A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 28

After Jeremy left to go home Fred and I lay on our towels in the warm sunshine and enjoyed the feeling of being naked together. I'd finally had my dick sucked by Fred and I was feeling on top of the world! All the pain of last week had quickly been forgotten and as we lay there together I couldn't be happier.

"So...that was interesting," Fred said with a giggle vocalising the thoughts that were currently running through my mind.

I giggled as well as he said it and my dick hardened at the thought of what we'd watched. To see Sam and Jeremy doing it together had been unexpected but definitely not unwelcome!

I turned to look at Fred and smiled at him, "It certainly was very interesting and it was really fucking hot to watch it! Our very own private show. I was certainly not expecting that or to have my dick sucked by my amazing beautiful boyfriend! They both seemed to enjoy doing it, whichever one was taking and receiving!" I replied thinking again how interested I might be in discovering that side of things. I suspected that if we ever progressed to that then at least at first I'd be the one receiving. After all it had taken me sucking Fred many times before he'd finally reciprocated!

"Well I don't know about you Tom but I am fucking horny again. Time to see if your dick tastes as good the second time around!" Fred grinned at me as he told me this and he slipped his hand down to feel my dick. I moaned aloud as his hand gently moved up and down my dick.

"Sounds good to me! Why don't we try sucking each other at the same time though like Jeremy suggested?!" I asked hoping for a positive answer. I wasn't to be disappointed as we soon had our hard dicks in each other's mouths. I loved the fact that Fred was now into sucking me and it felt amazing to suck and be sucked at the same time. We both slurped and sucked enthusiastically loving the feeling of both of us being able to do it at the same time.

As I approached my orgasm I sucked even harder as if that would help it to happen quicker but of course that just caused Fred to cum quicker! It was an amazing experience and we knew it wouldn't be the last time we did that together! It would certainly save on Fred messing up his handkerchief cleaning me off after he wanked me!

In fact once we got back to the house we went straight up to our room to do it again. It very quickly became our favourite method of getting each other off. It had so much going for it! No mess. Check. Limited noise. Check. Feels fucking amazing. Check! Any lingering doubts Fred might have had about dick sucking soon disappeared and we both sucked each other as often as we could.

Those last few days of the summer holidays were perfect. Sunny and warm with clear blue skies which helped motivate us to go out on long walks. We'd walk through the woods around the local area, following streams to see where they ended up. We'd walk through the corn fields then lie down flattening them and stare up at the sky talking about whatever came into our heads. We'd been through a lot over the holidays and we'd both changed. We'd had to mature a bit and our relationship had deepened and strengthened. There was so much uncertainty in the world with the war that the love we had for each other was a constant that we both appreciated.

As well as walking we made sure we kissed and cuddled as much as possible and of course we sucked each other off as often as we could. Inevitably the holidays had to end and we were back at school together before we knew it. It was fine settling back in although we both missed all the alone time we had together in the holidays. It didn't mean our sex lives dried up but we had to be a bit more reactive with certainly a lot less time to do it than we did before!

On the first day back at school there was a minor incident with Bert again in the corridor one day between class. With everything that had gone on I'd forgotten he'd seen us kissing at the side of the road but he clearly hadn't!

"The dirty London boy has got a boyfriend! He was snogging Fred like it was normal to kiss a boy the filthy pervert!!" He shouted loudly as he walked up to me looking like he might punch me there and then. There were a few giggles and titters of laughter as he said this. I wasn't going to just back down though and let him take the piss out of me. After all, if I did then he might just keep it up for the rest of the school year.

"Fuck off!" I replied simply as I looked around for Fred who'd gone to the toilet. Bad timing but I hoped he'd turn up soon and back me up.. A few more friends of Bert turned up and I started to feel a bit unsure what to do. I assumed they wouldn't punch me in front of everyone but I began to feel a bit threatened.

"You don't deny it though do you! I saw you with my own eyes! You're probably doing all manner of unnatural perverted things with him. Maybe I should pummel the shit out of you? We country boys don't like boys who kiss other boys," Bert said, moving threateningly close to me. I made my hand into a fist ready to defend myself but like last time Bert tried it on my guardian angel seemed to materialise out of nowhere.

"What's going on here?" Jeremy's voice boomed out causing me to relax slightly and internally sigh with relief. "Ah Bert I might have known! Did you say you don't like boys who kiss other boys? I can't see Tom kissing anyone at the moment so it looks like you're barking up the wrong tree there. One thing I DO remember seeing is that time at Scouts where I walked in on you with another boy's dick in your hand! What do country boys like you think about boys who wank off other boys?"

This caused much more giggling and a few "ooooooohh!" shouts!

Bert blushed bright red and started spluttering, "it wasn't like....I didn't...." He stammered before Jeremy intervened.

"I think we both know it was was exactly like that. But no nobody cares what you get up Bert so what business is it of yours what anyone does? Now I think you owe Tom an apology don't you!"

Bert went red again and muttered he was sorry before storming away his credibility in tatters. I thanked Jeremy who just smiled at me and said loudly that anyone who messed with me would have him to deal with. It clearly worked as even Bert was fairly nice to me after that. I guess he had been just flexing his muscles but had definitely overstepped the mark and realised it. He had his own skeletons that he was clearly hoping people would forget and wouldn't be dragged back out again! I wouldn't say I was completely accepted by everyone at school but I was seen by most people as a Candlin family member rather than the evacuee or even runaway I was originally.

So much of the drama of my life and me settling into life in the country was working out how me and Fred fitted together. The angst of whether we liked each other. The elation of our first kiss. The first time I touched his dick and definitely the first time I sucked it! Once we got together things really settled down and life just became simpler I suppose. Yes we would have disagreements and occasionally arguments. However they were usually trivial and we made up quickly.

"Do you remember that first time I met you when you were flashing me after you came out of the bath?" Fred asked me one Saturday morning. As we had no school we were taking advantage of a lie in and lay in each other's arms chatting.

"I wasn't flashing!" I protested for what felt like the millionth time!

"You tell yourself that! Anyway thank god you were! Do you ever think about what would have happened if I'd slept for another half an hour and you'd gone back to the shed? I might never have met you!"

I had given that a fair bit of thought over the past few months. My life had changed so quickly from that one incident. If I hadn't been caught by Fred I suppose I would have kept running and ended up who knows where. One thing I was pretty certain of, I couldn't have ended up in as good a position as I was now.

"Yes I do! I often wonder how you'd cope without having me there to suck your dick or keep you out of trouble!" I replied with a giggle.

"I don't think I could. Hmm, what was it you were saying about sucking my dick?" Fred asked, giggling. I leaned over and kissed him before I made my way down to take his delicious dick into my mouth. While we often did a 69 it was also nice to do each other individually and this was one of those occasions. I sucked him until I was rewarded with a mouthful of cum before he returned the favour to me. I'm not either of us would have coped very well without having the other one there to love, look after and ultimately suck each other like the sex crazed teenage boys we were!

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