A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 15

When I awoke again the bed was empty and the early morning sunshine had turned to heavy rain. There was really no point getting up I thought. We'd been supposed to do some chores in the garden but the weather would surely have ruled that out. I lay there quietly thinking about that question Fred had been about to ask me. We'd been talking about my dream and I did wonder if he'd been about to ask if he could kiss me? It seemed a bit too much for me to hope for so I tried to discount that. When you think you want something but you aren't quite sure it's easy to convince yourself that the other person definitely does. It puts them in charge and allows you to just go along with it. I did toy with the idea of asking Fred what he was going to ask me but maybe he wouldn't even remember?

"Come on lazy bones, time to get up! We need to get some vegetables up from the garden for Mum to use for dinner and we need to do a bit of weeding around the beans,," Fred said as he came back into our room fully dressed and eating a piece of toast.

"But it's raining?!" I protested.

"So we'll get wet and dirty. We still have to eat! I'll find you some old clothes of mine you can get muddy. It shouldn't take us too long!" He said cheerfully which I have to admit I didn't feel. I grumbled as I pulled myself out of bed and went to the toilet. I came back in and Fred passed me some old clothes. I took them off him and reached for a clean pair of pants on my pile of clean clothes as well.

"I wouldn't if I were you, we're going to get wet and you'll appreciate dry underwear afterwards!" Fred giggled as he told me this and then again at my reaction and question as to whether he was wearing any.

"Nope! Letting it all hang loose!" He turned round as he said this and lowered his trousers slightly to show me his naked bum under his trousers. I shrugged and thought it was good enough for Fred it was good enough for me.

"Are you going to watch me get changed or you going to get my breakfast?" I asked with a cheeky grin.

"Hmmm well I could watch you...but you've overslept and I want to get the chores done so I'll go and burn you some toast!" I watched him leave to do my breakfast and then I got changed quickly. I went downstairs and scoffed a couple of pieces of toast. It might have been the weekend but George had been called into work leaving Edith on her own to darn some socks and other clothes.

While the family had money compared to what I'd been used to there was still a make do and mend attitude to clothing particularly for me and Fred. We both wore hand me downs from his brother at times and buying new clothes was generally a luxury that wasn't for us. Edith smiled and thanked us for going out in the terrible weather.

It was pretty miserable but once we were outside I got used to it. Fred was in a playful mood and we threw mud at each other at first before we got to work. After a while I decided to see if I could find out what he was going to ask last night.

"So last night after I told you my dream, you started to ask me something. I think you said something like "if I asked if I could.."and then you said we could talk about it in the morning. What were you going to ask me, Fred?"

Fred was quiet for a moment then he giggled, ""I was going to say, if I asked if I could fart on your face would you let me!".

I was fairly sure that wasn't true but I didn't push it. It was funny so I giggled and then very seriously said, "Hmmpphh well you don't usually ask about farting in bed. I've definitely felt the waft of your wind against me before!"

"Oh like you don't fart on me in bed either!" Fred replied and we both laughed until the tears were running down our faces. I think there was something unsaid, a tension between us that the giggling helped dispel. We pulled ourselves together and continued our work as the rain continued to fall. It was wet and dirty work and by the time we were finished an hour later we were both pretty muddy. We picked up the vegetables and shook the mud off before walking up to the back door of the house.

Edith was already standing there with a pretend look of shock on her face, at least I hoped it was pretend.

"Well done boys! But my god you are both filthy! How did you get so much mud over your face and hair?! Put the vegetables in that bucket there. Come on in and stand on this mat," she said, opening the door for us. We stepped in and she blocked us from coming any further inside. "Shoes off! Clothes off except your pants! Then upstairs into the bath! I just ran you one so it should be nice and hot!" She said as we started to strip off. I was slightly embarrassed to have to get down to my pants but I knew she wasn't bothered. I then remembered I wasn't wearing any pants!

"Um, I didn't want to get my pants wet so I'm ..um...not exactly wearing any underwear!' I said blushing furiously.

Edith laughed, "I will never understand boys! Well here are a couple of towels to cover up with.". She handed us both a towel which I was pretty relieved to have!

As Fred pulled his top off he smiled at me and his Mum, "Well Mum, I did more work than Tom did so I should get the first use of the water!"

"No you didn't!" I protested.

Edith sighed loudly, "Why don't you both share the bath then you both get the hot water? You're both so filthy that whoever goes second would be in a mud bath anyway!"

"A bath together?!" I squeaked in shock. It sort of made sense but up to now we'd just taken it in turns to have first go in the hot water. Having a bath with our own fresh hot water was deemed a waste of energy and resources which was fair enough.

"Well why not? You both get hot water that way and there's no squabbling over who did more work. You're both boys and I'm sure you see each other naked in your room all the time. After all it seems you aren't wearing pants! I'll let you finish getting undressed in peace, just pile your clothes up together. Anyway it's up to both of you who has the first bath or if you have it together but please get up there quickly before the water gets cold!"

I wrapped the towel around me and pulled my trousers off as Fred did the same. We then looked at each other and ran upstairs to see who could get there first. I got in the bathroom just before Fred although not quick enough to shut the door behind him. I went and stood next to the bath and grinned at him.

"I win!" I said.

"So? Mum said to share!" He replied, moving to stand next to the bath.

"Do you want to share?" I asked. Despite my surprise downstairs I wasn't exactly against it but I didn't want to be too keen.

"Do you? Well I'm naked first so I can get straight in!" Fred replied with a giggle as he dropped his towel to stand there naked. His dick was definitely a little bit bigger than mine. Noticeably a bit girthier and maybe a little bit longer. His foreskin covered the dick head so I couldn't see if it was the same size as me. He also had more hair above it but then again his hair was dark so it was more distinctive than my blond hair. He saw me looking and grinned as he got in the bath.

"So Tom? Are you getting in or not?" He asked, looking straight at me. He'd see me naked if I dropped my towel but I didn't care. After all, I'd been thinking it would be better if we were more comfortable being naked around me.

So I shrugged and said "I guess sometimes you just have to seize the moment!" So I dropped my towel to leave me standing there completely naked. I didn't bother covering up and I got into the bath before my dick got hard after what I'd just seen.

As soon as we got in we quickly washed our hair and our faces before lying down in the hot water facing each other. The water was very murky already so neither of us could see our dicks and what sort of state they were in. I felt that tension again in the air. The knowledge that if I just moved my hand a little bit I could touch Fred's dick was making me hot and bothered. We looked at each other and both smiled nervously. What would have happened next who knows but at that moment Edith came bustling into the bathroom.

"See, isn't it better to have a bath together! If I were you two I'd do it all the time from now on. After all, who likes cold second hand water? I've brought you some extra clean towels as well as these have already got mud on!" She said putting clean towels on the towel rail as well as picking up the dirty ones from the floor.

"Thanks Mum!" Fred replied, grinning at me. I guess we both liked the idea of a bath together from now on! Although I was slightly concerned that it would reduce my wanking opportunities. I guess I'd work around it though.

"I'll go and sort some lunch out for my hardworking boys! Don't be too long in there, I want you to be nice and clean rather than letting that mud soak back in!" Edith said with a laugh. I liked the way she referred to me as one of her hardworking boys. It just reminded me that even though it had only been a few weeks I'd definitely been welcomed into the family.

Fred pulled the plug hole out and climbed out of the bath, his dick passing very close to my face. I watched him walk across the bathroom with his very pert bum facing me. I quickly got out before I got hard at the sight. He wrapped his towel around him and turned to watch me walk naked over to him. He had a slight smile on his face as he handed me the towel. "I think you might have grown a bit in the last few weeks!" He said with a wink.

I blushed slightly and followed him into the bedroom where we dried off, dropped the towels and got dressed. Edith called us for lunch but just before we left the room Fred stopped me.

"So Tom, now we got that whole naked in front of each other thing out the way I guess we don't need to worry about getting dressed and undressed in the bathroom or turning our backs in the bedroom? Mum assumed we already were naked all the time in here!"

"Yeah after all, as everyone keeps saying..."we're both boys!"" I replied with a grin.

"Hmm yes we are and isn't that an amazing thing!" He said with a wink before leaving the room with me wondering if there was more meaning to his sentence than I originally thought.

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