Mekong Delta

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 16

Dan was right. Mike and Paula certainly did sort something out! The next week was a total whirlwind of emotion and changes for me I could never have expected for my life to change so drastically so quickly as it did. That being said I guess it had changed quickly when I'd gone from living in a hut with my Dad to living in Can Tho and then onto the street. Change was clearly part of life and I'd experience a lot of it.

As agreed I was to live with them while they tried to track my Dad down and see if he was happy for them to adopt me. It was made clear to me right at the start though that even if they couldn't find him then the adoption would still go through. I was now part of the family and that wasn't going to change. I'd gone from being alone to having a lover to now having a new Mum, Dad and brother! Dan was very amused by the whole incest thing and claimed it added an extra bit of excitement to our sex lives. I had expected some sort of ban or restrictions on us having sex but I think Mike had persuaded Paula that there was no point. All was emphasised was to be clean, safe and not so noisy anyone could hear! Mike dropped enough hints to let us know that he knew it was going to be hard for us when Dan left and so we should take advantage of it while we can.

Any guilt I felt about leaving Hung, Dao and the other boys behind changed as their lives started to change for the better. Paula hit up all the expats she knew in HCMC and fundraised to buy a small property in Ben Tre she'd seen for sale for Hung and the boys to live and get off the streets. Dan's project had really helped her sell it in and she was intending to use his project in the UK to help fundraise as well. The boys have to go to school which would give them all the chance of a new life like I was having. Paula had put an embassy staff member in charge of getting it all sorted as soon as possible. I was incredibly grateful but it was also indicative of the situation. To fix this problem had only taken a relatively small amount of money and some hard work and goodwill. How many other boys and girls were there not as lucky to be given a chance of a new life? How could that be fixed for them? There were no easy or quick fixes for everyone but luckily for me and the others in our case there sort of was.

Things had been cleaned up down in the Delta as well. The authorities had not only taken my Uncle and his associates into custody but they'd raided a few other towns in the Delta including Ben Tre squashing some criminal operations. No doubt like the bottom feeders they were more would creep in and set up shop but for now they'd had a shock, most importantly it meant that Hung and the boys had no one trying to get them to beg and who knows what. This meant they'd have no pressure to leave their new lives to go back to their old ones. From now on their lives were in their hands.

It wasn't all good for me though as the date approached when Dan was to go back to the UK for school for his last term and I'd start my tutoring to try and catch up to his level. I liked learning but I knew it would be tough on my own. Still, it wouldn't be forever and we'd be going to school together come September.

Dan and I had a very tearful farewell at the prospect of a couple of months or so apart. We'd certainly had passion sex filled nights in the lead up to his return to school but I felt his absence really hard. At times I was pretty jealous and would convince myself that Dan was up to all sorts of sexual adventures at school I with other boys. I tried not to think that way but I'd remembered he had a friend there who would sometimes suck his dick and I was incredibly jealous. That dick belonged to ME now! Dan had assured me he only wanted me and wouldn't do anything but the mind is always good at playing tricks. Luckily Dan and I were in almost daily contact via WhatsApp and email. It's a good job no one else had access to my phone because some of the messages and photos were pretty graphic!

Within all the good news of things improving for me there was bad as well, part of life's rich tapestry I guess. My Dad had definitely disappeared, whether he'd moved on or worse it was hard to tell. They tried to track him down without success. All we knew is that his small hut was abandoned. It did hurt me greatly to know that I probably wouldn't see him again even for one last time but I also knew I wouldn't be living with him even if he was still there. My life had moved on so much I knew he'd be happy for me. Still, not being able to say goodbye one last time was something that I regretted.

I looked for a Dinh as much as I could in HCMC which admittedly was pretty difficult given its size and my lack of experience but I drew a blank. After all it's a big city and while I had a sort of contact for him I drew a blank. It seemed like he'd vanished into thin air but in a sprawling metropolis like HCMC it was no surprise he was hard to find. Dan had promised once he was back from the UK we'd do more detective work between us and hopefully a well presented well off western boy could probably open doors I couldn't.

It's funny how quickly my life changed really, and how fast I was settling into my new one. Already the old one felt a long way away, like a different world. However, before I could totally leave that life behind I had one more thing I felt I needed to do. So there I was back in Ben Tre six weeks or so after I'd left. It was a Saturday afternoon after lunch and I left Paula sunbathing at the Ben Tre Riverside Resort while I went to check out how Hung and the boys were getting on in their new house. She'd been checking on them regularly but this was my first visit since they'd moved.

"Phuc! It's so good to see you!" Dao said as he opened the door to me. He looked unrecognisable. Clean, well dressed, cut hair. A world away from the boy I first met. He showed me around and excitedly told me all about it.

"It's amazing, the house is great, school is brilliant. I'm learning lots of new things! We have a housekeeper who cooks and washes for us. I'm so grateful for what you did for us! A bed! I'm sleeping in an actual bed! Some of it was a bit embarrassing to be honest though, we had top to toe medical and tests, STDs, the works. We're all clean though. I guess Hung was the only one fucking us properly and you can't get anything from a bit of fondling each other really. " he said the words flowing out of his mouth like a torrent.

I chatted to him and some of the other boys, it was great to see how well they were getting on. After a while it was just me and Dao who looked a bit awkward.

"It's great to see you but I've got to go to study now, I'm having extra classes to try and catch up on schoolwork. I want to be top of the class!" He said looking guilty.

"Go! Don't be ridiculous about feeling bad. It's great to see you, I guess I should go too." I said slightly disappointed that I wasn't going to get to see Hung. Dao must have read my mind.

"Hung should be back from work soon though, he'd love to see you so why don't you wait for him in his room." Dao said. He showed me to Hung's room which was similar to the others, simple but clean. After a while Hung came back, to my amusement he was wearing the uniform of the pizza chain that I'd met Dan outside, that fateful day that felt so long ago now but in reality wasn't at all. We caught up on my news and Hung's. At some point he made a rude insinuation about me and Dan (which was true admittedly) but I had some ammunition of my own.,

"Yeah I do alright with that side of things I guess, What about you? Still making the boys pay you with their bums?" I asked with a cheeky grin.

Hung blushed, "No! Those days are gone. I do have a bit of fun with a couple of them but our lives are much better now. I've sort of got a girlfriend as well although it's very early days"

I smiled at Hung, "Good for you! You deserve some happiness Hung. Anyway think I owe you something," I said as I bolted his door from the inside, he looked confused.

"What? You've done so much to help us. What could you possibly owe me?" He asked in surprise.

"Well you took me in, looked after me, made sure I had enough to eat, turned down money from my uncle to say where I was. I never got to pay you at time and I seem to remember you were very keen to fuck me as that's how we paid you? Last time I saw you there wasn't a suggestion the debt had been paid. So....if you want to fuck me, well a one time off, full payment for services rendered is on offer." I said with a grin.

"Don't be silly." Hung said, "as I said you don't owe me anything."

"Hey I pay my debts" I said and pulled my pants and trousers down. "I need you to do this for me Hung."

"Shit, you really want me to don't you? It'll hurt though." He said, loosening his uniform.

"I'll manage, I've had a fair bit of action back there with Dan" I said with a grin as I stripped off completely and got on the bed. Hung decided doing me on the side from behind would be best and with some lubrication and a wince or two from me he managed to push his thick long dick into me.

I knew I should feel a bit bad about cheating on Dan but this was something I needed to do to leave my old life behind. And it felt pretty amazing if not slightly painful as he pushed his thick dick into me again and again, his dick head hitting my spot as he wanked my hard dick at the same time.

I'd missed being fucked and I had a spectacular orgasm, my hole then clamping hard on Hung's dick as he came soon after.

"Now we're even." I said with a smile as I got dressed after a bit of a clean up.

"No, I'm in your debt. I'll pay it back one day" Hung said smiling back. I left him and the house to head back to the resort. The Ben Tre part of my life was over although I guess we'd still visit. Now all I had to do was focus on my lessons until Dan got back. Those weeks of waiting were hard but finally he was back in my arms. We kissed so much that I thought we'd never let each other go.

"You've grown a bit." He said with a shy smile as we stripped off at bedtime that first night back together.

"So have you, I might even feel it this time when you put it in me." I said with a giggle.

"Cheeky fucker, well let's find out shall we!" Dan said kissing me and pushing me onto bed. I certainly did feel it, it was so great to behaving sex with my boyfriend again, and we more than made up for the time apart. Jetlag meant Dan was struggling to sleep so we fucked each other crazy all night long.

It was amazing to be back together and I knew as long as I had Dan all would be ok. Him not being around for those months made it all the more special now he was home. We slipped back into family life and spent as much time together as we could. Our love had only strengthened in our time apart and I knew we were together for life.

Unfortunately despite our best attempts our plans to track down Dinh got sidetracked before we could get too far in looking for him. After all the drama of the kidnap Mike's boss at the UK Government decided he deserved a quieter life so he got transferred to be the High Commissioner for the UK in New Zealand. As a result we all ended moving all the way to a land completely different in climate, culture and weather from where I was born. So I never got to go to school in HCMC but would be enrolling in a school in my new home with Dan. That left Dinh as unfinished business. Maybe he'd just turn up again in my life. Maybe like my Dad he'd just disappeared never to be seen again. I wasn't going to give up and I hoped one day to find him but for now being so far away from Vietnam I had to concentrate on making my new life work.

And that's really the story of how I ended up here in Wellington, New Zealand, thousands of miles away from home but in my new home now. It's been hard to leave my homeland but I just hope my life here is a bit less exciting! Dan and I go to the same school, we're still very much in love and things couldn't be any better.

I haven't forgotten the mighty Mekong though. I was born on its banks and it will forever be part of me. I know I'll see it again one day. It is life giving and life taking. It still roars at times in my dreams. I dream I'm on a small boat riding it's currents as it propels me through the Delta and out to sea. A metaphor for life perhaps. If the river could speak to me I know it would be pleased that I'm safe. Most importantly I'm with the boy I love and a family that loves me as well. I guess we'll end up in the UK eventually or maybe another country but wherever we are I have a new family and most important of all I have Dan. That's all I need. I think the Mekong would approve.

That's the end of this story. Thanks for all the nice comments and feedback, it's much appreciated! For those that have been asking about Dinh, I will hopefully be working on a future story on Dinh and what happened to him. It's quite complicated to write though and I need to do some more detailed research before starting it but don't worry, if you're interested to find out more then I'll hopefully have those answers for you later in the year. In the meantime I should have some lighter hopefully fun stories up imminently...

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