A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 24

So following the news I wasn't invited I sulked in the bedroom while Fred went off to the party alone looking a bit ashen faced. I knew it was going to be a hard evening for him. It wasn't just that though. It felt to me like something else was on his mind but I just couldn't get an answer out of him. It seemed he was holding something back from me and I just didn't know why.

After he left I lay on my bed running through the conversation we'd just had and looking for more meaning. In fact all the conversations we'd had and the rejection of me over the past couple of days. It didn't quite add up to me but I also knew it was highly likely I was overthinking it. Fred was struggling and feeling emotional after what happened to Simon. It didn't need to be any more complicated than that.

So I picked up my book after he'd gone and lost myself in the story. Eventually I got bored on my own and I headed downstairs to spend time with Edith and George.

"I thought you were going to the party?" Edith asked in surprise as they sat in their chairs by the fireplace listening to the radio. George was reading the daily paper at the same time and Edith was doing her knitting. Listening to the radio together was something they often did in the evening and Fred and I would join them at times. After all there wasn't that much else to do and we couldn't really spend all our time in our room kissing and messing around together. Although we certainly tried!

I shrugged at Edith's question pretending I didn't care one way or another, "Well I was invited but Fred thought it might be best if I didn't come along," I said sounding slightly grumpy which showed my shrug up. Edith smiled and came over to where I was standing giving me a big hug which surprised me. She led me into the kitchen so as not to disturb George who was clearly engrossed in the newspaper. I knew better than to try to get anything out of him when he was reading it particularly if the radio was also on!

"Tom.," Edith started to say. "Sometimes people say something like that they mean the opposite. You and Fred are so close now that he might have been testing you. Wanting the reassurance that you'd be there for him..It's a very emotional day for him and he probably would like your support. Maybe he couldn't find the words to tell you that so just said the opposite to see what you would do! I think we both know he's been struggling this week and unnaturally quiet. He's a teenage boy like you and you're both pretty rotten at talking about your feelings. Well to me you are anyway! However I really think he was testing you. I'm sure he really wants you there. Why don't you go and find him?" She said to me ruffling my hair even though I was now taller than her. To be honest I wasn't sure if she was right or not but I decided to go along anyway. Hopefully Fred wouldn't be annoyed at me and Edith would be right about him wanting me there.

So I went back upstairs to get changed into smarter clothes. I washed my face, combed my hair and picked up the clothes I'd started to put on earlier.. Once I got changed and walked down the hill slowly feeling nervous about everything. I hoped I was welcome. Maybe Fred had just been protecting me from the knowledge that Simon's parents didn't want me there? Was I about to be an uninvited guest who just couldn't take no for an answer?

I knocked on the door with my heart pounding. It opened and Simon's dad was there smiling at me. "Come in Tom!" He said, gesturing me in and clapping me on the back as I walked into the house. Despite the somber nature of the occasion there was the sound of distant and laughter coming from the garden which I could just about hear over the sound of music playing from what I assumed was their gramophone. There was also a definite smell of apples in the air from the glass of cider he was drinking and from the slurring of words clearly a fair bit of alcohol had been imbibed already!

"Glad you could make it and I hope you're feeling better. Fred said you were feeling under the weather," Simon's dad said as I followed him into the kitchen. There was various food laid out on a table. Simple fare given the nature of the times but you could tell love and a lot of attention had gone into the preparation. It looked like a fitting spread to remember Simon by. I felt slightly awkward being there given I'd never met him. I'd heard a lot about him from Fred and it seemed like we'd have got on well. It was just so sad what happened to him and how his life had been cut so short.

I smiled at Simon's dad and decided to keep Fred's lie about me being ill going. There was no point in telling the truth about Fred not wanting me to come along as that wouldn't do any good for anyone. I was just relieved that Fred wasn't lying about me being welcome there.

"Yes thanks, I was feeling a bit rubbish earlier but I'm fine now and wanted to come and celebrate Simon's life," I replied.. I guess he had his reasons for lying to them and pretending I was ill but it did make me slightly miffed.

"Well this medicine will sort you out, here have a glass of it. That will put hairs on your chest Tom!!" He said enthusiastically, pouring me a glass of cider and handing it to me. I looked at it slightly suspiciously as it looked a bit murky to me and I guessed it was homemade. He then took me out to the garden and went off to chat to someone who I guess was his brother while his wife introduced me to some of her relatives. I felt really awkward as I hated this sort of thing. Small talk and making niceties to people who weren't really interested in hearing what I had to say.

I didn't know anyone really and I didn't know Simon which made me feel a bit of an imposter.. I said some banalities in reply to questions from the adults and drunk a bit of cider wincing slightly as I did so. I looked around for Fred for support but I couldn't see him anywhere. I didn't really want to have to make conversations with the adults for long. Luckily they soon lost interest in me and went back to their previous conversations leaving me off the hook.

"Mmmm this cider is delicious," I said, bending the truth a bit. " Um where is Fred?" I asked out loud to no one in particular.

"He was here a few minutes ago talking to Johnny. Must be around somewhere, try upstairs!" Simon's Mum said to me before turning back to talk to her sister.. I stood there alone and ignored, so I decided to go and find them. Them hiding upstairs made sense. It was well away from the tediousness of adult conversation and the pointless questions they'd ask!

So I went into the house and after checking the rooms downstairs for them I went up the stairs quietly. Maybe they'd had too much cider and had fallen asleep! To my surprise I thought I could hear faint moans from a bedroom that sounded a bit like Fred. What was going on? Was he ok?

I got to the top of the stairs and noticed all the doors were open except one which was the one the moans seemed to emanate from. I stood outside listening to the moans wondering what the hell was going on. I carefully opened the door and to say I wasn't expecting the sight in front of me would be the biggest understatement of the century. In fact I had to blink a couple of times to check I wasn't actually dreaming.

To my complete shock and horror I saw Fred. My boyfriend and the boy I loved more than anything else in the world sitting on the edge of the bed with his trousers and pants around his ankles. Worst of all there on his knees with his head bobbing up and down between Fred's legs was Johnny. He was very obviously sucking Fred's dick and Fred was moaning softly under the ministrations of Johnny and his mouth. Despite me opening the door they were so engrossed in what they were doing that neither of them noticed me. Fred grunted loudly as he clearly came in Johnny's mouth then saw me and he looked utterly horrified.

"Tom! It's not what it looks like!" He protested trying to pull away from Johnny who was still sucking the last few drops of cum from Fred's balls. The balls that only I should be swallowing cum from! Those words seemed ridiculous. It was clearly what it looked like! Fred's dick inside Johnny's mouth. It was as simple as that and I felt myself break apart. Upset, anger, confusion, distress, fear all flowed into me. I just couldn't believe what was in front of me. " I think we all know it's fucking exactly what it looks like!" I shouted at him before running out the room as Fred tried to waddle after me with his dick still out. I ran out of the house and burst into tears. How could Fred betray me like that?!

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