A Time of Change

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 11

Life moved on as it does, after my experience with Ben I kept away from boys apart from the odd bit of fun with Rob at sleepovers. Andrea and I had grown closer through the Autumn term closer and I got lots of snogging action although nothing else.

One day in early December in our Personal and Social Health Education class we were talking about sexuality and the various flavours of it including discussing the Kinsey Scale. After I left school there was a bit of an outcry about this teacher and how she taught sexuality, it turned out she was a lesbian and was accused of grooming children. It never seemed like that to me and she did a great job of allowing pupils to learn about the wide gamut of sexuality outside of the usual vanilla stuff we were taught.

As well as telling us sexuality can be fluid, the teacher wanted to run an experiment she said she always did with her classes.. She gave us 3 coloured counters each, red, blue and green. There was a box on her desk and she told us all to go outside, then come in one at a time, and put a counter in the box that best reflected what we thought our sexuality was.. Red for straight, blue for bisexual, green for homosexual.

The class went quiet at that, I wondered if there were kids wrestling with their sexuality like I was and wondering if they should be honest.

I caught Andrea's eye and she smiled at me, it made me decide to be honest with my counter. We filed in one at a time, when it was my turn I placed the blue counter in the box and the other two in the discard pile.

After everyone was done the teacher counted up, "I'm impressed at the honesty, often I just get all red ones as pupils don't want to be honest. That is a good discussion point but you lot have bucked the trend. Three of you have placed blue counters in, two of you green. Probably about the amount it should be, maybe on the high side but sexuality is confusing at the best of times. It can be fluid at your age and confusing, certainly more teenagers end up having same sex experiences than adults do. Anyway, I'd ask you not to try and work out how might be gay or bisexual or whatever, it's up to each person to decided when to come out. And on a related subject, next, we'll discuss homophobia and discrimination, now off you go and enjoy the sunshine" she said and we all filed out for lunch.

Andrea and I were spending our lunch break, lying next to each other on the grass of the playing fields. It was cold but the sun gave a bit of warmth considering it was a December.

"That was an interesting lesson" Andrea said.

"Which one?" I asked.

"Don't be coy. The one where we found out we have gay and bisexual pupils in our class!" She said nudging me with her elbow.

"Oh that! Yes it was" I said, hoping she didn't dig further.

"So...who do you think they are?" She asked, blatantly breaking the teacher's rules!

"Who?"I asked innocently.

"Stop being so dense! The gay and bi pupils" she said.

I was on a precipice, looking down into danger. But at the same time honesty was important in a relationship and I did trust Andrea.

"I know who one of the bi people is" I said simply.

"Me too" she said which surprised me. How did she know? I know girls are often more perceptive than boys but it wasn't like I went round obviously ogling boys, and all my sexual experiences had been outside school.

"How did you guess?" I asked in confusion.

"Guess what?"

"Now you're being dense! How did you guess I'm bi!?" I asked, feeling slightly exasperated, but also worried that other people had guessed.

Andrea sat up, smiled at me and held my hand tightly.

"I was actually referring to me" she said with a giggle. Fuck, I'd outed myself. But so had she!

"Er, wow ok. Well this changes things, so we're both bi" I said in amazement.

"It doesn't change things at all Tom, doesn't affect how we feel about each other. Just means we also fancy members of the same sex. Which leads me on to something. You know I won't do anything sex wise with you until I'm 16, even though I'm desperate to see this and play with it" she said as she brushed her hand lightly against my dick in my trousers which instantly sprung to attention.

"Yeah I know, that's fine by me" I said smiling at her.

"If you ever kissed another girl or did anything with her then I'd dump you straight away. But....how about we agree that we can mess around with members of the same sex for fun. Outside school though, not at school, that belongs solely to us. It's pretty hot to think of you messing around with another boy" she said. This amazed me even more, I knew she was very socially liberal like her whole family but here she was seemingly greenlighting me messing around with a boy!

"Ok, so It wouldn't bother you?" I asked, checking I was totally understanding what she was suggesting.

"Would it bother you if I did things with a girl outside school"?" She said, throwing it back at me.

"No." I said honestly. "It would bother me if it was a boy. But with a girl, not really."

"Well it's the same for me. So let's agree we can both mess around with same sex outside school. But...once we're 16 you're all mine!" She said firmly.

This all sounded a recipe for disaster but if she was happy with it then I was. After all, all this was really doing was validating what I'd already been doing anyway! Not that she needed to know!

Being given a green light didn't mean that things would change really. In the coming weeks my life was the same, no action at all with any boys aside from a bit of fun with Rob. I did wonder if Andrea was getting any with girls but I was too polite?scared? To ask!".

I did inadvertently find out who one of the gay people in our class was. Well probably was, I guess teenage boys can be straight and mess around but still what I saw was a heavy hint.

It was after a football match for the under 15s. There was a usual routine after the match for our home games that I hadn't really twigged. When the whistle went both sides would go into the changing room, get dressed and head off home. Mr Rossiter, our manager would then take the nets and corner flags down with some help from his son Graham and James, the big tall black guy who played centre defender and was a beast of a player. He was tall while Graham was small so it helped him reach to get the nets. I usually left as they were still doing this but this one time I was a bit slow, they passed me as I left the changing room and I walked up the park with Mr Rossiter who was carrying the nets, it was about a ten minute walk from the pitch to his car so he said he usually just waited for Graham in the car and left him to lock up.

As he mentioned locking up I felt for my keys in my coat and realised I must have dropped them in the changing room. I rushed back and opened the door to hear the showers running which was a bit strange, no one showered after football! I peaked my head around the corner to see Graham on his knees, his head bobbing up and down, he was clearly sucking James off. James saw me, grinned, put his finger to his mouth in a "shhhh" sign and then gave me a thumbs up.

I sneaked into the changing room to get my keys. I struggled to find them and by the time I found them under the bench I heard a gasp and Graham and James were standing there naked, Graham with a look of horror on his face.

James was an amazing sight naked, well built with a big dick. As big as Ben's I thought and a really prominent big dick head just poking out of his foreskin, he had tight wiry hair above it and a really heavy looking set of balls below . I hadn't seen many if any blacks boys naked as we didn't have many in our school, I certainly liked what I saw. James winked at me and said "it's ok to stare Tom, most boys are shocked at how big I am. Graham can't get enough of it can you?" He asked Graham with a smile who blushed, standing there with his pretty undeveloped body although his dick had grown a bit and he had a bit of hair.

Graham looked really worried, I guess that I'd say what I saw. James probably felt the same as he smiled. "I know you're a nice boy Tom, don't tell anyone about what you saw" he said.

"Of course I won't" I said, after all it was their business not mine. Graham didn't look convinced though.

"Shit. Fuck. If he tells anyone at school my life is ruined" he said a little bit theatrically I felt, who would I tell?

"He won't. But maybe you need to persuade him not to, if you suck his dick he can't tell anyone without incriminating himself" James said, winking at me, obviously trying to get me a blow job.

"Er, it's ok, I won't say anything" I reiterated but James insisted.

"To be honest Tom, you caught us in a compromising position. I'd feel better if you let Graham suck you, he doesn't mind do you?" Graham smiled at me, clearly keen so who was I to complain.

"Ok but I need to wash it first" I said.

James stopped me "Don't worry. Graham doesn't mind sucking a pissy dick do you?"

Graham shook his head, got on his knees in front of me and took my soft dick in his mouth which hardened instantly.. I hadn't been sucked off for ages and Graham was clearly experienced. James grinned at me as he watched me clearly enjoying it.

"Mm this is hot" he said playing with his dick gently as he watched me fairly quickly brought off to a pretty amazing orgasm. Graham stayed on my dick until it softened sucking me dry.

I thanked him and he smiled at me, "Now you can't tell anyone about this without us telling on you"

"I said I wouldn't tell, why would I? You're my teammates. I guess this is a regular thing between you two?" I asked.

"Fuck yeah" said James with a smile.

"Shit, I better go, my dad will wonder where I am" Graham said realising he'd taken too long.

"What about this, I'm getting hard again!" James said waving his thick dick around.

"No time, you'll have to take care of it yourself" Graham said and they threw their clothes on, I waited for them outside. Graham locked up and then sprinted off in the direction of his Dad's car while I walked slowly with James.

"So how long has this been going on?" I asked curiously.

"A few months" James replies.

"You gay then? Not that it bothers me". I was interested to find out more.

"Am I fuck. Well I don't think I am but I do love getting my dick sucked and played with. My balls are always desperate for release! Graham is though. He'd check me out after football when I went for a shower when you'd all gone. I asked if he wanted to suck it one time and with some persuasion he did. Now he's hooked! Which is good for me as I am always fucking horny. It was really hot watching him suck you as well!" James said enthusiastically.

We walked a bit further until we skirted the wooded area of the park, James stopped as we passed it.

"I'm still fucking horny after watching Graham suck you, I didn't suppose you want to....." he said pointing to his dick and to the woods.

"No! I'm not gay! I'm not going to suck you!" I said vehemently, last thing I wanted was James thinking I'd be up for sucking him. I mean I would but I didn't want anyone to know from the football team. If James told Graham which he probably would then it would get around school fast.

James laughed, "Sorry Tom, I didn't mean to suggest you were. Just wondered if you fancied playing with each other? I'm horny, I bet you are as well. We can wank each other off. It's a one time opportunity for you to play with a black dick and I'd like to see how yours feels hard. After all Graham is small so it feels like a toothpick in my hand"

I was conflicted, I was horny and I was keen. I just didn't want to seem TOO keen. I shrugged, "Well this was your idea remember, don't tell anyone" I said and I followed him into the trees and behind a bush. We pulled out shorts and pants down, put our right hands on each other's now hard dicks and wanked each other off to pretty spectacular orgasms! Afterwards we cleaned up and walked the rest of the way through the park. We agreed to keep it between us, James said if I ever fancied a repeat performance he was definitely up for it. I did start to wonder how not gay James really was, but then again what 14 year old doesn't like someone else to wank them off?!

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