A Time of Change

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 12

Christmas came and a new year dawned. I'd gone up over the Christmas holidays to see Nick and I'd had a sleepover with Rob but there wasn't much fun to be had aside from that. To my surprise when we were back at School, Andrea told me about a bit of fun she'd had with a female cousin over the holidays. She laughed at my shocked face.

"What you think it's only you boys that are allowed to have fun or are horny? Sexist pig!" She said slightly jokingly. I decided to tell her about me and James, not about Graham though.

She loved to hear the story and told me she'd think about it later in bed when she was having "private time" that night giggling at my shocked face again. I was starting to realise Andrea might want to wait until 16 but she was very much a sexual being and probably as interested in experimentation and experiences as I was!

There was great excitement in our school year in mid January. We had a new pupil starting, a fairly rare event. He wasn't in my class, he was in Rob's who quickly befriended him. The excitement really was due to his exoticism. Well exotic for a small city in the midlands! A new pupil was always a source of excitement, really just because it shook things up a bit, gave the opportunity for new friends, a new boy for the girls to get excited about. I found it funny in one respect, it showed how parochial we were, a new pupil always seemed so exotic, particularly one from overseas!

Rumours flew around our class about the new boy. His name was Gavin and he and his family had just moved over from South Africa permanently. I guessed they saw the way things were going over there and decided to head to the UK. This probably didn't reflect very well on them, leaving once they thought they wouldn't be totally in charge via apartheid but there you go, politics is a messy business although considering I was only 14 years old some of it it went totally over my head.

At lunchtime I went to find Rob to ask him for a sleepover at the weekend, as I went into his class I almost stopped in my tracks, talking to Rob was the most attractive boy I'd ever seen. Creamy almost alabaster skin, freckled face, piercing blue eyes and blond hair, just the most beautiful looking boy there was. I was far from alone in my admiration, all the girls in Rob's class were hanging around Gavin, he seemed not to notice but maybe he was just pretending.

I walked over to them and Rob introduced me, I almost felt a spark as Gavin looked at me and said "hello" in his not overly strong South African accent. It's not my favourite accent I have to say but then again I grew up near Birmingham and that is the worst of accents so at least he wasn't all brummy!

I hit it off with Gavin immediately, as he did with Rob and it wasn't long before we were thick as thieves. We'd hang out at break and lunchtimes, gossiping about girls and our classmates.

Gavin lived a life different to mine. It sounded like their life back in South Africa was good, a huge house with a pool, staff to do jobs for them. I admit that bit grated with me particularly the way he referred to black people fairly derogatorily but I bit my tongue. It wasn't my place to tell him he was wrong, much as I wanted to.

I was however amazed to find out that the amazing life seemed to continue over here, Gavin had a swimming pool at his house in one of the villages outside the city, a luxury which was almost unfathomable, particularly given the British weather. It was heated though apparently, even so I was sceptical of how much use it would get!

The weeks passed and the warmer weather and spring drew nearer. We'd done sleepovers at Gavin's amazing house a couple of times but hadn't been swimming in the pool as yet due to the winter weather. I fantasised about Gav (no longer Gavin to me and Rob) a lot, even though I got changed next to him at swimming and PE I never saw his dick, he was careful to use a towel much to my disappointment. Still, I made sure I gave him a good look at my dick in those classes just so he could see what he was missing! I realised I was beginning to fall for him in a big way, why did my dick always try and get me into trouble?

The three of us became inseparable and we'd be forever chatting shit together at school. Ever now again Gav would touch my arm or leg mid conversation to emphasise a point, it made me jump sometimes and I wondered if it was deliberate.

"I think he likes you" Rob said one day as we walked home from school.

"Who?" I asked.

"Gav!" Rob replied as if it was the most obvious answer there was.

"Well I like him, he's a good friend, it's been great having him around. Nothing more than that." I said slightly nonplussed, I didn't want Rob to know I fancied Gav, even if he knew about my sexuality it was something I was a bit uncomfortable with.

"Ha you tell yourself that. He doesn't touch MY leg when he talks to me. I reckon he wants to touch something a bit higher up" Rob giggled as he told me this, particularly as I blushed.

"Well you seem to like touching something a bit higher up on me anyway, maybe you fancy me?!" I threw back at Rob.

"That's very different and you know it, it's just thanking you for always being on your knees with my dick in your mouth! Anyway he definitely likes you, must like a bit of rough. Rich boy, poor boy vibe. You'd be marrying up!" Rob smirked at me, just taking the piss but it was true, it was a bit rich boy, poor boy, Gav lived a life I could only dream of.

It was an unseasonably warm late March weekend in the Easter holidays when things took an unexpected turn. We were due to have a sleepover at Gav's but Rob got double booked by a swimming competition so it was just the two of us. I rocked up at his house early on Saturday hoping to take advantage of the pool.

"Hey Tom, we've got the place to ourselves for most of the day, my parents and David are out on a trip." Gav said, his younger brother David was also cute but nowhere near as much as Gav was!

We decided to go for a swim, Gav got changed in the bathroom and I did in his bedroom. Was I ever going to get to see his dick?! With his light skin he needed to wear sun cream and asked me to rub some into his back and shoulders. It felt a bit like there was a change in atmosphere as I rubbed it into his soft skin, not for the first time I sensed something unsaid between us but put it down to my natural instinct to try and get in an attractive boy's pants!

We got to the pool and he said jump in on 3. As he said 3 I jumped and came up to break the water to see him still standing there smiling at me.

"Tricked you! Hold on a sec , I'll only be a minute" he said as he ran back indoors. He came back out and jumped in, we splashed and played for ages before he said we should get out. We stood outside to dry off a bit before he said to head to his room.

His room was huge with it's own bathroom, why did I keep befriending boys who had big houses and big bathrooms? Although I was more concerned about whether he was big in his pants! He turned to me, his still damp swim shorts clinging to his athletic lithe body, I tried not to be too obvious about checking him out.

"Your shorts are dripping Tom. Take them off and I'll hang them up" he said smiling at me. I stood there a bit unsure what to do, I guess he wanted me to strip off and give them to him, I was just a bit surprised by his forwardness.

He giggled at my reluctance "Fucking hell Tom, don't be shy, it's not like you don't like to show it off to me at school!" He said with a wink. I blushed slightly, and feeling strangely bashful I turned round and pulled them down, handing them over to him. He went off and I looked for my clothes, they weren't where I left them. I just stood there naked waiting for him to come back.

"Still naked! You really love to flash your dick at me, do you fancy me or something?!" Gav asked with a smile. He stood there in close fitting boxer shorts, showing off a bit of a bulge.

"Er...I can't find my clothes..." I said blushing and stammering slightly.

"Hmm you didn't say no though" Gav winked at me as he said this, was he trying it on?

"No to what?" I asked innocently.

"When I asked if you fancy me." He smiled as he said this. I began to think I should tell him the truth, my blushing red face probably gave it away. I was surprised how embarrassed I was, it wasn't like I wasn't sexually experienced. Yet here I was blushing because a boy I fancy asked if I fancied him.

Gav moved closer to me. "Do you fancy me Tom!?" He asked directly. I stayed silent, not trusting myself to speak. He moved right up to me, so his body was touching mine, my dick brushing his leg.

"I think you do Tom. Even though you've got a girlfriend. I think you like me too. That's why you show me your dick all the time. I like you too. No, I really like you. I fancy you. A lot. I think I might even be a bit in love with you." He said and leaned in for a kiss. I was surprised and impressed by his making a move on me, it was such a risky proposition, if he'd misread my behaviour it could all backfire for him. Although I guess from what he said I'd been pretty fucking obvious that I liked him!

I kissed him back, we kissed for what felt like hours before I dropped my hands to his boxers and started to pull them down. He finished the job, standing there naked in front of me. His dick was a bit smaller than one but perfectly formed, it's small dickhead covered snuggle by his foreskin. I could see he was shaking as was I. He obviously fought his nerves though as he pushed me gently onto the bed, climbing on top of me to kiss me more as our dicks touched each other.. I kissed him again and our dicks hardened as we rubbed up against each other.

"I've never done this with anyone before" Gav said quietly, pulling away from me slightly so he was sitting on the top of my legs looking a bit like a lost little boy.

"I have, there's lots of fun stuff I can show you that we can do together." I told him, as I put my hands around his bum and pulled him up my body, "Closer..." I said as he scooted up until he was on my chest and his dick was near my mouth.

"Like this" I said and took him in my mouth for the first time, for his first time. He pretty much squealed in delight as I started to suck him, his dick fitting in my mouth perfectly. I'd had bigger obviously but this one was special. This was the first of many I hoped and I couldn't wait to get that dick inside of me. One step at a time though, for now I concentrated on giving him the best blowjob I could. One he'd always remember, I used my mouth to gently bring him off as I fingered his hole, not slipping anything in yet but just to intensify the feelings for him. It was a good job no one was in because he made a fucking racket, moaning and squealing at the top of his voice, the cries of "oh......ohhhhh.oooooohhhhhhh..." reverberating around the room. Then with a scream of release pretty much he came in my mouth. I greedily swallowed down all of his sweet tasty cum until he pulled out of me with his dick being too sensitive.

He rolled off and lay there next to me in a stupor.

"I wasn't expecting that" he said once he'd got his breath back, "you're definitely more experienced than me" . There was a slight note in his voice, maybe a pang of jealousy.

"Everything I've done up to now was so I could do it for you. It's all been fun till now, this means so much more doing it with you" I said in a reassuring tone.

He smiled at me, "Good. You've got a lot to teach me! Now....sucking a dick, got any tips" he said with a grin as he ran his fingers up and down my hard dick.

"Open wide. Watch your teeth. Suck like a lollipop. Feel free to come and experiment" I grinned back as I told him that, he shrugged and his head bobbed down onto my dick.

I'd had blowjobs from much more experienced boys, blowjobs that were technically much better but none felt as good as this did. A blowjob from a boy I fancied, who told me he fancied me, maybe even loved me. As I groaned my way to my first orgasm with Gav life had never felt better.

After Gav was done we kissed and cuddled and talked about things.

"So...you have a girlfriend, and you like boys? Is that confusing?" He asked me.

"Not really, it is complicated at times though. Andrea is very special to me but at the moment I'm free to do what I like. What about you? I guess you're full on gay?"

"Yeah and it's tough." Gav said in a small voice.

"Why? You've got me and Rob will support you. He told me he thought you fancied me anyway!" I said with a smile.

"Ha did he? I hope no one else has guessed. It's not really the done thing in Afrikaan culture. My parents would kill me. We'll have to keep this very quiet." The concern was evident in his voice as he told me this. I kissed him and told him I was here for him and we'd make it work. It was early days and I was already smitten, I did have a concern about whether I could manage a relationship with both Andrea and Gav, particularly as our relationships became more physical. For now, I just enjoyed having the boy I fancied naked next to me, everything else would play out in time and I'd just have to react as things come along.

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