Dinh's Journey

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 12

It felt strange at first after that night in the hotel room. Well it did for me and I assume it did for Alex as well although we didn't talk about it. Neither of us mentioned what happened and things did seem to be back to normal. But surely we both knew that we'd wanted to do that and would happily do it with each other again? I certainly did and I didn't really understand why Alex was being so stubborn about it. A line had been crossed after all and telling each other how we felt about each other couldn't be unsaid.

Things changed a few days after that and not for the better. Well not for me anyway, Alex seemed delighted with the turn of events.

"So Megan asked me out and I said yes!" He excitedly said, coming to sit next to me, Max, Jon, Adam and Pete at lunchtime on the Thursday after the hotel incident. We looked at him in shock.

"Fucking hell is she blind?" Max asked while Pete blurted out, "but you like cock!". This had us all giggling apart from Alex who then sighed theatrically.

"For fucks sake Pete. I'm bisexual. I like penis and pussy!" He said with a smile.

"Neither of which you've ever had before so it's a bit of a moot point!" Adam chipped in before Alex smirked and said, "Well maybe that's about to change! We're going out on a date on Saturday!"

"I hope she's going to bring her earplugs with her to stop having to listen to your constant bullshit!" Jon said, smirking back at Alex. Everyone was ganging up on Alex. He was changing the dynamic of the group by having a girlfriend and that made him fair game for piss taking. I was not happy to hear he had a girlfriend and was going on a date but I tried not to let it show.

"So where are you taking her?" I asked, pretending that I wasn't really interested.

"Up the arse rather than the pussy I reckon!" Pete said with a giggle before stopping as Alex shot him a dirty look.

"Don't be a twat Pete. In answer to your question Dinh, I think we're going to go to the cinema. Snogging on the back row, that sort of thing. However, apart from that I will be extremely well behaved and I won't even pull any stunts like the popcorn trick!" Alex said with a wink. Everyone laughed apart from me who just looked confused. Max took pity on me and explained what it was. It sounded a bit strange and I suspected no one had actually ever done that in real life.

"Oh right. Well I'm not sure I'd want to eat popcorn after someone's dick has been touching it!" I said feigning disgust which caused another round of giggling.

Alex then talked about what he was going to wear and asked advice if he should try and kiss her during the film or afterwards. None of us were that experienced with girls so while Adam, Pete, Jon and Max have their thoughts it was all just talk. Alex was the trailblazer on having a girlfriend and going on a date. Alex being Alex meant I was sure he'd tell us all in great detail what transpired between them!

I stayed quiet throughout the conversation about the date. I pretty much spent all my time in and outside school hanging around with Alex. If he had a girlfriend then that would change. It wasn't like I hadn't been used to massive changes in my life up to now but I'd got used to how things were between us and this change seemed unwelcome. I guess I'd adjust as I always did.

"You okay mate?" Max asked me in Science later that day. We'd been "randomly" paired up for an experiment which never seemed that random aside from it usually splitting me and Alex up.

"Um yes I'm fine! Why do you ask?"

"Well Alex has a girlfriend. And I thought that might have been tough for you to hear," Max replied as we worked on the experiment together. I almost dropped the test tube I was holding as he said that. Shit. Did Max know about me being in love with Alex? Did everyone? Luckily my fears weren't realised.

"But if you're fine then great Dinh. I just know you two spend all your time together and now he'll be off seeing Megan sometimes. I guess you can tag along but that would be a bit weird!" Max giggled as he said this which eased any tension I might have.

"I'll be fine. I do spend all my time in and out of school with Alex but it's a good opportunity for me to do other things. And for Alex to deal with all that shit that comes with having a girlfriend!"

We both giggled at that. We knew friends who had girlfriends and while there were clear benefits like kissing and that sort of thing, there was also a fair bit of heartache, stress and worry! I'd had enough of that in my life up to now and I did wonder if Alex knew what he was letting himself in for!

Max then smiled at me and started speaking "Well anyway, seems a good opportunity to invite you over to my house for a sleepover this weekend. I've been meaning to do it for a while but you and Alex are so close it felt like it would be a bit weird if I didn't invite him. My parents are cool with me having people only but there's usually a one person only rule so it would have had to be you or Alex which might have seemed strange. Anyway as Alex is busy then it's a perfect excuse to have you over!"

"Great well that would be fun. I've never been on a sleepover before. I'll have to double check with my parents but it should be ok," I said to Max. I was sure it would be fine but it's always good to check. I'd started to refer to Mike and Huong as my parents recently, it made things easier and I also did now feel like their son. They treated me the same as Alex and I was very much part of the family.

That night at the dinner table Alex cleared his throat theatrically (he was such a performer!) and announced, "I have a girlfriend!"

This caused great interest particularly from Huong who got very excited. "Can I have some money to take her to the cinema?" Alex asked before Mike smiled broadly and said he'd give him enough to take her out for dinner afterwards as well. After the fuss had died down I got my question in as well and Alex looked at me quizzically when I asked if I could stay over at Max's. Mike and Huong were delighted and readily agreed. It was only after that I realised they were probably really pleased to have the house to themselves for once!

"Why didn't you say Max had asked you for a sleepover?" Alex asked me later as we played FIFA on the PS4 in his room.

"I did! At the dinner table!"

"Well I know that you dick! I mean why didn't you tell me on our walk home?" He was being a bit weird about the whole thing and I couldn't really work out why.

"Well I would have told you but you were banging on about Megan all the way!" I threw back at him which was the truth.

"Hmm fair point," Alex ceded.

"Is it a problem?" I asked as I wondered if I'd done something wrong.

"No not at all! Just wondering why you hadn't mentioned it and why Max asked you. No bother."

"Um because we're friends?!" I said. I didn't think it was a particularly strange occurrence to be asked to go to a friend's house and hang out for a sleepover.

"Well he didn't ask me!" Alex said, sounding a bit miffed.

"Well that's because you're on a date! He was worried I'd be lonely without you although I guess he didn't know it'll be a blessed relief for me to be free of you for a few hours! Anyway his parents have got a "one person" only sleepover rule. If you're that bothered we can invite him over here one night. Are you sure you're fine with this? You seem to be acting a bit strange."

Alex shrugged as if it was the most inconsequential thing in the world. "No it's fine Dinh. Sorry I'm just being weird. I guess I'm nervous about Saturday. I've never been on a date before!"

"You'll be fine, just don't be yourself!"

Alex smiled at my joke and as always whoever he did that my heart jumped. I found it hard to handle him having a date with a girl.

Only a few days ago Alex had briefly been balls deep in me. Only a few days later he had a girlfriend. Things had changed really quickly. My dream of a sex life with Alex felt like it was further away than it ever had been. I'd never expected that we'd get together but suddenly we got really close and told each other we liked each other. Now that was all ripped away from me. I was going to have to see Alex with Megan, see them holding hands, maybe even kissing each other. It was going to be hard for me to deal with but I was just going to have to adjust to it.

Still, I was excited about spending the night at Max's. It would be a nice change of scene and it would take my mind off what Alex and Megan were up to. It would be my first sleepover. Something that kids all over the world had done many times by the time they got to my age. But my upbringing had been so fucked up I guess it was no surprise I hadn't had one until now. It was just nice that Max liked me enough to have me over to stay.

As for Alex and Megan, well I was going to try not to think about it, as difficult as that was going to be.

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