A Time of Change

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 16

I was so excited to see Gav and Rob when I got home from Wales, the journey home flew by, each passing minute being a minute closer to seeing my best friend and my boyfriend. Unfortunately Gav wasn't back for a few days so I caught up with Rob and we hung out almost 24/7. Though it was great having Gav around it was also nice that it was just me and Rob for a bit, just like the old times. Our friendship hadn't changed over the past few months despite the changes we'd gone through and it was one of the rocks, maybe the only rock, of my childhood that I could rely on.

After our days together Rob was off again to visit family for a week so when Gav came back it was just the two of us. I couldn't wait to see him, chatting excitedly on the phone together and making plans. Things looked like they'd be even better when he said his Dad and David would be going away on a father son scout camp for a long weekend the next day. This was great news and I pretty much booked myself into Gav's for those 4 nights. The weather was forecast hot, we could hang out together, swim together, mess around together all without worrying about being found out by anyone. His Mum would be there but she would be cool with everything, we'd still be careful, wven

I was incredibly excited while I waited to be picked up by Gav and his Mum. Clive and my Mum were both out at work so I'd had a good lie in and was now packing up my bag, including lube and condoms. I didn't care about the condoms but thought Gav might. I did also realise some of my previous behaviour might have been a bit reckless, having unprotected sex with a number of boys but then again they were pretty much my age and not that experienced. I was fairly sure none of them had anything and I wasn't really across getting tested for STDs. Still, Gav might feel more comfortable using a condom I thought, I wasn't sure if the thought of shoving a dick up my bum would slightly repel him!

My excitement grew with each passing moment until I heard the car pull up. The doorbell rang and I ran downstairs, threw it open and threw my arms around Gav, kissing him passionately.

He pulled off me fairly quickly, "Tom! My mum is in the car!" He said clearly embarrassed. I grinned and muttered an insincere apology, then followed him out the car and greeted his mum

"Oh my eyes!" She said laughing at Gav's embarrassment about being kissed in public by me. She then smiled at us both. "Oh to be young and to be kissed like that again" she smiled wistfully as she said this. Gav went bright red but I didn't feel embarrassed, I was getting tired of having to hide how I felt about him in public and it wasn't like his mum didn't know we did more than kissing together!

We drove over to their house and my excitement only heightened as we arrived, a whole four days together. My dick was hard at the thought of all that time with Gav and I had to rearrange myself in my pants before getting out the car.

"Lunch in an hour? Gives you boys time to swim or do whatever you fancy" his Mum said, giving us the green light to get reacquainted. Gav said we'd go to his room and get ready for a quick swim much to my disappointment, I was so horny I wanted him then and there. We got to his room and he smiled at me, obviously reading my mind.

"Don't worry, we've got lots of time later to do more. I don't want It to feel rushed though, I want to take my time with you, to enjoy every bit of you." He then leaned in and whispered in my ear "I've been practising a bit so I'm loose enough back there for your dick as well"

My eyes widened, I'd assumed for now that I'd be the only one taking it but seemed Gav might also be up for being fucked, a thought that did not disappoint me at all!

"How did you practice?" I asked curiously. He smiled at me.

"Let's just say I wouldn't advise eating the carrots for dinner" he said with a cheeky wink and we both giggled. He then came in close and we kissed passionately, with no one around to watch he could let himself go. I slipped my hands around his short clad bum as we kissed, then gently eased them down with his pants until they were round his ankles.

"Just getting you ready to put your swim shorts on" I said pulling off briefly. He kissed me again and did the same to me, until we were both standing there naked, bodies pushed close together, our dicks rubbing up against each other as our tongues intertwined. Despite not wanting to rush Gav pulled me on to his bed and we continued kissing, before pulling off and taking each other's dick in our mouths. It didn't take much sucking until we both came, the release we both needed.

"Fuck I've missed that, missed you." Gav said smiling at me before leaning in to give me a slightly cum filled kiss. We broke apart, threw our swim shorts on, ran downstairs and jumped into the pool.

For the rest of the day we just did usual teenage boy stuff, swimming, playing on Gav's computer and just hanging out together. We had a nice dinner with his Mum, Gav totally surprised me when over dessert he simply said "I want to come out to Dad and David".

I looked at him in surprise and so did his Mum. "That's your choice sweetheart and of course I'll support you. Technically you haven't even come out to me though, I just guessed! Don't rush into it, just pick the right time. I think we both know you Dad might find it challenging and I honestly have no idea how David will handle it either. However, being honest with yourself and other people is important".

I gave Gav a supportive smile and once we were in his room having an "early night" I asked him if he was sure.

"Not really but I'm sick of living a lie. And let's to be fair, there's a decent chance David might catch us doing something or Dad might guess anyway. I don't know when but at some point, probably when you're here if that's ok?" He asked looking like a lost little boy.

I smiled and pulled him close to me in a hug, "Of course, and you're right. It's time. I'm going to do the same, it's time to come out to Mum and Clive. And fuck it, maybe even at school as well" I said, feeling slightly giddy.

"Woah steady on, let's not get too carried away" Gav said with a grin and we kissed. He then led me by the hand and we sat on the bed.

"I love you Tom, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want us to take the next step together tonight. But I also want us to be honest. I've guessed that I won't be your first. You will be my first. It doesn't bother me that you've had more experiences and other boys than me. But once we do this, I want to be your only one. Promise?" He asked.

"Promise. I can tell you what I've done and with who if you want me too?" I said honestly although hoping he didn't, I didn't want to have to name names really. I was also incredibly relieved I'd kept what I'd done in Wales to myself, I don't think that would have gone down too well.

He smiled. "No. That's the past. This is the present and our future. There may have been boys before and girls, now there's only me" he said possessively. I liked it, liked the thought of being his and his alone.

"Sounds good to me, just me and you, forever" I said smiling back. In that moment I meant it, I was only 14, I had no idea what the future would bring but if it was just me and Gav forever, well that sounded pretty amazing.

"So....how do we do this?" He asked nervously wanting to move things along.

"Ok, well first we need to both shower and make sure we're very clean particularly back there. Hopefully you've had a shit today already," I said, he nodded at that.

" I've got lube which we'll need to help our dicks slip in, and I've got condoms if you want. Oh and we'll probably need some music on." I told him, getting stuff out of my bag,

"Right, so do we need condoms or not?" He asked clearly unsure.

"Up to you, I don't think so really, it feels better without, it's just if you want to". I didn't really want to but I wanted Gav to make this decision.

"Fuck it, I want to feel EVERYTHING, that piece of rubber can stay in its packaging" he said with a grin.

"Why the music though.?" He asked.

"So we can make as much noise as we like without your mum hearing!" I replied beaming at him.

We went and showered together, washing each bit of us clean, it was exciting, special, knowing we were getting each other clean for the other one.

Then we were back in the bedroom on his bed, naked, hard and grinning at each other.

"Top or bottom first?" I asked Gav with a smile.

"It's a shame I can't do both at the same time! Hmmm, bottom I think. I want to feel your dick in me, to know what it feels like for you when I do you afterwards" he said smiling back. I didn't want to rush it so we kissed for a while before I gently pushed him on to his back.

"Don't I have to be on my front so you can put it in my bum?" He asked me slightly confused.

I smiled at him, "that's ONE way to do it. But this way is even more special. This way we can look into each other's eyes as we do it!" I said as I opened the lube and rubbed some over my dick. I got him to lift his legs and rubbed a generous amount over his hole, slipping a finger in to loosen him up. I then wiggled between his legs and lifted them up to my shoulders, suddenly seeing his hole winking at me, looking like the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen in the world.

"Shit, hold on!" I said putting his legs down and remembering the music, I pressed play on his hi fi and the first bars of "I wanna be adored" by the Stone Roses started to play, a very apt song for our first time.

"I'll take it slow Gav, it's probably going to hurt a bit particularly at first as you get used to it" I warned him as I got back into position.

He nodded, "It's ok, I'm ready" he said with a grin.

I pushed my dick gently up against his hole, there was a bit of resistance but with a push forward from me, a gasp from Gav and a moan from me my head slipped in. I could feel Gav tense up as his hole expanded. I let him get used to it, his deep breaths telling me he was trying to manage the pain. I then gently pushed in bit by bit until I was buried deep within him, my balls up against his bum, I was all the way in.

"Gav?" I asked .

"Yes?" He said smiling with the odd wince.

"NOW you're mine" I said with a grin.

I started to move in and out of him, gently at first but speeding up a bit as I could see he got used to it. He made appreciative whimpers as I thrust deep into him, hitting his prostate again and again. His dick was rock hard, dripping everywhere. He was obviously loving it, as I was I. Our bodies joined together, two boys becoming lovers. As the song finished and the next one started I started to feel like I was almost done, then with a guttural cry I had an intense orgasm, it felt like the best one I'd ever had as I shot deep inside my boyfriend.

I slowly pumped a bit more before I softened and slipped out. We were both sweaty and grinning at each other.

"We have GOT to do that again, and again and again!" Gav said enthusiastically.

"It was ok then?" I asked with a grin.

"Ok? It was the most amazing thing ever.!" He said, beaming with his eyes bright.

"Well hold that thought, it's your turn to fuck me now." I said with a grin.

We cleaned up and I helped Gav get us both ready before we stared into each other's eyes as he slipped his dick into me.

"Fuck......." he said.

"Good?" I asked with a grin,

"Why did no one tell me how tight and warm it would be?" He said grinning back.

"Who apart from me could tell you?" I asked with a giggle.

"Good point. Now, let's see how this feels" he said and moved his dick back before slamming it back into me. He was fairly gentle but also very excited and enthusiastic, his body taking over, his need to cum in me. It was his first time but it felt amazing for me. The room was full of the sounds of grunting and groaning, drowned out by the music thankfully. We stared deep into each others eyes as he thrust in me and again before he started to get close, "oh fuck.....fuck....I fucking.....love you...so much...fuck....FUCK......FUCCKK............FUUUCCCCKKKKK! He screamed as he slammed his dick in me and came pretty spectacularly deep inside me.

"I fucking love you so much too" I said afterwards as we kissed and he slipped out.

"Sorry, got carried away" he said blushing slightly

"No you didn't, it was nice. It's never wrong to tell someone you love them" I said and kissed him passionately.

"I know. And I do love you, more than anything in the world" he said with a shy smile before we held each other close and talked about our feelings until we fell asleep.

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