Dinh's Journey

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 19

A few days later I was at Max's house after school "doing homework" together. I suppose it could be argued that having your dick inside someone while their legs were thrown around your shoulders was partly a bit of Biology homework!

However if anyone had walked in on us and seen my arse moving back and forth as my dick shot cum inside Max's tight black arse it would have been a bit difficult to claim it was just "homework"!

After my orgasm I lay on my front on the bed getting my breath back and feeling amazing. Max went to clean himself up in the toilet then lay next to me.

"Alex chatted to me earlier. He said he knew we'd been having sex together and he asked me if I'd stop having sex with you if he asked me to." Max said as he gently drew little patterns on my bum cheeks with his fingers.

"Really!? What did you say?" I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised Alex had talked to him about it but it was a bit cheeky to think that it was any of his business what Max did. At least unless he wanted us to be a couple.

"I said it was up to you who you have sex with. He didn't seem annoyed or anything. It was more curiosity I think." Max's finger slipped between my cheeks this time and began gently stroking my hole. I smiled as I knew something else would be between my cheeks very soon.

"That's right it is up to me! So why don't you shove that big hard dick of you inside me and I'll see if I enjoy it enough to keep doing it with you!"

We both giggled at that and I let Max get me into a position where he could push his dick inside me. Then it was just a case of letting our bodies take over and throw ourselves into the fun. I'd have been happy to give up my sex life with Max if it meant Alex would be my boyfriend but other than that there was no way I would give it up.

On my way home I thought about the question had Alex asked Max. What would he have done if Max had said yes to it? Maybe he was just being curious as Max thought but it was hard to know. Alex had certainly been quiet the past few days since I'd told him how I felt. Not just with me at home but also amongst our friends at school.

He'd passed it off as being a bit "hormonal". We were all going through changes and mood swings weren't uncommon. I did wonder if he was distant because of what I'd told him but I didn't want to ask. I respected that he needed time to process everything and so it felt wrong to start badgering him to see what was wrong. Still, him asking Max did make me think that it was me that was causing him to be quiet about everything. Whether or not that was a good thing or not I wasn't sure.

The school holidays were fast approaching and I was looking forward to a break from everything. It had been really hard work catching up with everything I'd missed. I wanted to be outside on those long summer evenings rather than studying and doing homework. I was happy and I loved my life but it didn't mean I didn't want a break from the rigours of school! I wasn't alone as well. We were all getting tired and a bit irritable.. Even Adam who was usually quiet and placid had snapped at Jon the other day. Everyone needed a break and some long lie-ins catching up on sleep.

The Saturday before the end of school was a rare event. The stars had aligned and for once everyone was free to catch up together. Often Alex would be with Megan or Jon would be away doing sport. But this time around Jon, Adam, Pete and Max were free so we all went to the cinema together. It was a lovely warm evening and after the film we walked back towards our houses through the Jericho area of town.

"Is anyone in a rush to get home?" Alex asked.

Everyone shook their heads. As we were together all our parents were fairly relaxed about what time we got home. It wouldn't be properly dark for an hour yet and the warm golden sunlight made none of us feel in a rush.

"Great! Let's do something crazy!" Alex said with a gleam in his eye and then quickening his pace. We followed him as he batted away questions until he led us into Port Meadow. It was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday evening. While there were groups of youths hanging out together drinking and laughing it wasn't as busy as it often seemed. I guess university students had already finished their term or were packing up to leave.

Alex led us to the river and then over the bridge so we were on the west bank of the Thames. I still didn't know what he was planning but as we walked under some trees with the river right next to it he stopped.

"Here we are!" He said and he started to strip off.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Pete said in surprise.

"Going skinny dipping!" Alex pulled his shorts down at this point so he just stood there in his pants. Then with a theatrical gesture he stepped out of them, turning around to give us a full frontal and asked if anyone else was joining in. I saw him naked in swimming changing rooms all the time but this felt a bit different. It felt naughtier which I guess it was!. Whether it was the effect of the sunlight or whether he was getting excited I wasn't sure but it did seem his dick looked a bit bigger than it had when I'd last seen it. He waded into the water and floated gently in the evening sunlight.

"Fuck it," Max said starting to strip off which caused Adam to giggle and say "If I had a dick as big as yours I'd go skinny dipping all the time."

"It's not size that counts, it's what you do with it!" Jon chipped in.

"Wanking it off isn't exactly using it to its full potential Jon!" Alex shouted from the water and everyone laughed. Pete and Adam looked at each other, shrugged and started stripping off. This caused Jon to as well so I joined in. I tried to avoid being too obvious checking them out and very quickly we were all in the cool water enjoying the last rays of the sun on our naked bodies.

We floated and splashed each other whilst making the usual jokes we did about each other. Eventually as twilight came and the sun set behind the horizon we decided it was time to get out.

"So…did anyone bring a towel?!" Alex asked as he stepped out of the water showing off his very attractive bum.

"Um, well no as we went to the cinema and towels aren't necessary for that! This was your idea Alex, surely you brought a towel!" Jon replied. We all made our way out of the water and stood there dripping onto the path with no towels between us. Just five naked boys realising that skinny dipping on a whim maybe wasn't the best idea!

"I'm just going to use my pants and go commando!" Pete said as he picked up his boxers and dried himself. Pete was the smallest and least developed of us all, he'd barely started puberty and his dick hadn't really grown. So he didn't have much to dry but it was still a good idea. Everyone shrugged and did the same. It was either that or go home soaking wet. Luckily my pants were clean on that morning but even so I only did a fairly cursory job of drying off. We then got changed and had a slightly damp walk home. It had been a really fun evening and exactly what a long summer evening was meant for although next time I'd definitely bring a towel!

We all went our separate ways as we got close to home before Alex and I got to our house. It was quiet so the adults had obviously already gone to bed although their light was on so they could hear that we'd got home.

"Fuck, I stink of river!" Alex said as we walked upstairs together quietly holding our still damp pants.

"Me too! I'm going to have a shower before bed!"

After I said this Alex looked at me with that strange expression he sometimes had that I couldn't read.

"Um well I could do with one too, mind if I join you? It'll save on hot water and means we won't keep Mum and Dad awake for as long."

My heart jumped slightly and I suddenly felt nervous. I then mentally tried to calm down. "It's just a shower!" I said to myself. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just two brothers showering together. We see each other naked at swimming, we saw each other naked earlier. What was the problem?

"Yeah of course," I said simply and went into my room to get undressed and pick up a towel. I wrapped it around myself and walked into the bathroom we shared. Alex was already standing naked in there running the shower to get warm. He turned to look at me as I shut the door behind me, hanging my towel up on the towel rail.

"What?!" I asked as he smiled at me.

"Nothing. Well, it's just, you're beautiful naked Dinh."

"Um thanks, you're not so bad yourself. You see me naked at swimming though, it's not like it's the first time!"

"I know it's just….different when other people are around. Seeing you naked twice in a day is a treat. Now look at what you've made happen!" Alex said, pointing at his hardening dick. He moved closer to me so it was almost touching me.

I didn't know if he was just winding up so I brushed past him, my fingers accidentally touching the tip of his dick. I walked under the hot water and revelled in the feeling of it washing the smell of the river away. Alex came next to me and stuck his head under the water as well. His hand brushed my bum, clearly deliberately as he left it there for a good few seconds. I shifted away slightly. What was he up to?

"Sorry, am I making you nervous?" He asked me as the water continued to run off our glistening naked bodies. I turned to look at him and he smiled at me. His dick was still pointing straight up with the foreskin covering all but the tip of his dick. His dick head was prominent under the foreskin and all in his dick was probably five inches long. Just the thought of how it might feel inside me made me start to harden.

"No, I'm just……what are you up to Alex? Are you winding me up? Having fun at my expense?" I asked, still looking at him. His smile fell and he looked like a lost little boy for a moment.

"I would never wind you up!" Alex said, putting his hand on his heart.

"Well we both know that's not true!"

Alex smiled at me "Yeah fair call! But I wouldn't wind you up over something as important as this. It's just…you know we're naked together, we're both hard. I'm sure you're horny like I am. Why don't we have fun together? Like you and Max do?"

That was a low blow bringing Max into it but I don't know if he meant it to be. I turned the shower off and turned back to look at Alex.

"We've been through this, Alex. I've told you I love you and I want you to be my boyfriend. I can't just have fun with you even if I want to. With Max it doesn't mean anything. With you it would mean everything so I just don't want to be an outlet for your hormones. It would hurt me too much."

Alex then smiled at me then slipped his hand down to my dick and whispered in my ear. "What about if I did become your boyfriend?"

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