A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 11

Surprisingly the next few days went smoothly with our sleeping arrangements. There was actually plenty of room in bed for us both. We were both very respectful of each other's space and it seemed Fred was careful around things like being naked in front of me. I hadn't been naked in front of him either apart from that time he saw me out the bath. However he did get to see more of me than I did of him when he did the twice daily cream rubbing.

I'd usually lie on the bed on my front in just my pants and shirt and let him ease my pants down to reveal my bum. It was easier for him to pull them down and there was something quite exciting about it for me. He'd gently rub the cream in and make jokes about it which eased any embarrassment I might have. It didn't mean my dick didn't get rock hard when he did it but usually I managed to hide it without him noticing,

"Don't wriggle so much, I don't want my fingers slipping in some place they shouldn't!" he said on the second morning of doing it. I giggled and said he could put them anywhere he liked. It was a bit of a bold move for me but I was relaxed and could pass it off as a joke. He then ran his finger up my crevice gently before patting me on the bum and saying I was done for now.

There were a few comments like this between us and I was never really sure if he was joking or serious. After what had happened to him with Wilfred I didn't want to misinterpret anything so just laughed it off. I was definitely latching on to Fred and getting close to him. I suppose my life had been so chaotic and challenging recently that it was no surprise I felt like I was falling for him,

I felt very welcomed by Edith and Mr Candlin. He hadn't yet allowed me to call him by his actual name, for now he was just Mr Candlin. Still, he quizzed me about my life back in London and seemed to be impressed by my knowledge of certain things. I was still anxious about going back to the house of pain. I knew that the current situation where Mr Arse didn't know my whereabouts couldn't last.

As a result and despite my reluctance the local police got involved. We'd delayed it until a few days after the doctor's visit but Mr Candlin made it clear it wasn't going to be an option to stay hidden there. Given the policeman was also Mr Candlin's brother I guess it couldn't be kept quiet for long. He came over one evening and asked me questions about what happened and why I'd run away. I answered them as best as I could and showed him the bruising.

"Well, sometimes you young uns need to be taught a lesson. Not the first boy to run away from a farm or want to leave after having to do a bit of hard work. I've had to return a few in my time to grateful parents. On this occasion it does look like he got carried away a bit but that can happen. I'll go and speak with him anyway," he said, seemingly brushing the whole issue aside. His behaviour was akin to my previous experience with the police so it was of no great surprise to me although Fred chuntered about it all evening long.

Things exploded the next evening. We'd just had dinner when there was knocking at the door. Edith went to answer it and from her raised voice was clearly unimpressed.

"Hello boy. Are you ready to go home?" Came the voice I dreaded hearing again.

"What is going on here? Frank, why have you brought him along after what he did to Thomas?" Mr Candlin said standing up and looking angrily at his brother who was standing in the doorway with Mr Arse. The tone of his voice when he said "him" made it pretty clear how he felt about Mr Arse. I found myself shaking with fear at the sight of him and I realised how much he'd got into my head.

"Tom isn't going anywhere with you!!" Fred almost shouted at Mr Arse as Edith bustled back into the room and put herself between Mr Arse and me. The family was definitely on protection mode, which I was grateful for.

"Well...I'm afraid Thomas has run away from his rightful home. Seems there was a bit of a misunderstanding and Thomas was very disrespectful," Frank said seemingly having totally bought into Mr Arse's bullshit. Clearly solving crimes was low on the list of Frank but there was no way I was going to give in and go back with Mr Arse whatever he said.

Mr Arse smiled at me and gave a piss poor apology that I was having none of.

"I'm sorry boy that I got carried away but things will be different from now on. Get your things and come back home."

Frank then interjected as Edith shook her head," I can see you aren't happy about it Edith but a boy needs his family!" He said seemingly thinking this would placate everyone.

Edith shook her head more violently. "He has a family, Frank, he's got us to look after him. My understanding is that it's a very distant familial relationship so it's not like he's going back to close family. In any case he's not going back there. He's staying with us."

There was further support from Mr Candlin. "Frank, the boy stays here. It's what his mother wants and it's what we want," He said firmly in a tone that suggested it was non-negotiable.

"How do you know what that sozzled old cow wants? She was happy for me to take the boy off her hands and beat some sense into him!" Mr Arse wasn't letting it go but I wasn't convinced he was helping his case at all.

I could see Frank looking uncomfortable and he just wanted some sort of resolution and have it taken out of his hands. I guess being a country policeman was a lot less hectic and responsibility than being a London one like I was used to seeing. He clearly wanted a quiet life. I wondered how long this impasse would go on for until Mr Candlin played his trump card.

"Well I expected some trouble over this so I contacted a colleague in London who was able to get Thomas's Mum to agree to him staying with us. A signed letter should turn up in a few days. Now I believe you have Thomas's ration book? We'll need that please. You don't have to come here to bring it though, Frank can pick it up when he runs you home can't you Frank?"

Mr Candlin was clearly a formidable operator and Mr Arse knew he was defeated. Frank looked slightly relieved it was all over as well and shepherded Mr Arse out of there. Once they were gone Mr Candlin smiled at me. "Welcome to the family Thomas, or Tom I suppose now. You can call me George from now on as we can drop some of the formality!"

I thanked him profusely and Edith gave me a big hug.

"What's wrong Fred, I thought you'd be pleased?" George asked, noticing as did I that Fred had a sour expression on his face.

"Well I am pleased Tom is staying with us but Mr Arch has got away with it. All those beatings and nothing has been done about it," he said. I could feel that there was some bitterness over what happened to him and Simon and he hated the idea of people getting away with bad things.

"I know it's hard Fred but we've got Tom out of a bad situation. He's safe with us now and hopefully no one will go through what he has been through. I'm sure your mother will happily tell people how Mr Arch mistreated Tom. Societal punishment even if there isn't any legal one. Now I'm in a good mood. Let's get the cards out and have a game!" George said and we had a relaxing evening playing cards and chatting. I really did feel as if I was part of the family. I'd experienced such great highs and lows recently but I just wanted to live in the moment and enjoy my current good fortune.

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