A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 16

The rain continued on and off over the weekend and for the next few days which was very annoying for the start of our summer holiday. However by Thursday the weather had changed and it dawned bright and sunny.

As we had no school there was no rush getting up so we lay in bed together just chatting. Fred had got a letter from his brother the day before so we were talking about the war and how weird it would be to have to kill someone. A dark conversation for a Thursday morning but it was a dark world at times. For the first time really I opened up about losing my dad and Fred listened as I told him stories of my childhood. It was so different from his and I know it made him appreciate his parents more.

His parents were both out. George had gone to work already and Edith had shouted up to say she was off to visit a friend for a cup of tea. We chatted for a while after that about happier and more trivial things before I felt it was getting towards time to get up and do something. It was a lovely sunny day and we'd not been able to do much in the rain for the last couple of days. We had no chores to do for a change and so it seemed a good opportunity to do something fun. What that something was though was probably harder to work out!

"What shall we do today?" I asked still slightly bereft of ideas. Playing some games might have been fun but doing outside activities was probably best.

"I have a couple of ideas," Fred replied with a mysterious look on his face.

"Oh, what are they?"

He grinned at me, "Well I've been thinking about what you said before you go in the bath on Saturday. That sometimes you have to seize the moment. So that's what I want to do!"

"And what are you going to seize?" I asked with a cheeky wink. He giggled at my innuendo.

"So as I said I've got a couple of ideas, let's call them idea one and idea two. So idea two....you know that place you went skinny dipping with Jeremy? Do you think you can remember exactly how to find it? If so, I want us to go there and go skinny dipping together. We're not embarrassed about being naked in front of each other now and I can't be angry and afraid of the river for ever. I think if you're with me it'll be fine. So once we've done idea one I want us to go and do that."

"Sounds good to me! I'm pretty sure I can remember how to get there, I've got a good sense of direction. It's a lovely sunny day and it'll be fun to swim together. It's an excellent idea actually, which isn't usually your thing!" I said enthusiastically.

"You just can't wait to see my dick again! I guess you just like seeing a big one compared to your little maggot," Fred replied but he giggled to let me know he was only joking. I was slightly affronted though.

"Hey that isn't fair! You aren't that much bigger than me! Anyway you shouldn't be looking at my dick you dirty bugger!" I threw back at him in (mostly) mock outrage

Fred giggled again, "I'm only joking Tom. I like your dick, it's cute. Anyway, idea one....I want to finish the question I was going to ask you the other day.."

"No, you can't fart on my face!" I said instantly which I was pretty proud of. My heart was beating slightly faster at Fred saying he liked my dick and it was cute. It was the sort of thing you'd probably only say if you wanted to be more than just friends. I wasn't sure though, we were only thirteen and sometimes the words we said didn't always have the meaning we thought they might have. But as for the question he wanted to ask me, I really wanted to hear the truth rather than the fart joke he made the other day,

Fred laughed at my comment then looked seriously at me. "Tom, I think we both know that wasn't what I was going to ask and we've danced around it for long enough. So I'll cut straight to it. If I was to ask you if I could......if I could kiss you what would you say?"

He stared into my eyes as he asked this and my heart was beating even faster. I swear it was so loud Fred could hear it. I definitely wanted him to kiss me but after the jibe about the size of my dick I wanted a bit of revenge so I decided not to make it easy for him.

"I guess you'd have to ask me to find out!" I replied with a serious expression on my face. He looked at me intently and I smiled ever so slightly to let him know it was fine. He wasn't quite sure though and I felt a bit bad for putting him through this.

"Okkkaaay. Right, Um. Tom. Can I kiss you?" He asked looking very nervous and like a lost little boy.

"I thought you'd never ask!" I replied instantly with a broad grin. He sighed in relief and grinned back at me.

We stared at each other before he took the lead. He leaned in and his lips touched mine. It was like a spark crackled between us as we kissed for the first time. Then it was like a dam had burst. We threw our arms around each other and kissed for a long time. First just lip to lip but then with tongues sharing our saliva for the first time. The endorphins were rushing through my body and I was feeling things I'd never felt before. Both of us were clearly into and as we kissed our hands danced around our bodies touching them for the first time. The sensations made my dick get hard and I wondered if Fred was the same. I was feeling very brave so I slipped my hand down and rubbed his hard dick gently through his underclothes. He recoiled and jumped back.

"Sorry!" I said instantly worried I'd gone too fast too quickly.

He leaned forward and kissed me again before pulling back to smile sadly at me, "I'm the one that should be sorry Tom. I've really wanted you to do that for ages but...I just can't get Wilfred out of my head. Apart from me he's the only person who has touched me there until you just did. The memory is just....Don't worry, I'll get over it. It just might take a while. Can I...touch you though?" He asked nervously.

"Of course you can," I replied softly, taking his hand and bringing it down towards my dick.

"I'm home! Are you boys still in bed! If so get up you lazy bones!" Edith shouted up, totally killing the moment and causing Fred to snatch his hand back before it touched me.

"We better do as she says but there's time for all that..other stuff soon," Fred said reluctantly. I was disappointed but he was right. We both got out of bed, got out of our night clothes and grinned goofily at each other as we stood there naked. Both of us with hard dicks from the kissing. Mine nudging towards 4 inches if not slightly more. Fred's thicker and maybe 1/2 inch longer. Probably slightly more than that to be honest but I wanted to pretend the difference was marginal.

"Damn you're still bigger!" I said pretending to be sad.

"Yes but you're definitely a sight for sore eyes. Damn my Mum!" Fred said, pulling clothes on. I did the same and we went downstairs for breakfast. Well more like brunch really given how late it was. We told Edith what we were going to do and she smiled approvingly.

"It's a lovely sunny day and will do you both good to get some exercise!" She said as she made us some sandwiches to take with us. Even though we'd only just eaten she was concerned we were "growing boys" and would get hungry.

"Good idea Mum, Tom certainly looked like he was growing earlier!" Fred said, winking at me.

"Oh Fred, you are funny! You can't SEE people growing. They just grow slowly, inch by inch," she said, causing both of us to stifle our laughs. Fred went outside to sort our bikes out while I packed up a bag to take with us with sandwiches, water and a couple of towels. I came outside and Fred said my tyre was a bit flat.

"Might be a puncture, might not. I could try and fix it but we'd be wasting the good weather. Why don't you just ride with me?" He asked. It sounded good to me and we said goodbye to Edith and set off on our way.

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