A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 18

The rest of the day was hot and humid. The heat was oppressive at times and we both wished we'd been able to stay down by the river. However Jeremy and Sam needed their own space so we just lay outside in the shade of a big tree at the far end of the garden. It was sheltered and far enough from the house that we could probably have gotten away with kissing but it was still a bit of a risk.

We chatted at times but other times we lay there in silence. I knew Fred would be thinking about Simon. He'd had a bad eureka moment earlier and clearly that would affect him. I guess he'd never quite worked out what had happened to Simon in that room with Wilfred but now he had there was no way it could be forgotten. I wondered if his nightmare would come back that night and I wanted to be able to support him if he needed me.

"You alright Fred?" I asked him at the end of a particularly long silent period.

"Yeah Tom, just thinking about things. Some days I really wish I believed in God. Some all powerful being who could fix everything and make those that had been bad pay. He could fix all the broken people like me. But unfortunately I don't believe in him. The whole idea is a complete load of bollocks. What sort of god let's all this shit happen and does nothing about it?! That's why I know he doesn't exist!" He said bitterly.

I'd never heard Fred talk about god or religion or any of this before and it showed how much Wilfred had affected him. I wanted to kiss and hold him but that was much too risky in the garden. So I just held his hand and squeezed it tightly.

"You're not broken. Well no more than I am. We can fix each other Fred. We don't need God or anyone else to do it for us."

"Do you believe in God Tom?"

"Do I fuck. After what happened to Dad and William I'd have to be a bit fucked up to believe in some all powerful being who allows all this shit to happen but then expects us to go and worship him for doing fuck all about it! No. I believe in us! You and me. We'll work it out. It might take time and it might be hard but we'll do it!" I said vehemently.

"It certainly is hard, most of the time actually particularly after spending all that time naked earlier!" Fred said with a laugh changing the subject. I knew he was doing it because he was upset about everything and wanted to talk about something else but I hoped he wouldn't keep it all bottled in. That crying in my arms earlier had hopefully helped him but I imagined he also felt a bit embarrassed about it. He was right though, we were hard a fair bit of the time!

We lay outside there until George came home and then we went inside for dinner. Everyone was feeling the heat and dinner was a very light affair as it seemed to sap our appetite as well as energy. I was tempted by a cold bath at bedtime but that seemed too much cooling down though it was hot! I went to brush my teeth in the bathroom after Fred had brushed his. I let my mind wander to our trip to the river earlier and I started to feel excited about it being just me and Fred alone in our room once we'd gone to bed. I finished off and came back into the bedroom closing the door behind me and we both started undressing.

"It's too fucking hot to wear anything in bed tonight. Let's just sleep naked if that's ok with you?" Fred asked me with a shy smile. Given we'd been naked in front of each a fair bit of the day I was slightly surprised at his shyness. I decided to let him know he never needed to be shy about being naked in front of me.

"I'm happy to sleep naked with you every night! I can't get enough of seeing that beautiful thing!" I answered grinning as I pointed at his dick. He grinned back at me as I finished undressing, "Well yours looks pretty amazing too!" he replied.

We got into bed and lay there in silence with that tension in the air again before Fred broke it.

"So Tom....I think the last two times I've tried to touch your dick something has interrupted us. Mum calling us downstairs and then Jeremy and Sam turning up today. Maybe third time lucky? Surely now we're alone in bed nothing can go wrong? So Tom, can I touch it now please?" He asked, sounding quite formal which I giggled at.

"Of course but why don't you kiss me first? We've got all night!" I replied and I leant in to kiss him. Our tongues entwined as we rolled around on the bed, our naked bodies pressed right up together. Our hard dicks touched as we pushed our hips together. Lust was taking over both of us and as I briefly came up for air I reminded Fred we needed to try and be quiet.

"We'll be fine, you know Dad snores really loudly! Now, let's see how this feels in my hand," he whispered. I then moaned as his hand touched my hard dick for the first time.

"Feels really so nice in my hand," he whispered as he moved his hand gently up and down before speeding up slightly.

"Feels...amazing for me..." I said between gasps of breath. The moon shone through a gap in the curtains illuminating us both as Fred wanked me on the bed. His dick was also hard and I really really wanted to reach for it but he shook his head slightly when I moved my hand towards it. I guess he didn't want a repeat of the other day and the bad memories being brought up. He focused on wanking me and we kissed as he did so before I had to pull away as I got close.

"Going...to....cum..." I whispered before with as quiet a grunt as I could do given the circumstances I shot cum over his hand.

"You messy bugger!" Fred said with a giggle as he slowly pumped the rest of the cum out of my balls before wiping it and his hand with a handkerchief. I could see he wasn't sure what to do next though. His dick was hard and I guess he wanted to wank it but I thought I might have a better idea.

"That was amazing Fred. Your dick looks rock hard as well! Er....um...do you trust me?" I asked nervously.

"Yes of course I do, Tom! Why do you ask?"

"Well the thing is Fred...I have an idea! I know you are uncomfortable with me touching you with my hand so I want to try something else. Stop me if you don't like it though." I said. He nodded but looked confused at first. I moved my head down towards his dick until it was right in front of my face. I flicked a tongue experimentally swiping it across his slit which was glistening with pre cum leakage. I wanted to use my hand to peel back his foreskin but I knew he was anxious about me touching him. Hopefully once I had it on my mouth it would be ok so I then moved forward and took it in my mouth.

As I gently bobbed up and down sucking the piece of flesh in my mouth Fred exhaled and moaned loudly. It seemed that he was fine with it as I continued to suck it with more enthusiasm he gasped out "Oh god...don't fucking stop Tom!"

I had no intention of stopping and I was really enjoying making Fred feel good. His dick felt so good in my mouth and the appreciative noises Fred made were definitely rewarding. I'm not sure how long I was down there sucking his dick before he urgently whispered, "almost...there! Better...pull off!"

I had a decision to make but I knew what the outcome would be. Also as he didn't want me to touch him with my hand how else would he cum? I stayed on sucking until he grabbed my head tightly and let out a sort of groan and grunt at the same time as he shot cum into my mouth. Even though I was expecting it there was still an element of surprise as it shot into my mouth. I swallowed it as best as I could and kept sucking as his dick pulsed out a bit more cum. Then he whispered, "too sensitive!".

At that point I pulled off and went back up to his face and kissed him. I guess some of his cum was still in my mouth as he pulled off slightly and said ,"Wow, is that how I taste?"

"Well I swallowed most of it but I guess so!" I replied with a giggle before asking the question I really wanted to know the answer to. "How was it? Did I do okay?" I asked nervously.

"I guess it was alright," he replied, looking at me with a serious expression before he broke into a fit of giggles. "I'm only messing with you Tom! It was absolutely fucking amazing! Also a lot less messy doing it that way! I never realised anything could feel that good!"

I smiled at him in relief, "Phew! Well seems like my idea worked so I can keep doing it to your dick! But Fred.....I want to be able to touch it without you rejecting me. We need to work out how to do that. Whether it's me just holding your dick for hours until you get used to it or whatever i don't know but I want to try! I want to reclaim your dick and I want it for myself!"

"You can have it anytime you want!!" Fred said with a smile before he held my hand and looked into my eyes. "I know it's frustrating. It is for me too, It might have been fine for you to use your hand but I didn't want to lose the moment and be affected. I wanted to enjoy doing things with you and not have the memory of HIM coming back to me, Let's try soon but it's nothing to do with rejecting you, Tom. It's just....I guess I'm scared that maybe it can't be fixed?"

"Everything can be fixed Fred," I said as I moved in to kiss him. We kissed before cuddling up together under the blankets. The heat was oppressive and we had to throw the blanket off. It took a while to fall asleep and I woke in the night to Fred tossing and turning clearly having his nightmare. I held him close as he struggled until it seemed to settle him and he stopped. I lay there awake for a while. I wanted to help Fred but I just didn't know the best way to do it. Hopefully time would heal him but it had been a couple of years and he still had nightmares. I'd just do what I could to support him.

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