A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 25

Despite the tears running down my cheeks I ran as fast as I could up the road before I got to our house. I then hid behind the shed and sobbed as the tears continued to fall. The pain of betrayal was cutting me like a knife. Why would Fred do that? He'd only met Johnny three days ago and already he was letting him suck his dick. Were they kissing right now? Was Fred on his knees sucking Johnny's dick?

Suddenly the reason for Fred's reticence and his lack of interest in having me suck him off became clear to me. He'd found someone else. All those declarations of love he'd said to me were lies. No wonder he never sucked my dick. All I was to him was just someone to suck his dick until he found someone better. This made the tears flow again until I thought there couldn't be anymore left

I tried to pull myself together as I had to act normal in front of Edith and George. I didn't want them finding out either about us or what was going on with Johnny and Fred. Maybe they'd blame me for getting Fred into boys? I know they felt a great deal of affection for me but I didn't want to risk upsetting them or blowing up the family again. After all I'd got away with it once with the whole outburst about Wilfred and Fred. The second time around they might not be as supportive of me.

So I took a deep breath or three and tried to compose myself. Once I'd got myself into a state where I reckoned I could get away with it I went inside and said I wasn't feeling great so had come home. That wasn't a lie as I was feeling absolutely rotten. George seemed nonplussed but I thought Edith gave me a slightly pointed look. I smiled as much as it hurt me to do so and said good night before heading up to our bedroom where I lay on the bed and started crying again.

"Can I come in ?" asked Edith knocking on the door a few minutes later. I tried to compose myself and wipe my tears away before saying yes but it was hard to fight them off. .

"Are you ok Tom?" She asked as she came in and sat next to me on the bed. I assured her I was fine and just a bit under the weather but as she put her arm around me I burst into tears again. I sobbed into her shoulder for a while before I took a few deep ragged breaths and tried to compose myself again.

"I could tell you weren't right when you came back. You hadn't been gone for long at all. Have you and Fred had a fight?" She asked softly as she stroked my hair gently.

"Sort of, it's complicated," I said simply hoping that would be enough to dissuade her from asking more questions. Instead she pulled me tighter and then whispered in my ear words that shocked me to the core..

"Tom. Love is often complicated and first love can be the most complicated of all."

I could have stayed silent at her potential implication but if she did know then there was no point hiding it. At least she would understand what I was going through. So I just replied quietly. "You know about me and Fred?"

Edith then laughed her warm joyous laugh, "Of course I do! I'm Fred's mother and pretty much yours now!I know everything about you both. I could see you were both falling in love with each other before you probably knew it. The way Fred looked at you and the way you looked at him that first time I met you. You boys are lovely sweet boys who I love with all my heart but by god you're dreadful at hiding your emotions even if you think you aren't!"

"Um does George know about us?" I asked nervously. It was one thing Edith knowing but as nice as he was George was more staid and stern than she was.

"Of course he does although I doubt he'll talk to you about it so you don't have to worry about that," Edith said reassuringly.

"You aren't angry or you don't mind?" I asked in surprise.

"Of course not dear but even if I did would it change anything? Love is love. Whether between a boy and a girl , two girls or two boys it's the most powerful emotion there is. If I got angry and banned you from seeing each other and threw you out the house am sure you'd both find a way whether it was running away together or sneaking around behind our backs. But please don't worry about that. I'm not remotely angry or upset about it. I just want my boys to be happy. You aren't the first boys I've known to fall in love. My favourite uncle growing up was a "confirmed bachelor" which I found out one day was code for liking men not women,. I would visit him and the friend he lived with. I adored them both and even if some people don't like all that sort of stuff going on well that's for them and it's their loss. Finding someone you love and who loves you is the most important thing in these dark destructive times. Now, I can tell you're uncomfortable with this conversation so we won't really talk of this again unless you want to but you can tell me what's been going on to upset you so much."

Her words flowed over me like a balm reassuring me that it was all fine for me and Fred to love each other. If indeed Fred had ever loved me rather than just pretending to until a better off came alone. However I wanted to let her know I appreciated her help so I told her as much as I could without going into details that might be a bit too much information.

"I don't really know. I caught Fred with Johnny doing something he only does with me and I don't why he did it and how he could do it with someone else? I feel betrayed and that everything we had together, everything he said to me was just a big lie."

"I'm sure there's a logical explanation Tom. So he was kissing Johnny and you saw him? Maybe it was just an accident or maybe you walked in at the wrong time and it's just a big misunderstanding. All I know is that he loves you and would never willingly hurt you. You're both young and young love is fierce and passionate. But you're also only thirteen and struggling to process emotions and how to manage being in love with someone else. You spend so much time together and even sleep in the same bed that it's natural there's going to be fallings out and misunderstandings. I'm actually surprised how little that has happened. My advice is to just talk together about it, as difficult as that might be. Let Fred explain himself. I know he loves you and that it isn't a big lie. I know it's hard at times but real love is loving that person unconditionally. Mistakes, warts and all. Whatever happened I'm sure it can be forgiven and explained by just the two of you talking about it. Now I'll let you two work it out between you although I'm here for you if you need me but I think a good night's sleep is the best medicine!"

I didn't have the heart to tell Edith that it was certainly more than kissing! I mean walking on a kiss could be bad timing or a "misunderstanding" but seeing someone with your boyfriend's dick in his mouth is pretty clear evidence of what is going on. As "misunderstandings" go I would love to hear the explanation of how I'd mistaken what my eyes had shown me! However she was probably right and I owed Fred at least the opportunity to explain himself. I thanked Edith and kissed her good night.

After she left I lay there on the bed. I did feel better after the chat though and just felt utterly exhausted by the emotion of it and the evening as a whole. I decided to take her advice and go to bed. I brushed my teeth, stripped off and got into bed. As well as needing sleep for myself, I also wanted to be fast asleep before Fred came home, if indeed he did come home. Maybe he'd be sleeping with Johnny at the party house instead? I fell asleep with my mind racing and wondering what the morning would bring.

Despite everything I managed to sleep all the way through to morning. As I came to I was acutely aware I was alone in bed so I sat up and looked around for Fred. The sunlight was streaming through a gap of the curtains illuminating the boy I loved who was sleeping in his clothes in the foetal position on the floor. Well I originally thought he was sleeping but from the gentle sobbing noise he was making as he hugged himself it was clear he was awake.

He must have heard my stirring as he went quiet and then just simply said "I'm so sorry Tom.". He said quietly not looking at me and I could hear the pain in his voice. It was the same pain I was feeling and I wanted more than an apology. I wanted, no I NEEDED answers to all the questions I had about the night before.

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