A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 19

When I woke in the morning Fred was yawning next to me clearly having just woken up as well. I asked him how he slept. He smiled and said it had been really good. I guess he never woke up when I held him in the night so he didn't remember his nightmare. It did mean it was still there in his subconscious and it might always be there.

"So...last night was fun!" I said with a grin.

"Certainly was!" He replied, grinning back at me. We were both naked and had thrown the blanket off in the morning heat so we were able to admire each other's bodies. "It's certainly a nice view to wake up to Tom! And it looks like both of us are feeling a bit stiff this morning!"

We both giggled as we looked at each other's hard dicks. I loved looking at Fred's and I hoped there might be an opportunity for some fun.

"Maybe we've got time for a repeat performance!?" I asked, moving close enough to Fred to kiss him. He nodded with a big grin and we were just about to get to it when Edith shouted upstairs telling us to get up and come downstairs as we had lots of chores to do. I guess with our exertions last night we'd overslept. It was mildly annoying that our hard dicks would have to wait until later but it wasn't like we didn't have plenty of time over the coming days to mess around together.

Chores were just part of my life growing up in Candlin household. They were generally outdoor based invoking gardening, weeding, moving things around, chasing chickens and getting their eggs. With George out at work all day me and Fred were the muscle if needed. Well not much muscle admittedly but together we were stronger than Edith was. While it was tiring work at times and often hot and sweaty work, it was also usually fun as me and Fred hung out chatting and taking the piss out of each other.

It also always gave us a good opportunity to bath together afterwards and have some fun. This particular day was a long one in the heat and by the time we'd finished we were both hot, sweaty, tired and also a bit grumpy which definitely contributed to what happened later. Before all that though we deposited all the vegetables we'd dug up for dinner and went upstairs to have a bath.

We quickly ran some hot water into the bath although given it was still hot and humid we had it barely tepid. As we waited for it to fill up we stripped off and started kissing. I loved kissing Fred. It just felt so....perfect I guess. I could just happily kiss him for hours and hours although usually kissing led to the next stage of things which I also enjoyed! We'd only had that one session the night before and despite our tiredness we were both horny and full of lust. I got a bit carried away as we kissed and I grabbed Fred's hard dick. This time he let me feel it briefly before moving my hand away.

"Oh shit sorry I got carried away!" I said breaking the kiss but also feeling disappointed. I had hoped after last night he might want to be more comfortable with it but clearly he wasn't there yet.

"It's okay, it's time to get in the bath and get clean though!" He said brushing it off. We got in the bath and washed everything well. I then gave him a cheeky smile and disappeared under the water to take his soft dick in my mouth again. It instantly hardened and I shifted slightly so my nose was above the water line. I wanted to suck him but I didn't want to drown doing it!

"Hurry up boys!" Edith shouted up but I wasn't going to be denied by time again. However I was more than happy to hurry Fred up towards his impending orgasm! I was also desperate to get off and given there was no way Fred could reach my dick so I furiously wanked it as I sucked him. I came first before a couple of minutes later Fred grunted as he shot into my mouth. I stayed on him until it was too sensitive to him and we quickly washed our dicks clean before letting the water out.

"Hmm maybe a bit of evidence from you is still remaining!" Fred said, looking into the bath as he swirled the retreating waters around to make sure all my cum disappeared down the plug hole.

"How come when we're on holiday and in theory have fuck all to do all day that we keep getting interrupted?!" I asked as I started to towel myself dry. Fred towelled himself dry at the same time and just shrugged, "the trials and tribulations of a teenage boy! We'll just have to take advantage of our bedroom at night....and plan more trips out! If we went for a bike ride Mum would be more than happy. I think she just doesn't like the idea of us lounging around all day.

He was probably right and there was plenty of time over the rest of the holidays for fun. We were only a few days in after all. It just felt like we were short of time when in reality we weren't. Not all days would have been like this one was in any case as Frank or "Uncle Frank" as he now wanted me to call him was coming over for dinner which is why we'd been working so hard. I hope he appreciated it!

While I tried to like him I was still a bit pissed off that he didn't really do much about Mr Arse. Yes I was out of there and never had to go back but that was more to do with George. Uncle Frank just wanted an easy life. He was affable most of the time and am sure everyone liked having him as the local policeman. He was always smiling and perfect for when things were fine. It did seem though he had no desire to do anything about solving any crimes or doing anything about much at all really.

So I was already predisposed to not cut Uncle Frank any slack. That coupled with the worry I had for Fred, the general tiredness and grumpiness I felt and a burning desire that adults shouldn't get away with mistreating kids all contributed into a perfect storm over dinner.

Until Edith brought dessert out things were ok but they spiralled quickly after George asked his brother how work was. Uncle Frank sat back in his chair and initially said it was quiet before he leaned back forward and looked around conspiratorially. He clearly had a flair for the dramatic and I suspected loved being the centre of attention.

"So.... Wilfred has been up to his usual tricks! Jimmy Round's parents say he groped Jimmy in the public toilet in Ironbridge the other day," Uncle Frank said with a laugh. I looked at him incredibly coldly while Fred already looked distressed.

"I don't think that's a laughing matter Frank," Edith said firmly.

"It's just Wilfred being Wilfred. The number of complaints I've had about him messing around with boys! Too many to count! I'll go and give him a telling off tomorrow!"

I could see Fred was shaking slightly at the mention of Wilfred and that he was yet again molesting someone. Fred was sitting next to me and as well as the distressed expression he had I could feel his legs shaking under the table. This and Uncle Frank's reaction to the whole thing started to make my blood boil. Usually I was a polite young man at the dinner table but I was pissed off enough to get involved. That teenage rage that sometimes came and went like a summer storm was about to be unleashed.

"So there are lots of complaints about him but all you do is give him a ticking off each time? By doing nothing you're turning a blind eye to him molesting boys!" I said angrily.

"Come now Tom! It's just rumour!" Frank said, shrugging it off. This only made it worse for me.

"It isn't though is it?!! He's abused boys before and got away with it. He'll continue to do that until someone does something about it!" I said vehemently, getting progressively more annoyed. I caught Fred's eye who still looked white and shaken. He shook his head slightly not wanting me to say more. I knew I should respect that.. I knew if I brought him into this it could cause him and his family lots of hurt. But Wilfred was getting away with it and it made me furious. I didn't want any other boy to suffer like Simon and Fred did and I knew in his heart Fred would feel the same. It seemed everyone knew but nobody cared!

"You don't know that Tom," George said firmly, clearly wanting to shut down the conversation. The Candlin family had done so much for me that I knew I should stop. That it was disrespectful to argue at their dinner table but I just couldn't help thinking about how much Fred was still struggling. Maybe justice for him and Simon would help? So I ploughed head on into the incoming storm not caring who was about to be picked up by it's fury.

"With respect George I do know it's true. Do you think all those boys are lying? All of them? Even your own son?!" I said, completely losing my temper and then watching as Fred's face went even white in horror.

"Tom, no..why would you..?" He started to say before leaving the table and running out of the room. I ran after him but he'd got to the bedroom and had blocked the door.

"Let me in, Fred!" I said well aware we were causing a big scene which was all due to me losing my temper and reacting. I still believed it was the right thing to do though although it quickly became clear Fred didn't.

"Fuck off Tom! How could you!?"

"I...I was just trying to help. I want him to pay for what he's done to you!" I pleaded

"By telling my parents?! By telling Uncle Frank!? I told you and only you. You betrayed me and betrayed my confidence. How can I look at them now they know what he did to me and Simon?"

"They don't know unless we tell them. But it's the right thing to do, Fred! Wilfred is in the wrong. You aren't Fred, let me in!" I begged.

"No! YOU are in the wrong!" He said.

"I know you're struggling but I also know you wouldn't want another boy to suffer like Simon did. They will unless we stop Wilfred! Let me in and we can talk about this!" I pleaded but to no avail. Silence met my request although I thought I could Fred sobbing softly behind the door. The last thing I wanted to do was go downstairs and face the music.

I went back downstairs to complete silence. All three of them looked shell shocked and white as a sheet from what they'd heard which I guess is why neither Edith or George had attempted to go and see either me or Fred. Obviously they had heard everything I'd said through the door. I didn't know what to do now that I'd unleashed everything. I knew Fred wouldn't want me to explain further but I decided I had to do what I felt was morally right. Even if Fred hated me forever I knew it was the right thing to do.

I broke the silence, acutely aware I was about to blow the whole family up even more by telling them the truth. Would it make them regret welcoming me into their house? Perhaps but Wilfred was the villain here, not me.

"I'm sorry it came out like that but it's true. Wilfred is getting away with this and something has got to change. It should be Fred who tells you what happened but he won't for obvious reasons. So it's down to me and even if you and Fred all hate me for telling you what happened it's still important that you hear the truth. A couple of years ago Wilfred molested Fred and Simon. Simon even told his parents and they didn't believe him. No wonder he then went and drowned himself a few weeks later. NOBODY is listening to us! Boys are complaining and even if their parents believe them you don't Uncle Frank! It's like us kids are just there to take whatever pain and mistreatment is doled out to us by adults. Physical, emotions, sexual abuse. We're not believed! Luckily for me I was beaten so badly my bruises still showed but if they didn't would you have believed me? After all Uncle Frank, you believed Mr Arch's story and were happy for him to take me back. What will it take you to believe this about Wilfred? Catching him completely in the act of destroying some poor young boy's life?!"

I'd lost it by this point and I knew it. All the anger and upset at how Fred and Simon had been treated came out. I burst into tears and ran outside the house going to sit under the tree I'd sat with Fred the day before. I'd fucked up massively and I didn't know what would happen next.

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