A Time of Change

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 15

Gav had been great during the whole Andrea situation, I could tell he was jealous of her and also that he was pleased she was leaving and he had me to herself. However, he hid it well most of the time and was fairly supportive, although I couldn't lie that I was slightly resentful that he wasn't able to hid his glee all the time.

I'd been planning to spend the holidays with Gav as much as possible but they'd gone to visit South Africa for two weeks so I was alone. Andrea had gone, Rob was on holiday, Gav was on holiday and my mum and Clive had dragged me off to a caravan site in Wales for two weeks. When we weren't out in the mountains walking, I sulked around most of the time, doing moody long walks through the rambling sand dunes and long beach listening to my Walkman. Thinking of Gav and wondering what he was up to. Missing him terribly but not really able to do anything about it.

By the second week we'd climbed a few of the mountains in Snowdonia but both my Mum and Clive had got bored of the hills and wanted to spend more time at the site. I loved walking in the hills so this was even more annoying.

"Tom, make yourself scarce today, we've got plans if you know what I mean. I know the only plans you have involve your right hand but us adults have needs. Take this and have some fun, be back by dinner" Clive had said one morning after breakfast giving me £5. Wow, £5, that would buy not very much at all for a whole day out the van! And cheeky bastard suggesting I only got action with my right hand, if only he knew! I did have a suspicion he'd probably like to know though so I just nodded and decided to walk further afield.

There was a town up the coast that did amazing fish and chips that we had visited by car a few days before. I could walk down the beach to the end of it , scramble up over the rocks and through some tricky headlands before dropping down to a shingled beach, from there it wasn't too far to the chip shop. It would take me a fair chunk of the day to get there and back but I had no other plans. I stocked up on snacks and water and headed off for my walk in the sunshine. A cooling breeze blew in from the sea and the mountains were clear inland, I could see Snowdon peaking out over the smaller ones, all in all it was a lovely day for a walk and it lifted my mood somewhat.

I made it to the town in time for lunch, eating fish and chips on the seafront with a coke, enjoying my day out and trying not to think about my mum and Clive. Now I'd had sex I couldn't pretend to myself that they weren't but the thought of it really repulsed me! I mean Clive repulsed me at the best of times, what the fuck was my mum thinking!

The tide was out on the way home so in theory I didn't need to climb up and over the headland but could scramble over the small rocks and caves down below. It all started out ok but the tide soon started to come in again and I was forced to climb up a bit higher. I was sort of stuck and getting slightly panicked, I could just wait for the tide to come in and try and swim round but that would involved trashing my bag and the things in it most importantly my precious Walkman. There was an overhang above me which I couldn't climb over so I was a bit out of options.

"You ok there friend?" I looked down to see a head sticking out of a hole just below me. A boy a bit older than me with dark hair and a strong North wales accent was looking at me with a half smile.

"I'm a bit stuck I think" I said honestly.

"We thought you would be. Saw you coming home this way, the tide had already turned. You're fucked." he smiled as he said this, I hoped a friendly smile rather than an evil one!

"Er right Ok. Can't you help me" I asked, almost begging for help.

"We don't help the imperial invaders" he said simply. Then saw my blank expression "The English. You."

"Oh ok." I said fairly naive about English Welsh history, "are you sure there isn't anything I can do to persuade you? My name's Tom by the way". I was fairly sure they wouldn't leave me here stuck and wouldn't want me to drown.

"Well Tom there is a solution. You're not the first English boy we've caught here and helped out. We've worked out a payment scheme, if we help you out then you have to do what we say for an hour." He said this with a wink, I began to suspect what sort of payment scheme it might be. Well actually I almost hoped it was something sex related, he was cute and I'd rather do sex than pay cash, what little change I had anyway.

"Who is we?" I asked fishing for more info.

"Me and my brother Alun. Dai and Alun, rescue experts!" He said with a shrug and a smile.

"What sort of thing do I have to do?"

"Whatever we tell you. How old are you.?"he asked in reply to my question,

"14." I said simply.

"Same as Alun then though you look older than him. I'm 16. Well if you're 14 you'll be fine. Just a bit of fun between friends. Now are you happy for us to help you?

"Fuck yes, please get me out." I said.

Dai's head disappeared and soon after he reappeared off to the side of me. He took my bag and edged me to a hidden entrance that dropped down to a rock inside, a scramble over that took us to the back of a cave that was just beginning to get wet and would soon fill from the look of the lichen on the walls. There was a small hole to squeeze through it but then we were at the bottom of a rocky slope and with some help I climbed up until I was out on the headland. There was another boy waiting for us who I guess was Alun, he was also dark haired and a bit small for 14 but also cute and gave me a shy smile.

"Here you go Tom, we'll keep this for now as a deposit" Dai said rummaging though my bag and taking my Walkman out, checking out my tape in it.

"The Stone Roses, not bad for an English band" he said with a wink at me. I was slightly concerned I wouldn't get it back but he gave me a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry Tom, it's just to make sure you keep your side of the bargain" he said and strode off purposefully towards a wooden building in the near distance. As we approached he pulled out a key, he unlocked it and we walked in. It turned out to be a sort of play area, a sort of converted barn with a couple of sofas, a dart board, some games and a table.

"My Dad built us this so we could hang out somewhere away from the farmhouse, it's certainly had its uses. Now don't worry, it's all just a bit of fun. We won't make you do anything you don't want to do.....within reason. We've had the odd local boy in here and a few tourists. Just boys doing what comes natural! Now before we start, how willing are you to mess around with boys? You're going to have to do a bit whatever, we need to get off as thanks for helping you. But if you're nervous and inexperienced there's level 1, if you're feeling a bit braver level 2 and if you want a mind blowing experience level 3" Dai gave me a warm smile as he said this and I could tell I was in safe hands and they wouldn't hurt me.

"Er what the hell, level 3" I said with a smile.

"Great, take your shirt off" I did as I was told pulling my t shirt up over my arms and throwing it on the floor before Dai then nodded to Alun and suddenly my hands were pulled behind me and tied together, loosely though so they didn't hurt. I wasn't worried as I could tell the boys wouldn't mistreat me....too much anyway.

"What have we here soldier?" Dai asked Alun, pretending to ignore me.

"An English spy my king. No doubt sent here to try to find out where our army is before we crush the invaders to our great country"

"Have you searched the prisoner? They could be hiding secret plans" Dai said.

"No my king, I will do it now" Alun said. He started to move his hands over my body patting me down.

"Strip him soldier! He could be hiding it anywhere" Dai said smiling at me. Alun pulled my shorts and pants down leaving me standing there naked.

"Hmm the rumours about the English being small dicked don't seem to apply to this one. Search every bit of him" Dai ordered and Alun started to feel me up, peeling back my foreskin, under my balls, peeling apart my bum cheeks. I hardened under his ministrations and Dai grinned at me.

"I think our English spy likes this. Tell me spy, where are the secret plans?"

"I don't know what you're talking about" I said, not quite sure what to tell him!

Dai then started twisting my nipples, painfully but also it felt good. My dick was straining and starting to drip precum, this whole thing was making me really horny.

"I don't believe you. Soldier, check if he's hiding anything up his hole" Dai said. I heard a squelch of some liquid being dispensed and then Alun gently prodded my hole open with his finger, rummaging around in there hitting my spot. I moaned loudly and Dai giggled.

"We'll have to torture it out of him" he said and he started to wank my hard dick causing me to moan even louder. If this was torture then I wasn't sure it was working! However, as I got close to cumming Dai stopped. Then would start and stop again, edging me for a few minutes before stopping I was desperate to cum, this whole role play was a massive turn on.

"If we let you cum will you betray the English and join our army.?" Dai asked.

"Yes. Fuck yes, just please let me cum" I begged.

"What do you think soldier? Can we trust him?" Dai asked Alun with a grin.

"I think so my king but a load of the royal cum should help" Alun said, with that they manoeuvred me onto the floor and Dai pulled his pants down to show off his hard dick, bigger than mine but not as big as some I'd had. He got me to get it wet by sucking it, as he did I felt my hole being parted and Alun slipped his obviously lubed up dick in to me. It didn't feel particularly big and he came fairly quickly, obviously really turned on like I was!

After that I was still on the edge of cumming, Dai got behind me, pushed his hard dick in and started fucking me hard. He definitely knew what he was doing and I realised I was going to cum really soon. With a loud cry of "FUCKKKK!" I shot cum on the floor, my hole spasming on Dai's dick which set him off too.

After we all got our breathes back and came down from our orgasms, they untied me and I felt a bit embarrassed. I'd let myself be fucked by two boys I'd literally only just met. I definitely decided I wasn't telling Gav about this. I had a boyfriend and I didn't want to jeopardise it. It was a lot of fun though!

I stunk of sex and realised I'd need a swim before I got home, the boys must have felt the same way as when Dai said he needed a shower, Alun suggested he and I went for a swim instead.

"You Ok with what we did to you?" Alun asked me a bit nervously as we got to the beach after clambering down the hill.

"It was fun and you're both cute and good with your dicks" I said with a smile.

"Thanks, I think I'm gay but Dai isn't but he likes messing around, he usually tops me. It's nice to be on top for a change. We've been doing it for a while.You're the first boy of the summer though, we had one at half term that was fun.Do you....do you want to hang out with me tomorrow? Dai is helping Dad with work so it's just me. I'll let you top me if you want?" He asked slightly bashfully, obviously a bit nervous about being so forward. I sensed Dai was the dominant one, he had a force of personality that probably left Alun in his shadow. I'd sort of decided I wasn't up for more messing around but Alun looked like a lost little boy as he asked me so I smiled and said yes.

"Only if you top me as well" I said grinning, "are we ok to do it in your shed or do you want to meet somewhere?" I asked. In the end we agreed he'd meet me at the caravan we were staying at and we'd go from there. We had a great day together the next day, it was nice hanging out together and we had some good non role play straightforward sex together, me in him, him in me, me in him again, and then him in me again. All in all I felt pretty satisfied with what I'd done on holiday, but I also decided not to tell Gav. At least not yet, it felt wrong to tell him I'd had sex with a couple of boys since we'd become a couple while not with him. Although that lack of sex with Gav was something I was desperate to address as soon as I got home!

I was also in a bit of a dilemma, it would make my life a bit less complicated if I came out to my Mum but the last thing I wanted to do was come out to Clive. So for now I'd stay in the closet, I also thought it was probably safer to do sleepovers at Gav's if it was just me and him, no problem at mine if Rob was there too but I didn't want to give anything away. I was also acutely aware that I would need to be pretty fastidious about keeping sheets clear of evidence and my previous experience of being fucked was that it was virtually impossible not to make a mess particularly without an en suite bathroom like Gav had. So I resolved to take the next step with Gav when I was over at his, well at least plan for it in case he was up for it.. I didn't want to rush Gav into anything he wasn't ready for, I had to remember I might be experienced but he was still taking his first steps along this road...

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