A Time of Change

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 10

At Ian's prompting I'd rejoined one of the local boys football teams and started playing for the under 15s. I enjoyed it and it was nice to be playing competitive sport again, as well as giving me an opportunity to get to know some of the boys who played for the team better. A few went to our school although I didn't know them that well and the others from the other two secondary schools in the city.

Ian even came to watch me with some of his friends a few times which was nice. They looked out for me at school and I started being treated by them as Ian's little brother. I'd turned 14 and he'd bought me a gift voucher for Oasis so we went shopping together for some new clothes for me. No fun in the changing room this time but it was nice to hang out together. Ian had turned 16 a month or so before and would make vague hints to me that him and Jodie his girlfriend were almost "ready" which I knew was code for him hoping she'd have sex with him soon!

The Saturday after my birthday I woke up to hear chatting and laughing downstairs, it was only mid morning and Mum didn't usually have people over so I was intrigued. I came down to see Mum there, cup of coffee in hand chatting to Ian who was also drinking coffee.

"Morning sleepy head" Mum said, smiling at me as I yawned.

I mumbled good morning and looked at Ian quizzically.

He smiled, "I can tell you're wondering why I'm here Tom. I came over to invite you to a party. But your mum said you were fast asleep so I didn't want to wake you. Your mum kindly offered me a coffee and we've been chatting."

"I have to say I wasn't sure about the party, a bunch of 16 year olds having a joint birthday does sound like a recipe for disaster. No doubt there will be alcohol and I'm concerned it's out of town although I do know the Wadlow's and they're a nice family and Ben is a very polite and sensible boy. Ian says Jane will be there as well and has assured me he'll look after you so despite my better instincts I've agreed you can go" she said still looking worried.

I was completely in the dark it has to be said. My Mum had agreed to me going to a party I knew nothing about. I'd heard talk of it, Ben had mentioned his parents were going away and he'd have some friends over but I wasn't expecting to be involved. I didn't want Mum to know I was none the wiser though so luckily Ian suggested going to my room to fill me in a bit more.

"Sorry I hadn't mentioned it up to now, I'll be honest, while Ben and I are happy for you to come, it's not just our birthday celebration and we had to get buy in on the invite list from Steve and Matt. However they're cool with it, there's getting on for 50 kids coming so it'll be lots of fun. We're pretty much all staying over, some in the house, most in the barn, between you and me I think this is going to be the time for me and Jodie to finally do the deed. It's been a while, my balls are ready to fall off!" He said with a grin.

"Well...I could you know?" I asked slightly hopefully before he shook his head.

"Easy tiger, your mum is downstairs! Anyway I'm saving myself for the party next weekend, you know the score between us. Wear your new clothes, impress the girls! I happen to know a few of them think you're cute which you certainly are! Oh and I reckon you can sleep in the house. Ben is hoping his girlfriend will stay over but her parents are adamant she can't so you'll have his floor I think. Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on you and so will everyone, you'll have loads of fun" Ian smiled as he said this, I smiled back, it did sound like fun and it did make me feel more grown up.

The day of the party came around and I dressed up in the clothes Ian bought me, I walked over to his house after my Mum took a photo of me, "You look so grown up! Now don't get into any trouble and if there's alcohol there don't touch it. Promise me" she said, being over protective as usual.

I lied and assured her I wouldn't and I walked over to Ian's where he and Jodie were waiting for me.

"You look very handsome Tom, if Ian messes up then you never know....." she said with a smile and wink at me that caused me to blush. Ian's Mum drove us out of town and to the Wadlow's big house. She didn't fret quite as much as my Mum did but it was funny to see her try and set some ground rules for Ian and Jodie. It sounded like Jodie's parents had needed a lot of persuasion for her to stay over but there were plenty of other girls going to the party so they were persuaded all would be fine.

The party itself was a fairly cheesy affair like a lot of teenage parties, a hi fi and speakers in a big barn which still had bales of hay dotted around. They made good sound proofing and little places to sit at. Fucking uncomfortable though getting straw on your bum! Booze flowed freely, Steve's dad ran a pub in one of the outlying villages so there was plenty of cider and lager. I can't say I enjoyed the taste at first but it gave me a mild buzz, that progressively became a major one. I chatted to everyone and even got a couple of girls to say they liked me, but unfortunately I already had a girlfriend. However it was fun to flirt and chat up older girls. I don't know what time it was when I realised I'd had too much to drink, feeling very dizzy with the room rolling. I staggered outside and threw up, repeatedly! Ian brought me some water and once I'd been sick I felt a lot lot better, I sat outside getting air on my own for a while. Ian came back out to find me and said he was off with Jodie to the house, I knew what for and I smiled and wished him luck. He patted me on the shoulder and said he'd get Ben to look after me.

"Well looks like you at least managed not to get it all over your nice clothes, although I think there's some in your hair" Ben said as he found me a while later.

I felt guilty and a bit embarrassed but he laughed, putting me at my ease.

"Don't worry Tom, we've all done it. You won't be the only one spewing their guts out tonight. Jenny has gone home and Steve is being a dick so why don't I help you to bed and you can sleep it off" he said putting his arm around me to steady me as I wobbled slightly.

I protested I was fine and didn't want to spoil his party but he said he was fine, "I've had enough, everyone seems to be getting laid except me so I'll make sure you're looked after, Ian made me promise to get you to bed safely. Course that lucky fucker is probably balls deep in Jodie now. If only Jenny and her parents were more relaxed, we're 16 for fucks sake. Well I am and she will be soon. Anyway, hold on to me if you think you might fall" he said, pulling me up. My legs buckled a bit bit but I was ok. He got me inside and up to his room. Like a lot of my friends his room was much bigger than mine and he was lucky enough to have his own bathroom. A world away from me and my Mum sharing our small bathroom at home.

"Shit man, you stink of vomit, get those clothes off and I'll get you clean, can't have you sleeping in my room stinking of puke." Ben said as he manoeuvred me into the room. I sat in his bed and with some difficulty got my shoes off, then fell backwards to lie on Ben's bed. He pulled me up and started to help me with my clothes, pulling my socks off and unbuttoning my shirt. I sat there in my pants and trousers and fell back again.

"Come on Tom, help me out here, I'm doing all the work" Ben said slightly amused it seemed. He unbuttoned my trousers and pulled them off, then helped me stand up, just in my pants.

"Bloody hell Tom, surely you can take them off yourself?" Ben asked with a laugh. I managed to steady myself and pull them down until I was standing there stark naked.

"Let's get you in the shower" Ben said, manhandling me into his bathroom. He got me into the shower, even though I felt better I was still pretty dizzy and Ben could see that, as he turned the water on the room span a bit.

"Fucks sake Tom, I better get in as well otherwise you're going to bang your head." Ben said and started to take his clothes off.

"Bloody Jenny and her parents, I bought these especially" Ben said as he took his jeans off and put his hand in the pockets, throwing a pack of condoms back into his bedroom so it landed onto the floor . "Even got some jelly stuff in case she was too dry, oh well, maybe next time" he said as he pulled his pants off and climbed next to me in the shower, holding me up. I could feel his dick touching my leg and looked down, it was about the same size as Ian's, actually probably a bit better although in my inebriated state I could have been mistaken!

"You've got a nice dick" I said, the alcohol clearly loosening my tongue.

"Thanks" muttered Ben a bit embarrassed, he got my hair wet and washed the sick out, making sure I was clean and smelling of shower gel. He helped me out and dried us both off, his dick chubbed up slightly as he towelled it. I might have been drunk but the hormones were mainlining through my veins and I started to feel a bit horny. Ben was a good looking guy with a nice big dick, I knew he had a girlfriend so thought nothing would happen but a boy could dream! I hadn't been fucked for months after all, I also quite liked the idea of seducing an older boy. But again this seemed unlikely.

We got into his room and Ben got me back to his bed, then picked up the condoms off the floor, unwittingly bending over so I could perv on his bum and balls. He picked them and put them in a bedside drawer, "Don't need these fuckers, bloody Ian is probably through a whole pack by now" he said slightly bitterly.

I collapsed on the bed on my back, dick and balls on full display as Ben busied around the room ever now and again bemoaning his lot.

"Haven't wanked for three days either, wanted to save myself for Jenny, fat lot of good that did. Fuck I'm horny as a result, even your naked body is almost setting me off" he said turning to look at me as he finished putting clothes away. I could see his dick was hardening and he looked embarrassed. He switched the light off and came over to the bed, shuffling me over to the far side and he climbed in next to me.

We didn't say anything at first, I wondered if Ben was still horny, so I decided to find out. I slipped my hand down and felt his hard dick which he gasped at.

"Tom! What are you doing?!" He asked in shock.

"Just seeing if I still made you horny" I said with a giggle as I moved my hand up and down his nice thick dick. It felt good in my hand, I hadn't had a big one in it since the fun with Ian in the summer.

"Stop!" Ben almost shouted in a slightly strangled voice. I got the feeling he didn't want me to stop but felt he had to tell me to

"I was just wanting to say thank you for looking after me,........you know........you've got condoms, you've got lube, if you wanted to put it in me that would be ok" I said throwing all caution to the wind, if it backfired I'd just blame the booze. In fact was it the booze anyway? Yes I liked boys but I usually wouldn't be so forward with an older boy that was a friend. I was pretty much outing myself.

"Don't be silly Tom, it's the drink talking, I know you aren't gay and neither am I" Ben said firmly and we both went quiet. Oh well, that as the end of that, I rolled over and tried to get to sleep although it was difficult with Ben in bed with me, I was also horny but couldn't exactly wank off with him there.

The room was silent with the sound of our breathing, the minutes ticked by and I sensed he wasn't asleep yet.

"Tom.....?" Ben asked softly.

"Yes?" I replied, wondering where this was going.

"Did you er...really mean what you said? I mean we're not gay so I just wondered why you offered? Unless you are gay, which is ok I'm just surprised" Ben said, obviously what I'd offered was clearly on his mind.

No I'm not gay" I said answering directly, no need to mention I was Bi though! "I was just horny and I knew you were, and you've looked after me so well tonight, and I feel so sorry for you that you aren't going to get laid today particularly as you haven't wanked for days. I was offering to help you out, like friends do. I guess I could have just offered to give you a hand but I thought we're both a bit drunk, you have lube and condoms and we'd probably never have a chance or inclination to do this again so I guess I just said the first thing that popped in my mind. Let's just forget about it and go to sleep, I'll probably not even remember what I said in the morning" I said, the words coming out in a flurry.

The room went quiet again, before Ben moved even close to me, speaking so quietly into my ear I could barely hear him, as if by not saying it out loud it didn't really matter if I said no.

"Well....I am horny, we are friends....how about we try it and we stop if we don't like it. And we pretend it never happened in the morning." He asked, hope and lust evident in his voice.

"Ok, go slowly and stop if I tell you" I said back quietly, I was very keen but wanted to downplay both my keenness and my experience. No need for Ben to know done it before. Ben rummaged around in his drawer then asked nervously, "Er...how do we do this?"

"I don't know" I said lying, "but didn't you say you bought the lube in case Jenny was dry? I guess you put loads of it around my bum hole and on your dick, the slippier the better I suppose"

"Ok so I guess I put the condom on first and then lube that up" Ben sounded unsure as he said this, I thought I better take charge subtly, otherwise it would take all fucking night to get him ready.

"I guess you don't need one? We're both virgins after all, can't have an STD and fairly sure you can't get me pregnant. So put lots of lube, on my hole, on your dick, then line up it up and push it in I suppose? If it goes in then just do what feels natural." I said moving things along.

Ben did as I said, I was still lying on my side and after parting my cheeks to rub the lube around my hole, he then put his dick between my cheeks. He hadn't thought to loosen me up with a finger but luckily I had been fucked before so knew what was coming. With some pushing his dick slipped into me, I felt a brief searing pain as my hole opened, but I knew if I breathed deeply and relaxed it would be ok.

When he edged all the way in he groaned, "So tight. So warm. Fuck. You ok?" He asked.

"Mmm hmmm" I said, I was still in a bit of pain so didn't quite trust myself to talk.

Ben started thrusting in and out, using the length of his dick to slam into me, hitting that spot that felt amazing.

"Ben.....wank me...." I said in between moans, fuck it, I wanted to get off too.

He slipped his hand round to take my hard dick in his fist, wanking me in time with his thrusts. I came quickly on his hand and the bed, my hole tightening in my orgasm which set him off and with a final grunt he came in me. Our breathing got back to normal and he softened and slipped out.

"Fuck, there's cum everywhere! That was amazing though, I'll never forget it" Ben said before we both pretty much fell asleep instantly, him spooning me.

The next morning there was an awkward silence when we woke up, both of us aware of what happened but not talking about it. We both showered separately and he bundled up his cum stained sheets to wash them in the washing machine.

"Sorry Tom, I'm going to have to blame you and say you were sick in them" he said with a smile.

I smiled back, "I'm happy to be blamed. For all I remember from last night I could have been sick in them"

"What do you remember?" Ben asked slightly nervously.

I winked at him, "Not much but say if I did remember what we did together I remember that I really enjoyed it. Jenny is a lucky girl if you use the skills you used on me on her" I told him, smiling at him causing him to blush.

We giggled and agreed never to talk of it again and we didn't. We left the room and caught up with Ian and Jodie who were both smiling in a sickly sweet way. Obviously loved up and happy to have lost their virginity to each other.. The barn was carnage with rubbish and sleeping bodies everywhere, I was glad it wasn't my responsibility to clean up until I realised that Ian would be helping so by default I would. I gathered up empty cans and bottles and put them in a rubbish bag Ian was carrying.

"So, successful night?" I asked him with a grin.

"Fuck yeah!" He grinned back, "what about you?" He asked me, obviously referring to if I'd enjoyed the party.

"Really good, got a bit more than I bargained for but I'm not complaining" I said with a wink and then waltzing off to get more cans, leaving him looking thoughtful. We tidied up and his Mum picked us up and took me home. A couple of weeks later I was over at Ian's hanging out when he asked me about the party again.

"Hmmm, I've been thinking about something you said at the party. You said you'd got more than you bargained for. I know you slept in Ben's room that night, you and him didn't do anything together did you?" He asked, clearly curious and clearly something he'd been wondering about.

"A gentleman never tells" I said with a wink, leaving him with his question unanswered, although I did fess up a few months later much to his surprise!

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