Mekong Delta

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 15

Mike looked at Paula who nodded as if to give him approval to start talking. He then looked at us both intently looking both of us in the eye before he told us what had been decided.

"Ok boys, first of all it's important to say we're making things up as we go along. Neither of us ever expected that we'd be in this situation when Paula and Daniel came to Ben Tre for a holiday. Clearly though things have changed and we have to take that into account. Then again just because you love each other doesn't mean that there will be always be a happy ending. I'm afraid life doesn't always work like that."

At this point Mike stopped talking to take a long sip of his beer. I exchanged glances with Dan and both of us looked anxiously at each other as we awaited our fate.

"We certainly haven't got things completely worked out and there will no doubt be some complications along the way. Phuc, we've both become very fond of you. Not as fond as I know Daniel is though! You're an impressive intelligent loyal and good hearted young man and we owe you a great debt for saving Daniel. We may never be able to repay you for that you did that day when you out yourself in danger for him. However, as he is our son our first responsibility is to Daniel. As his parents we have to do what is best for him first and foremost. That's what being a parent is and it involves making difficult decisions at times."

Mike stopped again to take another sip of beer I was on tenterhooks and I could see Dan was too. Adults definitely did like to talk too much sometimes! All I wanted to know was would I see Dan again? I thought I saw a slight smile on Mike's face and I wondered if he was spinning this out for maximum enjoyment at our obvious desire for him to cut to the chase!

Mike took a further sip of his drink and then continued on "So we've done a lot of talking this morning. We've made some calls and set some wheels in motion which are spinning surprisingly quickly. I think we've made some decisions that will keep everybody happy. It's important for us to say Phuc that any decisions we've made are not predicated on your relationship with or love for Dan. You might now both say you are in love and your boyfriend but you're also both very young. It's quite possible in a few weeks time you'll have split up and moved on. You may have fallen in love with someone else."

Dan protested at this point and Mike held his hand up to silence him.

"I know you both don't think that will happen and it probably won't Daniel. I said what I said more to emphasise that we're taking Phuc in because it's the right thing for him. Not because you want a live-in boyfriend or anything like that. We accept that for now you're a couple and we have certainly heard the evidence that you're clearly sexually active! However we'll probably have to set some sort of ground rules. Which you'll no doubt try and break!"

Dan looked at me and I looked at him. Was Mike suggesting what I thought he was? I kept quiet in case I'd got the wrong end of the stick. Better to let him finish before I get my hopes up too much.

"So we've reached some decisions. Phuc will come back with us to Ho Chi Minh City tomorrow and he'll come and live with us as part of the family. Daniel. You will be returning to school to finish the school year at the end of the Easter holidays.. You'll then move over here permanently in July and come September you will be schooled with Phuc at an international school near the embassy. Phuc will start the same time as you and we'll get a tutor for the next few months or so to bring him up to the level required."

Dan started protesting about having to go back to England but I couldn't stop grinning. I was in a state of shock. I was going to leave here and live with a proper family. I then thought of my Dad. I'd expected not to see him again and I was fine with that. Still, I wondered if it would complicate things. Mike must have picked up on that as he tried to get Dan to stop complaining so he could talk to me.

"Daniel! The decision is made!" Mike said firmly. "As I said we have to do what is best for you. You can finish the school year. It's not a great hardship is it? And yes I know you don't want to be apart from Phuc but that is a good litmus test of how you feel about each other. Some space might give you perspective. It might bring you even closer together. Whatever occurs you are still going back to school. It's not for long and then you can move out here. This time together has made me realise how important it is for you to be with the family and I'm looking forward to us all spending time together. Now on the subject of family. Phuc. Your father. After your uncle was arrested last week I know the authorities tried to track him down. They'd got the address from your uncle's records and wanted to find out more about what he knew. I'm afraid he wasn't there and the hut no longer seemed to be lived in. It doesn't mean anything bad has happened to him. Maybe he's moved on to another part of the Delta. I know they have some people trying to find him so hopefully he'll resurface."

I shrugged and tried not to show my disappointment. "Thank you for trying to find him. To be honest when I said goodbye to him I thought I would never see him again. Since then our paths have diverged even more. I'd like to look for him when I'm older but I'm very grateful that you will be looking after me. You're my family now."

As I said those words I realised the truth of them. I'd already lived a life that my father wouldn't understand. He was a simple fisherman and by sending me to my uncle he had set a chain of events in motion that continually drove me further away from him. I would like to see him again to get closure but I knew my life had moved on and those ties had been cut for me whether I wanted them to be or not.

"Don't worry Phuc. We'll help find him. We've had tentative discussions with one of my contacts at the Government about adopting you so that you have the right papers and everything to leave the country with us if we go on holiday. We'd ideally need your father's permission for this but it's not vital. This will all take a while to sort out but I can assure you that you will be very much treated like our son. Like one of the family. You're our responsibility now."

I smiled gratefully at him as tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn't believe how things had changed so quickly for me. Dan had calmed down about leaving me and beamed broadly at the thought of me becoming part of the family. I then stood up and hugged Mike and Paula thanking them profusely. They joined me in being tearful and it felt like an important bonding moment.

After we sat down Paula then asked me and Dan to stand up. "I am proud of both of my sons!" Paula said hugging us both closely. I felt real love and affection for Mike and Paula, particularly Paula who if she hadn't have taken to me straight away then none of this would have ever happened.

Outpourings of emotion didn't really seem to be the british way of things and Mike in particular composed himself quickly. We all hung out by the pool with Dan and I enjoying the freedom to just swim and splash around with no worries about what would happen to me next.

The rest of the day we were both so excited that by the time we got to bed we had so much pent up sexual energy that it was very hard having sex together as quietly as we had to! The last thing either of us wanted was to annoy Dan's and soon to be my parents by keeping them awake with our noise. However there was absolutely no way we would be able to stop ourselves from having sex so we had to improvise! The bed did have a habit of banging against the wall so we knew that was probably a bit risky given how late it was.

In the end we came up with an excellent plan. We tiptoed out to the balcony where the sound of the air con unit next door venting air would block out the noise. Their door was shut as were the curtains. It was quiet in the hotel grounds and with our lights off no one could see us.

Dan whispered what he wanted to do and I braced myself up against the railings of the balcony. I could see the Mekong as Dan lubed us both up and got into position behind me. He gently pushed into me and he covered my mouth with his hand as he thrust inside me again and again. He kept his grunts and groans as quite as possible and my moans were stifled by his hand. It felt very naughty and it certainly added an extra level of excitement to the whole thing! Being able to see the mighty Mekong as my boyfriend made love to me made it all the more special. We were definitely able to keep the noise down enough and it was one of the most intense fucks we'd had so far!

After Dan had cum inside me he giggled quietly. "Well that's something else we can add to the list we've experienced!" he said whispering in my ear as he withdrew his softening dick.

"Um what is? You having your hand over my mouth?" I whispered back slightly unsure what he meant.

"No silly! You're my brother now and I just fucked you so technically that was incest!"

"Oh right, well I prefer to think of you as my lover than my brother but I guess technically you're right!" I said as I manoeuvered myself into position to commit incest again this time with me penetrating Dan on the balcony. As I blasted cum inside him with the stars and moon shining above and the Mekong flowing just below us I wondered if there was anyone else in the world having sex right now in as magical a place.

Afterwards on our bed as we lay in each other's arms I told Dan how much I loved him and I couldn't believe how much my life had changed in such a short space of time.

"I am a bit worried that things will go wrong though and it'll all fall apart," I said to Dan voicing my fears. He kissed me before he pulled back and stroked my cheek gently. He then took my hand in his other hand and squeezed it.

"Don't worry Phuc. Things won't go wrong. You heard them earlier, things are already in motion. You're safe now. You're with me and I am NEVER letting you go. Fuck, apart from having to go back to school in the UK for a couple of months. But apart from that I want to sleep with you every night for the rest of our lives! Everything will work out. My parents will sort it out, they'll definitely sort it all out!"

I felt reassured by Dan and I drifted off to sleep with the sound of the Mekong in the background I knew I couldn't be happier.

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