A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 7

It would be a lie to say I slept particularly well as I woke numerous times in the night. The thunder rumbled on and off for hours and the rain hammering down against the roof also didn't help. My overactive imagination kept conjuring up visions of bad things happening to me if I fell asleep which all contributed to me spending much too long awake. I was so tired that at first light I fell back asleep and clearly slept for a while. The next thing I knew there was some shouting outside. As I began to wake up properly, I heard the woman who I assumed was Fred's mother shouting "What a lovely day for a drive, let's go!"

Despite the terrible weather overnight, the morning was a lovely sunny day and I could see the steam outside as the sun beat down on the ground, evaporating the overnight rain. Like the day before it must have been later than I realised as I heard the car start and the family go out for a trip to who knows where. Was it lunchtime already? I didn't know but I knew I felt a bit more refreshed than at first light so I must have got a few extra hours of sleep.

As the car pulled out of the drive, I realised I had a very good opportunity to improvise and take advantage of the situation. What I really needed was to use a proper toilet and have a bath. Something I was fairly sure the house had! Yes it was a big risk but as the family was out in the car then I knew I had the best chance I had to do those things. I had no idea how long they'd be out for but I'd hear them come back so even if they weren't out for long I could hopefully easily escape back to my shed. My muscles would love a soak in hot water and it would make me feel so much better being clean and relatively sweet smelling. I had no idea when I'd next have an opportunity to get properly clean so I was determined to take advantage of it.

I waited for a few minutes to check they wouldn't return, then I carefully left the shed and headed to the back of the house. I hoped that like Mr Arse's house they would leave the back door open. To my delight it turned out I was right. I eased the handle down and it swung open quietly. While the house was deserted I wanted to be as quiet as possible. It was someone else's house after all so it felt like that was the best way to be respectful. I'd also decided to make sure I cleaned up after myself. So I took my shoes off and left them downstairs, I didn't want to traipse too much mud and dirt into the house. I wanted them to have never known I had been there. After all, my hiding place was close to the house and if they thought someone had been inside it would be logical to assume they'd search the shed and surrounding area for the intruder.

The house was silent as I quietly sneaked up the stairs to the landing. A couple of doors were open, one was shut and the one closest to me was wide open showing a toilet and a bath. Perfect! I quickly went in and pushed the door shut quietly. I sat down and used the toilet which was a massive relief after shitting in the bushes yesterday! Ah the joys of toilet paper as well!. I then ran a bath and got in, soaping myself up all over. I lay there for a while letting the warm water ease my aching muscles. However I didn't want to linger for too long so I washed myself clean. I had just got out of the bath ready to dry off when things suddenly took a turn for the worse.

I hadn't heard any noise in the house at all so when the bathroom door opened it gave me a massive shock.

"Who the bloody hell are you?" Fred asked, standing there in his nightclothes looking me up and down as I hastily covered my 2 inch dick and balls with my hands. I didn't have that much to cover and it wasn't like I had that many pubes either but I didn't want Fred to know that.

"I'm um Thomas. Well Tom for short."

"So Tom, why the fuck are you standing naked in MY bathroom in MY house?" He asked, looking at me in a mixture of annoyance and possible amusement.

"Well I thought no one was in so I could use the toilet and get clean. The back door was open so I thought it would be ok! Sorry Fred. I've er been sleeping in your shed the last couple of nights."

"How do you know my name? Why have you been sleeping in our shed? Ah, you're the nephew of Mr Arch? The runaway?"

"I'm not his nephew. More like his slave as you said to him. But yes I've run away from that arsehole. I heard him use your name and your Mum as well. Um, can you turn your back please while I get changed?" I asked, hopefully wanting to get some clothes on. Fred looked really cute this close up. Dark hair and emerald eyes with a perfectly proportioned face. He was definitely good looking and I was worried if I didn't get changed straight away I'd pop an erection and make things worse.

Clearly Fred didn't like being asked that in his bathroom as he bristled slightly. "Why don't YOU turn your back while you get changed? Sounds like you have been spying on me. Anyway I need a piss so unless you want to watch you better turn around."

I did as he suggested and reached down for my pants as I heard him pissing into the toilet bowl. I was tempted to turn around to see what his dick looked like but that would be a bad idea. I was already in a tricky situation and checking him out wasn't a good option. He already knew I was a runaway, I didn't want him to think I was a pervert as well!

"Jesus fucking Christ! Your arse is bruised to fuck. What the bloody hell happened to you!?" He asked sounding shocked. I realised he must have looked over at me and seen my bruises

"Mr Arch happened to me. A lot," I said simply pulling my pants and then my trousers on to hide the bruises. I turned round and he'd finished pissing with his dick now back in his pants. He looked at me thoughtfully as if he was thinking hard.

"Hmm, well I've never seen anything like it. It looks like you've been beaten to within an inch of your life! Let's get out of the bathroom and go somewhere more comfortable where you can tell me everything. Have you had breakfast Tom?"

I shook my head, "No, I've not really eaten properly for a long time. So if you could spare some food that would be amazing."

Fred grinned at me lighting up his face with a warm smile. "Well follow me and I'll sort you out. Actually, I need to get some clothes on first so stay there for a minute." After he said this he went into the room that has the door shut earlier which was clearly his bedroom. He came out dressed soon after and led me downstairs to the kitchen. He got bread and butter out with something that I guessed was home made jam and made us sandwiches. It tasted amazing after all that time without proper food. We sat at the kitchen table opposite each other eating our sandwiches. I felt a bit better about things now I was with Fred and now I had some food in my stomach.. The earlier embarrassment at being seen naked however briefly seemed a distant memory.

"I always knew Mr Arch was a bastard," he said between mouthfuls of his sandwich.

"Mr Arse I call him. Not to his face though. He'd beat the shit out of me again if I did."

"So Tom, if he isn't your uncle how did you get here? What did he do to you? And why the fuck are you sleeping in my shed?" Fred fired the questions out so I gave him a quick overview of me living in London. Then my Mum being fucking useless and me being sent up here. I then told him about me having to do all the weeding and that he beat for me not calling me sir as well as for not having done the weeding to his satisfaction. I told him how he treated me like a piece of shit and how he was a violent abusive bully. I outlined the number of beatings I'd been given including the threat to shove the broom up my arse.

"It's sounds fucking awful Tom. That explains all the bruises. So you eventually just got sick of the beating and ran away? You haven't got very far really, we're only a few miles up the road." Fred said, looking sympathetic.

"Well to be honest I was resigned to staying put and being beaten for the rest of my life!" I replied. "It wasn't like I had anywhere else to go or anyone I could stay with. So that was to be my fate for the next few months and hellish as it was I couldn't see a way out. However things took a really serious turn. Some pervy man called Wilfred visited Mr Arse. Turned out he wanted me to go and work for him at his house for a few days. I didn't like the look of him and I really didn't like the look he gave me. There was something dodgy about him. Then that evening I overheard Mr Arse's wife say they couldn't send me to Wilfred as he liked to do stuff to boys. Mr Arse said I'd deserve it and it would teach me a lesson. No way did I want some old fucker abusing me so that night I escaped. I got as far as your shed that first night and intended to go on last night but the thunderstorm put paid to that. I didn't really have a plan, just getting away from Mr Arse and that pervert Wilfred."

I then noticed Fred looked visibly upset and struggling for words. "Are you okay Fred?" I asked him.

He shook his head. "Wilfred.. He's a.....He...molested me and my best friend Simon a couple of years ago."

I looked at him in shock and surprise. So Wilfred clearly did like to abuse young boys so thank god I got away before I ended up staying with him. But how was he still doing it and what actually had happened to Fred and Simon? I wanted to know and I decided It was time for me to ask some questions of my own.

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