorry Jon, that does mean you are moving in with Steven and his brother though," Tom said.

Jon looked disappointed, "but we were going to..." he started to say before Tom gave him a sharp look and he stopped.

"Don't worry, I'm on it. Jamie, Jon and I need to sort some stuff out in our room first so hang out here for a bit, you'll be fine and I'll come and get you in an hour or so," He said. Jon smiled at that and a look passed between them. It was a look that totally went over my head but I was just relieved to be out of it all.

I sat there killing time, it seemed longer than an hour by the time Jon and Tom came back smiling and looking a bit flushed.

"Right Jamie, let's go and get your stuff and move you into my room," Tom said. Jon came along as well with his bags. I suspected Steven would not be happy with the arrangement!

"What the fuck is going on?" Steven asked as I came in and got my bags and Jon put his down. Tom smiled at Steven, not a warm smile but more of a "this is what is going to happen one".

"Change of room, Jamie is swapping with Jon. Apparently Mr Jones was concerned about two under 12s being in the same room as two under 14s so made a late change. Get your stuff Jamie and I'll take you to my room. See you guys later," Tom said, sweeping out the room followed by me leaving Steven looking pretty pissed off to be honest.

Tom took to me our new room which was just a twin room with an en suite. Certainly nicer than my previous room. Obviously a perk of having his dad organising everything was he got the best rooms!

I thanked him and got myself ready for bed, before crashing really early. The early start and the stress of the past couple of hours had obviously really affected me. Tom went off to chat to Jon and I was fast asleep well before he came back.

The next day I was in a "special team". Outside of the main football tournament a few boys from the under 11s to the under 14s were put together to play a special friendly against one of the local boys clubs while the main teams started in the main tournament.

The set up there was so far removed from the UK. Proper football pitches and facilities. There was no muddy grass with dogshit all over it. We were playing on all weather pitches. No wonder Dutch players were so skilful compared to us! The ball zipped off the surface and rewarded proper football rather than lump it and run that so often seemed the case at home.

We played two games against the same team, I played left back. I wasn't that good at football really but I could use my left leg unlike most of my peers and I worked hard. I'd just about held my own against their right winger in both games who was definitely older and bigger than me, and much better. We drew both games which was a real achievement and the manager was really happy afterwards, even signaling me out for praise which was very rare for my football career..

I was sweaty and stinking from my exertion so decided to use the communal shower in the changing room. Most of the boys decided against it and headed to the cafe to get drinks (and seemingly play on the fruit machine there). I was under the shower head and enjoying the hot water hitting my aching muscles when the right winger brushed past me. I felt his soft dick touch my bum which caused me to jump slightly.

"You played well today," He said, putting his hand on my shoulder.

"Thanks so did you," I said, turning towards him. I couldn't help but stare at his naked body. He was lithe and well toned with a real athlete's build. His soft 2 1/2 inch dick sat under some wavy pubes.

He must have seen me looking as he smiled at me. "You want to play with me now?" He said with a wink, and wiggling his soft dick towards me.

I blushed, was he really suggesting I touch it?

For some reason the thought didn't exactly repel me and I was possibly about to answer in the positive when the coach shouted my name and said to hurry up.

"Oh well, maybe next time," The boy said with a wink, then gently rubbing my bum as I walked past to get dry.

I blushed, I didn't really know what he meant. My innocence was beginning to annoy me so I decided to do something about it. That evening I lay on my bed reading in my pyjamas and waiting for Tom to finish in the shower. He came out after a while. He was naked apart from a towel around his waist. He was impressive, an athletic build like the Dutch boy was and I briefly found myself wondering what he looked like under the towel. I stopped myself and took a deep breath...

"Er Tom. Today at the tournament a Dutch boy asked me if I wanted to play with his Er....with his dick I think. I'm really embarrassed to say I didn't realise it was a thing. He was nice about it and nothing happened but I realise there is so much I don't know. I've not a dad or older brother to ask so I was hoping you'd tell me?" I asked, blushing slightly.

Tom smiled at me. He then came and sat on the end of my bed still in his towel.

"Of course, I'm always happy to help. Think of me as your older brother. What would you want to find out?" He asked.

I sighed in relief.

" playing with a dick a thing?" I replied, nervously asking my first question.

"Yes, and it's a really fucking amazing thing! You'll learn about it soon at school but it's called masturbation. Although we all call it wanking. You put your hand in a fist around your dick. Move it up and down until the most fantastic feeling takes over your body," He said with a smile.

I asked him more questions. I asked about getting erections in the shower and changing room: "Don't worry, happens to everyone, just don't let anyone see,". I asked about dick sucking: "Even better than wanking,". I asked about my body changing and about sex in general. When I couldn't think of any more questions Tom smiled at me, "Ok I think I may have answered all of your questions.. Have you any last ones?" He asked.

I was nervous. I had one last question and I didn't know how it would go. I thought I'd be ok but I wasn't sure. Taking a deep breath I spoke, the words tumbling out quickly.

"Erm...I'm still a bit confused about playing with a dick, could you, erm, would you, actually it would be really helpful if you could um show me exactly how to do it," I said, breathless by the end, my heart running a million miles an hour.

Tom sat there in silence, still on the end of my bed in his towel. He was clearly thinking about it and what to say. It felt like an age for him to reply but in reality it was probably only half a minute or so.

"Well I have to admit I didn't see this coming when you asked for a chat. But I'm happy to help, after all it's fun! However I have a few conditions which I want you to swear to agree to. One: Don't tell anyone about this and deny it if asked. Two: Even if it seems a bit strange what I tell you to do, just do it. And finally, take your pyjamas off," Tom said, standing up and going and locking our door.

"Ok, I promise. Why my pyjamas though?" I asked.

Tom laughed softly, "well I'm going to be naked and it's easier to show you if you've got your dick out," He said dropping his towel and coming to sit next to me as I shucked my pyjama bottoms off so I was also naked. Tom's dick was a thing of beauty, 3 inches, thickish, his dick head just peeking out through his foreskin. His balls looked heavy and he had a fair bit of hair.

"Wow, it's massive!" I said in shock.

He giggled, "Thanks but it isn't really, it's about average for my age, maybe slightly bigger. Jon's is MASSIVE though!" He said still giggling then stopped and looked like he'd maybe said too much.

"Is it?!" I asked and he shrugged, then smiled.

"Full disclosure Jamie, I'm going to pretend you're my younger brother and tell you a secret. I trust you not to tell anyone. Jon and I sometimes mess around together. We play with each other's dicks and sometimes...suck them. That's what we were planning on doing if you weren't staying here!"

"Right Ok. But you have a girlfriend!" I said in surprise.

Tom shrugged, "I do and she's amazing, but I'm only just 14. There's no way we'll be having sex for ages. Jon is my best mate and we're just helping each other out. It's probably easier if I show you how good it feels. Then you'll understand. So take your dick in your hand like this," He said opening his hand and wrapping it around his dick.

My dick was hard now and I did the same as Tom, although his hand and dick were definitely much bigger than mine! Tom showed me what to do but I got a bit confused about speed and technique before he stopped me.

"It's probably easier if I just show you, move your hand away," Tom said then reached over and grabbed my dick with his hand. I groaned as it felt amazing to have someone else's hand on it. Tom moved his hand up and down, grabbing it firmer than I did and moving it with more speed. It felt.....interesting, nice to have a warm hand on my dick but I wasn't yet feeling anything special.

"Practice on mine," Tom said, taking my hand with his other hand and placing it around his hard dick. My hand wrapped around it, barely reaching around its girth as Tom placed his hand on top of mind and started moving it up and down, showing me the rhythm he wanted. It was clearly working as he moaned loudly, he pulled his hand away and let me continue working on his dick.

So this was "wanking"! Tom's dick got slightly slippery as I did it which confused me. Suddenly he grunted , his dick went really hot and hard and out the end spurted some sticky stuff that went all over my hand.

"What the fuck?!" I said in surprise as a bit more pulsed out.

"Sorry, I should have warned you. That's my cum, sperm, spunk, semen or even man juice. Has a few different names! As you get older your balls will produce it and you'll shoot it when you have an orgasm. Let me use some on your dick,." He said and took some off my hand, rubbed it over my pretty red and dry looking dick head and wanked me again.

I liked it but after a while I stopped him, "Er Tom, I don't think anything is happening."

"Yeah. Looks like your body isn't quite ready. Keep practising though and one day you'll be rewarded with your first dry cum which is amazing. Let me clean us up," Tom said, reaching for a tissue and wiping his dick clean, then my hands.

"You Ok with all of this?" He asked me slightly nervously.

I grinned at him, "fuck yeah, thanks for showing me even if I couldn't cum. And thanks for telling me all about everything!"

"My pleasure Jamie, if you ever have any questions let me know. You're part of the gang now, we'll look out for you at school as well. Now remember, this never happened!" he said.

I nodded and winked at him "what never happened?" and we both giggled. Funny how life goes sometimes, I'd gone from a really shitty situation with Steven to suddenly a great one with Tom. I was now across everything. I had even had a sort of sexual experience with someone! Even if I couldn't tell anyone. Not that I know how I'd tell anyway! Still, it was pretty life changing and I looked back fondly on that tour for many years to come.

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