A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 29

School and life took over and the weeks flew by punctuated with as many sucking sessions as we could fit in! It's a good job cum didn't leave your breath smelling of it like onions did otherwise it would be clear to everyone what we were doing!

As it became Autumn and the weather had turned with the nights drawing in we were usually limited to doing things at night once we'd gone to bed or in the morning on weekends. It certainly wasn't the sort of temperature that you could skinny dip in the river in!

All in all though we kissed and sucked each other as much as possible. Luckily teenage boys have a lot of stamina and we utilised that to our advantage! I still wanted to move things up a level though and I'd begun to make plans for when Fred turned fourteen in November. I had a couple of surreptitious slightly embarrassing conversations with Jeremy to check a few things. I know he'd explained things before but I didn't want any unpleasant surprises. He was great to talk to and by the time Fred's birthday approached I reckoned I was ready.

So on the 14th November when Fred turned fourteen I told him I had an extra special present to give him after we'd gone to bed. For his birthday present I'd bought him a book on Wolves which were his favourite animal. I knew he liked that they mated for life and that's what I wanted for us even though I hadn't expressly said it. However as well as the book I had something even better in mind! I wasn't sure if he guessed or wondered why I was spending so much time in the bath getting myself clean that evening. After a nice birthday dinner and an evening of playing cards and listening to the radio it was off to bed. I was a bit nervous but I think I managed to hide them pretty well.

As soon as we got inside our room we kissed and then undressed. By now being naked together was something we relished and I admired Fred's naked form not for the first time! I'd grown a bit down there but so had Fred so he was still a bit bigger than me. I was fully expecting this to hurt but I was fairly sure I'd get used to it. Jeremy and Sam loved doing it and there was no reason why I wouldn't enjoy Fred penetrating me!

"So...it's bedtime....did you mention a present you'd give me?!" Fred asked slightly excitedly as he stood there naked in front of me.

"Well you'll sort of be giving it to me!" I replied with a giggle grabbing his dick playfully.

"Hold on, it's my birthday, surely I get the present!?" He asked in mock outrage with a bit of confusion thrown on. He clearly hadn't worked it out yet which I was pleased about. I handed him a present I'd wrapped which was the jar of lubrication that Jeremy had given me.

Fred opened it excitedly but then looked at it with a confused expression much to my amusement!

"So you've not worked it out yet? That's part one of the present! In life we can both give each other a present and receive it at the same time as each other. What I'm planning.....well you give it to me and I'll be receiving it. It won't need unwrapping but it will need a fair bit of that ointment being used!" As I said this to Fred his eyes widened and the penny finally dropped!

"Oh! Blimey I wasn't expecting that!" Fred said as I saw his body instantly respond to the suggestion in a very positive way!

"Really? You haven't thought about doing it since that time we saw Jeremy and Sam together?" I asked in surprise given that I'd thought about it an awful lot!

"Well yes of course it's crossed my mind but it isn't like we haven't been getting each other off loads anyway. I guess I didn't really know how to raise it as it is a big step for us. I'm a bit worried I'll hurt you!."

I smiled at Fred. Even now he was worried about me even though I knew he wanted to do it. I decided to reassure him this was what I really wanted. "I know and I love you for that but I want to do it. Also your dick isn't THAT big! Anyway I want us to be like wolves! I want you to mate with me! Once we've mated we're mated for life just like wolves are!" I said enthusiastically.

"Hmm well you certainly smell a bit wolfy at times! So how do we do this?" Fred looked nervous as he asked me this and I suddenly realised I was nervous again too. We were so used to each other's bodies that was never normally an issue but this was a big step forward and we knew it. However we trusted each other and that was the main thing. No one would be doing anything that the other one felt uncomfortable doing.

So we decided to go with what we saw Sam do to Jeremy. I got on all fours on the bed and Fred got behind me. He spread what felt like much too much lubricant on and around my hole. He then said he'd done his dick and we were almost ready to go.

"Are you sure about this Tom?"He asked me as he parted my bum cheeks to place his dick near my hole.

"Yes I am! But even if I wasn't, it's a bit too late now really!" I replied which was definitely true. His dick head was right up against my hole and we were ready to begin.

I don't know if you remember the first time you were penetrated with a dick but it's an unforgettable experience. The feeling of it pushing up against your hole. Wanting to invade the most intimate of places, a part of the body that is virgin territory. Then as it pushed forward the muscle relaxes slightly allowing the tip in to penetrate for the first time. The hole expands causing pain but then eventually allows the shaft all the way in until you feel the hair up against you and you know they're balls deep in you. Unforgettable and as Fred did it to me I knew I'd never forget this first time together!

I gasped in an initial bit of pain and shock as he entered, then moaned loudly once he was all the way in.

"Shh!" Fred said with a giggle before covering my mouth with his hand to stop me making any more noise. I don't think his parents would hear us but let's be fair nobody wants their parents barging in to see what the noise is and finding their son balls deep in their other one!

I whimpered into Fred's hand as he started to move in and out of me. There was definitely pain but there was also pleasure. It was a strange sensation but one I was really enjoying.. Fred was gentle although at times his body took over and he slammed into me a bit harder than I'd like. I'd squeak and jump slightly at this point and he'd then slow down a bit. He made soft sighs and grunts as he struggled to keep the noise down. I loved the feeling of his dick inside me and it helped me feel complete. He'd pull it almost all the way back and then push it all the way back inside which just felt amazing.

My dick was rock hard and dripping and I started to wank it as I revelled in the intense sensations I was getting from being fucked. I felt like I'd barely touched it when I came on my hand and then I just relaxed as I let Fred work his way in and out of me. It wasn't much longer before with a high pitched grunt he thrust really deep into me and came in me for the first time. I was determined it wasn't going to be the last! He gently pumped a few times before trying to clean us both up. I had to sneak to the toilet to do it properly with the cum running out of my bum but I could tell from the snoring Edith and George were already asleep.

Once back in bed we kissed and told each other how much we loved each other as well as how much we'd enjoyed it. Fred was very excited about the whole thing and wanted to know when we could do it again! As it turned out we did it in the middle of the night although that left quite a mess to clean up in the morning. It was worth it though and it made us both feel closer to each other.

"Do I have to wait until my next birthday to do it again?" Fred asked the next evening when we were in bed. I knew exactly what he meant by "do it again" and I'd been hoping he would be brave enough to ask me!

"Of course not! Now we've done it, you can do it to me as often as you like!" I said with a grin which was definitely true.

Fred grinned back and said he was hoping I'd say that. He reached for the jar of lubrication and off we went again! This time we tried the other position Sam and Jeremy used with me on my back with my legs lifted up so Fred could penetrate me that way. I loved this position as I could see Fred and he could bend down and kiss me. The angle also seemed to really hit something inside me that felt good. I loved every minute of it and I wished it could last forever. However the enthusiasm of teenage boys sometimes takes over and Fred didn't last too long before he came inside me. After a quick clean up he then sucked my hard dripping dick before we both fell asleep in each other's arms.

He fucked me the next morning before school which was really taking a risk as it was too tight on time for me to have a bath before I left! So I had to go to school slightly sticky in certain places. An experience I didn't really want to have to go through again. It was worth it though and I made a mental note to check with Jeremy how quickly he could get me a refill when I saw him next!

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