A Time of Change

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 13

Gav and I did manage to make it work with no really problems at first, although it was hard after those first few days at the end of the Easter holidays. Once we were back at school it was trickier, having to control ourselves at school and in public. Only in our bedrooms could we be able ourselves and that was hard to manage particularly as Gav lived in a village that was too far to walk to from me house.. We'd had a couple of quick sessions after school at my house when he used the excuse we were working on a "project" but it was all too fleeting.

I did feel like I was living a double life at times, I could be friendly with Gav at school but we were both careful not to overplay it and do something we'd regret. It was hard though! I wanted to kiss him, to touch him, to hold him close, to feel that dick of his pressed up against me.

Gav had already been asked out by a couple of girls and said no, I knew he felt he was under a bit pressure to go out with someone before the rumours started but I didn't realise how much pressure he was feeling.

"I just wish they'd all leave me alone" he complained to me one lunchtime as we ate our lunches on the playing field.

"You're cute, they all fancy you! Who wouldn't after all" I said smiling at him, he didn't smile back.

"It's ok for you. You like girls and you've got Andrea. I'm gay and I don't want a girlfriend, but if I don't get one people will talk." He looked miserable as he said this. I was a bit surprised he was so worried about it, I thought it hadn't been an issue before but then again I hadn't known he was gay before so it was only now he was opening up.

"Don't be silly, most of the boys in our year don't have girlfriends. No one will talk. If you're that worried just say you've already got a girlfriend but she goes to another school" I hoped this would reassure him.

"That's like the shitty excuse everyone uses when they don't have one!" Gav protested.

"Yes but if they accuse you of lying they all have to admit those boyfriends and girlfriends they met on holiday or go to another school don't actually exist. Don't stress! When's our next sleepover?" I asked moving things along. Enough talk of girls, I wanted to know when we would have some proper boy time together!

"Already on it, just waiting for Rob to confirm, week on Saturday work for you?" Gav replied with a grin.

I was a bit disappointed briefly that Rob was invited but then stopped myself. He was my best friend, why would I want to exclude him. He didn't know about me and Gav yet but I did want to tell him when Gav was comfortable with it. I did think the sleepover might be a good time. Otherwise I wouldn't even be able to touch Gav without Rob commenting! It was also a reminder that while it might be hard to manage my relationship with Gav, it was also important not to let friendships be something that suffered as a result.

The sleepover happened in one of the warmest April spells for a few years, Rob's mum dropped us off and Gav beamed as he saw us. We had lunch with his parents and David before they said they were going out for a drive and a walk. David was offered the chance to stay with us or go with them.

"What's your plan?" He asked us as his parents went off to get ready.

"Skinny dipping" Gav said with a giggle, much to my surprise and Rob's shock from his blushing.

"Sounds gay. Maybe I'll go with Mum and Dad then" David replied with a shrug, getting up from the table and heading off to find them.

"Well that got rid of him" Gav said smiling.

"Oh so that was the plan? We're not intending to ACTUALLY skinny dip are we?" Rob asked in relief. I was a bit surprised at this, it's not like he didn't strip off all the time in swimming changes room although he certainly covered up more than he used to.

Gav was about to reply when his parents came in and said they were off with David for a couple of hours. As they left Gav shrugged. "Well I'm happy to you, what about you Tom?" He asked,

I smiled, "I'm definitely happy too" I winked at him as I said this.

"You just want to see Gav naked" Rob protested, then smirked at me as if he'd caught me out. This could be the moment, I looked at Gav and he nodded slightly.

"Don't be ridiculous, I've seen him naked loads. How else do I suck his dick unless he's got it out of his pants?"

Rob spluttered as I said this, he was halfway through a mouthful of coke and it sprayed out as me and Gav giggled.

"Er.......so you've sucked Gav?" Rob asked in surprise, giving me a bit of a look that said "why didn't you tell me"

"He has and I've sucked him, we're going out with each other. We're boyfriends now. I asked Tom not to tell you I was gay and what we were doing until the time was right although it's only been a few weeks. Does that bother you?" Gav asked in concern,

Rob beamed, "Not at all, I'm pleased my best friends are getting together. And I'm pleased I was right! I TOLD Tom you fancied him but he was having none of it,"

Rob was full of it the rest of the day, after we skinny dipped we played computer games and he'd make jokes about me and Gav getting together. I knew it meant he was fine with it. I guess there was no reason why he shouldn't have been, after all we were best friends? He'd also be happy for me to suck him and him wank me off for a while so it wasn't like he was a stranger to sex stuff!

That night I could tell Gav felt awkward doing stuff with me in front of Rob which was fair enough. I asked Rob if he'd mind if me and Gav slept in the same bed, he smirked and said that was fine as long as we "kept the noise down, I don't need to hear you slurping on each other's dicks"

In the end we just cuddled and fondled each other, although the next morning we wanked each other off in the shower together! It was tricky to make it work time wise though, I hadn't realised when we finally got together how squeezed we'd always be for time. Rob would often be there and if he wasn't then David might hang around with us. Still, it made it all the better when our hormones could finally have free reign!

There was one thing about Gav that I really had a problem with. I ignored it most of the time but it reared it's head in early May and things came to a head pretty quickly. I was playing in the final of the local boys club for the football team on Saturday afternoon and Gav came to watch me with his dad and brother. It was a good game and we should have won, but James made a rare mistake late on fluffing a backpass that led to the opposing striker scoring the winning goal. James was usually brilliant and we all make mistakes so no one was pissed off at him.

Gav came in the changing room after and waited with me, James headed off to the shower and I could see Gav checking him out.

"Eyes on me.," I said with a giggle and we headed off to meet up with the others and drive back to his house.

On the way back Gav made a comment about James, "you know that thing you used to say about the blacks Dad?"

"Which one?!" His Dad said to laughs from Gav and David.

"The rhyme.," Gav left it open ended but his Dad must have known which one he meant as straight away he replied.

"Oh that one. They have a big dick but they're really really thick."

"Yeah, that defender for Tom's team fits that. He almost had my eye out when he walked past me to the shower." Gav said to giggles from him and David.

"Ha well it'll talk him a long time to get his skin clean!" His Dad guffawed as he said this and they all laughed, I silently seethed, looking out the window, why did they talk about James like that. I wanted to tackle them, to tackle Gav but I thought it wasn't the right time,

Over dinner it got worse, Gav and his dad were giving his mum a match report, then his Dad said something that made me drop my knife in shock.

"They should have won but that gorilla in defence messed it all up. Might be built to be an athlete but like all his kind he has no brain."

I was utterly appalled by the use of the word gorilla, and at the gentle laughing although I did note Gav's mum didn't laugh.

"Actually he's usually our best player and is top of the class at his school so he certainly isn't stupid" I protested losing my temper a bit.

"Well well well top of the class. Must be a pretty rubbish school, glad you boys don't go there" Gav's dad replied. I was about to bite back when his Mum changed the subject and moved things on to discussing dessert. I was quiet the rest of the evening until we went to bed. I was wondering how to raise it with Gav when he surprised me, and not in a good way.

"I know things are a bit different in the UK Tom but where I'm from it's rude to answer back to an adult" he said looking disapprovingly at me. My mouth fell open with shock, answering back? He had no idea how much of my tongue I'd had to bite that day. Unfortunately my tongue was no longer bitten...

"I wouldn't count calling out racism as answering back" I said heatedly.

"Racism!? It's not racist it's true. You wouldn't understand racism anyway. Where I grew up I got to see what black people are really like. If it wasn't for apartheid South Africa would collapse. The blacks are lazy, they're criminals. We're saving them from themselves" Gav protested, his face reddening them.

"Saving them?! Enslaving them more like" I retorted.

Gav was also angry and from there the argument escalated until we were shouting at each other, it turned nasty and I did think it would end up with fists being thrown. In the end I grabbed the sleeping bag, got into it on the floor and ignored him. As I fell asleep I could hear Gav crying softly, I was also very upset. Our first row and not just a small one. This was a huge, potentially relationship and friendship breaking one. How could he not see how wrong he was? How intolerant his family was? I honestly had no idea how we were going to get past this and I had to honestly wonder whether we should. I knew I loved him but some of his views were so egregious that it might mean we had to go our separate ways.

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