A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 12

I settled into family life in the Candlin household over the next couple of weeks. The bruising was slowly healing and my muscles no longer ached. Despite it almost being the summer holiday it was decided I would start school even though it would only be for a total of ten school days. The Candlin's placed great importance on education and I didn't want to let them down. So it ended up with me entering the school grounds with Fred next to me a few days after I'd been formally welcomed into the family.

I met the teachers, the headmaster and some of the other pupils. It wasn't a large school but it was still chaotic as they usually were. Fred had been asked to stay behind after one of our lessons and I loitered outside the classroom waiting for him.

"Who are you?" A boy asked not particularly warmly. He looked a bit older than me so I guessed he was the year above. He had a couple of other boys with him and I instantly smelled a bully. So predictable, they were the same all over. I decided I'd just be as polite as I could be.

"I'm Tom, nice to meet you. I'm from London and I'm living with Fred Candlin," I said before realising it was probably not the best introduction.

"Oh fucking great, looks like we've got ourselves a stinking lice ridden thief from the city. Watch your belongings!" The boy said, smirking at me.

"I'm not a thief!" I protested not wanting to lose my temper but it was tough at the outrageous slur that had been made against me.

"We'll see. But you didn't deny you stink and you're full of lice did you!" The boy said, looking around triumphantly while his friends and a few others laughed.

"Is this how you welcome a guest Bert? With insults? Must really make you feel like a big man bullying the new boy although from what I've heard you're definitely not very big. I guess you're overcompensating!"An older boy said, causing much more laughter than Bert the bully had got. Bert went bright red and muttered something under his breath before he turned and left with his friends.

I turned to look at the boy. He was tall and quite good looking with ginger hair like the Doctor did. I saw other familial resemblance and suspected they were related.

"Hello I'm Jeremy and you must be Tom?" The boy asked with a smile. I smiled back and said yes I was.

"I hear you've been through a bit of a tough time. My Dad is the local doctor and while he couldn't say what exactly happened, he did say you'd moved in with Candlins. How are you finding it there?" He asked. I started to tell him about it although Fred then came out of the classroom. Jeremy told him I'd been getting some grief and he'd told the bullies to leave me alone.

He then left me with Fred although he kept checking in on me in the coming days. He was nice and it felt good to have someone else looking out for me. As a sixteen year old and son of the doctor he had a lot of respect at school and after the initial incident Bert seemed to leave me alone.

Fred was always a bit off when Jeremy hung around which was quite often as he seemed to like checking to make sure I was alright. I wasn't sure why Fred acted like he did though. I casually asked him what he thought of him one day after I'd said he seemed really nice.

"Be careful around him Tom! He's got a bit of a reputation. Likes to take boys and girls off into the woods and do who knows what with them!"

"And you know this how?" I asked in surprise. Jeremy seemed nice enough and I was a bit surprised Fred was warning me off him.

"Just the word on the street. Might be true, might be bollocks but just telling you how I see it. He's older than us. He might be looking out for you, he might be trying to get into your pants," Fred replied which intrigued me. Maybe I might like him trying to get into my pants? I couldn't tell Fred that though so I just nodded and said that I was grateful for the heads up.

"Still, he seems nice and I don't want to judge him on a rumour. I'll be careful!" I said smiling at Fred who seemed happy with that and smiled back. I was a bit surprised Fred had mentioned it all as I didn't really think he was the sort of boy to listen to rumours. I guess he was just making sure I was protected which was nice of him.

Not too long after that I had an opportunity to ignore Fred's advice. It was the penultimate day of the school year and Fred and the rest of my class had end of year tests which I didn't have to do so I was allowed to go home early. As I'd only recently joined the school they didn't see the point of me doing them. Although I had been welcomed into the school there was no doubt that at times I wasn't seen as quite as part of the school as everyone else. However it did mean I got to finish early on this day!

On my way home I bumped into Jeremy outside the school who had also finished early for an unexplained reason. I clearly hadn't listened to Fred's warning as a few minutes later I was holding on to Jeremy tightly as we whizzed down the hill on his bike. He'd promised to me something secret and amazing. As I had nothing else to do and liked Jeremy I was all in on that.. He stopped at his house to pick something up before we went down towards the bottom of the hill. He turned off at the bottom before the river and we followed a small road before turning off again onto a rough path.

"We have to walk from here," he said and we jumped off as he pushed the bike. Part of me was excited about being away from everyone with Jeremy although part of me was also thinking it was a bit foolhardy. After all Fred had warned me that Jeremy had a bit of a reputation. However I was thirteen and full of hormones, I wasn't totally against finding out if that reputation was well deserved!

"Where are we going exactly?" I asked

"You'll see, it isn't far," he said mysteriously. After a short overgrown walk we came out onto a riverbank. At this point the River Severn flowed down towards Ironbridge gorge but it's angle created a small little calm pool of water away from the main current. It was an idyllic sight as the sun's rays caused the water to shimmer. It was a very private place and the sound of bird song was in the air.

"See it's our own private swimming pool! Have you ever swam in a river before?" Jeremy asked as he started to take his shoes off.

"Um no, the river Thames isn't exactly the sort of place you want to swim. I don't have anything to swim in though!" I said slightly annoyed that he hadn't said where we were going. I could have just got some swimming stuff from home if so.

"There's no one here, it's totally private and I don't believe anyone else knows about it. So who needs swim shorts? Perfect opportunity for skinny dipping!" He said pulling his clothes off quickly. As he pulled his pants down I gasped at the sight of his at least 4 inch thick dick surrounded by lots of red pubic hair. I wasn't used to seeing older boys or adults naked so it was a bit of a shock.

"You've got a big willy!" I said out loud and then blushed bright red. I couldn't believe I said willy rather than dick. I sounded like I was 6 years old!

Jeremy smiled, "Thanks but it's pretty much the usual size for my age, well maybe a little bit bigger!" He replied with a wink. "I am 16 years old after all. Now get your clothes off and let's get in the water. Don't be shy, we're both boys and we both have dicks. Or willies if you prefer!"

I felt awkward stripping off. I hadn't been naked in front of someone else for a while apart from Fred very briefly and I definitely felt insecure about my size. Still I liked Jeremy and didn't want to come across as a coward so I slowly stripped down. I turned around to pull my pants down causing him to gasp out "Oh my god your bruises!".

Clearly they hadn't totally healed yet but Jeremy was nice enough not to ask me about them. I wanted to leave that part of my life behind. Covering my dick and balls with my hands I turned back round and got into the water gingerly. It wasn't as cold as I expected and it was actually really nice just lying in it letting the gentle current spin me around. I chatted to Jeremy about things and realised I was really enjoying myself. I hadn't thought swimming in the river would be fun but as we splashed and talked I found myself smiling.

After a while Jeremy splashed me and said "Let's get out before we get too wrinkly." I watched it walk to the shore with his toned bum bouncing slightly. He took a step up to get out there showing me a brief glance at his bum hole which made me slightly excited for some reason. I waited for any stirrings in my dick to pass and then I walked to the shallows still covering myself with my hands.

I then realised that the big step up to shore might be a problem without clambering up. That meant moving my hands. Jeremy came back to the shore, his big dick dangling between his legs. His dick was almost at head height for me and I tried to ignore it."I think you need a hand up Tom. Come on, give me your hand, don't worry about covering yourself, there's nothing to be ashamed of!"

I realised he was right and also I probably wasn't getting out of the water without him pulling me up. I gave him my hands, giving him a full frontal and he pulled me up. He then got a blanket out of his bag and said we could dry off in the sun.

"See nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about! You look cute naked!" He said lying down next to me with a smile.

"Cute means small," I replied, slightly disgruntled.

"Well you're thirteen, once you're my age you'll have one like this!" He grinned as he pointed at his dick. The end of his dick head was poking out his foreskin and it was almost like it was winking at me. I suddenly felt horny and a bit foolhardy. After all Fred had told me what Jeremy apparently liked to do to boys and girls out here. Here we were two naked boys together, it was time to find out more.

"I'd love one like that, it looks so big. Can I touch it? Is that why you brought me here?" I asked Jeremy, surprising myself with my bravery.

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