Dinh's Journey

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 21

Alex took a deep breath and looked at me intently.

"Well I need to break up with Megan today and tell her I want you to be my boyfriend. Everyone knows I'm bi so it's not like that side of things will be a total shock. I'll just be honest. I've had an amazing time with her but I've always known you were the "one". It's just I was too scared to take that next step after everything you've been through. Honestly she'll be cool about it, I think she sort of knows really. It's not like we were ever going to get married!"

I wasn't surprised he was going to split up with her but I was that he was going to tell her about us. I guess it was going to be difficult for him not to tell her. Alex liked to be honest and he did owe Megan that, so she knew it was (forgive the cliche!) not her, it was him!

"Um, does that mean we'll be out at school?" I asked, not totally sure how I felt about that. Things were move so fucking fast I wondered if I might just get swept away in it all.

"I am already out! You know I'm in the LGTBQ+ club and everyone knows I'm bi. She'll be fine and won't tell anyone else about you if you don't want her too. I'll just tell her I'm going to ask you out. She doesn't need to know what we did last night....and what I'd like to do now!"

"Oh and what is that?" I asked with a grin.

"Well, Dad did buy all these things for us. The condoms I'm not fussed about but this lubrication thing he was talking about sounds interesting. Basically I want you to fuck my brains out and then me do the same to you!"

"Hold on what happened to "slow down tiger"?!" I asked in mock surprise.

Alex smirked at me, 'That was last night, this is now. Dad was practically encouraging us to do it! I don't want to be the only virgin left in this house!" He then looked apologetic, "Sorry Dinh, that was insensitive of me given what happened to you in the past."

"It's okay, that was the past. Now we have the present and hopefully our future. So I'm no longer a virgin, well I've been forced to have sex and also had it for fun with Max,. But I know this will be different. This will be the first time my boyfriend has made love to me. Now let's go to your room and I'll show you how good it feels!"

We raced upstairs conscious that we wanted to maximise our time having sex before the adults got back. We kissed and stripped off together before I stopped Alex.

"We should shower clean first, it's much nicer if we're clean everywhere, and I mean everywhere!"

He agreed and we tenderly showered together, washing every bit of us until we were squeaky clean. We dried off before excitedly running into his bedroom where we kissed.

"It's time, I want you inside me," Alex said between kisses as we rolled on the bed. He broke away and got the lube. With my directions he rubbed lots around his hole and then some on my dick.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked as he had me lift his legs around my shoulders to show off the target he wanted me to hit.

"Fuck yeah, I'm ready!" He replied.

I lined up my hard dick against his hole and pushed into his surprisingly pliable virgin hole. It let me in as if it had never wanted anything more in its life. I certainly hadn't and I moaned aloud at the warmth and tightness of it as it clamped on my shaft. Alex also groaned and gasped "Fuck! I didn't think you'd feel this big!"

I held myself inside him before gently edging further in, inch by inch until I was buried all the way in. I kissed Alex and waited for his hole to expand and get used to me being inside him. I had never forgotten the pain I felt the first time I was raped and I didn't want Alex to feel pain. I made sure I was as gentle as possible. Alex still grimaced slightly but then gave a slight nod which I took to mean I could start. I started to gently thrust in and out of him.

We were becoming one, our bodies joined for the first time but definitely not the last. The sound of our moans and whimpers along with the slap slap slap of skin filled the room. I wasn't prepared for the intensity of my orgasm. This was different to any I'd had before. As I shot inside Alex I screamed out in release. It was like all the hurt and pain went into that one cry and with it the release from the hold it had over me. As I got my breath back I realised my face was damp. I'd been crying without realising. As I bent down to kiss Alex I realised he had been too.

"I love you so much," I told him as he smiled back at me and told me the same. We had a wet emotional kiss, the salty taste of our tears mingling with our saliva. Then I told Alex it was time for him to lose that virginity. All of a sudden he looked nervous and a bit lost, like a small boy. I took charge, getting the lube and making sure I was very slippery back there before I used my hand to rub some all over Alex's dick.

Then I let Alex position me how he wanted, he lifted my legs up and pressed his hard dick up against my hole. Then he pushed inside me. I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting but the feelings of having the boy I love inside me were incredible. I wanted this so much, no I NEEDED this.

I loved everything about him. His brown hair, his brow. eyes, his mouth, his perfect dick, his tight delicious bum. He may have been a virgin but he was very attentive to my needs. I realised he was making love to me. This wasn't just fucking, it was so much more than that. Our bodies were joined together like our souls were, two boys becoming a sum greater than their parts. I could see in Alex's eyes the realisation that this was it for him. All doubt had disappeared and he knew what I knew - we were meant for each other. He didn't last long but I didn't care, I felt his dick spasm as he crunched up his face and orgasmed in me for the first time. Definitely not the last time, I was pretty sure about that!

We cleaned up and just kissed and cuddled until Alex announced he was going out to talk to Megan. I waited nervously at home until he returned. I was worried she might go crazy and blow everything up. But I was worrying unnecessarily. She was completely fine with it which was a slight surprise to me but she'd felt Alex's heart wasn't quite in it. She was just pleased he'd followed his heart and been honest with her. It meant now she could move on and find someone else. We were all young anyway, teeangers split up and got back together all the time at school. I had a feeling though that Alex and I wouldn't be one of those couples that did that.

We also invited Max over later that day for us to chat to him about us. I'd already decided I'd have a chat seperately with him at some point just to thank him again for all the amazing sex we had but it was important to do this first one with Alex. As I knew he would be Max was fine with it ("It's about fucking time!")and really happy we'd finally got together, "I'm going to miss the sex though!" he said with a grin at me.

"I don't suppose…." He then asked, still grinning and leaving it open ended.

"No! Dinh is mine now and I'm the only who will be having sex with him!" Alex said firmly before catching my eyes and expression. "But maybe we can help you out a little bit, just his bum is totally off limits, as is mine!"

I grinned at Max as Alex said that and the three of us ended up all wanking each other off that afternoon. It was fun as always with Max. I owed him so much for showing me how much fun sex could be. I suspected the three of us might have more fun together over the coming months but as Alex said, our bums were now off limits to Max.

It's funny, it took so long for me and Alex to get together but once it happened it was like we always had been together. Very quickly I came out at school and we came out as a couple. Most of our friends didn't seem remotely surprised and all of them were supportive as was our family. Everything had worked out perfectly and I couldn't be happier.

I've had so many chapters of my life. Can Tho. My journey across to the UK. Working as a slave in the cannabis farm. They were all bad ones. Since I moved to Oxford though it's been pretty much all good. Now I get to begin the best chapter of all of all - the start of my life with Alex.

One thing I've learnt is that change is always around the corner. Just because things are great between me and Alex now doesn't mean they will be forever. However when I think of Dan and Phuc and how much they are in love together and then I think of me and Alex, well I can see the similarities. Alex has been the final piece in the jigsaw of making me whole again. There were many other pieces but he was the last one, the one that completed me.

I've been incredibly lucky and I'm well aware of that. Boys like Bao and the kids I was trafficked with are likely to have not been anywhere near as lucky as I have been. I'll do what I can to help them by staying involved with the charity Sarah works for. However I'm just a small cog and people higher up the food chain are the ones who need to be saving boys like me. I'll just remind people when I tell my story that there are still more who can be saved if they donate or do what they can.

For now I am just going to enjoy my life with my new family and my new boyfriend. Maybe one day we'll all go to Vietnam and I'll see if I can make a difference. Or maybe I'll work for the charity here in the UK. That all seems a long while off at the moment though.

So much of my life has been defined by my past and by my journey here. It feels great to be able to write my own future now. One where I am in control and not being mistreated or manipulated by evil people. Still, life is always full of challenges. Managing this relationship with Alex is a nice challenge to have. I know I'm not totally healed but Alex will make sure I eventually am. Those bad experiences of mine are starting to fade like the distant memories they are. They've been replaced with better ones. Not only do I have to thank Alex for that, but I have Mike, Sarah and Huong. Max has played a big part as have the rest of my friends to a lesser extent.

As I lie in bed with my lover gently snoring beside me I realise how important love is in life. For a while it was hope I held on to. Now not only do I have hope for the future but I have love. To love and to be loved is the most important thing there is. I've now found that love with Alex and I couldn't be happier. Whatever the future brings I know one truth - I will always love Alex. He's my brother, my lover, my healer and my soul mate.

After what I'd been through I thought I would never meet someone and fall in love. Now that I have I am going to fight with every fibre of my being not to let it go. Our future is still unwritten but I know it will be better than my past. For now I am the happiest boy in the world and that's not something I'd ever thought I'd be able to say. I've come so far, from the banks of the Mekong to the banks of the Thames. My journey isn't over yet, the one with Alex is just beginning and I can't wait to find out where it leads.

The End

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