Dinh's Journey

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 13

By Saturday Alex was full of suppressed energy and couldn't help himself bounding around the house and talking at a million miles an hour. His excitement was infectious though even if I was jealous that he was going on a date with someone other than me.

He looked pretty sexy dressed up for his date and I was pretty jealous of Megan. However I had my own plans so I concentrated on those. I headed off to Max's just before Alex went on his date. Max didn't live too far away so I walked in the light rain until I got to his house.

Max had a nice big house and a big bedroom with a TV and a PS4. Similar set up to Alex and again a world away from what I'd been used to back in Vietnam. His Mum was a lecturer at the university and his Dad was a businessman. Doing what I wasn't sure and neither was I particularly interested! We hung out and played in his room before we took a football and had a kick around in the park his house backed on to. The weather had improved and it was good fun to get some fresh air together.

Then it was back to his house for a nice meal of pasta. It seemed his parents let Max pretty much do what he liked and so after dinner we went and watched a film in his room. I tried not to think about Alex and Megan watching a film and whether they might be kissing.

It was getting close to bedtime and we were maybe a bit stinky from our game of football earlier so we decided to have showers before bed. Max went first while I waited for him to finish. Max was already in bed when I came in from my shower in the t-shirt and boxer shorts I wore for bed. I climbed into the sleeping bag on the floor. There was a blow up mattress under it which was surprisingly comfortable. Max's Mum came in to say good night and told us not to stay up too late.

We talked shit for a while before I started to feel deflated, well my mattress did!

"Fuck! I think I've sprung a leak!" I said and we could both hear the high pitched slow whine of air forcing its way out of the mattress.

"Don't worry about it, there's plenty of room in here," Max said, gesturing to his bed. He was right, it was a big double bed after all. He shifted over as I got in next to him. I felt a bit weird about it all. I hadn't been in bed with a boy for a long while. We continued to talk rubbish until the conversation took an unexpected turn.

"So Dinh.....you um,... ever messed around with a boy before, you know like sex stuff?" Max asked me softly as we lay in bed together.

I wasn't sure how to reply at first. Should I be honest? Part of me felt I needed to keep what happened to me to myself but part of me thought I shouldn't. Max was a really good friend but was it time to be honest? It was very much a leading question as well. I didn't have that much experience of chatting with friends over here but what I did know was that it wasn't the sort of question you asked for no reason. "Oh by the way have you ever sucked a boy's dick?" weren't exactly daily conversations!

At this point though I had a bit of an epiphany. All those bad things, they were things that were done to me rather than me initiating them. So as a result did I have anything to be embarrassed about? The shame should be on the men who did it to me, not me. Max was a lovely nice caring friend and he'd understand. So I went for honesty in the end, well an edited version anyway!

"Well just between you and me Max I have done stuff with boys....and others but it's really complicated. I've had a lot of bad things done to me so I've never really done anything just with a boy for fun. What about you?" I asked throwing it over for him to answer.. After all, he started this and clearly wanted to talk about it!

"Well between you and me like you said...yes I have." Max said which really surprised me. "Got a cousin who is a bit older who comes to stay sometimes. A couple of years ago we shared my bed and let's just say he gave me an education! It was a lot of fun and we've messed around since. Haven't with anyone else though. Am sure Alex would have been up for it but it never felt quite right. I think because he's bisexual I was worried he'd think I was wanting to mess around with him to take advantage of that. Or might think I was gay or bisexual while in reality I'm not quite sure what I am. All I'm really into is having a bit of fun! Do you want to mess around with me now and have some fun together?"

Max's question at the end totally floored me. I guess I should have seen it coming as that's why he asked me if I had messed around before!

"Hmm, I don't know Max. Yes I think I do want to mess around but also I'm just not sure I'm ready for something serious, I'm just still a bit of a mess," I said in answer to his question, laying it all on the line. Max was a really nice guy and I loved the look of his dick. I liked the idea of it being in various orifices of mine! But was I mentally in a position where I could handle this sort of thing? Max though decided to help make everything clear for me!

"Fucking hell Dinh! I'm not proposing we get married or even be boyfriends or anything like that. I'm just thinking we're two horny teenage boys in the same room and I personally would rather someone else got me off than me just using my right hand! Two mates having fun together. Sex is fun and it doesn't need to be anything more than that. Up to you though Dinh, I don't want you to do anything you're uncomfortable with. My dick is rock hard but I'll go into the bathroom and sort it out if you aren't interested."

This was the clincher for me. Max's amazing dick rock hard within my reach. I wondered how big it was given it was four inches soft? And he said it was just for fun. No marriage, no boyfriends, just two boys having fun. What would that be like I wondered? A chance to use my body for enjoyment not for survival.

"To be honest Max, my experiences have mostly been painful and unpleasant so having some fun together sounds good. I like the look of your dick soft so I'm more than happy to have some fun with it when it's hard!"

"Great! As I said it's supposed to be fun so let's set some ground rules. This stays between us. No one does anything they're uncomfortable with. No drama or anything like that, it's all just fun. I'm not really into kissing so let's keep that to a minimum if at all. Apart from that I'm up for anything. You got anything from your end?"

"I think that covers it all. Only thing is that because of what's been done to me before I don't quite know how I'll react so if I say stop then please stop."

"That's a given Dinh. No means no. Stop means stop. Fun is only fun if we're both happy to do it. Now...would you like to touch my dick?" Max asked with a smile pulling the sheet off him to show his naked form. He'd managed to wriggle out of his pants while we'd been talking and his hard dick was proudly on display. It was beautiful!! It looked at least six inches and I instantly knew what I wanted to do with it.

"I don't just want to touch it Max!" I said, smiling at him as I moved close to him. I took it in my hand and peeled his foreskin back. Then I moved my head down to lick it from top to bottom. I eventually took it into my mouth causing Max to groan aloud. I'd sucked Bao off a fair bit so I knew what I was doing and it was nice to have the sensation of a hard dick in my mouth again. Max clearly enjoyed what I was doing to him from the appreciative noises he was making.

"Fuck....so...good........oh.....I'm....gonna cum....pull off!" Max gasped before his dick pulsed in my mouth and flooded it with cum. I stayed on his dick until he'd totally emptied his balls.

"Shit sorry Dinh. It came up on me so fast I didn't get time to warn you properly," Max said, sounding guilty.

I smiled reassuringly at him. "Hey I was sucking your dick. Sucking a dick ends with swallowing your cum otherwise it's not a proper blow job! And I enjoyed it, it was lots of fun. How was it for you?"

He giggled, "How is it ever having your dick sucked? Amazing! You did a really great job. Now let me see how tasty your cum is!" Max said as he pulled my pants down for me and then engulfed my hard dick. I loved the visual effect of watching Max's black head bobbing up and down on my dick. It also felt absolutely amazing. This wasn't the sort of cursory blow job that you give someone because you had to. No this was someone enjoying it and just wanting to have fun. I blasted my cum into Max's mouth with a loud grunt and a realisation that I really fucking needed that!

We both got our breaths back and I broke the silence, "Well that was lots of fun!"

"Yeah! I haven't sucked or had my dick sucked in a while and I'm not gonna lie, I missed it!" Max said, grinning at me.

"It's funny, without going into too much detail a lot of what I've done before has been to survive. Whether because I had to or because by doing it I got a glimmer of enjoyment in an otherwise awful situation. But just doing it with you now showed me how it can be different. Doing it with a good friend just for fun is something I hadn't thought of and I like it!" I replied, also grinning.

"We're fourteen Dinh, our lives should all be about fun and that includes our sex lives!" Max made a pretend thrust with his hips as he said this. I looked down and could see Max was hard again from having sucked me. I liked that, it made me feel good. I started to make my way down to his dick when he stopped me and suggested we could do each other at the same time. "Keeps the noise down!" He said which was a good point!

So we got into position for a 69 and we both sucked each other off until our balls were drained again. It was a perfect end to a really fantastic evening. I felt better about things for the first time in a long while. Sex could be fun and I was intending to have a fair bit of it over the coming weeks of Max was happy to! I wouldn't tell Alex of course but then again he had a girlfriend now so it was none of his business. I was going to have fun with Max and it was as simple as that.

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