Dinh's Journey

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 15

I loved messing around with Max. For the first time in my life I was having sex for fun. Nothing more, nothing less. The rest of my life it had been pretty much something to do to survive. Even that night with Phuc had been because I wanted something to remember him by. My experiences with Bao were pretty much two broken boys trying to find a glimmer of light and pleasure in the dark dark world they were living in.

With Max it was just two horny teenage boys exploring their bodies. We weren't boyfriends or in love. We were just having fun. I think it also helped that Max was black. I had no bad memories related to black dicks, only Vietnamese and white European ones. I loved his big dick! I love sucking it,playing with it and having it inside me. I loved him like a really good friend but it wasn't anything more than that. Just a really really good friend with amazing benefits!

I could tell Alex was jealous that Max and I were spending time together but he refused to admit it to me. One thing I had learnt about British people in my time in the UK is that they seem happy to talk about anything apart from their emotions. I knew he wouldn't talk about that night in the hotel but I just didn't know why. He would talk about how things were going with Megan even though at times it bored me to tears.

"Girl's bodies are just so soft. Wherever you place your hands it just melts into them," Alex said as we walked home from school one day. I smiled to myself when I thought about how things that are soft can end up better and more fun when they're hard!

"Where are you placing your hands?" I asked feigning interest..

"Nowhere particularly interesting to be honest. I guess we're fourteen, none of us are getting any action any time soon."

This was a slightly strange comment. Of course he didn't know that I was getting a fair bit of action and neither was I going to tell him. However given that Alex had actually had his dick inside me a while ago before we were interrupted then it didn't ring true. He could have had LOADS of action up to now if he'd have stuck with me. However I didn't want to be an arse about it.

"Well one day you'll get somewhere I guess. Although surely she'll just realise what an arse you are soon?" I said with a giggle.

"Cheeky fucker!" Alex replied by bopping me on the head but then also giggling. He stopped and looked a bit thoughtful.

"It is a bit strange having a girlfriend though Dinh. It's fun and all that and the kissing is great but apart from school I sometimes wonder what we have in common."

"Well you're both sexually attracted to boys so there's that!" I wasn't entirely serious but Alex was clearly considering what I'd said as he had that thoughtful expression again.

"Hmm, Megan is relaxed about things but if I pointed out a boy when we were together and said "I bet he's got a big cock" or "I wouldn't mind sucking his cock" that might be a bit too much for her!"

"Have you even sucked a cock before!?" I asked, really pushing my luck.

"Well as many times as Megan has sucked one I bet," Alex replied, not really answering my question. I took it to be a no and then he changed the subject to one that made me uncomfortable.

"Soooooo Dinh, Megan was saying that Sara really likes you."


"Well that's not a ringing endorsement of Sara is it!" Alex said with a giggle.

"Um well to be honest I'm not really interested in Sara. She's nice and all that but I don't want a girlfriend," I replied before adding, "at this time.". I didn't really want a girlfriend full stop, I only wanted Alex and for him to be my boyfriend. But we'd been through that before so there was no point going over old ground. Anyway I had my fun time with Max and I didn't really want to complicate my life with a girl.

"That's a shame, we could double date and stuff. So you're not interested in relationships full stop?" This question from Alex pissed me off. Unless he had amnesia he knew that I liked him. Then I had a second thought that maybe he had forgotten that night in the hotel room?. Maybe he was much more important to me than I was to him and so he'd wiped it from his memory? I wasn't sure if that was worse than him deliberately pissing me off.

"Not with someone like Sara," I said. I could have been clearer and said "girls" but surely Alex knew that anyway? He knew who I wanted to be in a relationship and from my side there was no point in pretending otherwise.

"Anyway we could double date if I went out with Sara but you seem happy with Megan on your own and I've got Max to hang out with," I knew the mention of Max would rile Alex slightly because although Max was one of his best friends he was clearly jealous of the time we spent together.

"Well it would be fun with you but that's your call Dinh." Alex's tone was slightly terse but then he changed the subject again on to football and the moment had passed.

That evening Sarah came over for dinner which was a surprise as no one had said anything to me about it. As Mike"s sister of course she came over at times but usually at weekends rather than a week night. It was a bit of a trip for her from London just for an evening. We had a nice meal together before Sarah said she had something she wanted to talk to me about.

"Sounds ominous!" Alex said with the usual giggle.

"It isn't at all but maybe we should do it in the lounge away from giggling teenage boys?" Sarah stood up as she said this and I felt I better do the same, following her to sit down on the sofa.

"So Dinh, the charity is doing a fundraising event in London next week and we, well I would like you to speak at it."

This was a big shock and I looked at her dumbfounded, "Um I've never spoken in public before. What would I speak about? I don't really want to share everything bad that has happened to me to a bunch of strangers!"

"Oh god no! Nothing like that. I'm not expecting you to tell people what's been done to you in detail really. You're a success story Dinh. From suffering all that pain to where you are now. A successful, lovely boy who is doing really well at school and living happily in this country. No, we'll be covering off the sort of things that go on to victims of trafficking and just a few words from you about how you got here and what you're doing now would be great. But I don't want you to feel you have to do this. If you're uncomfortable please say!"

I thought about what was being asked of me. I'd never done any public speaking and I didn't know what I would say, however I also wanted to help Sarah and the charity out as they'd done so much to help me.

"No it's fine, I'll do it." I wasn't totally convinced it was the right idea but sometimes you have to push yourself for the greater good. So I agreed. Sarah would pick me up after school on Thursday and drive me to London. I'd spend the night at her flat before she'd drive me back the next morning so I'd only miss a couple of hours of school.

As the event approached I felt progressively more anxious about the event. I'd written some words which I'd sent to Sarah and she'd said were fine. But they just sounded really boring to me. I also worried I'd forget what I was supposed to say.

On the Monday evening at bedtime I wandered into Alex's room. He was lying on his bed in just his tight fitting black boxer shorts reading a book. He put it down and looked at me with a smile.

"Everything alright mate?" He asked me,

"Sort of, I'm nervous about this event tomorrow."

"You'll be fine Dinh. Everyone will love you!"

"But what happens if they ask me questions I don't want to!"

They won't but don't answer! Be honest about your journey to where you are now. Living with a sexy bi boy so you're the luckiest boy in the world!" Alex beamed at me as he said this.

I know he was joking but it was slightly annoying. Yes I was living with a sexy bi boy and it hurt a bit to know we couldn't be together. I'm not sure if he realised but he then stood up and gave me a big hug. I tried to ignore that I could feel his dick pressing into me,

"Dinh, you're the most amazing boy in the world! You've been through so much but you're still kind hearted and funny and gentle. They'll love you. Just speak from your heart and you'll be fine. I wish I was there to support you but Mum won't let me go due to school. You're a lucky bastard having a half day off. Don't stress! Although I do know a way of relaxing you if you like!" Alex winked at me as he said this. To say I was confused was an understatement. Was he really suggesting something sexual between us? Was he deliberately winding me up?

I broke the hug and simply said, "Thanks but I've got to go to bed."

I left the room and went to my bedroom spending a long time lying on the bed thinking. I then realised I wasn't thinking about the speech anyway. I was thinking about Alex and what he'd said. Maybe that was the whole point of his suggestion? To take my mind off things? I didn't have a clue and I went to sleep feeling more confused than ever.

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