My Best Friend Simon

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 2

After all the buildup of nerves and worries the reality of starting school was nowhere near as bad as the thought of it was. We sat down in our form, with me sitting me next to Simon. Our teacher came in and gave us an overview of what was going to happen. It all sounded fine, well basically like school usually was. Lessons, lessons and more lessons. My life for the next few years.

That first day as a whirlwind though. The school was big and finding our way around took some getting used to. Up these stairs, along this corridor, down these stairs, across the playground to the science block. It was all a bit confusing but I had an excellent memory for these things so once we'd got somewhere once I knew I'd be able to get there again.

To no surprise at all from me, Simon was soon heavily in demand from other kids in our class who wanted to befriend him. Even though it was only one day in, it seemed he was already the favourite of a lot of our new teachers including our form tutor. That all intensified and became even clearer over the first few weeks. However before then I had something bigger to worry about. It had been unexpected and not something I'd thought about at all. However once it happened it started to really cause me sleepless nights.

It was the Tuesday of the second week of school and we had swimming class. We'd not started it the first week due to so many other things going on. In theory it should be absolutely fine. I liked swimming. We'd had swimming class at the very same swimming pool weekly at primary school and had never thought anything about it. The changing rooms had four cubicles along one side of the wall but mostly a load of benches to get changed on in front of each other. That's what we usually used and we got stripped off into swimming trunks. We then walked through the smelly disinfected water to kill any germs on our feet and then into the pool for the lesson. This was all fine, it was what happened afterwards.

For some reason Simon and I shared a cubicle afterwards to get changed back into our uniform. I'm not quite sure why we did. It was certainly something that in the months and years to come no boys did. After all sharing a cubicle with another naked boy would get you loads of gay jokes and insults! However we were young and naive. So there we were in the cubicle. It was a bit of squeeze to be honest. Simon pulled his trunks off to show his small hairless dick, something he'd done in front of me hundreds of times over the years. For some reason this time it caused my dick to harden. I wrapped myself in a towel and pulled my trunks down, hoping Simon didn't notice.

"Hold on Jamie. Drop your towel and let me spray you" Simon said with his deodorant in his hand. Shit.

To my embarrassment I did as he asked and he sprayed me over my body, my hard dick pointing straight up. He giggled as he saw it but didn't say anything to my relief. We got changed and things continued on as usual, for Simon anyway. For me I started to worry, why did my dick get hard in front of him? Was it because I saw his dick? And what happened if it did again when we had P.E on Thursday? We'd already been told that we had to have showers afterwards. That meant that there would be lots of dicks there. I was pretty naive about my body and growing up but I knew enough that getting an erection in public was not the done thing.

The thing is I'd never really thought or looked at other boy's dicks, but now I was worried if I saw one I'd pop a hard on. And that thought took over my waking hours for the next couple of days. I'd think of it and it would make me hard. It made it worse and more likely I'd get one which was making me worry even more.

On the day though it was sort of fine. I was so tired after the exercise that I just grabbed my towel and got in and out of the shower quickly.I felt the first stirrings as I hurried back to my seat and managed to get my towel on before things got more serious.

As I sat down to get dressed I had a good view of boys coming in and out the shower. That definitely started to make me harden even more. Most of the boys were hairless and small dicked like me and Simon. However some boys had some hair down there and their dicks were starting to grow. A couple of boys definitely spent a lot longer than necessary in the shower, making sure lots of boys saw their hairy big dicks. Well big to my eyes. In reality they probably had only thickened ever so slightly and grown half an inch. But in the kingdom of the hairless one and a half inch dick, the two inch fuzzy pubic haired boy is king!

A couple of boys didn't have foreskins which seemed strange to me. This was England after all. I hadn't even realised being circumcised was actually a thing. I was also intrigued by the dicks of the two black boys in our year. We were a very white town and I had never seen a black boy naked before. At that stage they just looked like the rest of us but I'd learn over the years from seeing them both naked that their pubic hair tended to be tightly wound rather than the wavy ones some of us have.

That was all for the future. I was very naive. With no dad or older brother to talk to I didn't really know about puberty and the changes we'd go through. I guess I sort of knew I'd grow up but the specifics of it weren't clear to me. It was the late 1980s after all. There was no internet, I didn't have that many friends. All would become clear in time but I was confused about the mechanics of everything. I did look jealously at some of the boys whose dicks had started to grow but then didn't know why I was jealous. After all have a bigger one surely just meant it would get in the way more?

"Bloody hell did you see Danny in the showers? His dick looked like an elephant's trunk!" Simon asked me on the way home, exaggerating the size a fair bit.

"No I didn't," I said lying to my best friend, "although wouldn't that just get in the way anyway?" I asked, vocalising the internal question running through my mind.

"I guess but think how ace it would be to be that big! Once word got out all the girls would want a go with it!" Simon said giggling. I hadn't thought of it like that admittedly but it didn't matter. After all I was the size I was. So was Simon and neither of us could do much about it. What would the girls do with it anyway? Shit, I really needed to find out more about this whole sex thing.

I got used to the weekly showers although I started to wear boxers and just stick my legs in to wash the mud off if I wasn't too bad, then spray loads of deodorant over me. Swimming was trickier. I'd definitely feel my dick starting to harden as we got changed and it was often a rush to get my clothes on before that happened. Luckily it seemed no one wanted to be seen checking boys out, particularly after Danny accused a boy in our year of staring at his dick and being a "puff". I didn't really understand what that was but I could tell by the reaction it was a "bad thing to be.". This was just one more question to add to the lots of questions I had but didn't know who to ask. However as is often the case, circumstances led to opportunities when I didn't really expect it.

It was October half term and the local football team I played for were going on a football tour to Arnhem in Holland. I played for the under 12s but unlike last year this time hardly any of our team was coming. I think the cost of starting school and also the rise of a rival team who had poached some of our players meant only four of us under 12s were going. Mum had saved for ages for me to go and so I wasn't going to miss out. We would be split up and playing with the under 11s and the under 13s. I was pretty disappointed we wouldn't have the usual group of us there.

On the coach journey I sat with Billy who was one of the under 12s like me. He was a nice boy, not very bright but good hearted. He didn't go to my school but as we were in the same team we knew each other well and got on pretty good together. It was a ridiculously early start when we left and we both dozed on and off. We spent most of the journey listening to our Walkmans, him Madonna, me Dire Straits. Then we'd swap and give the other boy's music a go. It passed the time and the long coach, then the ferry journey passed fairly quickly. One thing that stood out for the journey though was that while having a toilet on a coach might seem a good idea, it totally stunk the coach out so if you got travel sick like me you wanted to be as far away from it as possible!

As we approached Arnhem the head of our football club, Mr Jones, stood up and gave us a speech about being good ambassadors for the club and to behave ourselves. That any messing around would be punished and the boy would be sent home. (Unlikely, it was a long way back to home from there!)

It was early evening by the time we got to our accommodation. It was a big hostel complex we'd taken over for the few days we were there. Accommodation was in rooms of four with the odd two bed knocking around. Unsurprisingly as one of the younger teams me and Billy ended up in rooms of four but to my annoyance and concern we were separated.

In fact to my horror I was with the Oldacres. Andy was in my team, he was our best player and didn't he fucking know it. But that was nothing compared to his older brother who I hated: Steven. I didn't have much to do with him but he had bullied me last year on tour and being with him was not good. Mark in his team was also in our room. I didn't really know him. He seemed nice enough but who knew. If he was mates with Steven, then I was in trouble.

We ate as soon as we arrived, then Mr Jones ordered the under 11s, 12s and 13s into the communal showers to get clean. The bedrooms we shared had en suites but we weren't trusted to get clean ourselves he said. If we had a communal shower that day at least he'd know we'd be clean for the tournament. It sounded a bit loose to me. A few years later it did turn out that he was a bit of a perv and there was some sort of scandal involving him and a younger boy. Looking back I suspect it was why he was there watching us go in and ticking our name off a list.

As we queued up for the showers it was a bit disconcerting being naked in front of loads of boys particularly given my propensity to get hard. On this occasion I think the presence of Mr Jones helped dampen things for me. Also I think the nerves of that helped me not spring an erection much to my relief. I made sure I focused on thinking about the Sci fi book I was reading and tried to ignore the dicks around me. Of which there were many but I just focused on looking straight ahead of me, as much as I could anyway,

I was almost at the showers and I moved forward slightly as Steven Oldacre bumped into me. I then felt something touching my leg. I looked round and down and realised it was his dick. He had hairs surrounding what was to my eyes a fairly thick 3 inch one. He smirked at me as he saw me looking down at it.

"Like what you see Jamie?" he asked.

"No, was just wondering what was touching my leg," I replied, annoyed at his question.

"Don't worry, you'll be seeing more of it later. Tonight you're going to suck this and my brother's too, and maybe Mark's as well when it's lights off in the room," Steve said, still smirking.

"Fuck off, I'm not putting THAT in my mouth!" I said angrily.

Why on earth would anyone want to do that? Or have their dick in someone's mouth? A dick was for pissing and no way did I want that near my mouth. What the fuck was he thinking?!

"You tell yourself that, there's the easy way where you just suck it, or the hard way where we'll just force you to and beat the shit out of you if you don't,"he said with a fist to hand gesture. This really unnerved me but I got in the showers and tried to ignore him.

"Hey Jamie," Steven said as he went under the shower had next to me. I turned to look at him despite my better instincts.

"Look, I'm getting it clean for you, don't worry you'll like the taste of it. Andy, don't you?" He said to his brother who was next to him. Andy blushed and told him to fuck off, causing Steven to giggle. He was a nasty piece of work but I was still really confused as to what was going on and what he was suggesting. However I knew I didn't want to put his dick in my mouth but I felt cornered.I started to feel a wave of panic rising.

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