A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 8

"That absolute bastard! What happened? Did you tell anyone?" I asked Fred before realising he probably didn't want to talk about it. He stood up and went and got a glass of water from the sink. He drank it and stood there silently looking slightly haggard. It had clearly brought back incredibly bad memories for him and I wished there was something I could do to help. He filled his glass back up and then came back to the wooden kitchen table and sat down facing away from me.

I was quiet and then he started to speak in a low voice and I listened wishing it wasn't true.

"I've never told anyone about it until now. Certainly not my parents, the shame would kill me. It was a while ago but at times it just feels like it was yesterday. He caught us scrumping apples from his orchard. Just harmless really but he said he'd tell the police. My uncle is the local policeman so I didn't really want him being called and my parents finding out. We begged for mercy and he said he'd not get the police involved.

However he said we had to be punished so he took us up to his house. Made us strip off and smacked us to "punish" us. Then he fondled my dick for what felt like ages. I told him it was wrong but he just laughed. He then tied me to a chair and he took Simon upstairs and did something to him in the bedroom. I still remember the sobbing and the screaming. It destroyed Simon's life and he was never the same again after his time in that room. Eventually we were then let go and told if we ever said anything to anyone he'd find out and punish us even more.

Simon clearly didn't care as he told his parents at least some of what happened a week or so afterwards but all they said was that he shouldn't have been scrumping and that Wilfred was just disciplining him. Simon just retreated into his shell after that and started to withdraw from life. I just wish I'd let him get the police involved. It would have ended up much better for me and Simon. Well it couldn't have ended up any worse," Fred said bitterly.

"How is Simon now?" I asked, hoping for a happy ending.

"He's dead. Died in a "swimming" accident in the River Severn a couple of months after we were molested. I don't think it was an accident even though they said it was. I think he'd just given up on life and wanted it to end. He never told me exactly what Wilfred did to him in that room. He was too embarrassed and I didn't want to ask if he didn't want to tell me. I know it was very bad though and I hate that bastard for doing whatever he did to Simon. If your uncle wants you to stay with Wilfred then let alone the beating he's a really bad man and we can't let that happen."

Each word Fred told me wounded me a bit inside. Like me Fred had lost his best friend and I instantly felt close to him. A shared pain that we both wished we didn't have. I just didn't know what happened now.

"What can I do Fred? Hide back in the shed? I didn't really have a plan when I ran, just that I needed to get out of there as quickly as I could. So here I am in all sorts of shit. If we told your parents about what happened what would they do?. Would your parents send me back to him? What do you think I should do?" I asked hoping that with Fred's help things might be a bit easier. If nothing else he might be able to give me some suggestions and information about where to go next. I was all out of ideas apart from waiting to run at nightfall.

He looked at me thoughtfully before sighing loudly.

"Hmm I don't know Tom. It's hard to know the best thing to do. Let me think about it. For now let's keep you hidden in my bedroom. My parents are out for the day. I can smuggle food up this evening and you can sleep on the floor. It might not be comfortable but I'm not sure I can get more bedding without it being obvious or arousing suspicion.."

"Won't they come in and out of your room throughout the day and evening? They could spot me if I wasn't hidden."

Fred giggled, "They always knock on the door and give me a chance to get decent. They learnt the hard way when my Mum burst in on my brother Norman a few years ago. Let's just say she saw more than she ever wanted to see! Ever since then they were careful with walking into his room and then once I hit 12 they were careful with doing it to me."

"Where's your brother now?" I asked.

"He's off fighting in the war. No idea where or what he's doing. We occasionally get letters but they don't say much. I miss having him around but I've got used to it. He was great when Simon died. I so wanted to tell him what really happened but I was worried he'd go and beat Wilfred up and make things worse. Anyway just by keeping you out of his clutches I feel like I'm getting one over him so that's made me feel good. Let's go and hang out in my room once you've finished." Fred cleaned his plate away as he said this and then cleaned mine once it was done. He put them away so he didn't leave obvious signs of a second person there. He was clearly thinking this through.

I followed him up to his room. It was a fairly simple affair but certainly bigger and nicer than my room at Mr Arse's. A decent size bed bigger than a normal single bed with pillows and blankets. A cupboard and wardrobe. A desk and a chair and a nice view out of the window towards the hills in the distance. There were limited hiding places and we agreed that in an emergency I'd have to roll under the bed.

"So.....what do you want to do now?" Fred asked once he'd shown me around the room.

"Um not sure really. Not being beaten by Mr Arse or molested by a pervert was all I could hope for. Hold on, is that chess set? We could have a game?" I asked after spotting a set in the corner. Fred readily agreed and he set it up. We were fairly evenly matched and the game was a close one that went on for quite a while. I just nudged it and Fred looked a bit pissed off. He got over it quickly though and we agreed on a rematch.

Before then though we just chatted about random things and found we had more in common than we thought considering I was a city boy and he was a country one. We did share some mutual interests although when it came to his family situation, well it was a world away from mine. His Dad worked for the Government doing something he didn't seem to know much about. His Mum organised a lot of social events and was involved in the local church. All in all they seemed like pillars of the local community, however as I knew appearances can be deceiving.

"Shouldn't we just tell your parents about me?" I asked Fred as he started to anxiously look outside to see if they were arriving home yet.

"Not yet. It's too risky. They're good people but they're still adults. Adults only seem to believe adults and think boys like us make shit up. I'm sure they don't like Mr Arse but just because they don't like him doesn't mean they wouldn't think you belong with him. We need a plan. Or at least I need a bit more thinking time!" Fred said firmly letting me know that for now we were sticking with his approach.

Fred knew his parents much better than I did so there was no point arguing with him. I went along with his approach and so we just hung out in his room chatting until his parents came home. Fred was really nice to spend time with. Apart from being very good looking he had a really calm manner and a wicked sense of humour. Even though we'd only just met it felt like we were building a good rapport up.

"That sounds like the car, I better go downstairs but I'll be back up as soon as I can," Fred said standing up and patting me on the shoulder.

"I'll be as quiet as a mouse up here and thank you so much for helping me!" I said hoping he knew how much his help had meant to me. Fred looked at me with an unreadable expression on his face until he then flashed a cheeky grin.

"You're more than welcome Tom! It's certainly added some excitement into my life. After all, I definitely did NOT expect to see a boy flashing his dick and balls at me within ten minutes of me waking up this morning!"

"I wasn't flashing!" I protested.

Fred giggled," I'm only messing with you! But there are certainly worse views to wake up to!" He said with a wink.

I blushed as he giggled again and left the room. For a brief moment I thought he was coming on to me but I then decided it was a joke. After all, teenage boys are always joking about sex and wanking and things like that. I was also acutely aware that he'd trusted me enough to tell me he'd been molested.

After his nightmare experience before there was no way I'd be doing anything untoward with him however attractive I might find him. In any case I was very confused about my sexuality. My only experience of any kind had been that kiss with William and then he was taken from me. I knew that doing things with another boy wasn't socially acceptable and certainly with a boy I'd just met who was helping me escape a bad situation. I guess my hormones were just out of control. I cursed that I hadn't wanked off earlier and realised I hadn't for a couple of days. No wonder I was so horny!

I put all that out of my mind and tried to think of how best to handle Fred's parents. While I was happy to go along with Fred's approach of not telling them for now I did also have to be aware that they may discover me accidentally. After all, I'd have to go to the toilet at times. The thought of this made me realise that this temporary situation wouldn't last long. I would need to be prepared to run again if it looked like Fred's parents would send me back to Mr Arse.

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