Dinh's Journey

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 20

"Do you mean it? You really do want to become my boyfriend?," I asked in surprise before I moaned in enjoyment as Alex's hand gently played with my hard dick.

"Kiss me and let me see how I feel?" He replied with a smile.

I didn't know if he was totally serious but I was too horny to care. I leaned forward and kissed him with our tongues intertwining. I slipped my hand around to squeeze his tight bum cheeks. Then it was like a dam had burst. We broke the kiss to hastily dry off before Alex practically dragged me into his bedroom. He pushed me onto his bed before he then climbed on top of me to kiss me passionately. All those months of holding back had gone, however briefly as we kissed. His hard dick pushed up against mine and we thrusted into each other.

Alex broke our kiss and whispered, "I fancy Vietnamese for dinner!" which I didn't quite understand. I soon realised what he meant though as he worked his way down my body. First licking and nibbling my nipples then trailing his tongue down to my belly button before he reached my hard dripping dick. He licked all the way around it. He pulled back my foreskin and licked under the head which was a really intense sensation. Then he took my whole dick in his mouth and started sucking it.

I'd had my dick sucked before by Max but this time felt extra special. The boy I loved was sucking my dick as if his life depended on it. I ran my fingers through his hair as I whimpered in enjoyment. I instinctively knew that there was no need to warn him when I was about to cum. He was all in for a taste of Vietnam!

That taste was coming very soon for him as I felt my impending orgasm approach. Starting in my extremities and slowly spreading to overwhelm before I clasped his head tightly and grunted out loud as my dick pulsed and shot cum into Alex's mouth. He swallowed it all before gently licking me clean afterwards, not wanting to waste a drop.

"Mmm delicious!" He said smiling at me before he worked his way up to kiss me again. This time I broke the kiss, "Finish what you started in the hotel room, " I gasped hoping to feel him inside me.

"Not tonight, slow down tiger. Suck me instead!" He begged. I briefly considered messing with him and telling him I wasn't up for it but we both knew that was a lie. I expected him to roll onto his back but he shuffled up my body until his dick was right next to my face.

"Time for your medicine!" he said with a grin as he fed me his hard dick. I sucked on it greedily as I revelled in the feeling of having it in my mouth. I'd dreamed of this moment! While I'd had my lips wrapped Max's tasty thick dick a number of times this was different. This was making the boy I loved feel amazing and I did everything I could to make him realise what he'd been missing. The noises Alex was making suggested I was blowing his mind as well as his dick. In one sense he was easy to impress, he'd had no sexual activity apart from his right hand so having his dick sucked was bound to feel like nothing else he'd ever experienced!

I'd never sucked a dick in this position and I liked it. Alex's balls would bounce against my chin as he pushed his shaft in and out of my mouth. As his whimpers and moans intensified I knew he was close. Then with a very loud cry of release Alex orgasmed and I finally got to taste his cum. The cum I'd wanted to taste for months. I kept sucking as more cum was expelled until he said he was too sensitive and he pulled out. He rolled to the side of me and just lay there in silence for a moment.

"Wow!" He said breaking the silence.

"Did I do a good job?" I asked as I slipped my hand inside his and squeezed it.

"You did an amazing job!". Alex then moved his head over to mine and we kissed again. When we came up for air he smiled at me.

"I'm fucking knackered now, let's go to sleep!" He then wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in close. Clearly there was no way he was letting me go back to my bed and that was fine by me! Despite the residual feeling of excitement of what we'd both just done we fell asleep almost straight away.

I woke up slightly disoriented at first. Then I realised I was in Alex's bed and it was his body draped over me. The events of last night came flooding back to me and I smiled. This was everything I'd wanted since I first met Alex. I was more certain he was the boy for me than I'd ever been before. At the same time though there was a nervous ball of energy in my stomach. What if last night was just a one off? Maybe Alex would wake up and be back to the old way he felt that it was inappropriate for us to be doing stuff together? Maybe it was just his lust driving him and things would be back to normal. As these thoughts raced through my head Alex stirred beside me.

"Good morning!" He said yawning and stretching. It was warm in bed together with the heat of summer coupled with our body warmth making us both feel hot. Alex threw the duvet off to show off his morning wood. I was also hard and he slipped his hand over to grope me gently.

"Hmmm maybe I'll have some tasty Vietnamese cum for breakfast as well!" He said with a smile. The nervous ball of energy in my stomach dissipated. Last night hopefully wasn't a one off then! I leaned forward to kiss him..

"Boys! Time for breakfast!" Mike's voice boomed out as he knocked on the bedroom door. I sprang back instantly.

"Shit, does he know?!" I gasped at Alex.

Alex just shrugged, "No idea but who cares if he does? We're not doing anything wrong."

"But you said before that they'd be furious if you did anything with me!"

"That was before. Now I don't care. They won't be furious if I tell them how much I love you. Well I hope they won't be anyway," Alex grimaced slightly at that but I squeezed his hand in reassurance.

"I'll tell them how much I love you too! Although maybe I'll leave out the bit about how much I love this bit of you!" I said leaning down to kiss his dick.

"Well we've got a lot of lost time to make up for but I guess we should go and face the music. Or just have breakfast, they might be none the wiser!" Alex threw his legs out of bed and rummaged in his drawers for some pants. I picked mine up from last night and realised they smelt of the river.

"Here wear these unless you want to risk getting caught naked heading to your room!" Alex threw me a pair of his pants which I caught and pulled on quickly. Alex watched me and smiled broadly at me. "Fuck, seeing you wearing a pair of my pants is making me almost cum in mine!"

"Plenty of time for that later!" I replied and we both giggled as we got dressed. Then with a nervous grin at each other we took a deep breath, opened the bedroom door and went downstairs..

"You boys are up late! What do you want for breakfast?" Mike asked us as we walked into the kitchen. We sat at the breakfast bar while Mike rummaged in the fridge.

"I dunno Dad, what is there?" Alex asked.

"Eggs and bacon? Cereal? Sausages? Or maybe you had enough of that last night!" Mike replied with an amused snort. Alex and I looked at each other, was he insinuating what I thought he was.

"Um, eggs and bacon would be great thanks!" I said hurriedly not wanting to risk another comment about sausages. Mike put some bacon in the frying pan and then got another one out which he cracked some eggs in. He stayed quiet as he cooked while Alex got us both some orange juice.

Mike delivered us a plate of food each and then sat down opposite us.

"Mum is out shopping this morning. So I guess it's a good time for us to have a little chat together."

I caught Alex's eye again who winked at me for some reason. "What did you want to chat about Dad?" Alex said between mouthfuls of food.

"Just about you two really and what's going on between you."

"What do you mean?" I asked innocently hoping that the conversation wasn't going down the route it looked like it was about to.

Mike laughed, "My innocent little boys! Come on guys, I wasn't born yesterday Dinh! I heard you both come home last night and you weren't in your own bed this morning when I got up. So I assumed you'd slept in Alex's bed. Oh and I also heard one of you cry out loudly last night and let's just say it didn't sound like the sort of shout out you make when having a nightmare!"

We both winced at that but Mike laughed again which dispelled some of our tension.

"Don't worry boys, you aren't in trouble. I remember what it was like to be a teenage boy. Also, you're not the only bisexual in this house Alex. Unfortunately for me my parents and my brother weren't very understanding when I was growing up. Your Mum and I are much more enlightened and we'll support you both in whatever you do. It's natural to experiment at your age and it's fun as well. You're both attractive boys and given Alex's sexuality it's not unexpected that the two of you may experiment together. However, given Dinh's past I really want to just chat with you both to find out what is going on, how you feel about each other and most importantly check if it is all consensual and there is no coercion going on.'

My face was bright red with embarrassment by the end of the speech but Alex looked nonplussed.

"I love Dinh. He's my brother but it's more than that. It's like he's my soulmate. I tried to fight that realisation for as long as I could but last night I just couldn't stop myself anymore. So we're boyfriends and you're going to have to deal with that as it isn't changing. As for what is going on between us, well we've sucked each off but haven't progressed to anal yet although I'm keen to as soon as possible. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

I thought Alex was being harsh on Mike. He's already said he'd support us and that he just wanted to check we were alright with what we were doing. There was certainly no need to share what we'd done in the bedroom together. I guess he wanted to shock his Dad but he just looked a bit of an idiot really.

"Don't be a fucking arsehole Alex," Mike said which made both of us sit up to attention. Mike wasn't the sort of Dad to call his son a "fucking arsehole.". He'd never used those sorts of words to either of us before. "You know very well I'm not interested in the ins and outs of what you do in the bedroom as long as it's consensual."

Despite ourselves Alex and I both giggled at the "ins and outs". Mike gave us a sharp look before he smiled too. "Oh boys. I guess that was a poor turn of phrase."

Alex then apologised "I'm sorry Dad. I was being a bit of a "fucking arsehole""

"Yes you were but let's move. So Dinh do you feel the same way as Alex?"

I nodded vigorously, "Exactly the same."

Mike then nodded, "Good. Well it seems there is no coercion involved so I'm happy. My only advice is to trust each other, be gentle and loving and please for the love of god keep the noise down when you're in bed together. Nobody wants to hear that. I always expected to have to have this conversation with you one day Alex. It's important to be safe when having sex. I know Dinh is clear of STDs from his previous test and Alex, I assume you and Megan haven't progressed that far and you are a virgin? Good. So for you two, here's some supplies. I'd say don't rush into having sex but I know what being a teenage boy is like so I expect you will and you'll deal with it. It's up to you if you use these condoms. As for this bottle, it's lubrication to make sure things don't hurt too much. You need to use lots of it when having anal sex. Let me know if you need refills or advice on how it works but I'm sure you'll work it out. I'd also remind you to treat each other with respect and love. Now I'm off to meet your mother so the house will be empty for a couple of hours."

With that Mike left the kitchen, picked up his keys and went out the front door leaving both of us very red faced. Even the usually unflappable Alex was blushing bright red with embarrassment.

"Fuck that was so embarrassing!" Alex said, voicing exactly what I was thinking! We cleaned up from breakfast and then I looked at Alex slightly nervously. "What happens now?" I asked.

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