A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 26

I stayed quiet after Fred had apologised while I gathered my thoughts and formulated the questions I wanted to ask. It was clear Fred was suffering as well so I didn't want to be a complete arsehole about it. However I was also the wronged person here and I needed to find out exactly what had gone on. I also needed to find out if Fred loved me or indeed had ever loved me as painful as finding out the answer to that question might be. I had so much I wanted to ask him, so much I wanted to say to him but for starters I decided to keep it simple.

"Why Fred? Why did you do that with Johnny? Why did you let him suck your dick? How many times has he done it? I thought I was the only boy who could suck your dick. I love you! I thought you loved me!" I said with emotion clearly in my voice. I hadn't kept it as simple as I'd wanted to but I just couldn't help it as the questions came out.

"I do! I do love you Tom!" Fred protested, turning around to look at me. "I don't know what happened Tom."

"Well I do. I saw it. Johnny was sucking your dry while you clearly enjoyed it!" I replied with my voice raising an octave or two.

"It wasn't like that!" Fred protested again before taking a deep breath and continuing. "I had a few drinks and felt very emotional about losing Simon. Johnny suggested we went to Simon's bedroom to get away from the adults. When we were there he told me that being in this familiar place meant he could feel Simon's spirit again. I'd been talking to Simon the past couple of days through Johnny. They just have a strange spirit connection and so I've been able to talk to Simon about things. He takes over Johnny and it was just so amazing. I could finally tell him how sorry I was that he wasn't here. How I wished I'd been able to support him. I told him that the word was out about Wilfred and he was so relieved about things. He told me he forgave me for everything and it felt like a weight had been lifted. But then in the bedroom I found that there was a problem. Johnny channeled Simon's spirit again and the weight came back onto me. Simon said that he was a restless spirit because of how he died and couldn't move on due to me. He said that when he'd drowned himself his last thought was that he wished that he'd been able to suck my dick before he died and if I let him do it when he was possessing Johnny then once he'd done it things would be fine. So he'd be able to move on to heaven and he wouldn't be stuck here in the in-between worlds."

Fred was baring his soul to me with the emotion evident in his voice. He sounded so utterly convinced of all of this I realised it was the truth. Well the truth as Fred saw it. I was having absolutely none of it and it was clearly complete bollocks.

"Fucking hell Fred you are a fucking idiot. Listen to yourself!" I replied exasperatedly.

"I know! I know it sounds crazy but I've been talking to him all week. I did wonder when he mentioned the dick sucking thing that it might be one time where Johnny wasn't possessed and was just doing it to fuck me up. But what if it was true? How could I live with myself knowing Simon was stuck here forever?"

For the first time my anger dissipated slightly and I felt sympathy for Fred. He was clearly an emotional wreck and had allowed himself to be manipulated. It was clear to me if not to Fred that Johnny was bullshitting the whole time and had set all this up. I just didn't know why Fred couldn't see it. However there was no point in hammering it home although I didn't want him to get off completely. He needed to hear the truth however unpalatable that might be for him.

"Fred. I love you. I know this week has been hard but Johnny has manipulated you. Sorry and I know it's hard to hear but Simon is dead and there's no such things as ghosts or spirits. This wasn't Simon, this was Johnny the whole time. You know that deep in your heart. You haven't been thinking straight and I'm really fucking angry with you! I'm not angry that you had your dick sucked. You were manipulated into it by Johnny and I'm fucking furious at him! No. I'm fucking angry with you because you didn't tell me what was going on in your head and that you were talking to Simon via Johnny. If you had, I could have made you see sense. I thought we were a team? That we had each other's back? I could have shown you that it was all bullshit. I could have helped you realise that. I could have supported you! Why the hell didn't you trust me?!" I asked, getting angry again.

"I wanted to but Simon, well Johnny told me not to. Said it would make things worse for him. Oh god I've been a complete fucking idiot haven't I?" Fred replied clearly, beginning to see the truth of the whole thing.

"Yes you have," I said as my heart began to melt as the boy I loved realised how much he'd been played by Johnny. I still couldn't work out how he'd let himself be so easily manipulated. I suppose the emotion of the week played a massive part as did the fact that Johnny looked like Simon.

Fred looked at me imploringly, "Will you forgive me Tom!? Can things go back to how they were?" He asked, pulling at my heartstrings. Yes I could rightly be annoyed and angry with him forever. I still was angry but I also wanted the boy I loved back. I could take the moral high ground, dump him over it and let us both be miserable. I could move out of our bedroom but then who would help us both with our nightmares. Or I could understand what a mess he'd got himself into and help lead him out of it. After all as Edith said, real love is unconditional whatever mistakes are made. This was a big fucking mistake but I loved him so much I could move past this. I still wanted Fred to suffer slightly though!

"I don't know Fred," I replied with an overly dramatic large sigh.. "I feel betrayed. I saw you with your dick in another boy's mouth! Maybe next time I suck your dick you'll wish it was him doing it!"

"You're saying there's going to be a next time?" He asked hopefully. I smiled to myself and I knew despite everything I couldn't stay mad at him for long.

"It depends. Who did a better job?" I asked archly.

"You of course! Even though it was clear he'd done it before I hated every moment of it. I felt like I had to let him do it but I didn't want to! I only want you to do it!" Fred protested.

"Well you get your dick sucked by two boys! And I've never had mine sucked at all!" I said bringing up my point from earlier in the week. "However, you look exhausted. Come back to bed and have a sleep." I said pulling the cover back so he could squeeze in next to me. He beamed at me and took his clothes off climbing in next to me. He snuggled up to me straight away

"I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world. I am so lucky!" He said, pushing his luck slightly.

"You really fucking are. Most people would never let you back but I have a soft heart!" I said kissing him gently on the cheek. I know some people might think that after what happened that should be that but I know he regretted it. He'd been manipulated and had been a fucking idiot but I still loved him. He did what he did because of his love for Simon. I was still annoyed he hadn't told me what was going on but I hoped he'd learnt his lesson.

"And a hard dick..." Fred replied with a grin feeling me up slightly.

"Plenty of time for that later! Now go to sleep. Oh one last thing.....by the way........Mum and Dad know we're boyfriends!l" I said saving the best to last!

"What?! How?" Fred squeaked out.

"Go to sleep and I'll tell you later!" I said with a giggle. Luckily Fred was so tired he fell asleep almost straight away, his arms wrapped around me tightly as if he was worried if he let me go that I'd never come back. I lay there enjoying the feeling of having my boyfriend back in my arms. I still thought he'd been a fucking idiot but I guess his good heart allowed him to be easily manipulated.

In any case I felt infinitely better than I had the night before. All those thoughts I'd had about Fred not loving me. All those concerns that he was in a relationship with Johnny and that he'd only led me along until a better offer came along. So while it would take me a while to totally forgive him I was so happy to have heard the truth of what had happened. I too then drifted off to sleep revelling in the warmth of my boyfriend next to me.

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