Dinh's Journey

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 10

That first week of school was a whirlwind of activity, culture shock and stress. Alex was great though. He called me his "new brother" and then batted away questions as to how that happened. He introduced me to his best friends who he was pretty close with. He used to hang around with four other boys which would soon become five once i joined in. There was Jon who was a tall blond haired boy; Adam who was a quiet dark haired boy but with a lovely smile. Pete who was pretty small and talked almost as much as Alex did and finally Max. Max was a tall black boy and was lots of fun.

Like Alex, Max was funny with a wicked sense of humour. The two of them together could cause carnage but they always made me laugh. Both of them and actually the rest of Alex's friends weren't as uptight as some other kids were at school. I could see why they all got on together and I hoped I'd be welcomed into the friendship group.

I spent the first week catching up and settling in. I didn't have to go to every single lesson and was allowed to miss swimming and PE while I spent time with the educational support team. By the end of the week I began to feel I had a very slight handle on how everything worked. It was exhausting though and I was very relieved when Friday came around. I was even more relieved to have a quiet weekend recovering from it all.

The next week I was fully embedded in the school. I had some classes with Alex but not all of them. In general though one of his friends would be in class with me so I'd have that support. I needn't have worried though as so far everyone had been pretty nice to me.

Wednesday was the first swimming class I'd be to which I was slightly nervous about. The usual teenage boy concern of getting an erection loomed large but I tried not to think about it. It was the lesson before lunch and just after Maths which I had with Alex and Max.

Alex got called behind by the teacher for some reason. I was going to wait but Max grabbed me as I stood outside the classroom.

"He can catch us up, you don't want to be last boy dressed because sometimes Mr Broad makes you do the clearing up afterwards!" He said. I didn't want to be late for lunch so I followed Max along the corridors. Then out of the door and over the playground to the sports complex where the swimming pool was. We put put bags down next to each other and started undressing.

I had planned to undress behind a towel but I wasn't sure about the etiquette so I decided to just copy what Max did. He was further ahead that I was in the undressing stakes so that would be easy enough. He was already down to his pants while I was fiddling taking my trousers off.

"So does Alex talk as much at home as he does at school?" Max asked smiling at me as he dropped his pants and picked up his swimming trunks. I'd never seen a naked black boy let alone a black boy's dick so I couldn't help but peek. Well it wasn't really a peek, he was standing right in front of me so I couldn't help but look. He looked amazing naked and I tried not to react to the fact he was also well hung. Between his legs hung four inches of chunky soft black dick with a cherry red dick head just poking out the end of his foreskin.

I decided to skip changing behind the towel as Max hadn't been bothered about it. I smiled at Max as I said "Alex talks at least as much!" and I giggled and I pulled my pants down. I then got my trunks on in one fairly swift movement. I was facing Max as I did so he would have got a quick eyeful but I doubted he either cared or looked. I looked around the changing rooms and there were lots of boys in various states of undress with no one really using a towel I could see. It was hard not to stare at all the dicks on show thought, Big ones, small ones, more than I'd probably ever seen.

Alex then came rushing in putting his bag down and yanking his clothes off in a rush. "Wait for me guys!" He said as he stripped off in record time. Max pretended to go but then said we'd wait if he was quick. Alex pulled his pants down to show off a dick that to my eyes looked perfect. Not as big as Max but nice looking. It was probably slightly bigger than mine, over three inches with a prominent dick head mostly covered by his foreskin that gave it a slightly bulbous look. He had fewer hairs than me I thought but I didn't get time to check him out for long before the trunks were pulled up to hide it.

After the swim class the three of us got undressed and dry together. I felt a bit strange being naked in front of Alex for the first time but he and Max acted like it was the most natural thing in the world and maybe it was. We were all boys after all and we all had dicks between our legs. I just wished I'd got one as big as Max had! It was actually nice being around all the naked boys in the changing room. For so long I'd associated dicks with pain yet here they were proudly on display by boys my age with no sexual intent or anything. Maybe this was going to be part of the healing process?

That night in bed I had the most amazing wank thinking of the dicks 'd seen that day particularly Alex's and Max's. As I wiped my dick clean with a tissue I realised I was probably falling in love with Alex. Although was it love? Maybe it was just attachment theory? I craved comfort and security and I'd started to get it through being part of the family. Alex was also a member of that family too and my age so maybe I thought he could give it me?

"So how's everything going?" Alex asked me on our walk to school a few days later.

"Alright I guess. Taking time to get used to it. To be honest some it has been a bit of shock at times and wasn't what I expected!" I replied.

"I bet! I guess you weren't expecting to see all those cocks hanging out at school at swimming in the changing rooms! Looks like Max almost had your eye out!" Alex giggled as he said this which intensified as he saw me blushing.

"Um I wouldn't know, I wasn't looking," I lied. Alex then threw his head back and laughed our loud. Once he composed himself he patted me on the shoulder.

"You're such a bullshitter Dinh! ANY boy who says he doesn't check out other boys in the changing room is a lying bastard!. Anyway it is nothing to be embarrassed about. I love looking at all those cocks! It's the highlight of my week! Almost always get some some good wank bank material. I got a new one last time as well. Someone had a dick I hadn't seen and I liked what I saw!" '

I wondered if he was talking about me? I liked the idea he might be buy didn't know what to say so I just muttered. "Okay maybe I might have peeked a little."

Alex giggled, "there that wasn't hard to admit was it! I told you I was here to help. Now don't stress or be embarrassed about it, just feel happy that your a boy with a cock. Must suck being a girl without one! Anyway, let's change the subject. Why don't you come along with me at lunchtime to speak to Mr Stevens about potentially joining the football team? We've got football practice after school tomorrow."

"Um I think it's too soon. It's all a bit of a head fuck and there's so much to adjust to," I said being honest. Playing football with Alex and Max and the boys would be fun but I didn't want to take on too much too soon. Alex though was having none of it.

"So Dinh. You're on top of the worlds biggest diving board. Do you dive off and see what happens or walk all the way back down?"

"Probably walk all the way back down," I replied.

"Well that isn't an option as the stairs have been removed and therefore you've got to jump! So you're coming with me at lunchtime to sign up for the football team, well for a trial anyway. No argument! I have spoken!" Alex said giggling at The Mandalorian reference which was a show we'd watched together. It had been so nice watching TV shows and movies with Alex and his parents. It was such a nice normal thing that so many billions of families did all over the world that it helped me feel normal.

For this football team discussion I knew I had lost. Alex as always was irrepressible and there really was no point disagreeing. I'd just go along with things and see where it led. He was probably right. This was a massive period of adjustment for me and I might as well go all in and jump feet first. Keeping myself busy and making new friends would be good for me so I'd sign up for football. Whether or not I'd be good enough who knows.

"So Dinh has signed up for football!" Alex proudly announced to Max and Jon after we'd been to see Mr Stevens. Pete and Adam weren't in the team or interested in football but Max and Jon were.

"Oh great, what position do you play?" Jon asked.

"Judging from what I've seen from him kicking a ball in the playground it'll be left back in the changing room!" Max said with a giggle.

"Fucking hell, that's like the most shitty dad joke ever!" Alex said in my defence. I just sat there in silence as the two of them took the piss out of each other and then me. Making jokes about me meant that I was being accepted by everyone and that meant a lot.

As it turned out my football skills were good enough to get me in the squad if not in the team just yet. I hadn't played football for well over a year though so that was no surprise. It was just going to be something else to work on and make sure I got better at. I enjoyed playing though and it was fun to hang out with everyone.

"So was I right?" Alex asked me on our way back from our second football practice a week after my first.

"About what?" I asked slightly confused. Alex hadn't really given me much to go on!

"That you should join the football team! Now you're one of the lads and everyone likes you Dinh!"

"Yeah I guess you were right," I replied slightly begrudgingly.

"See, as you should know by now I am ALWAYS right. Just listen to me and do what I tell you and things will work out just fine!" Alex giggled as he often did and this caused me to as well. I loved hanging out him and I definitely was crushing hard on him. I could dream that we'd maybe have some fun together but I knew that was unlikely to happen. It would complicate things no end and so I suspected however I felt it was better to keep myself out of that side of things. However when I was in bed on my own late at night I could fantasise about what might happen between us. If it ever happened then maybe everything would just fall into place?

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