A Time of Change

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 17

Gav woke me up in the night, "I want to be in you again" He said, his hard dick already slipping between my cheeks. His appetite for the next few days was insatiable, but I wasn't complaining. We both took it in turns and tried a few new positions as well, riding on top of each other controlling the rhythm, fast and hard from behind. It became a running joke to shout or say "I fucking love you so much" when we had sex, gently ribbing each other for Gav saying it during his first time with me. Those four days were the happiest of my life, our dicks and arses were a bit sore by the end of it but what a four days it was!

I was very much loved up, and so was Gav, in that moment if we could have done we'd have run away together, living our lives somewhere just the two of us. Of course that wasn't possible at 14! Still, I felt sure Gav was the one for me, everything up to now, all those boys, well it had been loads and loads of fun but it didn't compare to how it was with Gav. I loved him for all his good points, and his bad. I didn't realise it was possible to love someone like that, to be loved back so much. To trust and feel comfortable telling them everything.

I went home for a couple of nights after those epic four days but came back a couple of nights later for another stay. It was great to be back with him and it felt silly to say how much I'd missed him, it had only been two days after all!

Over dinner with everyone I made the mistake of trying to make polite conversation with Gav's dad.

"How was the scout camp?" I asked. A fairly simple question. But I wasn't expecting the answer.

"Well it started fine but you won't believe what happened when we went for a walk on Cannock Chase! There were a couple of fucking fags there though, brazen as you like. Holding hands! Like it was the most natural thing in the world! Made me almost physically sick!" Gav's Dad said in an angry outburst.

I could see Gav fuming, his mum looking angry and David looking uncomfortable, maybe he didn't feel the same way.

"Stop it Dad. Stop with this bigoted shit. I'm gay. How do you think it makes me feel to hear you talk about them like that. Do I make you physically sick?" Gav said. The table went deathly quiet, and his mum whitened. I guess when she said choose the right time she hadn't meant when his dad was raging.

"Leave this table now and go to your room!" his Dad shouted.

"Are you one as well?" He asked me almost as loudly as Gav stood up.

"Sort of" I said, doubting he'd get the nuance of bisexuality. I then felt braver. "Gav is my boyfriend after all". And I stood up and put my arm around him.

I thought for one moment he was going to throw something at me but he just beckoned his arm towards the door. "GO!" He roared.

We ran upstairs, Gav flung his door open, locked it and burst into tears. I held him close as he sobbed. "I hate him. He's such a bigot. He made me a racist but I can see he just hates everyone who is different" he said between ragged breathes and sobs.

"Hey, we've got each other. That's all that matters" I said. I heard raised voices downstairs and the slam of the front door before a car drove off. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door.

"Go away!" Gav shouted.

"It's me, can I come in?" David's voice came through the door. I looked at Gav and nodded, he opens the door and David walked in.

"Mum wants to chat downstairs, but I need to say something first. It doesn't bother me at all you're gay. You're my brother. What you do with other people is up to you. If you're gay, you're gay, I'm fine with that. As long as you don't try and bum me though" he said with a giggle.

Gav smiled at him, "Thanks David, that means a lot. And I won't try and bum you, I've got Tom for that, you should try it though it's fun" he said with a wink causing David to blush. I guess for a 12 year old realising your older brother is having sex with another boy is a bit embarrassing and hard to process.

We headed downstairs where Gav's mum said she'd told his dad to go away and only come back when he was ready to accept Gav as he was and also accept that he had a boyfriend and was in a proper relationship. "I don't want him to say he's ok with it but then say the two of you can't be boyfriends until you're 16 or some rubbish like that, we're past that point. It's obvious how you feel about each other" she said with a warm smile.

We agreed the next day we'd drive over to my house and I'd come out to Mum and Clive. By the time we'd left Gav's dad hadn't come home, I hoped he would despite the fact he was a massive bigot, I didn't want Gav to feel the guilt of splitting his parents apart.

My Mum and Clive looked confused when we rocked up but I took control.

"Sit down, I have something to tell you" I said. They did as they were told and I went on quickly.

"I need you to understand that I'm bisexual. Gav is my boyfriend. We've been going out for months. We love each other and it isn't a childish infatuation. We're planning our future together, this isn't a phase or anything like that. This is who we are" I said.

They looked shocked but my Mum then stood up and hugged me and then Gav saying "welcome to the family".

Clive shrugged, "hey whatever you boys do is up to you, I won't interfere" he said surprising me slightly. Although later when he asked me if Gav was well hung and if he'd been in me yet I realised he was still the dodgy pervert I thought he was. I told him "none of your business" and left it at that. He would continue to be a perv and both Gav and I preferred to carry out the physical side of our relationship at his house. I decided not to tell Dad yet, after all he wasn't in my life that much so he had no business knowing.

Gav's Dad did return a couple of days later apologetic. He didn't really understand or like it but he did love his son and so tried his hardest to be supportive. It was awkward at times and I knew we made him uncomfortable but Gav was clear, I was his boyfriend, we were in a relationship and he had to deal with that, Coming out at school was hard as well although that didn't happen until we were 16, admittedly a lot of people had guessed we were a couple by then anyway....

It was a warm breezy day as I looked out over Cape Town from the top of Table Mountain, I smiled widely at Gav. We'd finally made it, after years of talking about going there together. Gav hadn't wanted to come until he'd come to terms with his past, he was now a proud anti racism campaigner in the UK and embarrassed about his past beliefs but I told him it made him better for it. To break clear of his upbringing, to see the light, it made it all the more special.

"Come on husband, let's go and put that honeymoon suite to good use" he said with a grin, testing the "husband" word out, it was still new to us both, after many years of living together to finally be formally recognised as together made a big deal, and where better to honeymoon than Gav's homeland. We'd overcome obstacles to get here but we'd never been happier. I looked forward to getting back to our room and continuing to explore each other's bodies, it still felt like it did when we were 14. I guess we were lucky, lucky to have found each other, our soul mate.

I followed Gav then stopped briefly. He turned to look at me.


"Yes Tom?" He said,

"I fucking love you so much" I said with a grin as we took each other by the hand and headed down the mountain to the rest of our lives..

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