A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 30

After that first sex session we did it an awful lot. Fred couldn't get enough of being inside me and I was more than happy for him to be in me as much as he liked! It didn't mean we stopped sucking dicks though and we still did 69s a lot as well.

After all I still needed to get off and it was also a lot easier mess and preparation wise! We literally could wake up, pop each other's dicks in each other's mouths and be done and dusted in under ten minutes! After that first time of having a pre school fucking session we both realised that fucking before school was just too problematic. Too much mess and too much preparation needed. I was more than happy with early morning sucking sessions though. There certainly are worse ways to prepare for the day ahead than having your dick sucked though!

The nights after we'd both shared a bath and had gone to bed were usually reserved for fucking. We experimented with a number of positions and being young and athletic we managed to do it in some really surprising and interesting ways! For now I was doing all the receiving and Fred the giving which was sort of what I suspected would happen. I was happy with that as I loved the feeling of Fred inside me. Filling me up with his dick and then his cum. It didn't mean I wasn't curious about doing it to him though, it just hadn't happened yet. However that was soon to change much to my delight!

A couple of months after we had sex for the first time we lay in bed together chatting and cuddling. It was a crisp January morning and it was the weekend. We had no plans, Fred's parents were out and we'd just had a very relaxing love making session. Fred had really taken his time inside me and despite the cold morning air we were both sweaty after our exertions.

"I want you to do it to me," Fred said as he ran his fingers gently through my hair as I lay my head on my chest. This was a surprise as while I hoped we'd do it like that at some point I wasn't expecting Fred to just suggest it out of the blue. I wanted to check that was really what he wanted and that he wasn't just doing it because he felt bad that I was doing all the taking up to now.

"Are you sure? I've always been reluctant to mention it because of you know..." I replied leaving it open ended.

"Fuck him. He's old news Tom. I love being inside you and I want you to feel what I feel. And me to make those whimpering noises you make when I'm doing you. I want you to make love to me like I do to you!". Fred then kissed me passionately.

I needed no second invitation to take that next step! I struggled to control my excitement, and my nerves. I know it was a bit silly to be nervous. What was the worst that could happen? I guess it was just that I didn't want to cause Fred any pain. I wasn't particularly big size wise, certainly my dick was still smaller than Fred's and that no longer hurt me.

While I was keen to get going we decided to have a bath first so everything was clean. Then there I was half an hour or so later standing behind my boyfriend with my dick and his hole lubricated up. I parted his bum cheeks and I could see his rosebud just waiting for my dick to enter it!

"Wow, your bum is so beautiful!" I said out loud as I ran my hands over it and then giggled at how weird that sounded.

"Calm down Tom. Shut up and just fuck me rather than admiring it. Otherwise I might get bored and fart on you!" Fred replied, also giggling. I could hear the nerves in his voice too and I decided it was time to get things moving.

So I pushed my dick in between his cheeks as I held on to his hips. To my surprise as I pushed my dick forward against his hole I slipped in easily. (It turned out afterwards he'd been trying to loosen himself with his fingers for a while, something I should really have done before I did it for the first time!)

The sensations of being inside Fred for the first time were just incredible. It was so tight and so warm but it was more than that. We were now joined together as one. Soul mates and sex mates. Once you've been inside someone there's no coming back from it. Like I said when Fred did it for the first time to me, I wanted us to mate like wolves did and mate for life.

I loved making love to Fred. It might have been my first time but I took to it like a duck to water. There was no need to try to control the noise we were making as we just let ourselves fully go for it. Grunting, groaning, whimpering, shouting. No way could we have done that with anyone else in the house!

I wanted it to last forever but like all good things it had to come to an end. But what an end it was! I almost saw stars as I came inside Fred for the first time. It unlocked something inside me, an animal passion and I waited for my dick to harden before I did him straight after again. When I was done I got on my back and then Fred did me as well. It was an intense session and we both deposited a fair bit of cum inside each other. As we bathed clean in the now cold water afterwards a fair bit leaked out which was a bit off putting when you're trying to work out what's soap suds and what isn't!

I loved having sex with Fred and he loved doing it with me as well. Our sex lives now certainly incorporated lots anal sex with not just me receiving after that day! We did it as often as we could but there was still something to be said for the no mess fun of a blow job. Our relationship deepened even more and I couldn't be happier. The previous few months had their ups and downs as expected but when Fred reminded me it was one year to the day since we met I couldn't believe how much my life had changed.

There had been so much sadness and death in the world during that year. I had no idea if the war would spread and finally engulf my little area of rural England. What I know was that it was even more important than ever to find happiness where you could and that point is hammered home even more than usual by what was going on everywhere. I certainly love Fred hammering it home to me with his now getting on for six inch hard dick!

"I could never have imagined we'd be where we are now when you flashed your dick at me a year again!" Fred said as we kissed that morning on my one year anniversary of being in the Candlin house.

"I did not flash!" I protested yet again.. Fred loved to wind me up about this but I liked it really. If I'd have known he was interested I'd have flashed him for a lot longer!

"Well I liked it Tom and still like it when you show me! SO.. Mum and Dad are out. The pot isn't empty yet. It's raining outside. Let's see how many times we can have sex before they come home!"

I agreed enthusiastically and got on my back as Fred eased himself into me and we had a long relaxed lovemaking session. Just the way we both liked it!

So one year on from when I left home I'm now a fully fledged adopted member of the Candlin family. My Mum finally drank herself to death at the end of January. I'd be lying if I said I was devastated but I was upset. Yes she'd been abusive to me and sent me into an equally abusive situation with Mr Arse. However she was still my Mum. Even if I had no respect for her I still loved her even if I thought she didn't love me. It was the last vestiges of my old London life and family gone.

Now my life is here in rural England with the Candlins. With Fred.. The nightmares I'd have of William had pretty much gone. I occasionally feel guilty at times like I had replaced him with Fred but I'd stop myself. What I have with Fred is so different to William. Not just the fully active sex life but the intense emotion and love that I felt for him. I know he feels the same for me which made it all the more special. William was my best friend but we were young and naive. We weren't in love like I was with Fred. I guess I'll never know if that sort of special love would have developed but what I have with Fred feels unique to me. A life long meeting of two souls destined to be together.

Edith and George didn't really mention our relationship aside from the odd time we might have a bit of a falling out over something trivial. That didn't happen that often but with hormones and emotions involved it was natural we'd sometimes have a falling out. It never lasted long and Edith in particular would act quickly to make sure we talked it out.

Whether Edith and George knew how much we'd progressed on from kissing I had no idea! I wasn't like they tried to prevent it.. After all, we continued to sleep in the same bed and George helped build a larger one so we had more space. Given that having gay sex was illegal I guess they maybe didn't want to say anything to us. Then again that might have just been me thinking it wasn't obvious. After all it's hard to hide the intense love you have for your soulmate no matter how hard you try.

The odd rumour went around school about us but neither of us cared. While being publicly out as gay was just impossible I knew we were far from alone in doing what we would probably have put down to teenage experimentation and curiosity if we'd ever needed to. Jeremy had once suggested there was barely a boy in our school that hadn't had at least some sort of fumbling around with another one. That seemed to be totally exaggerated to me but then again he certainly got around so maybe he knew better! By now he was "courting" a local girl but he let me and Fred know that it didn't quite mean his previous liaisons were all over!

In the end I suppose the future is what you make it. There was my life with Fred and the Candlins. There was the ongoing terrible war that seemed to be never ending. The future of everything seemed so uncertain. Could Fred and I live out a happy life together? Like Edith's uncle and his friend?

There certainly were other "bachelors" living in the area. I guess that meant they probably were gay and just gone on with it. Out here in the countryside the law had a pretty weak arm and had better things to do than investigate who was doing what with who. That was for the future though. For now, Fred and I decided that we'd keep our love quiet as long as possible. After all we're only fourteen and intense as our love is you just don't know what the future will bring. Maybe we'd be packed off to war in a few years when we'd become adults? Maybe the war would never end? It was impossible to say.

All my thinking about the future has made me think that in these uncertain times full of strife that maybe it's best just to keep things simple. Love is what makes life what it is. Whether with a boy or a girl it should be up to you. I love Fred. he loves me. Ultimately that's as simple as it needs to be. We'd found each other in strange circumstances and helped fix each other. We'd become soul mates and whatever the world threw at us I knew we'd manage.

Being in love and being loved is what brings happiness and joy to life. It brings it meaning and creates a light in the darkness that threatens to overwhelm the world at times. I'd found my light in the darkness. Wherever I was in the world Fred would be my light, shining brightly and guiding me home. Guiding me back to the boy I loved more than anything else in the world. Two lights shining brighter than any star always guiding the other one home forever.

The End

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