A Wartime Evacuee

by Andrew Passey

Part 9

Somehow we had managed to make Fred's plan and our living arrangements work for the next couple of days despite my instincts telling me it was destined to end in disaster! I had to give it to Fred though, he was right on this occasion.

I guess it partly worked as it was the weekend for most of it. That first evening Fred had come back after dinner saying to his parents that he was tired and wanted an early night. He managed to get some sort of sheet for me to sleep on the floor by claiming he wanted it instead of his blanket. His Mum didn't bat an eyelid and while he still thought it was too risky to get more substantial bedding it did at least mean I had something to cover me with.

The weather was warm anyway so while it wasn't particularly comfortable it was better than sleeping in the shed. At times I would hide under the bed when Fred was worried that I'd be discovered like when his parents were moving around outside his door. We'd whisper as quietly as we could when they were in the house. His parents had gone out for a walk on Sunday morning so I was at least able to use the toilet and get clean. Fred was an excellent lookout and seemed to really enjoy the subterfuge.

"I've got school tomorrow so it's going to be a bit trickier. Dad will be at work. Mum will be in and out but I can't guarantee she won't come into my room. I don't know what the best solution is really. Hiding all day doesn't sound like fun," Fred said on the Sunday evening when we were safely ensconced in his room. He'd said good night so we wouldn't be disturbed and we kept our voices as quiet as we could so we wouldn't raise suspicions by being heard talking.

"I guess I'll hide under the bed if I think your Mum is in. It does make me think that this situation needs resolving. I either have to run again soon or we talk to your parents and see what they say.. Otherwise they'll catch me and I suspect it might be better to be upfront and honest about it."

Fred sighed when I said that. "I dunno Tom. I see your point but I'm worried that you'll be sent back into the arms of that fucking arsehole."

"I'll run before that happens!" I said firmly.

"Let me think about it. Maybe we do need to come clean. I'm just...I dunno. I guess I'm putting off the decision. Anyway, it's school in the morning so it will be an early start. Sleep well. Good night Tom.". I wished Fred the same and I listened to his breathing deepen as he fell quickly asleep. I struggled to fall asleep. My dick was hard and I knew I needed to wank off. I just felt bad doing it in the same room as Fred.. I'd have to take care of it tomorrow when Fred was at school otherwise I'd be a total hormonal mess.

That night I had another nightmare. The usual one but with a bit of a difference. It was the same up to William asking "Can I kiss you?" But this time as he leaned forward his face melted right in front of me. I woke up drenched in sweat as always and shaken by the whole dream. For a moment I struggled to remember where I was but then I heard the breathing of Fred on his bed and it flooded back.

"No....no....don't touch me....stop......leave him alone.....where are you taking him?! Stop!" Fred started muttering, getting more agitated. I lay there helplessly as he writhed and shouted out before he sat bolt upright and just said. "Fuck."

"You ok?" I whispered.

"Sorry did I wake you? I had a shitty nightmare. I get it a lot," he said, sounding upset.

"No you didn't. I had a nightmare too. I also get it a lot and I'd already woken up before you did."

"Well aren't we a pair of fucking basket cases Tom. Do you want to talk about it?" Fred asked. He was such a nice boy. Even in the midst of his own nightmare he was asking me if I wanted to talk about mine. I was sorely tempted but I thought I couldn't without either lying or letting him know I'd kissed a boy. I'd only just met him and we were getting on well. He was my only ally in this world. I didn't want to blow it by bringing up what I'd done with William.

"Um. Not just yet. It's still raw. What about your dream? Was it...that thing that happened to you and Simon?" I asked, not quite brave enough to spell it out.

"When I was molested? Yes it was. It's always the same. I can feel his hot warm breath on me. I can remember everything like it was yesterday. Oh god why can't I just forget it?!" Fred complained bitterly.

I didn't know if it was the right thing to do and in retrospect it was a potentially foolhardy move. However I wanted to comfort Fred as he'd been so nice to me. So I stood up, climbed into his bed next to him and put my arm around him. This seemed to calm him and he snuggled in slightly. We lay there in silence as the tendrils of the nightmares started to dissipate. Gradually our heartbeats slowed and we both calmed down and approached sleep.

"I'm really glad I met you Tom," Fred said softly before he fell back asleep. I lay awake for a bit longer thinking about Fred's nightmare. I began to think that he should tell his parents about what happened. Even if they did nothing about it there was the chance it would help him move on from it. It was a conversation I wasn't ready to have with him just yet. I enjoyed the feeling of warmth and comfort from another body next to me. I fell asleep soon after Fred and thankfully didn't have any more nightmares for the rest of the night.

I woke to a knocking on the door telling Fred to wake up for school. He groaned loudly and shouted he was getting up. It was a bit of a whirlwind of activity once he got out of bed, He went and used the toilet before quickly getting dressed into his uniform. I turned my face away from him so he knew I wasn't watching him get changed. I really wanted to look. I wanted to know how he compared dick size to me and whether his body looked as amazing as his face did. However it definitely wasn't the time for that! I heard Fred's dad drive off to work and then Fred came to whisper goodbye before I was left on my own.

Straightaway I felt vulnerable on my own. I'd come to rely on Fred so much that now I was on my own I almost felt naked without him. Now it was just me my mind played tricks and I kept running what I should do back and forth through my head. I could hear Fred's Mum up and down the stairs doing various things and I decided to hide under the bed in case she came in. To say it was uncomfortable would be a bit of an under exaggeration. It wasn't the cleanest under there and I didn't have anything I could really do down there. So I just lay and let my mind wander.

Everything had been so crazy it was almost nice to have time to try and process it all. I began to suspect that I was developing feelings for Fred. Or maybe it was just the relief that he was helping me and I was getting carried away. After all, we'd only known each other for a couple of days. Maybe I was latching on to him as a way out of my predicament?

I'd been in a very abusive situation and here was an attractive boy helping me out. It wouldn't be a surprise that I was wanting to rely on him but it felt more than that. Fred was nice, funny, intelligent and very attractive. I knew I liked boys so it was no surprise I was attracted to him. I guess it was almost a case of love at first sight but again was that because he might be my only ally in this fucked up world? Still, it was just nice to be with him and fantasise about what might transpire. Not that anything would happen between us but a boy could dream!

I heard the front door go and moved from under the bed. I looked out the window to see Fred's mum going out. This was my opportunity to use the bathroom and have a drink of water. I did it as quickly as I could and I also had a piece of bread before running back up to the room to wait for her return. I read one of Fred's books and heard noises downstairs which meant Fred's Mum was back.

I went back under the bed and just lay there thinking things through. At one point she actually came into the room carrying washing and I had a flash of panic that she'd see my bag of belongings. Luckily she left without noticing it or without checking under the bed. Although if I were her I'd definitely stay away from under the bed, it wasn't the cleanest of places!

I had one more tense moment when she went out again and I went for a piss. I'd barely flushed the toilet when I heard the front door open. I hurried back under the bed but was convinced she would hear the cistern. Again it was a false alarm but I knew my luck couldn't last. I definitely needed to persuade Fred we needed to come clean..

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