Dinh's Journey

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 14

We sucked each other again the next morning which was a lovely way to start the day!

Afterwards Max wanted to check I was fine with everything we'd done. He looked concerned but I reassured him it was all fine.

"I had lots of fun Dinh and I'm happy to do it with you again and have more fun. But that's up to you. I don't want you to feel you need to do anything you don't want to!"

I smiled back at him. "I had an amazing time and I loved what we did. It was just so much fun which is something I haven't really assoicated with sex up to now. I'm more than happy to do it again soon. Let's arrange another sleepover, I'm not sure when else we'll get a chance."

"Maybe after school sometimes? Alex will be engrossed with Megan if it's gone well so he'll not even notice," Max said with a wink.

"I am up for it whenever we get a chance!" I replied and we both then knew that we'd be searching out opportunities as often as we could find them! This had been a complete surprise to me but a really welcome one. My body, my decision what I wanted to use it for. It felt empowering after everything that had been done to me. So I was very keen for a repeat performance as soon as I could.

Before then though I had to find out how Alex's date went. To say he was hyperactive about it when I got home was an understatement.

"So we held hands in the cinema and she stroked my leg once. No higher than my knee really though! We shared popcorn and drinks. We had dinner as well afterwards. Then as I walked her home she stopped me and said "aren't you going to kiss me?". So I did and it was wonderful! I've never been kissed like that before!"

"Really?," I asked with a wry smile thinking back to the kissing we'd done together in the hotel room. If it was better than that then it must have been amazing. Alex must have had a brief flashback as he blushed slightly and then pretended he hadn't heard.

"Anyway Megan is away next weekend so we're going to go out on a date again the weekend after and of course hang out at school together. I can't believe I've got a girlfriend! Oh how was your sleepover?" He asked although I could tell his mind was elsewhere. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing because I unwittingly blushed at the thought of what I'd done with Max. Alex didn't notice though as before long he was back to talking about Megan. I let his words wash over me and wondered if he'd ever talk so enthusiastically about me if I was his boyfriend? I wasn't though and I knew that was highly unlikely.

As the days and weeks progressed Alex was always enthusiastic about his dates with Megan but they hadn't progressed beyond kissing and it was very unlikely they would anytime soon. Meanwhile I was having lots of fun with Max! We'd had a couple more sleepovers, we'd caught up after school a couple of times and one day we'd had a very ill advised but exciting mutual wank off after football practice one day.

On the night of our third sleepover, around six weeks after our first, I wanted to shake things up a bit but I was pretty nervous about what Max would say. We showered as usual before bed and he was already naked in bed when I came back from my shower. His Mum came to say goodnight as I went through the pretence that I was sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag. Once she'd shut the door though I stripped off and got into bed with Max.

"Fuck I am horny! I've been thinking about your dick all week. It's really fucking weird for me to say that but it's true!" Max said, smiling at me as I clambered naked under the covers.

"As you say it's just some fun between friends. And who doesn't look forward to having some fun!"

"Good point Dinh! Now…i am definitely up for having lots of fun tonight!" Max grabbed my soft dick under the sheets as he said this while at the same time taking my hand and placing it on his rock hard dick. I'd also been thinking of his dick a lot that week. I'd had the most fun I'd had for a long time and Max had really helped change my outlook on things. I still had the mental scars that might never fully go away. However, maybe having fun would help them heal or become less painful for me? So I decided it was time to try and test that hypothesis.

I squeezed his dick and moved my hand up it gently but that wasn't what I really wanted. Wondering what the reaction would be I went with honesty with Max again,

"Max, I'm loving what we're doing and it's been great fun. The best fun I've had for a long long time. Feel free to say no to my question but....do you want to fuck me? Actually will you fuck me? Being honest I've been fucked a lot by men against my will in the past and unsurprisingly I hated it. But I reckon it would be fun to at least see what it felt like if we did it. . It wouldn't mean things were any more serious between us. Just two mates having fun. But it's up to you. If you don't want to then I'm more than happy to stick to sucking and wanking!"

I was nervous as I asked the question. Yes I thought it would be fun but it was also a big step. I could see Max looked thoughtful and I wondered what was going through his mind.

"Wow I wasn't expecting that," Max replied."I'm not being boastful but I am quite large. Wouldn't it hurt? I never got as far as that with my cousin. He thought that was a bit too gay although hand, mouth, bum, it all seems the same to me. If it's fun it's fun!"

I was touched by Max's concern about his size but it didn't worry me. I'd grown and before then I'd had to deal with similar sizes and bigger.. Max would be gentle and take his time unlike when I'd been mistreated in the past. I decided to assuage his fears as he clearly hasn't said no so I thought he'd be up for it if I could assure him it would be fine.

"Don't worry Max, I'm afraid to say that I've had bigger dicks inside me in the past and not in a good way. It did really hurt but only because they treated me like I was a piece of shit to be used as they liked. I reckon we can have lots of fun together. We just need some cream or lotion to help you slip inside me."

Max smiled at me and squeezed my dick, "Well if you think it'll be fun and fine thenI'm definitely up for it but only on the condition you fuck me afterwards! I want to experience it too! We better try and keep the noise down though."

I readily agreed and so a few minutes later I was on all fours, lubed up with hand lotion and waiting for Max to penetrate me for the first time. I just hoped it would be as much fun as I hoped!

Max ran his hands over my cheeks before slowly spreading them open. I knew what was coming as I felt his dick head pressing right up against my hole. Then he pressed forward and my hole relaxed slightly. This helped him to push his dick head inside me, which caused him to moan in enjoyment and me to slightly hiss from the pain.

"Fuck, you are big! Just...ease it gently...ooh yeah that's better. Hold it a short while before easing the rest of it in," I asked.

Max did as requested and waited before he started to slowly edge all the way in. I arched my back almost desperate to fit him all the way inside. Then I felt him all the way inside and waited as he held it there. He started to pull a bit of his dick out before sliding it all the way back in. Now he was actually fucking me and it felt really good!

"Oh fuck yeah Max, fuck me with your big black dick!" I gasped out loud.

Max paused slightly mid thrust, "Don't get too carried away Dinh," he said, sounding serious.

I giggled and said I was sorry. Max continued thrusting away as we both moaned and tried to keep the noise down. This was pure unadulterated fun where both of us were enjoying using our bodies for pleasure. Max felt so big inside me but he wasn't treating me like just a slave for his enjoyment. He was careful not to hurt me and I loved the feeling of being so full inside. Then the inevitable happened and with a grunt of release he fired cum deep inside me. He did a few more thrusts before he pulled out of me and then got on his back lifting his legs in the air.

"Your turn!" He said with a grin. I cleaned myself up first as I was dribbling Max's cum a bit. I then grabbed the lube and smeared it over his hole and then my hard dick. Size wise I certainly wasn't as big as Max but even so as I lined up my dick at his hole and pushed forward I was surprised how easily I slipped in.

I'd never fucked a boy apart from that one time with Bao. That was an emotional night and this was very different. This was all about fun and I was going to enjoy every minute of my time inside Max! Once I was all the way in I stayed there revelling in the tight and warmth of Max's hole. I smiled at him and almost bent down for a kiss before I remembered he wasn't into all that. No kissing! But sucking and fucking is totally fine. I guess maybe that helped keep it fun for him but it did seem a bit strange to me that my dick in his mouth was preferable to my tongue!

I then started to ease myself in and out of Max. I didn't have much experience of giving rather than receiving but I guess nature takes over. I experimented with my technique, sometimes short fast thrusts, other times slower longer ones trying to use every inch that I had. Which wasn't as many inches as Max had but I did my best!

I was about to have the most mind blowing orgasm I'd ever had. It started in my extremities before moving up and over my body before with a wave of euphoria and ecstasy my body felt on fire as I came inside Max with a slightly too loud cry!

Luckily not so loud that I'd been heard but Max gave me a stern look before we broke into a fit of giggles. I pulled out and cleaned us both up before Max smiled at me as I stood up to ease my muscles.

"So that was off the charts fun wise, we're definitely going to do that again!" He said.

"Definitely! Whenever you want is good with me!" I replied, grinning.

Clearly that meant now for him as he reached for the lube and then pulled me down to the bed for round two. He manoeuvred me so this time I was on my back and he lifted my legs up so he could access my hole. I certainly wasn't complaining as he pushed inside nor when afterwards I got to do him again. It was one of the most enjoyable fun evenings I'd ever had and I just felt so lucky to have ended up doing all of this with Max. It was really helping me to deal with what I'd been through and no longer were all my sex memories tinged with pain or sadness. Max had helped me to start to move on from my past and I was beginning to feel like I might not be quite as broken as I thought I was.

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