A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 22

"Mmmm I could happily have you suck my dick all day long!" Fred said a couple of days later just after he'd cum in my mouth again. I'd sucked him off a fair bit since our reconciliation and I was more than happy to do it again and again and again. I loved the feeling of his hard dick in my mouth. I couldn't get enough of it. I'd flick my tongue around his dick head tasting the precum from his slit. I'd peel back his foreskin and lick all the way around it. I'd bob up and down taking as much as the shaft as I could. There was no doubt I was hooked on sucking it!

I loved Fred and I loved making him feel good which he clearly did every time I sucked him! I also loved it when he came in my mouth. Basically I loved it all!

Fred clearly loved it as well and that just made it all the better. I did wonder what it would feel like to have my dick sucked but for now Fred seemed to show no interest in sucking me. He always used his hand which felt great but part of me would have liked him to have used his mouth. I didn't really know how to raise it though and I didn't want to push him into something he didn't want to do.

I smiled at Fred's comment about me sucking him off all day long. "Well I'd be more than happy to! I'll give you a few minutes and we can do it again!" I replied with a grin as I wrapped my arms around Fred. Fred broke off from the hug and looked at me with a smile.

"Mmmm that would be nice but it will have to wait. I've got something I need to do and I should get it out of the way." He said getting out of bed and reaching for a pair of pants.

"Oh right, what is it?" I asked as he pulled them on, hiding his dick from me for now.

"I need to go and see Simon's parents. I know it will be hard and upsetting for all of us but I want them to know he wasn't lying about what had happened. I owe it to Simon and his memory." Fred slipped into a pair of trousers and then pulled on a top as he said this.

I was a bit surprised to hear that's what Fred wanted to do as I thought he didn't want to talk to any adults about it. Then again I understood what he meant. It would be tough for Simon's parents to hear but I knew it would help Fred with the healing process. I imagine he felt guilty about not backing Simon up at the time but then again it did seem that Simon hadn't wanted to talk to him about it. It was also unclear if Simon had said exactly what happened to him. I guess he'd just said Wilfred had molested him and left it at that. I suspected Fred would do the same. He wasn't in that bedroom with Simon when it happened so while he had very strong suspicions about it what was the point of spelling it out to his parents.

"Do you want me to come with you to give you some support?" I asked, swinging my legs out of bed and reaching for my pants.

"Thanks, I have to do it on my own though. Actually thinking about it maybe you could walk down with me and wait outside for me to finish? It will be nice to have a friendly face to walk back with."

"Of course Fred! I'm always here to support you. It makes me love you even more than I already do that you're willing to put yourself through all of this."

He smiled gratefully and so half an hour later I was sitting on the wall outside Simon's house while Fred was inside talking. I knew he was nervous and I knew I would be as well. How do you tell grieving parents what he had to tell them? It was tough for all concerned but I also hoped that once it was done he would feel better about everything. Closure isn't something that instantly happens. I knew that better than anyone with all the pain and grief I'd experienced in my life. However letting the truth be free and out there was often one of the big steps towards it.

Fred was in there for a while before the front door opened and he came out with Simon's parents. I could see the strain on all their faces and unsurprisingly it must have been a tough experience for all of them. Fred turned to leave when Simon's Mum spoke up.. "One last thing Fred. Do you think what happened to Simon and us not believing him had any to do with his swimming accident?" She asked, clearly nervous about what the answer would be. I knew Fred was totally convinced that it was the major cause and that Simon drowned deliberately. However I knew he wouldn't want to cause even more pain for them and I was relieved to see that was the case with his reply.

"Not at all. Simon was in a really good place by then. He didn't blame you for not listening to him and understood why you didn't. He'd moved on really and was getting on with his life. It was just a tragic accident," Fred said, lying his arse off to Simon's parents. It was a good thing he did though as in this case honesty would not be the best policy. You could see the relief Simon's parents felt at that news.

"I know I already said one last thing before Fred," Simon's mum said. "But this really is one last thing I promise! We might do some sort of small memorial party for Simon later in the holidays.. My sister and my nephew are hopefully coming to visit for a few days and it would be a nice time to have a small celebration of his life. I know he meant a lot to you and you did to him so we'd like you to come. Tom can come as well if he likes. It'll only be small but I'll let your Mum know more about it when we've got our heads around it. It's all very raw still. " Simon's Mum had a sad smile on her face as she said this while his Dad just looked broken. I guess the pain of losing your child never goes away for a parent. Even worse than the pain for Fred or for me of losing my Dad and William.

We then said our goodbyes and turned up the hill to walk home. Once we were out of view of the. Fred burst into tears and I gave him a hug which ended up with a slightly tearful wet kiss. Just as we broke apart for air a bike wizzed last us..

"Fucking puffs!" Bert shouted as he rode past us down the hill.

"Fuck off!" Fred shouted, flicking a V at him as he disappeared down the hill.

"Ignore that dickhead," I said as I still held him close.

"I will do. But we probably shouldn't kiss on the side of the road anyway. Too many prying eyes. The last thing we need is for word to get back to Mum and Dad. Anyway, let's get ourselves home. Just you holding me has made me feel a bit better about it all. That was pretty exhausting. I feel drained although not so drained that I wouldn't be up for you to drain my balls with your excellent sucking skills!"

"You have a one track mind! But it would be my pleasure Fred!" I said with a giggle and we rushed back home up the hill. I was back on my knees as soon as we got in the bedroom and I sucked Fred off a couple of times that afternoon! Fred's appetite for being sucked off was pretty insatiable but luckily I was more than happy to oblige.

As the days passed I did a lot more sucking of Fred's dick to both of our evident enjoyment! To my delight and Fred's relief, he began to get used to the touch of my hand on his dick and no longer recoiled when I touched him. It seemed he now relished my touch knowing that it would usually end with him shooting a load of cum down my throat! Not that I was counting but I reckoned I'd now swallowed his cum over 30 times while he'd not swallowed mine once. I still didn't have the balls to raise it though so I just settled for him bringing me off by hand.

Fred's mental health did seem to improve after his talk with Simon's parents. I knew doing it wouldn't bring him closure just yet and maybe it never would. However it did seem that a weight had been lifted off him. Unfortunately because we were teenage boys we didn't always talk about emotions and how we were feeling as much as we should. So while I assumed Fred was feeling better about things it was hard to know for sure.

It also helped that Edith had done an excellent job of making Wilfred a pariah locally. Uncle Frank had apparently been very firm with Wilfred warning him he was on his last chance and he could no longer turn a blind eye. Well that's what he said to his brother anyway. Whether or not that was true I didn't know.

It was just as likely that the societal pressure against Wilfred was more of a kick in the balls for him than Frank's chat. However I guess that just knowing there might be trouble down the road for him did the job as in the end Wilfred obviously decided enough was enough and moved away soon after.

Fred was evidently relieved about that and felt much happier about things. However it did make me think that all that had happened was that Wilfred had got away with everything. He could move to a new area and molest more boys with everyone there none the wiser. Ultimately though I was happy for Fred and as thirteen years old boys there wasn't much we could do about the bigger picture.

As the summer holidays rolled on, our bond became closer and closer. I wondered at times if Edith and George knew what was going on. They'd made a brief attempt to see if I wanted to sleep in Norman's room rather than in the same bed as Fred but I said I was happy as I was.

"I still have nightmares about what happened to me. Having Tom in the same bed as me really helps me deal with it all," Fred said which really sealed the deal. His parents couldn't disagree with that and so no questions would be asked. Our sleeping arrangement could continue as they were much to our delight!

I guess it was easier for Fred to play the nightmare from being molested card rather than the "I love sleeping with Tom because he sucks my dick every night" card which may have caused Edith and George to have heart attacks!

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