A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 27

When we woke up I told Fred all about his parents knowing about us. I didn't initially tell him how I knew that they knew, just that they did. Fred started off feeling mortified but then eventually relieved that we didn't have to hide our love anymore.

"How did you know they know?" He asked me. I smiled to myself as I decided to make Fred pay a little bit more for what he'd done!

"When I came home last night your Mum could see I was upset. She asked if we'd had a fight. I said I'd walked in on you and Johnny as well. I was so upset that I poured my heart out to her. That's when she told me she'd known for ages about us. Before we did, she thought!"

"Oh my god, she knows I was being sucked off by Johnny?!" Fred asked, looking completely shocked.

I giggled uncontrollably, "Luckily for you she assumed I'd caught you kissing and I didn't want to dissuade her of that notion. After all, I don't think they quite realise how sexually active we are!"

Fred sighed loudly I relief, "Fucking hell you almost made me shit myself! Fuck. Thank god she only thought we were kissing!"

"Well I didn't want her realising I suck your dick all the time in case they tried to stop it going on! And neither of us want that, do we!" I asked, smiling at Fred.

"Definitely not!" Fred replied before leaning in to kiss me. We hadn't kissed since the "incident" and all our passion and emotions came flooding back. We kissed for what felt like hours until I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to reclaim Fred's dick for my own. I wanted to give him the best fucking blow job any boy had ever had!

So that's what I did. I virtually worshipped his dick. Using all the skills and experience I'd picked up over the weeks since I'd first done it. I licked it all over until he begged me to put it in my mouth. I then sucked it as if it wss the last time I ever would. I made it last for him as long as possible. As he came in my mouth with a cry of "I love you Tom!" I knew I'd got him totally back!

After the shock and upset of the previous day and then the shock of finding out that his Mum and Dad knew about us being boyfriends, Fred took a few days to bounce back. By the end of the weekend and the start of our last week of the school holidays things were sort of back to normal between us. We'd both confronted Johnny before he'd gone back home about everything.

At first he kept the whole Simon bullshit up before admitting it was all a scam. He apologised profusely to Fred and said he liked boys and had realised there was an opportunity to have some fun. Fred let him know in no uncertain terms that Johnny had massively messed up and that sort of behaviour was unacceptable. Johnny offered to suck my dick as an apology but I only wanted Fred to do that. If he ever would, which I was beginning to think wasn't the case!

However sometimes fate takes a hand in things and decides to intervene in a way you don't expect. It was a few days after our conversation with Johnny and while I'd sucked Fred a few times there had been no change in him sucking me. It was a lovely hot late August day and we decided there was only one thing to do. It was time to hit the secret swimming area that Jeremy had shown me. We hadn't been for a while but there couldn't be anything better than the crisp cooling river water on such a hot day.

We packed the little stuff we needed and we rode down the hill on Fred's bike with me grinding behind him to try and put him off. I liked the feeling of rubbing my dick up against his bum. I didn't really know the mechanics of that side of things but I knew it felt good! Fred told me off for putting him off and getting him horny so I stopped as we rode down the country lane to the small path we turned off at. We were both sporting hard dicks that we intended to take care of as soon as we reached the clearing! However it was clear as we made our way along the paths that we weren't the only ones intending to visit the swimming spot. As we approached it we both heard loud noises. Grunting and groaning almost animal like noises.

We weren't quite sure what was going on so we parked Fred's bike up against a tree and sneaked forward towards the entrance to the clearing. We both gasped at the sight we could see through the bushes. To say it was unexpected would be an understatement. Sam was naked and on all fours his hard dick sticking up while Jeremy was naked behind him moving into him in a back and forth motion.

"He's fucking him in the bum with his dick! Like Sam said they did!" Fred whispered in amazement. It was clear that this was what was going on but even so just saying it sounded bizarre. We both stood there in shock as Jeremy kept fucking Sam who now was wanking his own hard dick. They both seemed to cum at the same time with loud grunts then Jeremy pulled out of Sam before he and Sam jumped in the river. Fred and I were completely rock hard and dripping at this stage. Our hard dicks weren't going to go down once we saw Sam and Jeremy came out the river a couple of minutes later with their big dicks swinging between their legs.

This time Jeremy lay on his back and we watched as Sam opened a tub of something and smeared some on his hard again dick. Jeremy then lifted his legs up and Sam rubbed whatever it was on Jeremy's hole. Sam then lined up his dick and seemed to push inside Jeremy. It was incredibly hot watching this and Fred decided he'd had enough.

"I'm so fucking horny, Now's the time!" Fred said, pulling my shorts down to release my hard dick and then his. To my surprise he got on his knees and took my dick in his mouth causing me to gasp loudly again. I thought that caused Jeremy to look in our direction but I was fairly sure that was just my imagination. They were making so much noise I doubt they'd hear anything! My mind was elsewhere anyway as it was focusing on the amazing feelings I was getting from Fred's warm wet mouth on my dick.

As anyone who has experienced it will tell you, the first time you get your dick sucked is amazing but this was off the scale. Here I was getting my dick sucked by the boy I loved who was wanking his own dick as he sucked me, all the while I was able to watch two older boys having actual sex not many metres in front of me. Unsurprisingly me and Fred barely lasted any time at all before I shot my cum in his mouth and Fred came all over a tree!

"Wow!" I whispered as he came back up to my height.

"Why did I wait so long to do that until now? I loved it! I can't wait to suck it again! I was worried it would smell and taste weird but it didn't," Fred whispered back with a smile. Our eyes turned back to where Sam was fucking Jeremy. It was clear that they were both enjoying it and that Sam was close to his orgasm from the noise he was making. Then with a final thrust and cry out he came inside Jeremy. I loved watching this and I was instantly intrigued. I wondered what Fred's dick would feel like inside me. My musings and reverie were quickly broken by Jeremy as he stood up along with Sam.

"You can come out now!" He said, looking straight at us. Sam looked surprised and then slightly annoyed as me and Fred pulled our shorts up and walked into the clearing both noticeably sporting hard dicks again.

"You dirty little peeping toms! Watching us fucking each other without our permission! Looks like you enjoyed the show though. Jez, I think we better fuck them both now otherwise they'll tell on what we did!" Sam said pretend thrusting his 4 inch soft dick in our direction. While I may have been intrigued by having Fred do it to me no fucking way did I want a big dick like Sam's in me. I could only think what Fred would think about all this after the realisation before that Wilfred had done it to Simon,

"Don't be ridiculous Sam! They're just kids and much too young for us. So they watched? So what they won't tell anyone.. Anyway we gave them an education. The only dicks they should be taking inside them should be each other's. Hi Tom, hi Fred, hope you enjoyed the show?!" Jeremy asked with a raised eyebrow. We both blushed and giggled nervously before Fred's curiosity got the better of him

"It was exciting but unexpected! Did it hurt? And what was in that jar that Sam was rubbing on your um...bumhole and his um dick," Fred asked, sounding bashful by the end. Sam laughed, "Well Jez, you can play the teacher role if you like. I better get home before I'm missed. Same time tomorrow?" He asked Jeremy who smiled and nodded. Sam got in the water to clean off and got changed while Jeremy stood there naked smiling at us before he clearly decided to move things along.

"Come on you two, I assume you're here to swim? So get those clothes off and we can swim together. I'll answer all your questions!"

Slightly embarrassed we stripped off showing off those dicks that just wouldn't go down. Sam giggled and said we should stick them in each other while Jeremy was there to help which caused us both to blush. Once he'd gone we got in the water and floated in the fresh water as Jeremy answered our questions.

"Unsurprisingly taking any size of dick in your hole for the first time is a bit painful. Let's be fair our arses are used to things going out not going in! But once you get used to it it's amazing. We've got a sort of lubricant in the jar. You need a fair bit of it to make it slippy enough to go inside with it being dry. You do not want to be dry fucked as your arse would be raw for days! If you don't have lubrications then just stick to dick sucking instead. I can heartily recommend doing a 69 which is when you both suck each other at the same time!"

This was all useful advice I was filing away for the future but it was making me horny again so I changed the subject. Luckily by the time it came to get out I'd softened again. As we got out to dry off Fred went off for a quick piss in the bushes. Jeremy then slipped me his jar of lubricant. "Here take this in case you and Fred need it in the future. I've got plenty more so let me know if you ever need a top up! Advantage of having a dad as a doctor. He was always pretty frank with me growing up. "Don't get any girls pregnant. Boys are best until you're ready to settle down."

"Wow he seems pretty cool," I replied. He'd always seemed very doctorly when I'd met him and couldn't quite imagine him telling Jeremy that but it did make sense. I was fairly sure George would never have that chat with me and Fred though! Jeremy dried off and went home leaving me and Fred to it...

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