A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 21

I woke up alone on the bed but then saw Fred sitting on the floor up against the wall reading a book. He put it down when he saw me awake and gave me a grumpy look.

"So....Mr blabbermouth is awake," he said slightly testily.

This wasn't a good start but I tried to put a brave face on and smiled at him. He didn't smile back and put me straight on the spot with his next sentence.

"What I want to know Tom, is exactly why you told everyone my secret last night? I'm not necessarily angry still, just confused."

"Right okay," I replied before launching into what I wanted to say to Fred. "I hate what Wilfred did to you and Simon. What he's done to other boys. What he might do to even more boys. I want to stop that as much as possible and I know you do too. I wasn't intending to say anything but I lost my temper at Uncle Frank being so fucking useless. Like it was all one big joke that Wilfred did what he did. I shouldn't have said anything but I wanted to do the right thing. I don't want him to do it again. I'm very very sorry that I upset you and that I told them what happened to you. I guess I wanted you to find some sort of closure. Not to make me feel better but for you. I have probably made it worse I guess but I still wanted to do it for you. The thing is Fred, probably the main reason I did it is because......"

The words failed me at this point and Fred was straight on me. "You did it because what?" He asked.

I took a deep breath unsure whether I should tell him. Then again I'd said so much over the past 24 hours why not go all in. "It's because I love you Fred." I said nervously and blushing red in embarrassment.

He looked at me in surprise "You love me? A boy as amazing as you loves someone as broken as me?"

I got off the bed and sat down next to him putting my arm around him. "Yes I love you. You're amazing. You're not broken, well no more than I am. I thought we agreed to fix each other together. I've never met anyone like you before and yes I love you with all my heart. "

"What about William?" Fred asked to my surprise. I'd not forgotten William but he was dead. It was also different. William was my best friend growing up. The love I had for him developed over the years and maybe got confused with my sexuality once I started puberty. I wasn't sure how to explain but I tried the best I could.

"That was different. He was my best friend for years and the love I had for him wasn't the same I have for you. I guess you know with Simon? I haven't known you long but as soon as I saw you I think I fell in love with you. The more time we spent together that only strengthened. After all, I don't just put any random boy's dick in my mouth and swallow their cum! That's just for the boy I love."

Fred smiled at me and squeezed my hand. "Want to know another secret Tom? This one you mustn't tell Mum and Dad though! Until I say you can anyway, promise?"

"I promise!" I said wondering what it was.

"I also love you," he said softly. My eyes widened in surprise as I heard the words. My heart started doing cartwheels. Yes we'd kissed and had done some stuff together but I didn't necessarily think that Fred loved me. This was more than I could hope for. I leaned forward and we kissed, cementing the love we'd just professed for each other.

"Am I forgiven?" I asked once we came up for air.

"Not yet," Fred said, looking serious. "I still don't quite understand why you loving me meant you had to say what you said last night but there you go. However you aren't forgiven yet. There's quite a few loads of cum you're going to have to swallow before then!"

We both giggled at that and smiled broadly at each other. "Well no time like the present! Shall we get on the bed?" I suggested. Fred shook his head, "I should go and speak to Mum first. But I'll tell her we're both tired and need a sleep so hopefully she'll leave us alone here for a while."

I let him go downstairs and lay on the bed until he came back. His face was slightly tear stained but he nodded with a smile when I checked if he was okay. He then shut the door behind him and started to strip off. I grinned as he did and did the same until we were both naked. He walked to stand in front of me as I sat on the bed. He reached down to take my hand and he took it and placed it on his dick. I wrapped my hand around it and held it tight as I could see him taking deep breaths to calm himself.

"Ok?" I asked him with a shy smile. It felt strange that I was feeling a bit shy about it given that I'd sucked his dick before. I suppose given that I knew how he felt about being touched there I wanted things to go smoothly.

"Yeah, getting used to it. You can try moving your hand up and down a bit if you like!"

I did as he suggested and he moaned slightly as I started to wank him gently. I reckoned my two minutes was up so I did a few more up and downs before I held it at the base of my shaft with my hand and slipped it into my mouth. Fred whimpered in enjoyment as I bobbed up and down on it, sucking it enthusiastically. All the stress of yesterday seemed to disappear now it was just me, the boy I loved and his dick.

Fred clearly didn't want to make much noise with his parents in the house and as he came in my mouth he made a gentle sigh of release. I swallowed all his cum down and licked him clean. I moved back up to kiss him and he kissed me back before pushing me down on the bed and using his hand to wank my dick. I didn't last long and I shot my cum up in the air before it splattered down on my torso. Fred cleaned me up with a crusty handkerchief and we quickly got dressed in case either of the adults came to check on us.

"So you're not forgiven but that was a good first step towards it," Fred said smiling at me as we lay on the bed together. I didn't want to complicate things but I also felt I needed to clear something up. I took his hand and looked into his eyes.

"Well I'm personally looking forward to having to do plenty more penance sucking your dick! One thing I wanted to say though Fred. I meant that I said what I did last night because I love you. I hate seeing suffering. I hate that you have nightmares. I hate that the boy I love thinks he's so broken that I couldn't love him. Now the truth is out it's the start of the healing process."

Fred stared back into my eyes, staying quiet. He then smiled slightly and squeezed my hand.

"That means a lot. I want to move on and now you're with me that will help. I guess having such a beautiful amazing boyfriend means I can't be that broken can I?"

"Mmm this boyfriend of yours sounds pretty special, when can I meet him?" I asked with a cheeky grin.

"Soon, you'd like him. Can't keep his mouth shut sometimes but that's fine if it's my dick going into it!" He replied with a giggle which set me off as well.

We went downstairs in search of food and had a sort of ice breaking lunch with Edith and George. They respected that Fred didn't want to talk about what happened to him and I apologised for causing a "scene" the night before. I wouldn't say everything was back to normal but this was England. Families like to ignore the elephants in the room and can talk any old shit to avoid talking about feelings and emotions! At the end of lunch Edith stood up purposefully.

"Right, I am off to the WI and to let everyone know that man is to be avoided at all costs.". The tone of her voice as she said "man" left everyone very clear who it was and how she felt about Wilfred. Not that it was surprising but I did see Fred gave her a grateful look. Edith was a formidable woman and I had no doubt she'd spread the word very effectively. As Edith was going out George suggested the three of us had a game of cricket on the lawn. It was so nice to play the game together and we had a really fun afternoon. The world certainly felt a lot better by the end of the afternoon than it had yesterday evening!

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