A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 23

It was the penultimate week of the summer holidays and by now Fred was so used to my hand touching his dick he said it felt no different from his own. Actually that's not quite true, he said it felt better than his own! Although what was even better in his opinion was my mouth which I was more than happy to use on Fred's dick whenever he wanted!

"Oh...fuck.....fuck......ooohhh.....ahhhhh.....shit.......I'm cummmmmming...ahhhhhhhhhh!" Fred almost shouted as I brought him off to a spectacular orgasm with my mouth for the nth time! We had the house to ourselves so there was no problem with Fred making a massive racket and we were both aware that once we went back to school our opportunities for multiple daily orgasms would be slightly reduced.

After I pulled off and kissed Fred he pushed me back onto the bed and wanked me off with his hand until I shot all over it. Once he'd cleaned us both up and we lay on the bed in silence I decided it was time to ask the question I'd been pondering for a while. I hoped it wouldn't complicate things between us but I really wanted to know the answer.

"Um Fred. You know I love you so much and I love sucking your dick and swallowing your cum? And I've done it fuck loads of times now, maybe even 100?" I asked nervously.

"Yes and I love it when you do it!" Fred replied with a giggle.

"Me too and I can really tell you love it! But I have no idea what it feels like to have your dick sucked so it made me wonder.... Is there a reason you don't want to suck my dick?"

Fred didn't say anything at first and just lay there quietly until he sighed.

"I don't know. I've thought about it and I sort of want to but it also just seems...I'm not sure. It's hard to explain. I think part of it is that I guess I'm nervous. What if I do it wrong? But also, once you've sucked me off maybe I just then lose a bit of impetus to do it? I want to do it but I also feel I've built it up to be something bigger than it needs to be. It'll happen naturally I think. I'm sorry if that sounds flakey. One day soon I promise!" He told me, squeezing my balls gently as he did.

"You don't have to do it if you don't want to, I just wanted to know if there was a reason you didn't," I said in reply.

I wanted to know what it felt like but I didn't want to push Fred. I also didn't know if there were some lingering issues around what Wilfred did to him and Simon. Actually I knew there was but I just didn't know if it was connected to his reluctance to suck me. I didn't want to be all needy about it. After all, I enjoyed sucking him and I was happy with him using his hand on me. Maybe it was just that I was more willing to take risks in the bedroom than he was? I'd been the one who'd made the decision to suck his dick without any prompting from him. I guess I was overthinking it. For now I was happy to let life take over and it happen naturally. I just hoped it would happen one day soon!

I guess Fred had more important things to worry about anyway. Simon's memorial party was happening this week and I knew his mind was on that. It would be an emotional evening for him and Simon's family. We got up and had breakfast together with Edith. George was at work and after breakfast Fred and I did our chores.

Afterwards Fred suggested we go down to Simon's parents house to see if they needed any help preparing for the party. Given that it was only going to be a small affair I doubted they did but I knew Fred was on edge about the whole thing. Maybe some time spent hanging out there doing odd jobs for Simon's parents would help him manage his emotions about Thursday.

So we said goodbye to Edith and headed out down the hill towards Simon's house. Once we went through their gate, Fred knocked on the door. There was no answer initially. I'd just turned to say something to him when it opened so I was in a perfect position to see Fred's face whiten. I turned to the door to see that it had been by a boy who looked to my eyes a little bit older than us.

"Simon?!" Fred gasped in shock next to me. He was clearly affected by what he saw in front of him. The boy on the other hand looked at him as if he was completely insane.

"You think I'm Simon?! Are you thick or what? Of course I'm not Simon. Simon is dead. We're having a memorial for him this week. I can't believe you'd bring up that you thought I was him! I'm Johnny, his cousin."

Fred blushed and I could see he looked very embarrassed and mortified. "Sorry, I do know about him. I was his best friend and it was just a shock seeing someone who looked like him. It's just. Fucking hell you look so much like him. I'm really sorry I said what I said. Let's forget about it. Anyway I'm Fred and this is Tom. We're here to see if your Aunt needs any help preparing for the memorial on Thursday ? We're happy to do any jobs that need doing."

Johnny looked us both up and down and then smiled warmly at Fred, "Ah Fred! The famous Fred! I've heard so much about you over the years. I think we're fine as my aunt doesn't really want anyone outside the family helping. But you count as family from what I hear so come on in and we can find you something constructive to do. Tom, though. I'm afraid I don't want to overload the family on what will be a stressful week so probably best to go home for now. I'll send Fred back home in a bit. Come on in Fred!" Johnny said enthusiastically.

Fred looked at me apologetically and went inside leaving me standing there on my own feeling a bit miffed. It seemed a bit rude to me to dismiss me so quickly but I guess it was an emotional time for everyone. I had to be careful to give everyone involved space. I hadn't met Simon so it was easy for me to forget what sort of impact he clearly had on Fred and other people's lives.

So I walked back home on my own. Edith had gone out so I went to the bedroom and read my book. I tried to occupy myself until Fred came back although I got bored after a while. It seemed an age to me but in reality it was only a couple of hours later when he came back into our bedroom. Fred was very apologetic about abandoning me but said he hoped I'd understand about not wanting Simon's family to have too many people to deal with. What else could I say? I said that was fine. He seemed a bit down but that was to be expected as old memories would be coming back.

"I said I'd pop back tomorrow and Wednesday to lend a hand before the party on Thursday. Just me though I'm afraid. Don't worry there's still time for us to hang out and have fun!" He said smiling reassuringly which made me feel better about things. I don't know why I was feeling weird about things. It wasn't like we were joined at the hip and had to do everything together. I'd be there to support him and also make sure we had the fun he promised!

Although fun seemed to be on short supply in the run up to Thursday night. Ever since he'd come home on Monday Fred was slightly quieter than normal. After he spent even more time there at Simon's parents house on Tuesday he was even quieter. When he'd come back he was a bit off with me and did not want to talk. It was the same on Thursday as well. I felt excluded and he didn't really respond to any of my questions or even respond to me trying to get into his pants.

"I'm not in the mood," he'd said Tuesday night in bed which seemed a big change for a boy who usually was happy to be sucked off as often as I could do it! However I also thought it was churlish of me to get too annoyed about it. It was a big emotional week for Fred and once this was done I hoped things would be back to normal. He turned me down the next day as well and then on Thursday morning said "it feels wrong on a day like today.". I guess I'd let my hormones control things and had to give him space.

In general though he seemed a bit different. When I asked if he was fine he said he was but I knew it was a lie. It was like seeing Johnny had brought back all those old memories and I hoped he was ok.

He'd gone over Thursday morning and had spent a fair bit of time over there on the day of the party before coming back to get changed into slightly nicer clothes. Not that we really had anything too smart but something a bit more formal than what he'd been wearing to help set up. It was clearly an emotional time for everyone. Edith and George were originally going to go with us to the party but I think the emotion of it had gotten too much for Simon's parents and on the day they asked it to be close family only. Whether or not that included me was soon made clear.

"Tom, I think it might be best if I go on my own to the party," Fred said as we both started to get changed into smarter clothes.

"Oh. They don't want me there?" I said feeling disappointed I couldn't support Fred. I also was feeling a bit pissed off that he'd told me only as I'd started to get changed. He could have told me as soon as he'd got home when he'd told his parents as well.

"Actually they said they'd like you to come but I just think for me it might be easier. Sorry Tom." His apology sounded slightly hollow but if that's what he wanted that's what he wanted. However despite not wanting to make it all about me I was upset and disappointed about that. I wanted to be able to support Fred. We were boyfriends and I loved him but if that's what he wanted I decided I'd do as he asked. I wasn't happy about it particularly as it seemed it was Fred's decisions rather than Simon's parents. That hurt a bit but again I knew I needed to try and be mature about it. We loved each other and that was all that mattered. If Fred thought he'd cope better without me then that was fair enough. It was up to him and I'd get over it even if the initial shock of it stung slightly..

"Fair enough Tom. If you don't want me there I won't come," I said in reply expecting him to protest that he did want me to come but that it might be better if I didn't. However he just simply replied. "Thanks for understanding," and that was it.

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