A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 13

Jeremy laughed at my question about touching his dick. "You move fast Tom!" He said, still chuckling. "But no, that's not why I brought you here. I wanted you to have some fun and get away from everything. I know you don't have many friends yet and also my Dad wanted me to keep an eye on you. I know you've had a hard time and I just want you to settle in here. I'm keeping an eye on you at school and making sure everyone knows to be nice to you. As for why you think I brought you here. I guess you've heard some rumours about me. A gentleman never tells but suffice to say this blanket and location has definitely seen some action! However I'm sixteen, you're thirteen it wouldn't be appropriate. So no I'm afraid you can't touch it Tom."

I felt touched he was looking out for me but also a bit riled that he was suggesting I was too young to do things with. I could wank off, what more did I need to be able to do? I only suggested I wanted to touch his dick, it wasn't like I wanted to get married! I guess it was just the annoyance of a younger boy being told he's too young to do something by an older one. That was probably the catalyst for me to loudly protest "But I think I want to!"

Jeremy smiled at me sympathetically and put his hand on my arm.

"You're very cute Tom and if we were closer in age then I'd love to. Society doesn't exactly approve of boys our age or any age having fun together like that. However if you do want to have fun with a boy you'd be much better off with someone your own age. That would be fine....hmmm,.....I wonder who might be your own age....hmmm oh I know! Just that boy who looks at you lustfully when he thinks you and no one else is watching!"

"Who?!" I asked in complete and total surprise.

"Fred you idiot!" Came the answer which totally floored me. Fred looked at me lustfully when I didn't know? I liked the idea of that! However I was far from convinced it was true and I wondered if Jeremy might just be trying to deflect attention from him. If so then that was fair enough. I'd said my piece and he'd made it clear I was too young.

Jeremy then changed the subject away from all of that and we chatted for a while in the sunshine as we dried off. I felt surprisingly comfortable being naked with him. It was liberating and it made me wonder if me and Fred needed to get a bit more relaxed about that sort of thing. All this changing in the bathroom or averting our eyes did get a bit time consuming, let alone the unspoken rule that we both would wank off in the bathroom for privacy.

Jeremy then announced we were dry enough and suggested we go back to our respective homes. He had chores to do and I probably did as well. So we got changed and he cycled us home although it involved a fair bit of walking the bike back up the hill as no way could he propel both of us up it!

"I had a great time, thanks so much!" I said to Jeremy as I left him by his house. I genuinely meant it and it had felt great just to have escaped from everything for a while.

He smiled back at me and said, "Me too. I've got your back Tom, don't worry about that. We'll see each other around. Stay safe and have fun!". He went inside his house and I continued my walk up the hill towards home.

I smiled to myself as I walked the last bit towards my house. Jeremy was nice and it felt good to have someone keeping an eye on me. I heard the comments some kids at school made and Fred couldn't always be there to speak to them. It would be an extra layer of protection if I was still here when school restarted in September. It was also an older boy to be on call if we ran into any bullying problems.

It had also been great swimming in the river as well and I felt really relaxed after my trip. An added bonus had been seeing Jeremy naked and I knew that image would be in my mind for a while! With a bit of distance from when it happened I did understand what Jeremy meant about it being inappropriate. It would have been easy for him to take advantage of me and I felt even more affection for him that he hadn't. I did wonder if his comment about Fred was based on anything other than him wanting to change the subject but I guessed I would never find out.

I got home and realised that time had really flown by. As a result Fred was back home already and clearly waiting for me.

"Where the hell have you been?!" He asked angrily as soon as I came in through the front door.

"Um just swimming in the river with Jeremy," I replied feeling defensive. He looked really angry and had never spoken to me like that before.Why was he acting like this?

"Well thanks for letting me know! I was worried sick! I thought Mr Arse had taken you home with him!" He still looked annoyed but he'd calmed down ever so slightly.

"Shit I'm so sorry! I didn't think and I didn't realise where we were going and how long we'd be," I suddenly felt really bad about causing Fred to worry and I hoped he'd accept my apology. Of course he was worried about me and Mr Arse. I'd not forgotten him but I'd assumed I was safe now. Clearly Fred wasn't quite so sure or he was just being protective of me.

"After I warned you about him as well! Did he try to do anything dodgy with you?" Fred asked, giving me a pointed look as I took my shoes off.

I blushed at the thought that I would have done if Jeremy had allowed me too and I now felt relieved that I hadn't so I didn't need to lie to Fred. I didn't really want to have this conversation in public even if his Mum was busy in the kitchen and might not have heard us.

"No of course not!" I said firmly as I started to walk up the stairs to our room where talking was safer. "He's just looking out for me. Says his Dad wanted him too and he's been keeping an eye on me ever since Bert tried to bully me that first day. So nothing untoward happened. Seems from what he said the rumours might be right but he made it clear that he would never try anything on with me as I was too young. So we just went skinny dipping in the river and then dried off in the sun."

"He got to see you naked?!" Fred squeaked in shock as we walked into the bedroom.

"Well I couldn't go skinny dipping with clothes on could I? I covered myself up most of the time but he did get a full frontal when he helped me back onto the bank." I didn't see the point in lying or making a big deal of it.

"Huh, so you saw him naked too?"

"Yes of course, he certainly wasn't hiding it! Mind you he had a big one so why wouldn't he show it off?" I replied with a smile. Fred wasn't smiling back though and still looked pissed off.

"How big was it?" He asked casually, pretending not to care although I could tell he was interested.

"Dunno, this big maybe?"I said, holding my fingers out around 4 inches apart.

"Not quite as big as mine then," Fred said seriously before giggling and grinning at me.

"Well you survived it all despite ignoring my advice. Just be careful from now on! Maybe I better not let you out of my sight. It must have been a LITTLE bit traumatic seeing Jeremy's ginger pubes! I am surprised you got naked though Tom."

"Well as he said, we're both boys and we've both got dicks so what's the problem? Like the two of us. It's not like you haven't seen me naked is it!" .

"Well only briefly and I can't really remember too much of how you looked, it all happened so quickly." Fred replied looking at me with a look I didn't recognise

As he said that the atmosphere changed in the room. There was something in the air, a tension maybe. My heart felt like it was beginning to beat faster and louder.

"Well if you want to see..."I started to say before his Mum shouted at us to come and do some chores. I didn't get time to finish my sentence with "me naked again I don't mind.". Maybe it was for the best, I couldn't let my hormones run my life too much. I would have shown him though and I really wanted to see him naked too.

However I just couldn't tell him that particularly after how he'd been mistreated by Wilfred. I did think that a chat about being a bit more relaxed about nudity in our bedroom might be wise but it could wait for another time.

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