Dinh's Journey

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 16

"And this is one of our patrons…Dinh say hello to one of our generous funders……this lady has very kindly sponsored you during your time here…..come and meet our head of fundraising…."

I was at the charity event with Sarah and already I was feeling out of my depth and comfort zone. We were in a very nice hotel function room in central London and Sarah was introducing me to everyone she possibly could. I did feel a bit like a piece of meat being hawked around as I was introduced to funders, patrons a s supporters. It was all a bit of a blur of names and faces which left me a little bill shellshocked.

I could see some people were genuinely interested to see me, others perhaps were just there for the fun of a social event. There was a lot of champagne being drunk and the room was full of the buzz of conversation and glasses clinking. It was a grand affair certainly very far removed from anything I was used to. We were in a vibrant patterned carpeted room full of people with a small stage at one end where I knew I'd be making my speech.There were photo boards and other displays showing some of the charities work. I wanted to have a look at them but for now I was to be moved from person to person and introduced.

I felt particularly out of place as I was wearing my school uniform. I'd wanted to change into more relaxed clothes but Sarah was keen I look like the schoolboy I was. I guess it all added to the narrative they were telling but it did mean I stood out. It was a fundraising event and it seemed I was the only non adult there.

"I wanted to introduce you to my boys but they seem to have disappeared. They were here a minute ago! You know what teenagers are like though, these events can drag a bit. I'm sure they'll be back. Good luck with your speech!" Another lady said to me who had some connection to Vietnam. She seemed nice but I was feeling overwhelmed. Sarah was telling me more about everyone but my brain had switched off due to the nerves of giving the speech. It did mean I realised I wasn't the only boy there but I really wasn't interested in that by this stage. If I was asked by someone afterwards to remember a name, a face or what they did I'm afraid they'd be very disappointed!

I'd only been there for fifteen minutes and already I was struggling to cope with meeting so many people. The event was already in full swing by the time we arrived. Sarah hadn't wanted to overwhelm me too much so we'd had some dinner before arriving a twenty minutes or so before my speech. Thank god for that because doing all these introductions for fifteen minutes was already almost breaking me!

What I really wanted to do was sit down and read my speech again to practice but that just didn't seem possible. Eventually Sarah got a signal by a colleague and walked me to the side of the stage.

"So Dinh, our chief executive is going to say a few words first about the charity. Then she'll introduce you and you'll go on stage and say your bit. Don't worry about all these people here. They're on your side. They're keen to hear what you have to say but you don't have to go into much detail, that speech you sent me was great. You're going to be fine."

Sarah may have told me I'd be fine but I'll be honest, I was shitting myself. Standing up in front of all these people and telling them my story? It suddenly felt very real. If they only knew all that I'd been through would they even want to be in the same room as me? I closed my eyes and thought about all the good things in my life. All the amazing things that had happened to me since I'd been rescued. The loving embrace of the family I'd been welcomed into. The love I felt for them and the intense love I felt for Alex. The fun I had with Max. The success I was having at school. All of that helped to erase some of the bad times I'd been through. But not all boys and girls who'd been trafficked like me ended up with the positive outcome I had. THAT was what I wanted to hang on to and to tell everybody in the room.

I walked on to the stage feeling nervous, cleared my throat and told my story. Well an edited version of it! I wanted to convey how bad my situation was without telling the guests exactly what I'd been through. My prepared speech was forgotten and I don't really remember much of what I'd said. However I did what Alex said and I just spoke from the heart.

I do remember how I finished it though:

"I often think of the boy I escaped with from Can Tho and I wonder how he is. Is he living a happy life somewhere in Vietnam or like me has he been trafficked into a life of pain and suffering? Whatever has happened to him I imagine it's too late to stop what happened to me happen to him but it's not too late to stop it happening to hundreds of other boys and girls like us. It's your support that makes this organisation be able to help me recover from what I've been through and hopefully make sure that it doesn't happen to any one like me ever again."

I bowed as the assembled crowd applauded my words which left me a bit embarrassed to be honest. I walked off stage with my legs still shaking and feeling relieved that I had got it over with. Sarah gave me a big hug and a couple of people came up to give me congratulations. I then tried to disappear back into the crowd with my heart still pumping.

"And now the part of the evening I know some of you have been waiting for! The charity auction! Our top prize is..." At this point I tuned out. I had no interest in an auction and I was desperate for a piss. I looked around the room to see the faces all looking towards the stage. I spotted my target in the corner though! I walked over and opened the door, walking inside to an empty bathroom.

For a moment I thought I heard noises but I guess I was mistaken. One of the cubicles looked shut but as it was so quiet I guessed it was out of order.

I walked over to a urinal, flopped my dick out at and had a long satisfying piss before shaking myself clean and going to wash my hands. As I finished and went to pick up my phone it slipped in my slightly damp hands. I cursed but luckily it landed case down so no damage was done. As I bent down to pick it up I happened to glance towards the closed cubicle. There were two sets of feet there and clearly teenage ones given the size and style of trainers. This was intriguing!

Maybe it was the two boys that nice lady mentioned? I couldn't think who else it could be. The event was invite only and this bathroom was only for guests at the event. I hadn't seen any other boys so by process of elimination it must be them. However of it was they must have been here for ages given how long it was since I'd met their Mum. She'd referred to them as "my boys" so they much have been related. Were they twins? Brothers? Whatever they were there wasn't really a legitimate reason for being shoved in a cubicle together!

At this moment I knew I should leave the bathroom and let them finish whatever they were doing. I'd find Sarah and we could go home. She's assured me I wouldn't have to stay after my speech. However the adrenaline was still pumping through my veins and it made me a bit crazy. I don't really know why but I thought I'd stay and have a bit of fun.

So I went to the bathroom door and made a big deal of opening and shutting it so they would think I'd gone. I then stood silently by it and waited. There was quiet before there was some very faint whispering before some fairly quiet moans. The noises gradually increased in volume which gave me my opportunity to put my plan into action. I was going to give them the shock of their lives!

I quietly and slowly sneaked over to the to the cubicle next to them. The sound of moaning and slurping drowned out any noise I made and it was very clear what was going on in that cubicle! I got into the cubicle next to them without them hearing. I stood on the toilet and peaked my head over to see the two boys doing something they wouldn't really want anyone to see!

A blond haired boy was sitting on the toilet with his trousers and pants around his ankles while there was a dark haired in between his legs sucking his dick. The urgency of the moans suggested the boy being sucked was close and with a soft cry he clearly came in the other's mouth. It was really exciting and erotic to watch my own private porn show and I was rock hard! Tempting as it was, I decided not to take of my hard dick and wank it, rather I decided to surprise the boys instead.

"Hello there!" I said doing the ubiquitous Obi Wan meme.

The boy having his dick sucked looked up at me in shock and went bright red in embarrassment while the other boy pulled off the blond boy's dick to look at me in horror with cum dribbling down his chin. My giggling stopped instantly though as a tsunami of shock and surprise swept over me.

"Dinh?!" The boy said.

"Phuc?!" I gasped taking a step back in surprise, causing me to fall off the toilet and bang my head on the door passing out in the process.

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