A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 17

I held onto Fred closely like I had done to Jeremy as we rode down the hill on his bike. It was nice being able to hold him close and the wind rushed through our hair cooling us down from the hot sunny day. We passed a couple of boys we recognised and waved as we sped past. It was exhilarating, the feeling of speed and cool air as well as the closeness to Fred.

"This is nice, I'm glad my tyre was flat!" I said to Fred as I held on to him extra strongly as we reached the bottom of the hill and flew around the corner into the lane following the river.

"Yes it is! Full disclosure, I let the air out of your tyre so we could ride like this!" Fred said with a giggle.

"Ha you cunning bastard but I'm glad you did! " I replied, kissing his neck softly.

"Me too! I think I can feel your dick poking me though you perve!" He said and we both giggled. I was soft so he was only joking but I liked the idea of him feeling my dick in any case. I directed him the way I remembered from Jeremy's trip and once we got off the bike and wheeled it I knew we were close. A few minutes longer and we were there.

"Beautiful!" Fred said as we came out into the small clearing.

"Who me or this place?" I asked with a smile.

"This place! You're cuter though! So, let's try and do this then," Fred said looking a bit nervous. I doubted he was scared of the actual water. More likely his reaction to getting back in and the memory of what happened to Simon.

"Yep so clothes off and in the water! I'll just get the towels out first so I don't have to rummage around when we're wet!" I opened the bag and got the towels out before I started to strip off.

Fred was already standing there naked and I admired the view as I slowly undressed. As I pulled my pants off to stand there naked in front of me he smiled broadly.

"Alright I've changed my mind Tom! THAT is beautiful!"

I smiled shyly and moved close to him to kiss him. I then took him by the hand and led him into the water. After a brief pause Fred followed me into the cool water which felt so nice with how hot the weather was. We floated gently together starting up at the sky and he sighed loudly.

"This is nice Tom. I should have done this ages ago. I suppose I was just scared that it would bring back all that pain. I'm so glad you're here with me and it's just the two of us."

I smiled and told him I was always happy to be with him. I wanted to get out and kiss him more but I tried to stay patient as there was plenty of time for all that. After a while Fred said he'd had enough and we both scrambled out the water. We picked up the towels and dried off before putting them on the dry ground. We lay down naked together just talking and kissing.

Fred then giggled and said he had something to tell me. "So it's a bit pervy but I guess it lets you know how I feel about you! So um I have actually wanked off with you in bed asleep next to me! Remember that night I was going to ask you to kiss me and I bottled it?"

"How can I forget!" I replied drily.

"Well I did it after you fell asleep! I so wanted to kiss and touch you at the same time but I thought you didn't feel the same way. I know people say it's wrong for boys to do it together but I still wanted to!"

"It's not wrong though, not if you feel like we do about each other. We can't be the only boys out there who feel this way. So you wanked off and wanted to touch me? Well you could do that here and now?" I said smiling at him shyly again as I leaned forward for a quick kiss.

I didn't get to hear Fred's reply though as Jeremy's voice suddenly boomed out causing us to break the kiss. "So Tom I show you this very private secret spot and not even a week later you're here kissing another boy!" I heard Jeremy say. Fred looked at me with a slightly panicked expression. I guess he was worried we'd been caught kissing but I knew he didn't need to worry. I turned to look at Jeremy and saw he was there with another boy his age who I recognised from school but didn't know their name.

"Well Sam, looks like we've interrupted a pair of lovebirds. Shall we leave them to it?" Jeremy asked, winking at me and Fred who still looked embarrassed.

"Sorry Jeremy! Fred was really keen to see the place so I thought I'd bring him here. I hope that was alright? We were just getting dry and heading off anyway," I said acutely aware that we were both naked.

"I guess Fred was keen to see you naked and why not! You two look pretty cute!" Sam smiled at us both as he said this and we blushed and tried to cover up which was a bit pointless as our dicks had been clearly on display.

"No I didn't!" Fred replied which I knew wasn't really true. "We just wanted a swim somewhere quiet and private. Anyway, what are you two doing here? Keen to see each other naked?!" Fred asked giggling and thinking he'd got one back at them.

Sam shrugged then smirked at me and Fred. "Well we are going skinny dipping so yes we'll see each other naked but it's by no means the first time. Then after that I'm going to stick Jeremy's cock in my mouth, then suck it to get wet before he fucks me up the arsehole with it as I wank myself off. Then I might fuck him as well before we'll clean off in the water with another swim! Is that what you wanted to hear, Fred? Want to stick around and watch? You might learn something other than just how to kiss each other!"

That was a good riposte and Fred went bright red at the thought of that. Jeremy took pity on him and me, "Alright Sam, that's enough, they're only thirteen. Kissing is enough for them. Ignore him boys, we're just going to hang out and have some fun together. You're welcome to come and use this place whenever you like, just don't tell anyone else about it otherwise you might end up with another audience next time you kiss!" He finished the sentence with a laugh. We both blushed again at being caught kissing and I just felt relieved it was Jeremy and Sam that caught us rather than anyone else!

We stood up and quickly got dressed as Sam and Jeremy undressed. I knew Fred was checking them out as they pulled their pants off. I'd seen Jeremy's big dick before and Sam looked to be the same size. I wanted to give them the privacy to do whatever they wanted to do so we got Fred's bike and left them to it. We walked along the path back to the road in silence before Fred broke it.

"Do you think they really were going to do that? Did you see how big their dicks were?" He asked, sounding slightly amazed.

"I don't know, what bit of what they said did you mean? And yes I did. I saw Jeremy's the other day, he did say I'd be that big one day although I guess you'll get there slightly quicker than me!"

"The bit about....you know sucking and then sticking it up the arse?" As he asked me this I wasn't really sure why he thought I had any more idea than he did about whether it was true! Although I remembered Jeremy had told me he'd had a lot of fun on his blanket.

"I guess so. I know Jeremy has done stuff with others when he's visited there and Sam was pretty graphic about what they were doing. I think maybe Jeremy just didn't want to shock us." I replied. I wasn't particularly shocked and I'll be honest it sounded a bit interesting. It did at least plant a germ on an idea in my head that I intended to act on at some point. Fred was still going on about the whole sucking and fucking thing though.

"You're probably right. I'm not totally naive and I've heard people make jokes about dick sucking. I guess I might have heard it mentioned but I just didn't really think of bum fucking as a thing. Must be painful with one that big? Oh fuck...." he said stopping dead in his tracks.

"What Fred?!" I asked in confusion.

"Shoving a big dick up a bum. Do you think that's what Wilfred did to Simon in the bedroom? Oh god it must have been terrible if so. The dirty fucking bastard!" He said bitterly, looking angry and upset. I pulled him close to me for a hug and he melted into my arms. Before I knew he was sobbing on my shoulder. I held him tight and gently kissed his hair until he stopped after a couple of minutes. He pulled back and looked at me with tears still in his eyes.

"Sorry about that Tom."

"There's nothing to be sorry about!" I told him as I kissed him softly on the cheek. He smiled sadly at me.

"I know it's just I didn't want to break down like that and cry like a little kid. I just hate to think of Simon and what he must have gone through. I miss him so much."

"I know Fred. I miss William and my Dad too. It's fine to grieve and feel upset about what we've lost. We've got each other now though so we can support one another. I'll always be here for you."

This made him smile and lean in to kiss me properly. We then smiled at each other and continued our journey home in silence. It seemed everytime we got close to doing something more than kissing life threw itself in the way, I was acutely aware that Fred was troubled about what happened to Simon and I wanted to let him move at a pace he was comfortable with. I knew now for sure that I loved him, but I didn't want to scare him by telling him. I just hoped things would work themselves out.

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