A Time of Change

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 9

After my amazing two weeks with Ian I was back to earth with a bump. Well I was back at school anyway, while it was annoying having to study and do homework, it was great catching up with everyone after the long summer.

Rob and I were inseparable for the first few weeks of term, that feeling of catching up with your best mate again after a long absence. It was great to see him and hang out with him again, even if school was a bit meh. As we were starting GCSE's next year our workload had increased which was a bit of a bummer

Still such was life. As well as spending time with Rob and my friends, it was also good to be able to spend time with Andrea. I definitely came back to school feeling more grown up than other boys, after all I'd been laid over the holidays, I was fairly sure I was the only boy to have fucked an older one in my class! Ian looked out for me as he did as we continued through school, it certainly helped keep the bullies off me with them knowing Ian and his friends would sort them out if they tried anything with me.

I was hanging out with Rob one lunchtime early in the school year when the subject turned to his swimming, as far as I knew it was coming on really well and the number of competitions he was entering was increasing.

"Mum's kicking my arse at the moment, fucked up at my latest swimming competition" he told me, looking slightly disappointed.

"How come?" I asked.

"Dunno really, I've been doing really well but I got really tense and nervous, just feel frustrated. Got a big one in two weeks and I'm bricking it. In better news though, Mum is relaxing the no sleepover during a competition weekend rule so fancy coming over a week on Saturday.?"

"Fuck yeah!" I replied with a grin. It had been a while since we'd done a sleepover, Rob was often in whole weekend competitions and his Mum was strict! I always got on well with her and she liked me but usually she was totally against bending her rules. Knowing we were having a sleepover made it easy to get through the next two weeks of school and the weekend of the sleepover came around quickly.

I was also able to go and watch Rob swim in the competition. Usually his Mum didn't want anyone else there so he could really focus on his performance but this was something else she seemed to have relaxed on this weekend. Rob was doing a long distance race this time around which tended to be his strongest discipline so it was heats on the Saturday and the race on the Sunday. His Mum spent a lot of her time coaching him and definitely invested time and money into making him as good as he could be. I did wonder if sometimes she forgot to be his Mum as well though or that the Coach side took precedence over the Mum side. Particularly as his Dad wasn't around, it did mean the dynamic was sometimes a bit strange between them.

Rob had a nightmare on the Saturday though, expected to win his heat he barely scraped through, coming a distant third, luckily he got through as a lucky loser but he looked devastated as he headed to get changed. His Mum came over and sat next to me.

"Well that was shit" she said slightly bitterly I thought. Then probably aware she'd just sworn in front of her son's best friend she tried to brighten up and smiled at me.

"Tom, you're such a good friend for Rob. A good influence. I know it's hard for him without his Dad and it just being me. It's hard for me too, being his Mum and his coach. And for this weekend he needs me to be both, it's such a juggling act and I often worry I've got the balance wrong. What he really needs at the moment though, is some male advice. Unfortunately I can't do that as well so I need your help." She said looking at me intently. I wasn't really sure where this was going so I just nodded and let her continue.

" I think we both know Rob is a bit of a late developer, and I'm embarrassed to say I've never had "the talk" with him aside from the mechanics of sex and making sure you respect girls. However, he's clearly very stressed at the moment with pent up energy and I suspect he doesn't know about other forms of release such as masturbation" She looked away at this point and was obviously a bit uncomfortable talking about this with me.

The feeling was mutual. This was really embarrassing for me and I was blushing red. It was one thing joking around and talking to friends about wanking, it's another thing having the chat with your best friend's Mum who has known you for years.

"Is this something you've talked about before? Has he said anything to make you think he does it?" She asked me, looking at me again and thankfully ignoring my bright red face. I shook my head, not trusting myself to speak.

"As I suspected. So.....I was hoping you could talk to him about it tonight at the sleepover, it would be great if you could give him a hand"

I giggled despite my embarrassment and his Mum looked at me in surprise, then laughed. "You boys and your smutty minds! I guess that did come out a bit wrong! Just tell him what to do, talk to him about it, I suspect once he's done it all that pent up stress and energy will go and he won't be the bloody nightmare he's been the past couple of weeks!"

I promised to talk to him and I was relieved the chat was over before Rob came to join us, I told him well done but he looked pissed off still. However once we got home he seemed alright and we messed around on the computer for the rest of the day.

That night we were sent to bed early, Rob's Mum giving me a pointed look as she did. I was a bit nervous, I didn't like that I was suddenly expected to take a lead on something that wasn't really my business but it would hopefully help Rob.

Rob had a bunk bed still which always seemed a bit weird to me but he seemed to like it, and it made sleepovers easy. I'd never heard any tell tale signs of the top bunk bed moving when I slept over so I suspected his Mum might be right. Although we had covered it at school in a PSE class the year before admittedly the information they'd given us had seemed a bit strange to me.

As we got ready for bed I told him to come and sit next to me on the bottom bunk, he looked a bit quizzical but did as I asked, we were both sitting there in t shirts and boxer shorts, I had run through in my mind what I was going to say but I had no idea if it would go to plan.

"Everything ok Tom?" He asked. I was clearly nervous and he picked up on it but didn't say anything for now.

"Yeah fine, we need to talk though, how are you feeling? You seem stressed and frustrated" I said hoping this conversation would go well.

He looked a bit downcast. "I am. I dunno why. It's like I've got something I can't get rid of. I'm losing my focus, my mind's racing all the time. I dunno what to do to sort it" he said confirming my suspicions.

"Have you er...do you ever wank off?" I asked him. He blushed bright red.

"No" he said softly, "I've tried after watching that video at school where they said to gentle stroke your dick but it didn't work"

I stifled a giggle. "Gently stroke! Yeah I remember that, fucking bullshit. You need to make a fist and pound away. That's the problem, you need to cum mate! I can show you if you want me to?" I asked him, blushing slightly but also hoping he said yes, this could open a new front for my sexual experiences, messing around with my best friend would be amazing!

"Er I guess" he said a bit reluctantly.

"Ok pull your pants down" I said

"Really!?" He asked blushing.

"Well how else are you going to play with your dick? Look I'll do the same and we can be naked together" I told him as I started to take my t-shirt off.

"Yeah but you're bigger than me. Not that I've looked obviously I can just tell" he said in a rush, clearly embarrassed and worried I'd think he'd been looking. This was funny to me as I spent all my bloody time looking at dicks when I could!

"Fucks sake Rob don't stress about that, We all develop at different rates, some boys have bigger dicks than me, some have smaller but eventually we'll probably all be the same size" I said reassuringly. "Now pull down your pants on 3......1.....2.....3"

Rob did as he was told and we both sat there naked, Rob hiding his dick with his hands, me with my soft dick out as I took his hand and tried to move it away from hiding his dick.

"You're naked all the time in swimming changing rooms, no need to be shy around me Rob" I told him softly.

He blushed but moved his hand away to show his small soft dick, however I think it had started to grow and there was possibly the ghost of a dusting of blond hairs down there.

"Nothing to be ashamed of, Ok want me to show you what to do?" I asked. He nodded silently.

I took his dick in my hand and it hardened straight away. He squeaked as I did this and tried to bat my hand away.

"Don't be silly, I need to show you what to do" I said. I didn't really need to, I could just tell and direct him on how to use his hand but an opportunity to wank off my best friend was too good an opportunity to miss.

I held his now fully hard dick in my hand and started to gently move it up and down, increasing the speed and the grip so Rob could feel the difference it made, with my other hand I started to fondle his balls and I soon had him moaning in enjoyment. My hand was a blur as I sped up, Rob started to whimper and then said, "stop! I'm going to piss!".

I knew what was coming and so I ignored him, his breathing grew ragged and his whimpering intensified until with almost a scream his body shook and he came for the first time, shooting a little bit of a dribble over my hand.

"Fuck. Wow. Shit. What the fuck have I been missing?!" He said to me after he'd calmed down and got his breath back.

I smiled back and leant in to kiss him gently on the lips, I took his hand and placed it on my hard dick, hoping he'd reciprocate.

"Sorry mate, I'm er, not that way inclined" he said, removing his hand from my dick and leaning back from the kiss.

I was so embarrassed I'd misread the situation, well not misread but hoped he'd want to play around. He giggled at my blushing,

"Hey don't worry Tom, it's ok to get carried away. Who wouldn't after playing with my amazing dick. So.......are you gay then? Not that I mind, just curious" he asked me. Fucking hell, talk about cutting to the chase. Five minutes ago he didn't know how to wank off, now he was asking if I liked boys.

I shrugged a bit in embarrassment, "Not gay. But not straight, I like girls. But I also like boys. Sorry if I made you uncomfortable back then" I said, still feeling a bit mortified.

He smiled at me, "I'm never uncomfortable around you Tom. And it was nice to feel your dick. Now why don't you show me how you do it to yourself so I can learn some pointers" he said winking at me.

I did as he asked, wanking my dick in front of my best friend. I didn't last long and I was rewarded with a cry of "fucking hell, you shoot a lot of spunk" by Rob as I came over my hand. I smiled as I cleaned up and said he would be soon. With that we got into our respective beds and chatted a bit before falling asleep. I woke in the night to hear the bed moving above me and Rob groaning, obviously he was making up for lost time!

The next morning the bunk was shaking again as Rob was obviously getting rid of his morning wood. He was in a sprightly mood that day, smiling, joking, much more relaxed. It obviously worked because he finished second in the race much to his Mum's delight. She thanked me afterwards but I insisted it was all on Rob, he was the one doing the swimming after all.

"I know Tom but he's different today, I can tell you chatted to him and he's picked up a few things" she said much to my embarrassment. I was pleased though, pleased Rob had done well, pleased I'd been able to wank him off if only once and pleased that he'd discovered the joys of an orgasm.

We had another sleepover a couple of weekends after, Rob was full of beans, telling me he'd been wanking off three times a day. As we lay in our beds chatting he threw me slightly.

"Tom....you said you liked boys as well as girls. Apart from wanking me off, have you done anything with anyone else. Like I know there's blow jobs and that sort of stuff, you don't do any of that?" He asked.

Fuck. Cutting to the chase I thought. I didn't want to lie but I did not feel comfortable telling him what me and Ian had done. If nothing else it would make it awkward with him being older and having history with Jane. It wasn't my place to out Ian as bisexual and I didn't want Rob to know I'd been fucked. He'd not understand and think I was a right old slapper or something. I was quiet for a moment and then came up with a good compromise.

"If I tell you you can't tell anyone" I said seriously.

"You're my best friend, I won't tell anyone! Now tell me if you have" he said insistently. I decided to tell him about Cyprus. It was a safe scenario, holiday fun, he didn't know the boy involved, there was a bit of peril but it all needed ok. As I told him about sucking Jimmy he started asking me lots of questions about his dick, did it smell of piss, what it tasted like, did I enjoy it etc. The bunk started to slowly shake as I went into detail with the answers, I realised Rob was wanking off.

"Are you wanking off about me sucking another boy's dick?!" I asked in surprise.

Rob giggled, "I'm horny and it's pretty hot hearing all of this" he said although the shaking subsided. I finished the story and he thanked me for telling him.

"I wonder what having your dick sucked feels like" he said.

"Amazing" I said with a giggle.

"What did Jimmy suck you back?" He asked in surprise. As he hadn't I didn't want to lie so I just said "No but a son of one of my dad's friends did" referring to Nick. I was expecting a barrage of questions but Rob said he was tired and we went quiet although I knew he was wanking up there from the shaking.

The next morning I woke after Rob who had already had a shower. I blearily opened my eyes to see him standing pretty much next to me with his hard dick poking the towel out.

He grinned at me, "Morning Tom! You....um..... er fancy helping me out?" He asked, pointing at his hard dick.

"You aren't that way inclined!" I said slightly exasperated. I didn't want Rob to think I could just be his release whenever he fancied it.

"I'm fucking horny though. Don't worry I won't tell anyone" He said with a wink.

"I dunno, just because I like boys and you're my best friend, doesn't mean I'll just do it to you." I replied although my dick was hardening, I didn't mind wanking him off really, I just wanted him to realise it shouldn't be a one way street. Rob had obviously been thinking about things though, clearly plotting after our chat last night.

" Oh ok. Well.....how about you suck my dick and I'll er wank you off after? But if you tell anyone I'll never speak to you again" he said wagging his finger at me as he also wiggled his hips.

"I'm not going to fucking tell anyone am I, Jesus fucking Christ Rob. Oh hey everyone, you won't believe what Rob did. Wanked me off after I sucked him off. Yeah like that's going to reflect well on me. NO ONE knows I like boys as well as girls at school apart from you and it stays that way until I decide otherwise" I said seriously.

"Of course Tom.....so.......does that mean you will suck me off?!" Rob asked hopefully.

I sighed theatrically even though I was happy to do it,

"Yes just to shut you up, now stand there, yep, hold on a sec" I said as I got into position, sitting on the bed so I was level with his dick. I put my hands on his bum and pulled him gently towards me, taking his hard dick in my mouth. This was clearly one of the most enjoyable moments of Rob's life, well from the noises he was making! I used the skills I'd learned to give him the best blow job I possibly could. It's fair to say I did a good job I think!

After he came in my mouth he did a half decent job of wanking me off, I could tell he was a bit uncomfortable about it but a deal was a deal.

After he was done he cleaned his hand and my dick up with a tissue, threw it in the bin and looked at me seriously.

"Well Tom,...you shoot a lot of cum! I guess I'm going to have to get used to wanking you off a lot over the coming weeks though....cos there's no way I don't want you to suck my dick again" he said his face breaking out in a wide grin. We both giggled and I complimented him on doing a good job.

"Likewise" he replied, still grinning.

That started a period over the coming months where most sleepovers I'd suck Rob off and he'd wank me off. We didn't always do sex stuff as although I enjoyed it I didn't want our friendship to start to be defined by it, but it was lots of fun. Over the months the frequency would fade at times but we'd still do it sometimes for fun. I know Rob loved being sucked but he wasn't gay, he wasn't bi and I knew he felt uncomfortable about doing something he felt was like cheating on his girlfriend. Still, while it lasted it was fun and I was forever happy that I was able to make my best friend feel so good!

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