Dinh's Journey

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 11

I'd now been at school for almost two months and had really begun to settle down into life in Oxford. I'd become really good friends with Alex's friends and made a few of my own. While I still clung to Alex closely I was beginning to feel confident enough to be more independent. That being said, it was still hard to go out on my own into town. I just had a natural distrust of adults and what they might do to me that was more than justified. I doubted the traffickers knew where I was or even cared anymore but if I was out alone I was always watchful. Hopefully that would change one day but maybe it was good to be wary.

School was exhausting with all the learning I was doing. It took my brain a while to get used to it but I felt like I was now beginning to get on top of things. However I was really relieved when half term came and we'd gone away on holiday for a few days. Well, when I say holiday I mean we were visiting family as it was James, Mike's brother's 50th birthday. Does that count as a holiday?

In any case we were out of Oxford for a few days so it was a change of scene. I hadn't met James or his family up to now. Mike didn't like James from what I could tell and actively avoided him from what Alex told me. James was a few years older than Mike and apparently they'd never got on. Whether there was something in the past that caused them to fall out or it was just sibling rivalry I didn't know. I guess it was just one of those things.

We were staying in a hotel for a few days where Alex and I had a twin room that we shared. This allowed us to stay up late chatting and watching TV. It was nice to just hang out together and I loved that we got on so well. Maybe not quite as well as I really wanted but there you go! I was definitely lusting after Alex and it made me feel quite guilty at times. Maybe I should just tell him how I felt but that was a big gamble as it would change the dynamic between us.

Our trip to visit James and his family culminated in a big party in the function room of the hotel we were staying where there was music and food and also alcohol. I hadn't really ever drunk before being underage. It wasn't like alcohol was being supplied to me on my long journey to the UK or when I was growing plants. Neither was I the sort of boy to try and buy it from the shop and drink it. Not they would sell it to me as I was clearly underage anyway. However things were definitely more relaxed at the party.

"Let me get you boys a drink I think you'll like!" said Matthew. He was James's nephew which I think meant he was Alex's second cousin although the intricacies of familial relations always confused me. He was older than me and Alex and seemed to want to take us under his wing. For the rest of the evening he kept getting us cocktails that he said had a "little bit" of alcohol in. They tasted mostly of fruit juice and I didn't know if there was much alcohol in there or not. What I did know is that as the evening progressed and after a few of those cocktails I felt a bit hot and unsteady and I could see Alex looked a bit the same.

"I could really do with a lie down," Alex said, wobbling slightly and smiling goofily at me.

"Me too, let's sneak out of here before we have to drink even more. We can come back down in a bit."

Alex agreed with my suggestion and we got out of the room without anyone important noticing like our parents. There were so many people at the party I was fairly sure our absence wouldn't be missed. We got in the lift and went back to our room, both of us flopping on our beds in relief. It was really warm in the room and though I opened a window it didn't seem to cool things down at all.

"I'm so fucking hot!" Alex said as he started to strip down to his pants. I did the same and it wasn't that unusual for us to be lounging around in pants together in the room during our stay there. However this time there was something different in the air.

First of all I guess it was because we were drunk which made us willing to take a risk. The room was heavy with hormones and as I caught Alex's eye I could see that he looked at me lustfully. He didn't say anything but he came over to my bed and clambered over to me. Then to my complete surprise and amazement he leaned down and he kissed me on the lips. Suddenly we were completely tripping off our lust and we kissed properly with tongues as we both pulled each other's pants off.

We continued to kiss, not even coming up for breath. We were out of control and we didn't care. Then Alex took charge. There was a fine line between being dominant and crossing the line. Alex was starting to tiptoeing along it gently. He broke the kiss and he gently pushed me onto my front and parted my bum cheeks. I had not expected to suddenly be in this situation and I briefly came up for air for long enough to say, "I'm not sure I want this.". While the idea of being fucked by Alex was something I'd fantasised about, I also wasn't quite sure I liked the way it was happening.

Alex didn't say anything and I fully expected to feel his dick pushing in between my cheeks. However to my surprise I then felt a warm wet incredible sensation and I realised he was bathing me with his tongue. It felt amazing and I was moaning really loudly. I don't know how long he went on for until he stopped and whispered" "Are you sure you still don't want this Dinh?!" in my ear.

"No I do want it! fuck me Alex!" I said panting with lust again. The boy I was in love with was about to fuck me. The bit of me that thought it was a really bad idea was silenced by the alcohol and I no longer cared about he consequences

"I've wanted to do this since the day I saw you!" He whispered as he lined up his dick in between my cheeks and up against my hole. I felt his dick head enter me and I growled aloud. There was animal lust taking over me. There wasn't the pain I'd had when I was mistreated. It just felt really good as Alex pushed all the way into me. I loved everything about him at the moment. His dark hair, his brown eyes, his laugh. I loved his perfect dick that was now lodged inside me.

Neither of us said anything as Alex started to move his dick in and out of me. Slowly at first as if he was testing how it worked and then speeding up as he got more confident. I'd been penetrated in my life before, often forcefully and unsurprisingly it had never felt as good as this did. Alex had probably only been inside me for a minute when there was a loud knock at the door.

"Boys! Are you in there?! James wants an all family photo so you need to come downstairs!" I heard Mike's voice call out. Of all the bad fucking timing in the world! It had to happen now while Alex's dick was inside me.

"Shit!" I exclaimed in disappointment as Alex quickly pulled out of me leaving me feeling empty. I'd loved having his dick inside me and cursed that we'd be interrupted.

"Coming Dad! We just came for a lie down as we had too much booze, hold on a second Dinh is in the toilet!" Alex said buying us a bit of time as he rapidly pulled his clothes on to my disappointment. I realised the moment between us was over and I started to get changed as well.. Alex tucked his still hard and dripping dick dick inside his pants so it wasn't showing and then we quickly left the room to go downstairs with Mike. He seemed none the wiser much to my relief.

"Sorry boys, I know it's a bit boring if you don't know anyone but James wants photos and he usually gets what he wants," Mike said with a bit of an edge to his voice as we waited for the lift to arrive.

"That's fine Dad, we'd only just come upstairs. Matthew had been feeding us cocktails that were more alcoholic than we realised!" Alex replied theatrically weaving around.

"Hmmm well I don't want to have to deal with two boys throwing up in the morning so please don't drink anymore cocktails!" Mike said. We both promised not to although I wasn't necessarily going to keep to that! The taste had been nice and it had really helped to break down our inhibitions.

We got out of the lift and walked back into the party where I had a feeling of lingering disappointment. It was frustrating to have been interrupted but we could always continue later. Or so I thought...

"We shouldn't have done that earlier. Well I shouldn't have done it. I feel really bad about it," Alex said to me as soon as we got back into our room later dampening down any expectations I might have had about continuing where we left off.

"I liked it and you did too! You said you'd wanted to do it since you first met me! I want to do it again with you cumming inside me this time like you would have done earlier. There's nothing to feel bad about !" I protested.

"Yes there is. I was drunk and I got carried away. I manipulated you into it. You were right when you initially said you didn't want to do it. I didn't listen. Considering what has been done to you before it was incredibly arsehole behaviour of me. I'm so so sorry. I really fucked up," Alex looked mortified as he said this to me and unable to look directly at me,

"No you didn't!" I protested again touching his arm with my hand. "I wanted it! I still want it! I want you to kiss me like you did before and then put this back inside me!" I patted Alex's soft dick through his trousers as I said this. He turned away but for one moment I thought his resolve was cracking

"I'm sorry Dinh. It's not right for me to take advantage of you like I did. Let's just put it down to a massive fuck up on my part due to too much booze."

I wanted to scream out in frustration that it was not a fuck up. I'd got so close to getting exactly what I wanted and now it was being taken away from me.

"It wasn't a fuck up! We can start slowly. Like kissing and wanking each other off rather than full on fucking, I don't mind!" I said begging him to change his mind.

"I'm sorry but I do mind Dinh," he said, gently touching my cheek. "I'd hate anything to hurt or upset you after everything you've been through. You're my brother and I love you. I'm supposed to help and protect you. Not take advantage of you. Can we just pretend all of this didn't happen and not mention it again."

"But I......." I started to protest but then stopped. What was the point? Alex had made his position quite clear and while I didn't like it at all I knew once his mind was made up that was usually it. We got undressed for bed in silence, brushed our teeth and climbed into our respective beds. I thought I heard the sound of very quiet sobbing from Alex's bed but I couldn't be sure. I closed my eyes and thought back to how it felt to have the boy I loved kiss me and put his dick inside me. I then felt the disappointment again that it wasn't to be repeated. I would respect Alex's wish not to mention it again but I hoped he'd come around and follow his heart. I remembered what he said:

"I've wanted to do this since the moment I saw you."

Hopefully that urge would come back and take him over again soon. Until then I just had to deal with the disappointment and hope things stayed normal between us.

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