Mekong Delta

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 14

Those few days together were amazing. Halcyon days that I thought would never be repeated. There was animal lust driving us forward coupled with intense love for each other. Oral sex, anal sex, basically sex sex sex all the time was on the menu. We only stopped to swim and to work on Dan's project. Our sheets were being changed daily thankfully and neither of us felt we could meet the eyes of the cleaning ladies when we saw them! At times we were insatiable. There was an end of the world feel to it and for me it felt like my world might be ending soon. Once Dan had left how would I ever fill that hole that he would leave in my heart and life? Who would fill my hole with their dick like he would?!

Despite all the sex and kissing, Dan still made sure he put the hours in on his project. He was conscientious as always which was not her thing I loved about him. He worked hard. He interviewed some of the street boys again. He was becoming a bit of a celebrity to them but he didn't let the attention get to him. By now word of us being taken and then being rescued had spread like wildfire and the boys all seemed to look up to him. Then again he was a beautiful western boy. Why wouldn't you look up to him and fall in love with him!

We both headed down to see the boys on the Friday morning. It was probably our last full day together and I was very grumpy that Dan wanted to work. However he said he wanted his article and his project to be as accurate and as good as possible.

"If I'm going to make a difference with it then it needs to be worth reading," he said as we walked down alongside the road into town. As far as I knew it was just for the school so I didn't see what difference it would make but I respected his desire to do as good a job as possible. He certainly took that attitude into our sex life which we both appreciated!

"So......are you know?" Hung asked me a bit later as we both watched Dan talk to some of the boys, them all smiling broadly as he chatted to them.

"Are we what?" I replied innocently.

"Don't be coy Phuc! It's written all over both your faces! Love and lust! I just wondered if it's got as far as him loosening you up for me yet?"

"Fucking hell you and your one track mind Hung. That's private and between me and Dan. But yes we have certainly done some stuff together. Once I'm back here I think you'll find I've certainly gained experience!"

"Are you coming back then?" He asked me looking surprised.

"I guess so." I replied. "Once Dan goes I could move on but I feel like I owe you boys for looking after me when I needed you to. I guess I could go to the city and try and find my friend but I feel there is a debt to pay here first. If it wasn't for you Hung I might have starved or ended up in who knows what trouble."

"That's my job here Phuc. To keep you boys safe. You don't owe us really. Well you owe me something before you go but aside from that if you have to go you should do," Hung said with a squeeze of my bum. Clearly he wanted to dip his dick in there before I left. If I did leave anyway. I was still conflicted. Ben Tre had its problems. Living on the street wasn't exactly fun. However all things considered it was safe enough though. If I went to HCMC would I just be fodder for child traffickers or abusers or other criminals? It was a tricky decision to make and there would be no rush. Once Dan had gone maybe I'd need the support and camaraderie of Hung, Dao and the other boys.

When Dan decided he was finished with what he needed we went back to the hotel. We had to make sure we spent enough time with Paula that she didn't get suspicious of us spending all that time in our room. I don't think she guessed and we were careful to keep our hands to ourselves in public. I did think about what Hung said it being written all over our faces but that was probably just because he was a sex maniac and thought of nothing else! Most of our sex was when Paula was out by the pool or before she'd gone to bed so it was unlikely she had any idea what was going on.

There was some very good news when we got back for lunch that lifted both our spirits. As we ate fried rice and drank coke Paula said they had decided to stay until Monday.

"Mike wants to spend a bit of time with you Phuc. After everything you've done for Dan I think he'd feel bad about only the brief interaction with you. He'd like to get to know you better. Mike will come down Saturday for two nights and we're going to stay until Monday morning. We'd like you to stay with us obviously Phuc.. I think Mike could definitely use the break after the past week It's very relaxing here. Soporific even. I don't know where you boys get your energy from!"

Dan and I shared a look. For a moment we both thought she meant our sex lives but then she clarified what she meant to our immense relief.

"Trooping up and down to see your friends Phuc. In this heat it must be draining. Then all that swimming as well! Oh to be young again!" She said smiling at us both.

Dan worked hard that afternoon and as dinner approached he reckoned he had almost finished the project on his laptop. I sat next to him on the bed and read it. I was amazed by it. He had really captured the lives of us boys in Ben Tre. Our hopes, our fears, the pain of where we'd come from. The worry and fear of living on the street. The simple joys we took in everyday life to get by. A tear rolled down my cheek. I could see the love and effort he'd put it into his work and it touched me deep inside.

I couldn't find the words to tell him what he'd written meant to me. He looked at me and held me as we both cried gently.

"You have changed my life Phuc. To see the lives you and the others live. It's...touched me. I want to make things better for you all. I want to use this piece of work to do something about it. I don't know what yet but I'll try something," he said holding me close as tears continued to roll slowly down our cheeks. I loved him so much and my amazement at what an incredible boy he was just grew and grew,

I pulled him down to kiss me and then I took charge again. I pushed him onto the bed and climbed on top. Kissing him passionately before I worked my way down to his shorts. I pulled them down and engulfed his hardening dick. I sucked him enthusiastically. I couldn't get enough of his dick. It was so perfect and it was attached to the most perfect boy in the world. I relished ever minute it was in my mouth wishing it was just me and Dan forever. He made the whimpers and moans I loved so much as I brought him little by little to his orgasm where I was rewarded with him cumming in my mouth again. We shared a cum filled kiss before we realised it was dinner time.

"Save this for after," he said with a grin patting my hard dick. I had to wait for it to go down which was a bit tricky before we put long sleeves and trousers on to avoid mosquitoes and went down for dinner. I was so used to wearing Dan's clothes that it would seem weird going back to be usual attire when he left. I was conscious that I only had three more evenings left with him but I was going to enjoy them while I could. We both enjoyed the evening with Paula and even more enjoyed that evening in our bedroom where again became one.

Mike turned up on Saturday afternoon and me and Dan hung out in the pool with him. While it was tempting to hide in our room having sex I knew Dan missed spending time with his dad and it was nice for me to get to know him more. We played ball games in the pool and it was really nice to hang around with a male adult who wasn't trying to sell me or mistreat me. A novel experience after the last few weeks! Mike may have had a high powered role but he was very down to earth and I really liked him. He was funny and would make me laugh with his really bad jokes.

"Don't encourage him Phuc! His dad jokes are very cringe!" Dan said as I giggled at the latest cheesy joke. We all had a really enjoyable dinner together before everyone turned in for an early night. Well that was the official version anyway but me and Dan had other plans. It was our penultimate night together and I think both of us realised that Sunday night would be full of tears so we wanted to enjoy ourselves while we still could.

That night though. That Saturday night. Fuck. We barely slept at all. The urgency of our impending separation driving us to make love all night long. Being a teenager gave us a lot of stamina and boy did we utilise it! The room was full of moans and groans along with the odd scream and cry of release. By morning our balls were completely drained, our bums and dicks were a bit sore but it was definitely worth it! It was a night we'd both always remember. A passion sex filled night that I was sure some people never experience in their life. We'd certainly set a marker down for how much sex we could try and have on the Sunday night but I think we both knew that Sunday night's love making would be tinged with sadness. Saturday night had definitely been more about the joyousness of two boys finding love together against all the odds.

I was dreading Monday morning and as we sleepily made our way down to breakfast on the Sunday morning I was pretty miserable despite all the fun we'd last night. It was going to be a tough day. We'd both need to catch up on sleep but we'd also want to spend as much time awake with each other as well as with Dan's parents.

As we got to the able I noticed Dan's parents also looked tired. Clearly an early night hadn't given them that much sleep. We were all quiet over breakfast until Paula excused herself to go and get ready for the pool. Dan and I ate the rest of our breakfast in silence as Mike sipped a cup of Vietnamese coffee.

Just as we finished scoffing all the food down Mike then cleared his throat.

"So there anything you want to tell us?" He asked, the ghost of a smile playing on his lips.

"Erm I don't think so," Dan said innocently.

Mike chuckled softly, "Daniel. I know you think I'm a boring old man who knows nothing. And that you as a teenager know much more than I do but I'll impart one life lesson that I'm fairly sure you don't know," He said, causing Dan to roll his eyes theatrically.

"Oh and what's that Dad?" Dan asked, smirking slightly.

His face fell as his Dad replied. "Hotel room walls aren't as thick or noise insulated as you think they are and any late night noise definitely travels into the next door room!"

We looked at each other in horror but Mike just laughed.

"Don't worry boys, you aren't in trouble. It's natural to experiment when you're young. I certainly did when I was at boarding school and I sort of assumed you would Dan. I have to say it sounded like quite a night together. Ah the stamina of being a teenage boy. Anyway as I said I don't care about the noise aside from being kept awake more than I'd have liked. What's more important for me to know is how serious is it? It's only been a week or so of you being together but it's been a very intense week. Those things can drive you very close together very quickly until it feels like you've always been together. And young love moves fast," He said smiling warmly at us.

This obviously loosened Dan's tongue as he grabbed my hand, "I love Phuc, I feel like he's my soulmate. I don't want to be apart from him, please can I keep him!" He begged Mike, smiling at me as he did.

"Be careful Dan, he's not a pet to be kept. How do you feel Phuc?" Mike asked me.

I blushed and stammered a bit, I wasn't used to talking about my feelings to an adult I didn't know.

"Um I also love Dan. I didn't expect to fall in love with him. I certainly didn't expect him to fall in love with a simple Vietnamese street boy like me."

"Don't put yourself down Phuc. You are a charming intelligent resourceful young man. If it wasn't for you going with Daniel we may never have got him back. It was you giving him the address out loud which meant we knew exactly where to go. Tracking him would have taken longer and by then who knows how things would have ended. You are just as worthy of love as Daniel is, never forget that. As you've both talked I can see the love you both have for each other. It's nice to see you happy. Love is what makes life what it is," Mike replied smiling at us both.

"What happens now Dad?" Dan asked nervously.

"I don't know Daniel. I need to talk to your mother about things. She wasn't quite as relaxed about things as I was but I know she thinks very highly of Phuc. She's also an incurable romantic so if she knows it's love not just lust I think she'll be fine. I can't make any promises about the future just yet but I'm fairly hopeful that tomorrow won't be the last time you see Phuc. Give us some time to try and see what we can sort out. We'll both be at the pool for a while so if you were going to make a load of noise in your room again then it would be a better time than tonight when we've all gone to bed would be!"

Mike grinned as he said this to us and we both blushed. He stood up and left the table saying he'd see us later.

"Fuck. That was tense and embarrassing. I guess we should have kept the noise down! Still, in better news we don't have to hide it anymore. Now, shall we go upstairs? I want to scream the whole place down as you cum in my arse!" Dan smiled at me. I smiled back and we rushed back upstairs.

A few minutes later as I pushed my dick into Dan we made no attempt to keep the noise down!

"Mmpph.....fuck.....I" Dan said between grunts as I told him the same. With a final cry of "DAAANNN" I shot in him before I got into position and he then slipped into me. The first time we did it there was some pain and fumbling around to work out what we were doing. Now we were experienced with each other's bodies and how to maximise our enjoyment. When we were inside each other it felt like it was meant to be. It felt like a key fitting into a lock that it was always meant for.

That morning the sudden realisation and the promise that it wouldn't the last time we saw each other added an extra edge to our sex. It was slightly less urgent but even more enthusiastic. By the time lunch came around we'd deposited a couple of loads each inside each other. I began to think I'd barely be able to walk come tomorrow morning! We walked downstairs slightly gingerly and sat next to Mike and Paula. They both smiled at us and Paula said she had something to say to us.

"I have to say it was a bit difficult last night. I know my little boy is growing up but no mother expects to be presented of the fact that obviously though! I can see you're both embarrassed talking about this. I just want to say your Dad and I are happy if you're happy. The love you both have is written all over your face. I actually can't believe I didn't see it before. I want to be clear though that any decisions we've made aren't just on how you feel about each other. Decisions have to be made for what we think is best for you."

Dan looked at me and I looked back at him. Dan took the first step and asked the question we both wanted to know the answer to.

"So Mum. Dad. What decisions have you made?"

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